Top 12 Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily (2021)

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Affiliate programs typically pay out either weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Which is frequently enough for most affiliates – they’re focused on the long game.

But there’s a subset of affiliate programs that pay daily.

So if you find yourself in need of generating income pretty much immediately, the programs we tracked down might just be what you’re looking for.

Let’s get straight into them.

1.  JVZoo Affiliate Program

JVZoo Homepage Screenshot

First up on our list of affiliate programs that pay daily is JVZoo.

They’re a marketplace (similar to affiliate networks) for digital products that are typically aimed at an online marketing audience.

But there’s enough variety in their marketplace to appeal to multiple markets e.g. musicians, graphic designers, heath bloggers, etc.

You basically get an updated version of the ClickBank Marketplace, with a better interface and payment terms but maybe not with the same breadth of affiliate products.

But you do have to work with a minimum payout of $50.

It’s also worth mentioning that only their ‘Premium’ affiliates qualify for instant payments. And you can only achieve ‘Premium’ status by applying and being approved.

Why You Should Promote JVZoo

You’ll find thousands of offers to promote, many of which pay 50% commission or higher, you get paid daily, and with new affiliate products coming online all the time.

  • Commission: 50% – 100%
  • Cookie Duration: Cookieless (14 days attribution period)
  • Payment Methods: Direct deposit, Payoneer, PayPal
  • Products: Various digital


2. PaykickStart Affiliate Program

Paykickstart Homepage

PayKickstart is a shopping cart and subscription management service aimed at businesses ranging from agencies and coaches to digital products and course creators.

But their service is also perfectly suited to any business needing a shopping cart for sales of their physical products, with an affiliate management backend built in it for good measure.

Payments can be accepted via cards, bank accounts, PayPal, digital wallets, and more besides.

Why You Should Promote PayKickstart

They offer a versatile payment processing and order management platform at an affordable price that will appeal to most business owners, plus their program pays daily.

  • Commission: 25% (Lifetime)
  • Cookie Duration: TBC
  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Products: Shopping cart software


3. ClickMagick Affiliate Program

ClickMagick Homepage

ClickMagick is a click tracking and conversion attribution tool.

It is designed to take the headaches out of analyzing where traffic enters sales funnels and how much it’s worth to you once it’s there.

All from within a unified interface instead of 20 separate data sources.

You get automated bot traffic protection, real-time reporting, split testing, and much more as standard.

And this offer also just happens to pay monthly recurring commissions.

Why You Should Promote ClickMagick

122,000 online business owners already use it to optimize their sales funnels, and affiliates also enjoy recurring commissions.

  • Commission: 35% (recurring)
  • Cookie Duration: 1 year
  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Products: Click tracking


4. AdCrax Affiliate Program

Adcrax Homepage

AdCrax is an affiliate network that first launched in 2014.

They actively work with affiliate marketers and influencers, catering to audiences in 250 countries.

You will have to sign up with them before you can see what types of offers you can promote for passive income.

But once inside you’ll find the usual selection of CPA, CPL, and CPS affiliate offers that are typical of CPA affiliate networks.

Just bear in mind that not all of their offers pay daily, so do your due diligence before launching a promotion.

Why You Should Promote AdCrax

They have over 1,000 offers, there’s a negligible approval process, and their affiliate program pays on time.

  • Commission:  Varies
  • Cookie Duration: To be confirmed
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and wire transfer
  • Products: Various


5. Rebll Network Affiliate Program

Rebll Homepage

Rebll is an affiliate network that offers both in-house affiliate offers and offers from external merchants.

But they’re also a specialized network in that their focus is dating, and more specifically CPL offers.

Payouts range from $5 up to around $20 per lead.

Rebll’s dating offers are of the more adult variety, but these can be a great way to make money online if you have the right audience to work your affiliate leverage magic on.

Why You Should Promote Rebll Network

They have a wide range of dating offers suitable for anyone with an adult audience even tangentially interested in that, and you get daily payments.

  • Commission:  Up to $20 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, bank transfer
  • Products: Various


6. Leadstead Affiliate Program

Leadstead Homepage

Leadstead is an affiliate network that promises to work with any affiliate publisher in any niche, helping them make the most money possible from their traffic.

To date, this network has 5,000 publishers signed up promoting almost 1,000 individual affiliate programs spanning CPA, CPI, CPS, and CPC offers.

They’re also happy to work with international publishers and non-English traffic sources, which can’t be said of certain affiliate programs.

Why You Should Promote Leadstead

You get to potentially earn money from several hundred different offers suitable for a broad range of audiences.

  • Commission: Varies
  • Cookie Duration: To be confirmed
  • Payment Methods: Check, PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer
  • Products: Various


7. Dr. Cash Affiliate Program

dr cash homepage

Dr. Cash is a CPA affiliate network that might be a good match for anyone working in health or related niches.


Because their 2,700+ offers are made up entirely of nutraceutical products.

These cover 50 different sub-niches, ranging from joint pain and weight loss to adding muscle bulk.

They’re also happy to work with traffic from almost any source, making them a worthwhile addition to our roundup of affiliate programs that pay daily.

Just bear in mind that they have a minimum payout of $50.

Why You Should Promote Dr. Cash

They have a huge range of products to promote, but you can also evaluate their top offers without even signing up. That level of transparency is rare in the affiliate marketing industry.

  • Commission: Up to 100%
  • Cookie Duration: To be confirmed
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, ePayments, wire transfers
  • Products: Health and wellness


8. Warrior Plus Affiliate Program

Warrior Plus Homepage

Warrior Plus is an online platform that promotes digital products aimed almost exclusively at an affiliate marketing and online business audience.

They do also sell products for specific niches, but these take the form of PLR (Private Label Rights) article bundles and not actual products or services.

If you have an audience that’s interested in making money online through blogging, SEO, etc. then you should find at least a handful of offers you can promote.

Just bear in mind that the products and services on offer here tend to be of the “cheap and cheerful” variety.

Note: WarriorPlus is a spin-off of the Warrior Forum but in name only – it’s an entirely separate business and not affiliated with the Warrior Forum.

Why You Should Promote Warrior Plus

They’ve been around since 2006, have stood the test of time in what can be a very volatile niche, manage their own affiliate program, and offer daily payments.

  • Commission: Up to 100%
  • Cookie Duration: Session-based.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Products: Affiliate marketing


9. Terra Leads Affiliate Program

Terra Leads Homepage

TerraLeads is next up on our list of affiliate programs that pay daily.

They are an affiliate marketing network that refers to itself as a ‘Hub’, promoting a variety of nutraceutical and other physical product offers that they produce themselves.

So their “CPA Hub” keeps everything under one roof.

That means they could be a good match for any affiliate marketer in the health, beauty, or adult niches.

You also get local support in your local language in each of the geos they cover.

Affiliates are also incentivized through their “T-Coin” system where you earn “coins” that you can then spend on a bonus of your choice.

Why You Should Promote TerraLeads

They supply a wide range of health and wellness products that are produced in-house, but also offer good commission rates, a dedicated affiliate manager, and all the tools you need to promote their offers.

  • Cookie Duration: Cookieless (60 days attribution period)
  • Payment Methods: PayPal account, wire transfer
  • Products: Health and adult


10. Leadbit Affiliate Program

Leadbit Homepage

Leadbit is another of the several affiliate marketing networks that have featured so far in our roundup.

Based in Russia, they have over 700 affiliate programs/offers to promote, spanning a number of verticals.

That means you can find anything from casinos to weight loss or even adult dating CPA offers in their program directory.

The real bonus with offers like the above is the commission rates – in some cases, this is up to $250 per CPA lead.

So that makes them the best of the high-paying affiliate programs in this roundup.

Why You Should Promote Leadbit

You can promote products offering huge payouts, you get real-time reporting and instant payments.

  • Commission: Up to $250 per sale
  • Cookie Duration: To be confirmed
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, bank transfer, credit card, Paxum
  • Products:  Digital products & services


11. Mobidea Affiliate Program

Mobidea Homepage

Mobidea is a European affiliate network but with an international reach and a focus on the mobile market.

And while there are specialized affiliate networks in this roundup, Mobidea is more of a generalist, which probably explains why they have over 130,000 registered affiliates.

In terms of what you can promote, you can expect to find CPA offers covering everything from computer security to mortgage refinancing in their directory.

So it’s a real smorgasbord, with something to suit the vast majority of niches.

How are they different from other affiliate programs that pay daily?

Keep reading.

Why You Should Promote Mobidea

They have more than 800 affiliate programs/offers for you to work with, you get real-time reporting, a dedicated support team, and a wide range of payment options.

  • Commission: Up to $90 per CPA lead
  • Cookie Duration: Merchant-dependant
  • Payment Methods: PayPal account, Paxum, ePayments, bank transfer, WebMoney
  • Products: Various


12. Practice Panther Affiliate Program

Practice Panther Homepage

And here’s something very different when it comes to affiliate programs that pay daily – a software tool designed to help lawyers and paralegals better manage their business.

Practice Panther was released in 2012 and is constantly being upgraded with new features such as case management, document management, CRM, calendaring, and most recently legal billing was added on.

Your visitors can sign up for a monthly or annual plan, with significantly discounted pricing on offer for annual plans.

Affiliates earn a flat $100 per referral, making this one of the best affiliate programs in this roundup by payout.

The commission rate also means that using paid traffic might be an option. The paid approach is, however, best avoided by new affiliates who aren’t familiar with monetizing high-paying affiliate programs.

Why You Should Promote Practice Panther

You get a unique product to pitch to an audience that exists in a very lucrative niche i.e. law. You are also rewarded to the tune of $100 per sale delivered via instant payments.

  • Commission:  $100 per sale
  • Cookie Duration:  To be confirmed
  • Payment Methods:  PayPal, Dwolla
  • Products:  Software


Wrapping It Up

Finding affiliate programs that pay daily isn’t as easy as you might think.

They’re actually few and far between.

So hopefully we’ve provided you with a broad enough selection that you found at least one program to take for a test drive.

Some of them even offer recurring commissions.

The good news is that you can make just as much money from affiliate programs that pay per week, monthly, or even net-90.

But it’s all down to getting the basics of your affiliate site right before you do anything else.

Which is exactly what I teach in The Affiliate Lab – everything you need to know about building niche affiliate sites.

Believe me, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to making money online.