Thank you for your interest in Diggity Links full site rentals.

With this program, instead of sharing PBNs with other customers, you would get full 100% access to each domain.  This ensures that you would get 100% access to the all the link juice of the domain.  Typically, you’ll get access to higher powered domains as well.

The Full Site Rental program is invitation-only and reserved for the best customers, so congratulations on the invitation.


Q: How many links can be placed on each domain?

You’ll get access to one or two money site links per domain, plus authority links of your choosing (we can choose them for you if you would like).

So essentially, you can use these two links to send to two different pages on the same money site or you can send them to two separate money sites.  The main thing to keep in mind: just to not repeat out-bound link patterns as per the diagram found below.

Most people just use these domains for one money site link and reserve all the power for one main site.  It gets a good result.

OBL pattern


Q: How often can I change these links?

As much as you want.

Q: How will these sites be themed?

We base the theme on the over-encompassing niche that you’re in.  So for example, if you want links for a dental site, then we’ll create a health site for you.  If you want links for a scuba diving school in Jamacia, then we’ll create travel site for you.

Q: How is payment made?

Each site is priced based on metrics, referring domains, and rarity of backlinks.  Because these sites are quite special and high powered, they’re a huge cost for Diggity Links, and thus you’re required to pay for 3 months up front.  After that we go back to a monthly rate.

So for example, we might find a great domain for you for $100/month.  On day 1, you’d pay $300 up front for three months.  After three months go by, if you still want the domain, then the subscription will automatically revert to $100/month.