Top 17 High Ticket Affiliate Programs (Up To $8K Per Sale)

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What if the time and energy you’ve spent chasing affiliate commissions could have been worth 2x or 3x the money?

High ticket affiliate programs pay amazing rates, but many affiliates stay away because they’re nervous about competition or the high cost of entry. If you’re brave enough to dive in, you could become a super affiliate and multiply your profits.

In this guide, you’ll learn about these programs and how they operate. You’ll learn what tactics work and how to score the giant affiliate marketing commissions that are out there waiting for you. After that, we’ll take you through the best high ticket affiliate programs for some big niches.

Being a super affiliate is a great way to make money online. Let’s get started by looking at what they are, why they’re so successful, and how they gain entry to the top paying affiliate programs.

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Why Super Affiliates are So Successful?

Super affiliates are affiliate marketers who have moved beyond chasing low-effort affiliate marketing commissions in scattered niches.

They start with a niche that interests them so that they can leverage their own passion and background to create riveting content. Then, they focus on developing their expertise in that niche so that they can build upward to better high ticket affiliate offers and stronger programs.

These affiliate marketers aren’t just building an affiliate marketing business, they’re building a lasting brand whose authority can grow as affiliate offers evolve. For super affiliates, the end goal is to create credibility to reach enthusiasts, professionals, and people who are right on the edge of buying.

Enthusiasts (hobbyists and early adopters) are the big fans in a niche. They think nothing of high costs because these items are more valuable to them. Professionals, including enterprises, also don’t mind big costs because they intend to profit in the long run.

In a bit, you’re going to be introduced to the high ticket affiliate programs that serve markets catering to these people. For now, though, let’s look at the fundamentals of commissions and what an experienced affiliate marketer looks for in an offer.

Fundamentals of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Commissions

affiliate commissions fundamental

You’ll encounter a lot of different programs in affiliate marketing. Not all of them are ideal if you have a long-term vision. Here are some definitions for the most common program structures out there, and some reasons you want to stick to the last two.

  • Physical product commissions: This is a structure where the affiliate is given a commission rate for moving a single or set of physical products. This is the structure used by and other major online retailers. While they can be high-ticket, most aren’t. You’re likely to only collect a few percentage points off the sales price.
  • CPA: This is a structure where the affiliate is granted a commission rate based on an action taken. These structures are mostly used to help businesses and advertisers pad out mailing lists, and the commissions tend to be small.

commission per action illlustration

  • Monthly recurring commission: This is a structure where the affiliate continues to collect a commission rate every month for either a set period of time or for as long as the subscriber keeps paying. One sale could mean years of passive income. This structure is used for many subscription services—both cheap and expensive ones.
  • High-ticket: This is a structure where the affiliate is paid higher-than-usual rates to close expensive products/services like coaching programs or enterprise software. Compensation can be higher than 50%. The higher percentages are a reflection of the fact that selling these products tends to require better content and more trust.

It should be clear why the last two are the most worthwhile if you’re serious about affiliate marketing. Programs with recurring monthly rates can provide you with years of high income for a single conversion. You can turn a profit with only a few conversions a year.

If you want to be an affiliate who can compete for offers that pay this way, It’s important to understand the relationship you have with the sales funnel. Only an affiliate who understands their place in the funnel will be able to pull the maximum value out of top offers.

Understanding Sales Funnels and Their Power

AIDAA Funnel

The sales funnel is the process that a buyer follows to make a purchase, especially an expensive purchase. While it’s a little different for every product, a simple one works like this:

  • Awareness: In the first stage, the customer becomes aware that a product exists. They may get this awareness from mass advertising, word-of-mouth, or by being targeted in a mailing list. Only a small percentage of people in this stage will move onto the next one.
  • Interest: In the second stage, the customer starts to desire the product. This may be because it solves a problem that they have or because they were well-targeted and it’s the kind of thing they enjoy.
  • Decision: In the third stage, the customer acts on their interest and usually performs research. They may choose between two different brands or between one marketplace and another. When they’re satisfied, they’ll make the decision to buy.
  • Action: In the final stage, the customer takes action and purchases the product.

its hard to make a decision

In most cases, the more expensive the purchase, the more carefully this path is followed. People are reserved when making big purchases. They want to be reassured by solid information, professionalism, or trusted influencers that they’re making the right decision.

The sales funnel will matter if you’re trying to get approved for high ticket affiliate programs. Fortunately, many of the best affiliate programs (including some we’ll talk about), have already built out infrastructure to pull people into the first few stages.

Before you invest anything, you want to make sure that you’re starting with the most lucrative types of high ticket affiliate products. Let’s go through some of the ways you can find and promote the best products out there.

Finding & Promoting The Best Affiliate Products

luxury products

There aren’t hard rules for what makes a product the “best”. If you value your time, though, you’ll take the time to verify that you can say the following about a product:

It’s popular

Stick to products that you know are selling to someone. Don’t be afraid of difficult niches, but remember that some high paying affiliate programs only pay well because moving the product is a headache. If there’s no market, a high commission rate doesn’t mean much.

It’s high-quality

When you sell someone else’s product, you take on a part of their reputation. Do a Google search. If you find the product is crappy and hated by reviewers, putting it in front of your visitors may make them distrust you.

It doesn’t have a high legal burden

Some programs have high affiliate marketing commissions because advertisers have to observe strict laws. For most affiliate website owners (especially new ones), this isn’t a good place to start. Those who focus on developing expertise can profit, though.

legal regulations

It offers you multiple ways to profit

Some of the most valuable affiliate offers are the ones that give you multiple ways to cash in on your work. Great offers may include any or all of the following:

  • Recurring monthly commissions: Collect per month, every month, for as long as the subscription or cookie lasts. Look for affiliate offers that include lifetime cookie duration.
  • Second-tier commissions: These are really valuable commissions where you get a cut of each item that other affiliates have sold after being referred to the program by you.
  • Backend opportunities: Once a customer has purchased one product, they’ve signaled that they’re more likely than the average user to convert again. The mailing lists you build with one offer can be used to sell more advanced affiliate offers.

revenue graph

Now that you understand some of the characteristics of the best affiliate offers, let’s go through the programs that are serving the most driven super affiliates.

What Are The Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs?

Below, you’ll find a list of the top affiliate programs that we’ve identified for three of the most lucrative niches:

  • Marketing, business, and entrepreneurship
  • Investing and personal finance
  • Beauty, health and fitness

Right now, these are the niches where you’re going to find high affiliate offers. For each one, we’ll list some high paying affiliate programs and provide a quick overview of them.

You’ll learn the commission rates you can expect, details like how long cookies survive, and some general pros and cons.

Marketing, Business, and Entrepreneurship

business partners fist bump

This niche is filled with high paying affiliate programs because the customers are among the biggest fish online. They’re looking to make investments and source big software solutions for their business. A single sale can have commissions in the thousands of dollars.

If you want to break into this niche, you’ll want to explore the following high ticket affiliate programs.

  • Shopify
  • WPX Hosting
  • WP Engine
  • ConvertKit
  • ClickFunnels
  • Liquid Web

Let’s look at each one in more detail.


Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is a massive service that powers the better part of one million online stores. They provide many services including tools to build websites, take payments, implement shopping carts, and handle web hosting.

Each new e-commerce client that Shopify attracts has the potential to order a lot of services—and many of them are subscriptions. For that reason, they run a giant affiliate program that is known for its high-value offers.

How high value? Up to $2000 for each referral to their Plus affiliate program. Additionally, Shopify pays high recurring commissions for most subscription referrals. Their software provides important infrastructure for merchants, so users may stay with Shopify for years after being referred by an affiliate.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: eCommerce

$58/per paid subscription referral

Rich library of existing content you can use, including webinars, videos, and automated funnels

Products: SAAS (Software as a service)

$2000/per Plus program referral

Explore or sign up for the Shopify affiliate program here.


WPX Hosting 

WPX Affiliate Program

WPX is a WordPress hosting and domain service that has built its brand around its zippy web hosting and the fast load times they offer. They are a preferred service of many affiliate marketers for this reason.

Their high ticket affiliate program offers a high commission rate that increases steadily the more people you bring in. While there is a volume requirement, remember that these commissions are still per referral. Starting at $70 per referral, the potential is there to make thousands per month.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: Hosting

First 25 referrals – $70 commissions per sale

Payouts as early as 35 days after signup

Products: Subscription web hosting services

26 – 100 referrals - $85 commissions per sale

“Fix it for you” tech support

101+ referrals - $100 commissions per sale

Learn more or sign up for the WPX Hosting program here.


WP Engine

WP Engine Affiliate Program

WP Engine is another managed WordPress service that offers web hosting and support. They target SMBs, agencies, and enterprises with their services (and provide support materials to target them yourself) so conversions can be surprisingly high value.

The WP Engine affiliate program also includes a healthy market of themes through StudioPress. You can score backend sales by promoting these themes to those who have already converted on the hosting.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: Hosting

$200 minimum commissions for WP Engine sales (180-day cookie duration)

Custom discounts that you can offer to your audience

Products: Managed WP hosting and related services

35% of StudioPress theme sales (60-day cookie duration)

You can sign up for the WP Engine program here.



Convertkit Affiliate Program

ConvertKit is an email marketing service with a collection of tools to help people to organize, automate, and grow their email lists. Their customers tend to be advertisers and influencers who are likely to form a long relationship with the company if they are satisfied.

This high ticket affiliate program focuses on its business subscription plan, which includes a bundle of their services. Affiliates who join the program can claim 30% of the subscription on a recurring monthly basis. While that starts at $29/mo, it can get much higher.

Enterprise businesses that subscribe to the service pay on a scale depending on the number of subscribers being managed. For example, it costs $2,499/mo to manage 500,000 subscribers. If you refer a customer like that, you could collect $830 per month for years.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: Marketing

30% recurring monthly commission rate per sale for every person who signs up

Pre-made content including video assets and webinars

Products: Email marketing services

Training courses

You can sign up as a ConvertKit affiliate here



Cllickfunnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels bills itself as a website and sales funnel builder for online business. Customers can subscribe to the suite of website building tools or take advantage of the growing library of ebook guides. If you join the affiliate program, you’ll be able to take advantage of high offers related to both products.

Recurring commissions apply to all of the subscription offers, but where this affiliates program really shines is the possibility to make backend sales. Many of the affiliate offers are related to one another that there are great opportunities to make multiple sales to the same people.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: Marketing

Up To 40% per month recurring commission on all of the front end offers

Scaling affiliate commissions based on performance

Products: Sales funnel and website management SaaS, ebooks

$100 commission for sales of other products

Learn more about the ClickFunnels affiliate program here.


Liquid Web

Liquid Web Affiliate Program

Liquid Web is a fully-managed hosting service that offers a range of different server solutions and applications for tasks like migrating sites and hosting email. Most of their services are a great match for large businesses in the market for big, long-term orders.

While the Liquid Web affiliate program doesn’t pay a recurring commission rate on all subscriptions, they do pay a rate in excess of 100% for the initial sale of some high ticket affiliate products. There is a high potential for an affiliate to claim backend sales because of closely-related services.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: Hosting

150% monthly hosting cost with a $150+ per sale

Existing library of banner ads and links to help you start

Products: Managed WordPress, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting

50% bonus for pre-paid plans

90-day cookie duration

Learn about the Liquid Web affiliate program here.


 Investing and Personal Finance Affiliate Programs

stock market chart preview

The investing and personal finance niches are filled with great affiliate programs and high ticket products. Many of the customers in this niche are willing to pay high prices and form long relationships with services that they value.

The affiliate offers involve personal wealth, so people see them less as a cost than an investment. The support that great high ticket affiliate programs can offer matters a lot when it comes to building trust in this niche. You should consider affiliate offers from:

  • Goldco
  • Etoro
  • Capitalist Exploits
  • Plus500 Affiliate Programs

Let’s look at each of these in more detail.


Goldco Affiliate Program

Goldco deals in precious metal IRAs and investments. They sell gold and silver-based investment vehicles and target people who are looking for large-scale investments (for retirement, for example).

This high ticket affiliate program can be incredibly lucrative because converting referrals may choose to invest massive sums. GoldCo is popular with affiliates right now. As an experienced affiliate marketer, Jeff Lenney put it—

“The best payouts you can get from one sale is in Goldco, right now.  People are getting $10k payments for one sale—in some cases—as high as 6-figures…that’s not going to be daily, but one big one can change a person’s financial situation.”

It’s managed by Kelly Felix of Rich Jerk and Smart Money Secret fame.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: Investments

$35 to $200 per sale

Bi-weekly payout schedule

Products: Gold IRAs, silver IRAs

3% and 6% per sale by quarterly/annual volume.

Freedom to create your own assets (with approval)

30-day cookie duration

Start exploring the Goldco affiliate program here.



FXPrimus Affiliate Program

FXPRIMUS is a major currency-trading site with multiple platforms, instruments, learning materials, and other resources to help you move high ticket offers. It also has a well-developed reputation and an active community because of frequently-released promotions and contests for traders.

This high ticket affiliate program gives you the chance to connect traders to the many (100+) tools and resources that are available. There is a lot of potential for you to refer the same person to multiple products and collect multiple high commissions.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: FOREX

Up to $600 in CPA commissions

Daily payouts

Products: Trading platforms, accounts, and investing instruments.

Lifetime loyalty rebates

120+ trading instruments with attached offers

Learn more or sign up for the FXPRIMUS program here.



Etoro Affiliate Program

Etoro is a currency-trading platform that is focused on cryptocurrencies. It is one of the larger trading platforms out there. 18 different currencies are available for users of the platform to buy, sell, or exchange. The site is funded in part by the small fees that are charged for each trade.

This high ticket affiliate program gives you the chance to direct traders and brokers to the platform. If you’re successful, you can claim an ongoing 25% share of what they pay to Etoro.

The job of bringing in new traders is made easier for you by the resources eToro provides to partners. That includes educational resources, banners, landing pages, and tools that make moving high ticket affiliate offers easier.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: Trading

Base 25% revenue share and/or $400 DCPA opportunities

The affiliate program also includes a way to earn through second-tier referrals and income generation as a ‘Popular Investor’.

Products: Trading accounts

25% for those referring brokers

Significant support for affiliates including pre-made content and direct support

Learn more about how to become an Etoro affiliate partner here.


Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits Affiliate Program

Capitalist Exploits is based around a newsletter that targets experienced and professional money managers. The newsletter is free, but it helps generate interest for the services, which include access to exclusive advice, private reports, and managed accounts.

This high ticket affiliate program gives you the chance to connect your own audience to these services. It helps that even free advice is highly-regarded by professionals. That can make it easier for you to sell more lucrative services.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: Investment

Up to 50% revenue share

Dedicated partner managers to help you promote products

Products: Investment research and consulting

Payouts once per month

Flat commissions between $788-1750 per sale

Check out the Capitalist Exploits affiliate program here.


Plus500 Affiliate Program

+500Affililates Affiliate Program

Plus500 is a large-scale trading site that provides instruments for many different kinds of trades, including crypto, indices, forex, and commodities. Over several years in business, the site has developed a massive audience of millions, and some impressive high ticket affiliate offers.

The high ticket affiliate program managed by the site focuses on partners who can refer traders and brokers. You can be handsomely rewarded for these referrals even if they only make small deposits. How much you can earn depends on the nationality of the trader.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: Investment

Up to $800 CPA per trader (for any deposit amount)

Proprietary high-conversion tools

Products: Contracts for Difference (CFDs), trading for crypto, Forex, and ETF

Payout once per month

Learn more or sign up for Plus500 here.


Beauty, Health and Fitness Affiliate Programs

medicine and health gadgets

Beauty, health, and fitness affiliate programs serve a dedicated base of customers who put a high price on personal perfection. Products sold in this niche tend to have really high margins in addition to high ticket prices. That leaves room for affiliates to take a little more than usual.

A few affiliate programs have done an excellent job of figuring out what products excite these consumers. Here are some of the ones you should explore if you’re looking for high ticket affiliate offers:

  • Fanfuel
  • SellHealth
  • Specktra
  • Organifi
  • Just CBD

Let’s look at each of these in more detail.


Fanfuel homepage

Fanfuel is a major health, beauty, and wellness supplier representing Wolfson Brands and other major wellness labels. Their products include solutions for weight loss, probiotics, and a large variety of other nootropics, beauty products, and sleep aids.

This high ticket affiliate program lets you promote these products at some of the best rates in the business. The commission rate goes as high as 50%, and this is one of the only networks on this list (and among affiliates in general) with both lifetime AND tier 2 commissions.

In addition to the lifetime commission, this network gives you credit for “returning customers.” If any customer makes any sale—even years later—you get the credit. The customer stays linked to your Funfuel profile for life without the need for cookies or IP tracking.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: Health & Wellness

Network-wide leading industry commissions 50%+

Repeat order tracking

Products: Supplements, Foods, Beauty Products

2nd tier opportunities with lifetime benefits

Retargeting ads that follow visitors

Learn more or Sign up for the Fanfuel Affiliate Program



Sellhealth Affiliate Program

SellHealth is a massive affiliate marketplace that focuses on health and beauty products. They’ve been serving that market for more than 10 years and have established themselves as one of the largest health-related programs out there.

Because of the size, members of this affiliate program have the option to promote hundreds of thousands of different products. Not all of the affiliate offers have high ticket costs, but those taking advantage of these affiliate programs are regularly pulling in as much $350 per sale.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: Health

30-50% depending on offer

100k+ affiliate offers to choose from

Products: Anti-aging, skincare, male sexual health, female sexual health

Payouts once per month

Feature-rich dashboard with real-time data

Learn how to become a SellHealth partner here.



Specktra Affiliate Program

Specktra is a big player in the fast-growing CBD space. They sell CBD in a variety of different forms through their online storefront and stand out for the high potency of their products. All of their products are backed by 3rd-party lab testing, which can reassure high-paying customers.

The affiliate program covers all of the products that they offer, including potent patches, vapes, and tinctures. They claim that people who are referred have an AOV (average order value) of $80 and that the average commission paid out for 100 conversions is $2400.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: Health

30% commission payouts

Discount offers you can pass directly to your audience

Products: CBD, including patches, tinctures

Payouts once per month

Learn how to become a Specktra affiliate here.



Organifi Affiliate Program

Organifi is a superfood-focused marketplace with a growing line of products and a lot of fans. So far, the line includes plenty of powdered juices, protein mixes, and detox regimens—most of it completely organic.

The affiliate program is managed through ClickBank and includes offers for most of their products. The high commission is an impressive 30% at all stages, including later purchases of different products.

There is a ton of potential for upsells and future purchases because of the way that Organifi structures their products offerings. They arrange their products by morning, afternoon, evening, and all day so that people who like any product can be encouraged to transition to the next one.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: Health

30% Lifetime commission on the front end and all upsells

Lifetime commission on rebills and future purchases from your referred customers.

Products: Juice mixes, protein powders, probiotics and accessories

Explore or sign up for the Organifi program here.



JustCBD Affiliate Program

JustCBD is a large CBD store with a good variety of different products to appeal to fans. The products include edibles in most forms, along with vaporizer cartridges. They also carry a selection of products formulated for pets.

You can refer people to these products through the affiliate program managed by CJAffiliates. There are a lot of related products that could be leveraged into upsells and future buys.

The Basics


Special/Unique Features

Niche: CBD

Variable, depending on offer

One of the largest CBD retailers

Products: gummies, candies, edibles, capsules, vape pens, tinctures

Learn more or sign up as a JustCBD partner here.


How to Discover Other High Ticket Affiliate Programs

man in the desk table doing research

Now, you’ve been introduced to some of the best high ticket affiliate programs. However, this isn’t close to a complete list. In many cases, the best high paying affiliate programs are only open to those who have built long relationships with programs or brands.

The best way to discover top offers is to experiment with high paying affiliate programs that you’ve seen work for others.

If you focus on developing yourself as a super affiliate, you’ll be able to access offers that don’t exist for anyone else. You can break away from the competition and contact companies directly to negotiate high custom commissions.

It’s also possible to use popular affiliate programs in a more profitable way.

Using Other Affiliate Networks

Before we finish, let’s look at some of the programs and affiliate programs that you’ve probably already heard about. These weren’t included in our list because they just aren’t high paying affiliate programs—but that doesn’t mean that there’s no benefit.


amazon affiliate program page

Amazon still manages one of the largest affiliate marketing programs out there. They sell almost everything, so it really doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. However, they also know how much leverage they have with affiliate website owners, and they’re increasingly pressing that leverage.

Amazon has trended toward cutting affiliate rates as their share of the market has increased. Recent cuts resulted in many rates (already below 10%) dropping by half. This doesn’t mean Amazon isn’t worth your time anymore, but they aren’t the basket you want to keep all your eggs in.

If you’re just entering a niche, you’re probably better off starting with smaller and scrappier affiliate programs who depend more on their affiliates. Start working Amazon affiliate offers only when your site is moving enough products to make 1-3% commissions worth it to you.


cllickbank affiliate program page preview

Clickbank is one of the largest programs out there, and it even has relationships with some of the high ticket affiliate programs that were mentioned above. However, on its own, Clickbank isn’t considered fertile ground by many affiliates.

They focus on low-dollar information products that usually don’t pay great commissions or lead to improved affiliate offers. Like Amazon, Clickbank is best used as a supplementary affiliate program while you’re building relationships with affiliate programs that are more dependent on you.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the highest paying affiliate programs?

The highest paying affiliate marketing programs are often the ones that serve the highest-paying customers. Financial services, while intensely competitive, tend to have the highest payouts overall.

Which affiliate program is the best?

The best affiliate programs are the one that is most in line with your own goals. Even high ticket affiliate programs aren’t automatically a great fit for everyone.

When you have a small operation, you need personal attention that small affiliate programs can give you. When you have an empire of connected sites, you need the plentiful offers and resources that a large program can provide.

man looking a moodboard

What is a good affiliate commission?

A good affiliate commission depends entirely on the niche. Moving popular, well-supported products with a moderate commission of 10% is more profitable than moving unpopular items that have commissions over 50%.

It shouldn’t take more than a few months of testing to know if an affiliate program is paying off for the effort you’re putting in. Doing badly at first doesn’t mean you don’t have a future in affiliate marketing. It just means that you may be focusing on the wrong offers or

Should I be paying to join affiliate programs?

You should not be paying to join an affiliate program. The relationship programs have with affiliates is mutually beneficial. Finding paying affiliate programs that respect that fact isn’t hard.

You are making them more money per month than they are losing to you in commissions. If affiliate programs want you to pay, you’re the consumer being targeted.

How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

You can start affiliate marketing with no money by providing services to affiliate marketers who need content, design, coding, or other services. You’ll need to develop these skills, anyway.

Providing these services will help you develop the instincts for online business, and they’ll provide you with some funding to cover the cost of your first website. You may also be able to develop an idea for what popular affiliate programmes like to see from applicants.

What’s next…

whats next with super affiliate programs

Now you know what sets high ticket affiliate programs apart, and you have some names that will help you get started. Use this information to protect yourself from the early mistakes of high ticket affiliate marketing. Focus your efforts on only the most promising and top paying affiliate programs.

Using these tips, you can make significantly more as an affiliate marketer.

Looking for more ways to become a super affiliate and get paid real money? You’ll find them at The Affiliate Lab. Sign up for our in-depth course and find out how you can break into any type of niche and make money like never before.