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10 Best VoIP Service Providers for Small Businesses in 2024

Best VoIP Hosting Providers

The evolution of technology has seen the emergence of voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) services provided by VoIP providers. These services are cost-effective and more efficient than traditional phone solutions.

With thousands of VoIP hosting providers, you may find it difficult to decide which is best for you and your business.

I spent months testing several VoIP services to put together the top 10 best VoIP hosting providers on the market.

In this article, I will reveal everything you need to know about them and help you find your best provider.

1. RingCentral (Editor’s Choice)

RingCentral is a VoIP service provider that allows you to communicate over the internet rather than with your mobile device. You can call, message, and even video call a friend or loved one. 

RingCentral Homepage

With this hosting provider, you can communicate with team members and clients in real-time to ensure a smooth workflow and greater collaboration over the internet.

RingCentral has a plethora of integrations for your cloud-based business, such as O365, G Suite, Salesforce, Dynamics, and much more, to enable you to get around with daily tasks.

Another benefit of this provider is that it allows for a simple transition while ensuring that your data is safe with its end-to-end encryption.

RingCentral uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption to protect calls at various endpoints from potential third-party intrusion. Its data centers are SSAE 18 and ISO 27001-audited, with layers of security offered by professionals across a global network [1].

From my experience, they offer top-tier services, although they are quite pricey and are more suitable for large businesses.

  • Their customer support is top notch
  • Their connection is very stable with no connectivity or audio problems
  • You are provided with multiple apps to communicate on your device
  • They make it easy for you to set up conference calls

  • The team was unfamiliar with supporting paging devices, even though the platform supports integration with some paging manufacturers.

Custom rating criteria
  • Load time: 4.5
  • Support: 4.9
  • Disk space: 4
  • Security: 4.8
  • Pricing: 4.0
  • Free Migration: Yes


2. Nextiva

Nextiva is one of the best well-integrated communications systems I have been opportune to come across. 

Nextiva Homepage

This hosting provider is well structured so that you get all your conversations with your phone, SMS, video, and email in one place with impressive productivity tools and a customer experience that you can be proud of.

A solid benefit of Nextiva is that it has one of the most reliable networks in the digital space, with close to a 99.999% uptime, so you can always be in close contact with your clients.

It also comes with pre-wired plugs and connections in a box that you will find particularly useful if you have a more complicated setup.

With Nextiva’s business VoIP solutions, you can also monitor and improve your team’s productivity using Nextiva’s workforce management and optimization tools. These help you create staffing forecasts and schedules, monitor customer connections for quality and coach your team more effectively [2].

Nextiva allows you to switch seamlessly between apps, making you able to answer phone calls and reply to messages all in one place.

My experience with Nextiva was great, especially because I never had a drop in service throughout the time I used it.

We currently use Nextiva VoIP Call Center as our physical and softphone PBX solution. It works out great for users that are in the office that still prefer a physical phone, as well as remote users that don’t have the space for one, so use a softphone instead.
–Antoine Foreman, Telecommunications Engineer

  • It has a highly functional group of collaborative applications
  • You can make calls seamlessly and enjoy their services with top-notch quality
  • They have an intelligent cloud contact center for customer service and engagement

  • You may experience difficulty seeing the status of your contacts

Custom rating criteria
  • Load time: 4.1
  • Support: 4.8
  • Disk space: 3.9
  • Security: 4.5
  • Pricing: 4.8
  • Free Migration: No


3. Ooma Office

Ooma Office is a great VoIP provider for individuals and businesses looking for a modest communication system.

Ooma Homepage

It also has specialized features offering phone, video, and messaging solutions customizable for any size business and home phone and smart security that keeps you connected as you go.

This communication platform may not have advanced functionalities similar to other hosting providers, but it still boasts quite an impressive list of offerings.

A major benefit of this communication system is that you can unify your workers using its communication solutions, especially if you work in a remote setting.

You can also use Ooma’s data usage calculator to check your internet coverage and speed and how much data you used for each team meeting.

One of the key features within the Ooma Office is the ability to create ring groups. These come in handy if you have multiple employees who could answer a specific call [3].

Ooma office has three free phone offers just for you, and it also has one of the best pricing plans around.

Its essentials plan starts at $19.95 per month, its pro plan starts at $24.95 per month, while the Pro plus plan starts at $29.95 per month, each providing you with different benefits.

From my experience, Ooma Office is a great platform that is easy to use, although it is best for small businesses because of its limited advanced features.

We use Ooma Office for the entire office (all employees). It has helped greatly with our customer service department.
–Edith Houston, Director of Financial Operations at Elsner’s Superior Flooring Inc

  • It is quite affordable and easy to use
  • It has an efficient 24/7 customer support
  • You do not need a contract to use the platform

  • You might need to reboot the base stations and phones at times

Custom rating criteria
  • Load time: 4.6
  • Support: 4.5
  • Disk space: 4.7
  • Security: 4.5
  • Pricing: 4.9
  • Free Migration: Yes


4. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a great hosting provider that provides you with all the communication features you need to ensure that your business functions as it should.

Grasshopper Homepage

With Grasshopper, you can answer calls professionally, get in touch with your clients from anywhere in the world, respond quickly through business texts, and be updated with the latest through voicemails and faxes.

This hosting provider also provides you with a wide array of numbers to utilize, ranging from vanity numbers to toll-free and local numbers.

Also, one of the added benefits of using Grasshopper is that you can port your existing phone number for free. 

All you need to do is set up your Grasshopper system, fill out the transfer form to begin the process, and call once your number port is successful.

An interesting fact about Grasshopper is that you gain access to a full virtual phone system with VoIP number, voicemail transcription, call-forwarding, and lots more once you have transferred your mobile number to this hosting provider.

From my experience, Grasshopper is easy to use and doesn’t take long to set up.

  • You gain access to a variety of easy-to-use mobile apps
  • You have access to multiple contact accounts
  • It makes provisions for inbound and outbound messaging

  • It does not have provisions for video conferencing

Custom rating criteria
  • Load time: 4.8
  • Support: 4.6
  • Disk space: 4.5
  • Security: 4.7
  • Pricing: 4.9
  • Free Migration: Yes


5. 8×8

8×8 is one of the biggest phone, video, chat, and contact providers right now, and for a good reason.

8x8 Homepage

It provides you with secure and reliable communication and protects your business using state-of-the-art security and compliance that are verified and trusted by third-party certifications.

You can host video conferences of up to 500 participants, increase the reliability of your business phone, and utilize cloud PBX to work with your employees and manage your voice services even better.

Regarding pricing, 8×8 is quite flexible, offering $15 per month to small businesses for basic communications, $24 per month for larger teams, and $44 per month for advanced call handling and analytics.

This hosting provider runs an elevate partner program that helps you grow and retain your client base, build new income opportunities, and increase profit.

From my experience, 8×8 is quite affordable, with a very easy-to-use menu and great call quality.

  • It is quite affordable 
  • Provides advanced features for larger businesses
  • Has provisions for unlimited calling to multiple countries

  • Customer support can sometimes be unreliable

Custom rating criteria
  • Load time: 4.8
  • Support: 4.4
  • Disk space: 4.5
  • Security: 4.8
  • Pricing: 5.0
  • Free Migration: No


6. Dialpad

Dialpad is an amazing VoIP hosting provider that allows you to interact with your clients and colleagues through calls or text, all in their well-built AI-powered application.

Dialpad Homepage

You are provided with an AI-powered workspace that includes an AI voice, AI messaging, and free AI video conferencing.

The platform also has an administrator portal that makes it easy for you to work with a host of work applications, such as Microsoft 365, Slack, and Google Workspace.

Dialpad continues to deliver a cost-competitive solution for small-to-medium organizations and features not found in other products, particularly its AI-driven Voice Intelligence [4].

You can also be confident that your data is well secure since Dialpad has one of the best security features and allows you to modify most of its features and integrations to suit your needs and enhance privacy.

A major benefit of this provider is that you can try most of its products for free once you sign up and log in. You also get access to numerous solutions based on your type of business and the industry you belong to.

From my experience, Dialpad has a nice messaging function alongside other features that are highly efficient.

  • Excellent integration with multiple products such as Microsoft and Google workspace
  • Artificial intelligence integrated into its communication features
  • Suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises

  • It is only available in 70 countries

Custom rating criteria
  • Load time: 4.8
  • Support: 4.7
  • Disk space: 4.6
  • Security: 4.8
  • Pricing: 4.5
  • Free Migration: No


7. GoToConnect

GoToConnect is a top-tier communication system that allows you to set up your phone system all in one place and switch between your phone and desktop app.

GoTo Homepage

You can enjoy calls from anywhere and engage in seamless face-to-face interaction with HD video conferencing.

If you are looking for a communications platform that you can easily integrate with your work applications, GoToConnect is the right one.

In terms of benefits, you have seamless support for your business needs, and you can also host a meeting, webinar, or training on their platform.

GoToConnect has three pricing plans that are quite affordable. First one is the basic plan at $24, then the standard plan at $29, and then the premium plan at $43. These plans are quite different, with varying benefits tailored to client needs.

In my experience, GoToConnect is very simplistic and has outstanding features for remote work.

  • User-friendly and easy to navigate
  • It has a screen share feature for easy communication
  • Stable connection

  • The mobile apps may require you to log in repeatedly

Custom rating criteria
  • Load time: 4.8
  • Support: 4.7
  • Disk space: 4.6
  • Security: 4.8
  • Pricing: 5.0
  • Free Migration: No


8. 1-VoIP

1-VoIP is a well-renowned residential and business VoIP hosting provider. It is quite decent and offers decent communication services at affordable rates.

1-VoIP Homepage

It focuses on providing VoIP phone services, which is why it provides a VoIP phone system and allows you to transform traditional telephone lines into something much better.

1-VoIP one-ups its competition in both features and pricing. Their residential services utilize cloud collaboration technology to offer excellent features and provide the reliability associated with having multiple information storage locations [5]. 

It also provides you with sip trunking that comes with a 99.9999% uptime at different price rates.

You can get the SIP trunking minute bundle for just $25 per month per user, the toll-free number for just $5.95 per month for a number, and US and Canada numbers for just $4.95 per month for a number.

Another benefit of 1-VoIP is that it offers you a VoIP quality test with different price plans ranging from the metered plan at $14.97 per month per extension, corporate plan at $19.97 per month per extension, and professional plan at $29.97 per month per extension.

From my experience, 1-VoIP provides unlimited calls, an excellent call connection, and a decent amount of offerings for small to medium businesses.

  • It is easily affordable
  • It offers HD call quality
  • It includes over 40 business features

  • It doesn’t have other features, such as videoconferencing and web messaging

Custom rating criteria
  • Load time: 4.8
  • Support: 4.5
  • Disk space: 4.4
  • Security: 4.6
  • Pricing: 5.0
  • Free Migration: No


9. AT&T Business

AT&T Business is one of the best VoIP service providers in the telecommunications market. It boasts many VoIP system services that will make your business thrive and your experience worthwhile.

AT&T Homepage

These services include business internet, AT&T 5G, the internet of things, voice collaboration, cyber security, self-service tools, and much more.

You also have access to basic VoIP and more advanced features, depending on the size of your business and its requirements.

AT&T has a customized cloud connection known as NETBOND that allows you to connect with your workforce over the cloud for faster interaction and collaboration.

It provides a multitude of options to businesses across various industries, such as healthcare, retail, financial services, transportation, manufacturing, hospitality, and energy and utilities.

AT&T business has a basic voice solution package for $17.48. It also allows you to qualify for free internet or wireless service via its affordable connectivity program.

From my experience, AT&T business is most suitable for large businesses because of its multitude of communication features.

  • It is stacked with multiple communication features
  • It supports desk phones and external legacy PBX hardware
  • It has a 24/7 proactive network security

  • It may be too complex for some users

Custom rating criteria
  • Load time: 4.9
  • Support: 4.7
  • Disk space: 4.8
  • Security: 5.0
  • Pricing: 4.5
  • Free Migration: No


10. Vonage

Vonage is all about fostering connections among your team and clients, and it comes with a list of product offerings.

Vonage Homepage

This VoIP hosting provider offers communications APIs, unified communications, contact centers, and conversational commerce.

Each of these products has subcategories that can be highly useful to your business and help you meet your business goals.

With communications APIs, you get access to video, voice, messaging, and two-factor authentication to solidify your security.

Vonage allows you to try all of these features for free so that you can decide how suitable they are for your business.

You can also talk to an expert who will walk you through how to use the platform and proffer solutions to your challenges.

When it comes to pricing, Vonage allows you to only pay for what you use with affordable pricing plans ranging from 0.0004 GBP for call detail record retrieval to 0.0500 GBP to verify API [6].

From my experience, Vonage is very easy to use, and its prices are one of the lowest you can find among VoIP hosting providers.

  • It has a simple user interface
  • It is easily affordable, as you only pay for what you use
  • It has a high-quality network and a solid connection

  • Text messaging does not have an image feature

Custom rating criteria
  • Load time: 4.9
  • Support: 4.7
  • Disk space: 4.8
  • Security: 4.9
  • Pricing: 5.0
  • Free Migration: Yes


Buyer’s Guide

When choosing the best business VoIP providers, there are certain factors you need to consider.


First of all, you need to look at the features provided by the communications system. Make sure it has all the tools and features your business needs to thrive and that you can easily collaborate and work with your clients while on the go.


If the hosting provider is used by other team members, you should have a meeting to understand if it is something they are all comfortable with and can easily operate so that whatever decision is made is for the benefit of all.

The UK and US economies heavily rely on the corporate sector. Till now, there are 5.98 million businesses registered in the UK. So, there is an endless opportunity for growth in the business sector. I expect that VoIP Business can help businesses improve their productivity through a high-end and intuitive business VoIP system.
– Jamie Arif, Founder of VoIP Business


Another factor you need to look at is the price. Going for a hosting provider that is easily affordable should be a priority over those that are expensive.

However, in some cases, you can go for a hosting provider that is a bit pricey if it has advanced features that are important to your business.

You should also check to see if you need a complete VoIP hosting provider or only need some of its best VoIP services for your business. 

Ease of Use

Ease of use is also very important. You must ensure that the communications platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate by you, your team members, and your clients.

Ease of Use

You do not want your clients to struggle with the platform, which is why you should consider their preferences before selecting one.

As such, the best VoIP hosting provider will be the one that is highly comfortable for you, your employees, and your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are VoIP And Wi-Fi Calling the Same?

VoIP and Wi-Fi calling are not the same, although they share similar characteristics. VoIP transmits digital information over the internet that is then transferred as phone signals to the receiver. On the other hand, Wi-Fi calling is simply the process of making a phone call through the internet rather than using a cell tower.

What Is The Best Business VoIP Service?

The best business VOIP services include RingCentral, Nextiva, and Grasshopper, among others. These platforms have unique benefits and price plans that make them stand out.

RingCentral Homepage

What Features Do VoIP Services Offer?

The features that VoIP services offer include unlimited calling and voice mail, visual voice mail, call forwarding, toll-free numbers, CRM integrations, and others.

Are VoIP Hosting Providers Secure?

VoIP hosting providers are secure, with most using state-of-the-art security and high-level encryptions to ensure that your data is kept private and impossible to compromise. You can always be on the lookout for these security features before using any hosting provider.

How Do I Choose a VoIP Hosting Provider?

To o choose a VoIP hosting provider, you must identify the requirements you need from one, the costs involved, the uptime, and other features and how they align with your business. When you have these all figured out, it will be much easier for you to decide which is best.

What Are VoIP Download Speeds?

VoIP download speeds range between 5-25 megabytes per second for telephone calls and 10 megabytes per second for file downloads.

Get the Best VoIP Hosting Provider Today!

The chances of your business succeeding even more will depend on how good your VoIP hosting provider is. For this reason, you should check for certain features before deciding on which to go for.

I recommend RingCentral because it has a plethora of integrations and apps that will be very suitable for your business, especially if you operate a large business.

Their security level is also top-notch, so you do not need to worry about data breaches and other security risks while using the platform.

Try RingCentral today and be well on your journey toward taking your business to the next level!


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