Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Discounts for Large Orders

We do not offer a price reduction on large order sizes, but we do offer something even better.

For every 10 links that go to a single domain (various pages on the same domain count), you’ll get two free lifetime inner page links to that same domain, on a  blog of our choice.  

These links are ideal for pillowing: creating backlinks for your non-critical anchors such as URLs, brand, and “click here’s”.

You can reach the 10-link-milestone on one purchase or multiple purchases.  For example, if you order 4 links in your first order, and 6 links in a later order, then you’re still elligible.

Once you reach 10 links, simply contact [email protected] with the URL and Anchor combinations you’d like.

Our Content Creation Process

Our article process is quite advanced. We…

  1. Merge 3-5 existing articles together, taking different paragraphs from each
  2. Spin them manually
  3. Re-iterate until theyre 100% Copyscape and Grammerly passed
  4. And then, have an native English speaker completely re-write that article.


If you’d like to cancel links for whatever reason, log into PayPal and cancel the appropriate subscription in your “My Pre Approved Payments” dashboard (instructions).  When you purchase an order with us, we send you a subscription ID number.  You can reference this number to make sure you cancel the relevant subscription.

Note: Because of changes in the PayPal system, we will no longer be able to cancel subscriptions for you.  If you would like to cancel a subscription and you are late in doing so, no refunds will be given.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q: Can I see an example site before purchase?

No.  As a protective measure for our customers and our network, the domains we link to you from will be sent to you after your purchase.  However we will provide the metrics for each of the domains and assure you that all sites in our network have clean, branded, non-SEO’d link profiles.  Thank you for understanding.  Here’s an example of what our sites look like: click here

If, for any reason, you don’t like the sites that you are placed on, we’ll remove your links and give you a full refund.  But just for reference, this has never happened.

Q: How many links to you think it will take to get to page 1?

Ethically, we try to stay away from answering questions like that.  They’re simply too hard to answer.  As you know, ranking depends on many different factors, not just links (onsite SEO, google algorithms, anchor text diversity, etc).  It’s impossible to know until you try.

That being said, I’ve seen people get to page 1 with just 3 links.  More competitive niches take more, of course.

Q: Do you use privacy protection?

No.  Privacy protection is an SEO tool and we stray away from blending in with that kind of crowd.  Instead, individual site owner personas are created for each site and verified by multiple means.

In addition, a test done in 2014 by Greg Morrison showed that having privacy protection OFF showed a marginally better gain. It’s not substantial, but yes, it does matter.

Q: Is it ok to change URLs or anchors after the links have been placed?

No.  Once a link is placed, neither the URL or the anchor text may be adjusted.  The reason is as follows: search engines punish websites that are clearly in control of their own link building.  When a target URL or an anchor text is changed in an existing article, that is a clear sign that the site owner has control of the sites linking to him/her.  Thus, we don’t allow URL and anchor changes, to protect both the network and yourself.

Q: Do you block link bot crawlers (Majestic, Moz, Ahrefs)?

Yes.  Rest assured that your competition will not be able to see your backlinks.

Q: Why do you no longer base your prices on Majestic Trust Flow (TF)?

As of late 2016, Majestic metrics have started wildly fluctuating. One week the TF might be 20, the next week it drops to 4, then next week it climbs to 25.

TF variationIt is our opinion that this metric is no longer reliable.

Q: Will your sites work for a foreign language money site?

Absolutely. While most of my site are hosted on US servers and all have English content, it still works for ranking foreign language sites quite well. I have repeat customers in Brazil, Finland, Greece, Indonesia, India, France, Germany, etc who rank quite easily.

Here’s of an example of a Finnish site ranking with just one PBN link:

foreign language seo

Q: Do you offer Traffic Delivery Network links for rental?

As of June 2016, all our sites are being converted over to the new protocol.  This is an ongoing process and over time, all sites will become more and more powerful due to their ability to attract natural traffic.