Keeping up with an annual tradition, I’ve put together a list of my favorite purchases of 2018.

Below, you’ll find a list of the best things I’ve bought for my business and personal life, as well as the best books I’ve read over the course of the year.

Last year, I did the same and people seemed to dig it, so here we go again…

Business Purchases



The Yubikey is a physical 2-factor USB key.

I’m not even that big of a geek about cyber-security, but I fell in love with this thing.

Let me explain some of the applications.

Do you completely avoid LastPass, because someone might hack your LastPass password and get access to the entire vault?

If you hook up LastPass (or Gmail, Zoho, or even your computer) to Yubikey, if they don’t have the physical key on their person, they don’t get in.

My friend Ashe Oro got me onto this thing, and I’m all about it now.  Even if my laptop got stolen, no one can get in it.

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Management Consultation from Mads Singers

mads in chair

LeadSpring (my affiliate agency) had a company retreat on the island of Koh Samui, and I decided to fly in Mads Singers for a custom consultation on management training.

I’ll put it like this…

My team and I liked it so much, I rolled this out to all of my other businesses.

We learned a ton about delegation, hiring, firing, motivating, personality types, etc.

I can easily say that it paid itself off within the month.

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Google Fi

fi logo

Fi is Google’s worldwide mobile phone network.

Whenever I land in a new country, it automatically connects to their local systems and I have data running right away.

You need a Google phone to use the service. I got a Pixel, which is pretty good.

The added bonus for me is that it’s a US phone number so I can receive verification codes from PayPal and my bank.

I no longer need to bother my family back in the states every time to try to send a wire.

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Schedule Once

schedule once logo

If you frequently schedule meetings and you don’t live in 2004 and require a secretary to set up everything for you, try Schedule Once.

Your clients and potential partners can browse through your available times and book an appointment.

It’ll sync up to your calendar so you don’t forget and send email reminders.

Super convenient for paid consultations.

get boooked


Chase Sapphire Reserve and Priority Pass

Priority pass

In my humble opinion, the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card is the best card for travelers… and especially for digital nomad type business owners that travel a lot.

You get a huge signup bonus, and nice point perks whenever you spend on travel.

Plus there’s no fees for using it with a foreign currency.

I’ve actually had the card for a couple years and I love it, but never got around to having them send me the Priority Pass.

The Priority Pass pretty much gets you into a VIP lounge at any airport.

Tired during a long layover?  Ok, take a shower, eat good food, drink some wine, and shut up.

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Apple AirPods


I originally thought these things were so stupid and that they’d fall out of your ears.

Got a recommendation from a friend to get them and I was so impressed.

This is easily Apple’s most under-rated product.

Makes phone calls, workouts, and pretty much everything else, easier.

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This is a hangover pill that actually works.

Now I’m no doctor and I don’t want to fall into the trap of recommending ingesitbles to people, so take my word as next to useless…

Alcohol digestion normally slows down to a halt when you’re sleeping… which is why you wake up feeling all crappy.

This DHM stuff helps to digest alcohol when you sleep so you wake up without all these toxins and cortisol pumping through your brain.

Will it totally prevent hangovers?

Absolutely not, but it will definitely help you dodge some bullets.

I refuse to drink without this stuff.

dhm button

Lego Millennium Falcon Collectors Edition


If you like Legos and you like Star Wars, then this really shouldn’t even be a decision you need to make.

I’ve probably put about 16 hours into this thing already and I’m still not done… milking out those last few bricks.

There’s something meditative about Legos… and productive as well.

If you find it hard to unwind after a crazy day of SEO, then Legos are a good bridge between the productive and the playful.

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Principles – Ray Dalio


Amazing book by the founder of the Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio.

Ray is a unique and extremely intelligent individual that likes to apply principles and algorithms to both personal and business decisions.

I can’t even count how many nuggets I’ve gotten out of this book.

Here’s one:

“If you look back on yourself a year ago and aren’t shocked by how stupid you were, you haven’t learned much.” – Ray Dalio

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Web Copy that Sells – Maria Veloso

webcopy that sells

Writing is a “meta skill” which benefits you in nearly all aspects of your life.

I got this book on recommendation from Gregory Elfrink from Empire Flippers, who pretty much spends his whole day writing.

Picked up a lot of solid tips for affiliate content copy, sales pages, lead generation, and email marketing as well.

Really enjoyed this one.

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The Land – Aleron Kong

the land

This is a “Lit-RPG” book.

What is that?  It’s an emerging style that is usually characterized by the main character entering a game, leveling up, and getting stronger in the context of a game-like world.

It’s complete fantasy-smut.

But absolutely entertaining, and mindless, if you’re looking to completely decompress with a nice nerdy ready.

Fair warning… don’t expect awesome writing here.

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Matt Diggity

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