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1. The Diggity Marketing Evergreen Onsite SEO Guide

It’s my firm belief that onsite SEO is one of the most misunderstood and overlooked aspects of ranking.  Ironically, having solid onsite will get you higher in the rankings than any amount of backlinks. Follow the concepts in this guide… these onsite methods are exactly what I use to get my rankings.  If and when you see returns, please tell me about your success story.

Download Latest Version of the Diggity Onsite SEO Guide

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2. Matt Diggity’s Backlink Blueprint Timeline

Have you ever asked:

  • How long do you wait to hit your money site with links or social signals?
  • When do you build citations?
  • What link velocity should you hit your money site with?
  • Should you send links to your social profiles?

In this guide, I’m going to provide you with a complete linking process and timeline – helping you get from “Day 1” to “Page 1”.

Download the Backlink Blueprint Guide

pbn hosts3. Top 10 Hosts for PBNs

If you’ve read my guide on PBN hosting you already know that the number one cause for PBN deindexes is, hands-down, poor hosting decisions.

When I moved away from using cheap $1 hosts and SEO hosting, deindexes became a thing of the past.

Simply moving all your sites to premium hosting isn’t as easy as it seems.

Many hosts are terrible to work with.  Others are extremely expensive.

This guide will breakdown which hosts are the best for you and your PBNs.

Find Out which PBN Hosts are the Best

guide to scaling cover4. An SEO’s Guide to Scaling an SEO Business

Scaling an SEO business proposes a very unique set of challenges.  SEO techniques change from year to year. What works today might not work for you tomorrow.

  • How will your company stay up to date with the next algorithm change?
  • Are you going to be able to get your head out of the day-to-day busy work, so you can focus on determining the next niches to go after?
  • How are you going to expand your agency if you’re constantly on the phone with needy customers?

The answer to all these questions boils down to how to scaling.  In particular, scaling an SEO business… which is what I cover in this guide.

Download the Guide to Business Scaling

case study cover5. How to 132X Your Website Profit – The Biggest Wins from 3 Case Studies

In my affiliate SEO company LeadSpring, we’ve collected quite a few huge wins when it comes to ranking, optimizing, and scaling affiliate SEO websites.

In this guide I’ve highlighted three of the biggest winners and broken down what were the key factors that caused these sites to succeed:

  • Femaly Beauty Niche: $500 to $16400 per month
  • Garcinia Cambogia (weight loss): $4000 to $33100 per month
  • Toy Niche: $500 to $45000 per month

Find out exactly which SEO tweaks and conversion wins were able to get us an average of 132X profit on these three sites.

Download these 3 Insane Case Studies

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6. Video Tutorial: How to Use Social Signals to Justify Links and (bonus) get out of the Sandbox

This video was captured in a live (paid) webinar I did in 2016.  The concepts still hold up. You’ll learn how I use socials on a weekly basis in order to justify the links I’m getting to my site. In addition, find out how I use social signals in conjunction with press mentions in order to create a viral effect and launch your site out of the sandbox.

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7. Video Tutorial: Topical Relevance and Local SEO

This video was captured in a recent presentation I gave during the Chiang Mai SEO Mastermind event.

Topical revelance is estabilished when you have enough referring pages on a given site, linking to the pages you’d like to rank, and thus, making the target page more relevant for

Find out what is special about topical relevance as it applies to Local SEO.

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8. Video Tutorial: How to Find the Right Synonyms to Fix Optimization Problems

Learn about the power of Google Synonyms and how they can be used to help fix both onsite and offsite optimization problems. And… better yet, how to find these synonyms with a simple procedure.

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