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Learn how to Double or Triple your SEO Results

You’ve probably heard this before from so-called “SEO gurus”, so I understand your skepticism. I don’t claim to be a guru.

I simply know what works because I use these techniques to CONSISTENTLY rank my own sites.

And I can teach you through one-on-one coaching.

Here is a testimonial from one of my clients:

Ian Pritchard


Over the last four months I have been concerned that I have not been getting the results that my customers deserve. Coming across Matt and the good services that he offers, has been a genuine find and a pleasure.

In money terms, my own ROI is about 10x of what I am paying.

This week, my customer my estimated that the increase in his business is going to be about 6x of what he is currently paying me. Which is a great result and obviously, I am a very happy chap.

It doesn’t matter your level of experience with SEO

I’ve worked with all levels, from beginners to veteran SEOs. Last year, I coached a construction contractor who had zero SEO knowledge, but wanted to increase his site’s traffic. He now runs a very successful SEO company in New York.

Here’s what he had to say:

Joseph Elshazly


I only started learning how to do SEO about 7 months ago. I own a roofing company in New York and I wanted to do the SEO myself, but I didn’t know where to start. Matt started helping me and I instantly fell in love with marketing and started to make more sites.

Matt helped me to bring 3 different sites to Page 1 in just 3 months!

I bought a call tracking system and started renting these sites out to local businesses for a huge profit.

I recently registed a SEO business. I signed a 3 year lease on a 1000 sq ft office last week and I’m currently managing about 15 local business’ websites.

Without Matt’s coaching, I wouldn’t be doing SEO right now, let alone leasing an office with the intention of scaling up to managing over 100 clients.

Stop wasting time trying to figure it out on your own

I know how it is. SEO can be extremely frustrating. Especially trying to figure out what works after every Google update. When you spend time and money without getting results, it can be infuriating.

Are you prepared for the next Google update?

Even if you’ve done well in the past, there is no guarantee your sites will continue to rank tomorrow. Planning for the future of SEO, requires testing and resources. And a lot of it.

Like everyone else in SEO, I’m drowning in information. The problem is: learning and testing takes more time than I have available. I need an expert to check new ideas with and figure out what are the next moves to make.

My partner and I ran into a real wall with our business and decided to give Matt a chance to push ahead with our work.

Looking back a few months later, it was the smartest business decision we’ve ever made.

In a few short consulting sessions, he had us streamlined to do the most essential work and showed us strategies that we would have never had access to. Our efficiency is way up and profits are booming.

Give him a chance and your investment will be paid ten times over.

Nasim Bahbahani


Let me figure it all out for you

I’ve been in this industry since 2006, making a quite comfortable living. My specialties are high competition affiliate marketing and local SEO. Currently, I either own or supervise over 200 first page websites.

Having someone in your corner with the correct information is an incredible advantage. The techniques I use for ranking are based on ongoing testing and collaboration with some of the best in the business. These techniques are not based on speculation nor baseless theories read on the latest SEO Facebook page.

The methods I use are based on current test results that have been PROVEN to work on RANKING sites.

Through coaching, I’ll help you create actionable plans on how to structure your onsite and offsite SEO campaigns in order to get the maximum results.

Check out these case studies

Case Study #1

High Buyer Intent Keyword – Affiliate Marketing – 18k+ Monthly Searches
Result: Page 3 to Page 1 in one week


Case Study #2

Local SEO – High Competition medical keyowrd – Sydney, Australia (pop. 4.8M)
Result: First page in 4 days


Case Study #3

Local SEO – Business Services – Calgary, Canada (pop. 1M)
Result: #1 Ranking


Case Study #4

Local SEO – Home Contracting – Long Island, NY (pop. 7.6M)
Result: First Page Domination


Case Study #5

Penalty Recovery – Affiliate Marketing – Health Niche
Result: Profitable once again


Without having the experience and the right game plan needed to rank, you’re going to spend tons of time and money trying to figure it out.

While possibly killing a site and being massively frustrated in the process.

Instead.. short cut the learning curve, and have me teach YOU how its done.

Being able to produce repeatable rankings is an incredible feeling.

I had an hour consultation with Matt regarding one of my client’s site that was somehow stuck on the top of page 2 for more than a month. He gave me precise instructions on how to fix it, which I implemented after our discussion. Guess what?? After 10 days, my client’s site jumped to no.5!! If you have any questions about SEO, Matt is your go to guy. He is friendly and will give you ton of value!!!

Thanks Matt, you are a legend!!

William W.



In a coaching session, you and I would sit down over Skype, using a shared screen session. Together, we’d look at the sites you want to rank and figure out an actionable step-by-step plan on how to do it. Instead of paying someone else to do your SEO, I’ll be training you how to do it so you can do it all by yourself, going forward.

Typically I start with an onsite SEO evaluation and completely analyze your site. Then we formulate an offsite game plan, based on your niche and your competition. If you would like to focus on particular topics, then that’s possible as well.


Normally one-on-one coaching is booked at $600/hour.

For a limited time, I’m willing to drop this down from $600 to $499/hour

…in exchange for a testimonial down the road.


If for any reason you feel like you didn’t get any value from our first session, then I’ll happily refund you.

No questions asked.

Order now for $600 $499/hour

This offer expires in 9 days 18 hours 21 minutes 0 second.

To book your first coaching session, use the PayPal link below.
I’m looking forward to partnering with you.