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Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – November 2021

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – November 2021

We’re approaching the end of yet another year. If you want to keep your momentum up for the next one, this roundup is filled with the tips, tricks, and discoveries you need to know.

First, we’ve got three new guides for you. You’ll learn how to thrive despite low traffic, how to rank images for mobile searches, and how to turn theories about Google Quality Guidelines into action.

Next, we’ve got some case studies from the top minds in SEO. You’ll learn what the data says about the value of CTAs in page titles, the accuracy of keyword tools, and the impact that Google’s policy of rewriting titles has on split-testing.

In the end, we’ll cover the news. You’ll learn about the indented results that are rolling into SERPs, the big spam update, and some of the buzz about the future of AMP. Also, you’ll get a peek at our huge Black Friday deals. read more…

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – October 2021

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – October 2021

Are you looking to make some last major moves before we start thinking about next year? Our latest roundup has some tips and research that can help you make the last quarter your best quarter.

First, we have four thick guides. They’ll teach you how to beat Google title rewrites and how to build deep links with PR tactics. You’ll then learn how not to get tripped up by copying a competitor’s mistake and how to do faceted navigation better.

After that, you can jump into two actionable case studies. The data will tell you how many footer links are a good idea (I bet it’s more than you think) and whether you should really be stressing about big changes from the next update.

We’ll close on the news. Have Tiny, unannounced updates plagued october? The data seems to say so. We’ll also look at one of the funnier interactions coming out of Bing and Google’s big case in the EU courts. read more…

How To Do a Backlink Audit (And Link Building Plan) In 2021

How To Do a Backlink Audit (And Link Building Plan) In 2021

If you want to know whether your website is in good SEO shape or not, you need to check your backlinks.

Backlink analysis is one of the most important steps in any SEO strategy.

This is because search engines like Google use external links (i.e., backlinks) from other websites to determine whether a site ranks for a particular keyword or not.

In this article, you will find how to use a backlink audit tool (Ahrefs) that provides a backlinks report comprising important metrics and information about all the links pointing to your website.

You’ll also learn how to analyze such links on your backlink profile so that you can identify any bad links to your site that may prevent it from ranking to its potential.

Once you’ve completed your link audit, the next step is to continue to build authority with link acquisition. Therefore, in the final chapter, you’ll find out how to create a Link Requirement Estimate Plan for your site – it’s a report that looks at how many backlinks/referring domains you’ll need to outrank your competitors. read more…