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Diggity Marketing SEO News Round Up – March 2018

If you’ve had your head down, working hard to smash your SEO targets for 2018, then you might not have had a chance to check out what’s been happening in the SEO world at large over the last few weeks. Have no fear; I’ve shared the stories that have piqued my interest or that I feel offer value, to make life easier for you! Enjoy.

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The Definitive Guide to Keyword Cannibalization: How to Diagnose and Fix it

A few months ago I published an article about the top 10 most common SEO problems that we found with new clients coming to The Search Initiative (TSI).

Afterwards there was an enormous amount of interest in the Facebook groups and forums about a particular issue: keyword cannibalization.

What is keyword cannibalization?  Also known as topic duplication, its when you have two pages on your website competing for the same keywords, and as a result, these pages find difficulty ranking.

Why was this topic become so popular?

Namely because keyword cannibalization has quickly become an increasingly prevalent issue that can hold back pages from ranking.

Google really turned up the volume on this in 2017.

Now, that said, there’s also a lot of controversy over this topic as with many things right now in SEO (LSI much?).

Some people don’t like the term “keyword cannibalization”.  Others say they can’t find a patent on it, so it must not exist.  Some say “Hey look, here’s a website ranking two different pages for ‘insert keyword here’ so it’s all hogwash”.

Look, I don’t really care if you believe in it or not.  I’m just here to help you figure out when you’re suffering from it, and when your pages that never ranked pop up to page 1, you can thank me then.

Here’s my guide on how you can assess keyword cannibalization through tools that we use in our agency, and most importantly, the three most effective ways to fix the problem.

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Diggity Marketing SEO News Round Up – Feb 2018

Welcome to my latest SEO news roundup.There’s plenty happening with Google, and after a slowdown over Christmas, the SEO community has started 2018 with a bang. Here are some of the articles and stories that have grabbed my interest over the last few weeks, that I wanted to share and add my commentary to.

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Interview with Holly Starks – The Queen of YouTube Video SEO

I’ll just start off by saying that Holly Starks is one of my favorite SEOs.

Holly has been in the game for quite some time now.  She started off with various flavors of black hat and has currently settled into dominating YouTube SEO.

She’s ranked for some crazy terms such as “fidgit spinner” and “weight loss” in a matter of hours.

But things weren’t always easy for Holly.

Like most SEO’s, she had hit major setbacks along the way, and had to pick up pieces and re-invent herself as an SEO.

Her story is awesome, and in this interview you’re going to hear everything: how she got started, how she found YouTube SEO, and everything she does to get YouTube videos ranked for competitive keywords.

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Diggity Marketing SEO News Round Up – Jan 2018

The SEO world changes rapidly.

What works today probably won’t work tomorrow. And keeping up with all the changes can be a task in itself.

Starting this month, I’ll be releasing monthly SEO news roundups, curating the most pertinent SEO news, so you don’t have to sort through all the mess.


Internal Link Structure: Does your mobile link structure need to be the same as the desktop version?


Way back in June 2017 Google came out and said that if you were thinking about mobile first indexing, you should be looking at making your mobile page internal link structure as similar as possible to your desktop pages.

Thanks for clearing that up. Enough said. Let’s move on.

That is until Google’s John Mueller, trying to offer an insight into Google’s thinking in 2018, took to Twitter to answer a question about mobile first indexing saying:

So… what now? With mobile searches being increasingly important, does this feedback change your strategy? Read the article to read what Barry Schwartz makes of it.


The Story of 10Beasts.com – An Uncensored Interview with Luqman Khan

About a year ago, I was introduced to a site called 10beasts.com.

At the time, it was an 8-page affiliate website in the technology niche that quickly busted out of the sandbox in six-figure profitability within 8 months.  December 2016, it broke $80k.

This site became incredibly popular when it was featured on Glen Alsop’s Gaps.com.  I mean, how often does someone go public with an affiliate website of this level?

Fast forward one year…

10Beasts grew in size and earnings and flipped for over half a million dollars.

And then the unspeakable happened.

It got penalized with an unnatural links manual action in Google Search Console.

And guess what?

The penalty had recovered in 5 days.

Meet Luqman Khan.

Luqman is the creator, builder, and recoverer of 10beasts.

In this no-holds-barred interview, Luqman discusses the entire story of 10beasts, how he got it ranked, how he sold it, and how he recovered it.

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