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Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – October 2020

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – October 2020

You’ve got three months left to make this year the one that breaks all your records. With everything you’re going to learn in this roundup, that may be more than enough time.

We’ll start with a pack of guides. You’ll learn how (and when) to use tier 1 vs. tier 2 PBNs, why websites are an evergreen business, and how you need to change your tactics to handle in-house SEO.

Then, we’ve got data you can use to impact your operations. Learn how top SEO companies are optimizing their sites, whether emojis in subject lines can affect your open rates, and what causes rank volatility by the numbers.

Finally, we’ll close with two news items you can’t miss. Learn the results of SEOs voting on the best Facebook group and whether we have reason to believe that Google will soon be launching authority profiles. read more…

The Influencer Pitch – How to Build E-A-T for your Content Website

The Influencer Pitch – How to Build E-A-T for your Content Website

New content standards may be coming that will require you to get real, credible authors for your content if you want to stand a chance.

If you’re relying on content with fake personas, or content that was written under your own name (when you’re not an expert in the field), your website may not be ready.

I’m going to show you how to get real experts and influencers to take credit for your content. It’s going to help you build immense amounts of trust while developing a website that’s ready for E-A-T implementation.

That could be really difficult and really expensive for many niches. But what if I told you that this transition can be easy?

Let’s begin with a look into the standards we’re trying to meet (E-A-T), what relationship they have to the algorithm, and why you should care, even though they’re still on the way. read more…

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – September 2020

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – September 2020

The last quarter of the year is here. It’s time to ask yourself if you’re beating your personal records from last year or losing ground. If it’s not looking good, this roundup may be the boost you need to clear the final stretch and come out a winner.

In this month’s guides, we’ll cover Ryan Stewart’s 1-day SEO hack, a breakdown of the three stages of link building, a new method for finding local SEO keywords in bulk, and a neutral look at whether PBNs are still performing.

Then, you can catch up on the latest research with case studies. You’ll see the data on building backlinks with a stat page, a breakdown of Google user behavior, and whether your SERP position affects how much room Google gives your description.

We’ll close with the news. This month, a college kid fooled tens of thousands of people with an AI-generated blog, and Apple made moves that suggest it may be launching a search engine. read more…