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How to Double Monthly Traffic Within Six Months – [eCommerce 2022 Case Study]

How to Double Monthly Traffic Within Six Months – [eCommerce 2022 Case Study]

Do you have an eCommerce website with hundreds of category pages and thousands of product pages?

Learn how to grow your organic Google traffic in this follow along case study.

I’ll guide you step-by-step so you can learn the same tactics that my team at The Search Initiative used to double our client’s organic traffic on their eCommerce sneaker website within six months.

Search Initiative Data

Search Initiative Data

Search Initiative Data

You’ll learn how to achieve similar results by:

  • The ACTUAL way you should be writing product and category descriptions
  • Optimizing on-page elements for eCommerce: like images, headings, page titles, and meta descriptions
  • Efficiently using internal linking to power your rankings
  • How to use link building to feed the beast
  • Measuring and fixing your website’s Core Web Vitals

Before jumping into the strategy, here’s a summary of the main challenges that the site was facing when the client joined our agency.

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Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – December 2021

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – December 2021

You’ve made it to the end of the year, but this week’s roundup will give you no excuses for slowing down. We’re closing out 2021 with an excellent set of guides, case studies, and news items.

First, we have some guides that show off SEOs latest tricks. You’ll learn how to create topic clusters using Wikipedia, how to get a lot more insight into your bounce rate, and why indexing is getting harder.

Next, we’ll look at some case studies. You’ll find a huge analysis of the winners and losers of the last big update and some hard data on building better titles.

We’ll close our roundup with the news. Google released some important statements about product reviews, mobile indexing, and crawl bugs.

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Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – November 2021

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – November 2021

We’re approaching the end of yet another year. If you want to keep your momentum up for the next one, this roundup is filled with the tips, tricks, and discoveries you need to know.

First, we’ve got three new guides for you. You’ll learn how to thrive despite low traffic, how to rank images for mobile searches, and how to turn theories about Google Quality Guidelines into action.

Next, we’ve got some case studies from the top minds in SEO. You’ll learn what the data says about the value of CTAs in page titles, the accuracy of keyword tools, and the impact that Google’s policy of rewriting titles has on split-testing.

In the end, we’ll cover the news. You’ll learn about the indented results that are rolling into SERPs, the big spam update, and some of the buzz about the future of AMP. Also, you’ll get a peek at our huge Black Friday deals. read more…