About Me

About Me

I am an SEO.the sexiest man in chiang mai

Well, there’s a bit more to me than that, but as a profession and passion, I’m a full-blown Search Engine Optimization specialist. I earn 100% of my income from SEO-focused endeavors, including affiliate marketing, client ranking, lead generation, as well as SEO services.

Passive income has enabled me to craft the lifestyle I’ve always wanted for myself. I’m a digital nomad. I travel non-stop and I’m absolutely in love with it.

In case you’d like to hear my story, read on…

My Personal Life

As mentioned earlier, I’m a travel addict. I was born in the United States and lived there for many years, but as soon as I got the green light, I purchased a one-way ticket to the rest of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love my roots, but this bird was born to fly.

I’m currently located in Chiang Mai, Thailand but I’ve also lived in Costa Rica, Japan, and Bali. I’ve traveled to over 35 countries across the globe, but I normally gravitate to Asia as I really connect with the culture here. Chiang Mai in particular affords an incredibly laid back lifestyle, but at the same time, some of the world’s most successful digital entrepreneurs gravitate here. There’s a huge community of people killing it online.

islandsI put a high value on balancing work and social life. I love my friends… my fellow nomads. As you can imagine, constantly traveling keeps me far from my family, so I naturally find myself creating new families on the road. When I’m not nerding out on the computer, I’m hanging out with my fam-friends. Aside from travel, I love dance. I’ve been immersed in a street dance called “popping” for 17 years.

I’m not so active in the scene anymore, but if I’m out and nice beat comes on, you can count on me hittin’ the dance floor in no time.

Last by not least, I’m an avid student of yoga and meditation.  I practice for at least 1-2 hours daily, every morning without exception.

My Career before Becoming an SEO

I graduated from U.C.S.D with a master’s degree in electrical engineering (M.S.E.E.).

Yep, I’m a big-time nerd.  The guy who likes to take things apart and figure out how they work… that’s me.  And to answer your question… Yes, I played World of Warcraft.  A lot.

My career ultimately landed me at a Silicon Valley startup company.   We sold software which enabled big player companies like Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm to create microchips.

It was here where I learned the true meaning of “hard work”.  Or perhaps it was called “slavery.”  I worked my fingers to the bone.  A 40-hour week was a rare blessing while 60-hour weeks were the norm.

Nonetheless, I learned some important lessons from that job, which without-a-doubt benefit me today.

  1. How to test – The software we sold was ridiculously complex. We were constantly developing new features which required accurate and isolated tests to make sure it worked.
  2. How to work efficiently – There was always so much work, that unless you learned to be quick and efficient, you’d be dead in a week.
  3. Customer service – One annual license for our software cost $300,000 per year. Yes, $300k for only one person to use it for only one year.  I worked directly with the customers.  For that ticket price, they got treated like royalty.

saigon meeting

For me, the stress generated in the cubicle lifestyle was completely unsustainable. I was burnt out in a big way. There were month long bouts of depression where I would question if I were really cut out to succeed in this world. I distinctly remember a dreadful feeling, knowing that someday I’d have a nervous breakdown and that it was just a matter of time.

A good friend had recommended I read the Four Hour Work Week.  At that point, my fate was sealed.  I had no choice but to figure out how to escape the corporate system and make money on my own.

It didn’t take long before I started experimenting with SEO every night when I got home from work. My level 80 Dwarven Warrior was finally retired and it was time to level up in real life.  These late night projects were my first glimpse into making money online through the medium of SEO.  I was hooked.  I was the first time in my life where I actually experienced pleasure while working.

Eventually, my slavemaster company got acquired.  Cha-ching! My stock options became real and this was my ticket out.  I sold all my possessions and hit the road.

The Evolution of Diggity Marketing

At this point I was working at affiliate SEO full time.  I was focused heavily into both Amazon Affiliates as well as some ClickBank products in the health niche.  The first year was rough and I definitely spent more money than I made.  However, I stuck to the plan and it didn’t take long before I was able to replace my salary as an engineer.  Not too much longer after that, I doubled it.  And this was all on my own…

Diggity Links

links logo

Around 2012, I decided to partner up and start the Diggity Links rental service.  The vision from the beginning was clear.  At the time, the standard for PBNs was quite laughable.  Standard WordPress theme, 300 words of spun content, and a YouTube video and you’d call it a day.

My mission was to completely change the link industry in terms of quality, footprint elimination, as well a setting a new standard for personalized customer service.  I wanted to create the best PBN on the planet.

At one point I remember someone literally calling me “stupid” for the amount of work that was going into these sites.  In 2014, that hard work was validated.  When the big G launched a huge attack on PBNs, Diggity Links was unscathed.  0% deindexed.

Since then Diggity Links has grown, but we still hold ourselves to the same standards we set in the beginning.  New customers are hand-selected after an application and screening process.  We have a full time R&D department dedicated to staying one step ahead of the game.

Extreme Affiliate SEO: LeadSpring LLC


As time went on, more partnerships were formed and I teamed up with two good friends of mine on a massive scale affiliate SEO project.  Our goal with this endeavor was to divide up the work of creating money sites, niche selection, managing the PBNs, and ranking the websites between three people who were experts in their own areas.

I took on the role of Director of SEO Operations and my primary task was to rank the websites.  With the division of labor, I was able to really dive into the aspects of SEO that captivated me.  Namely, using test methodology to crack into the algorithm and really understand its parts.  I was back in the lab, The Diggity Lab, so to speak and performing tests full time.

My former career as an electrical engineer groomed my brain for SEO.  When I was working for “the man,” I learned how to properly create accurate tests.  I learned how to analyze results with an impartial eye and extract the essential data.  And I learned how to avoid being tricked by false positives.

In order to live the lifestyle I want, traveling full-time and working to live instead of living to work, things have to be done as efficiently as possible.  I can’t afford to waste time with bunk SEO techniques, which is why I’m constantly experimenting with new approaches. It’s a non-stop process of optimizing efficiency.

LCT live

By dividing the tasks and specializing in our own departments, we hoped to be able to produce much more than would have been possible by ourselves.  As it turns out, the affiliate department of Diggity Marketing is a money making machine.  We’re able to pump out a new money site in one week.  At any given time, there’s at least 20 sites pulling in big money, with quite a few at the five-figure per month range.  We’ve sold just as many, breaking 6-figures on multiple occasions.

This level of scaling would not have been available without partnerships.  I know I’m not the best at niche selection.  I’m borderline handicapped when it comes to writing sales copy.  Teaming up with partners who excel at the areas in which I’m weak is the best business decision I’ve ever made.

The Diggity Blog

19800923_1694939140814818_4959626510319983513_oI wanted to focus more on combining my passions with business.  Since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed helping others.  Especially when it comes to finding success in their lives.  One of the greatest blessings in my life is figuring out how to earn a living online.  If I can help others achieve the same, I consider that a life worth living.

As it turns out, my journey through SEO combined with the myriad of test results that are produced from the Diggity Lab are more than enough material to start a blog.  Thus the Diggity Blog was born.

Each month, I release content that pushes the boundaries of what’s currently known in SEO.  One month you might read about a case study that puts an old SEO debate finally to rest. The next month you might find my showcasing a newly developed backlinking strategy.

SEO Consulting and 1-on-1 Coaching

The desire to help others kept building.  I wanted to really affect people on a personal level and help people make it happen with SEO.  In 2015, I started offering 1-on-1 coaching.

When I opened up my coaching services I told myself I wanted to do things differently.  Instead of getting on Skype and simply telling the client to do this, this, and that, I take the approach more as a mutual learning experience.

We look at the project and by solving the problems together, the client starts to develop the tools to approach SEO correctly going forward.  My goal is that you should only need one consulting session before you’re able to fly on your own.

There’s Free Stuff Too

Although you might not be in need of links or a coaching session, there’s still plenty that this website can offer you.

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date onsite SEO guide that the web has to offer, check out the Diggity Evergreen Onsite SEO Guide found for free in the sidebar.  I update this guide once every few months with newly standardized onsite procedures produced straight from the Diggity Lab.

My free blog posts highlight the exact same strategies I use to rank my own sites.  You’ll find up-to-date techniques for both onsite and offsite SEO.  Be sure to subscribe to my email list so you don’t miss any updates to the blog:

Still Have Questions?

Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you have any other questions, email me, find me on Facebook or add @MattDiggitySEO on Twitter.