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SEO News March 2021 Cover

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – March 2021

The world is starting to get back to work with the shutdowns ending. If the last 30 days are any indication, the world of SEO is already back at full speed. Many great pieces have been published, and this roundup will carry you through some of the best.

First, we have a bumper crop of guides. We’ll start by looking at how to create linkable assets, what you need to know about Google Passage Ranking, and how beginners can approach link building. You’ll also learn about some pro email outreach strategies.

Next, we’ll look at some data studies that popped up last month. You’ll... (Read more)

SEO News_DM Cover Photo-Feb2021

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – February 2021

SEO’s best minds are clearly back at work. An impressive set of articles were published this month, and this roundup will take you through the best of them...

We’ll open with some case studies. First, you’ll learn what three separate case studies have to say about what went down with the December 2020 update. After that, you’ll learn how many URLs you can “request indexing” for before you hit a limit.

Some fresh guides are next. They’ll teach you about the latest best practices for PBNs, how to find keywords without help from historical data, and how to analyze SERPs to rank more effectively.

... (Read more)
SEO News Jan2021 Featured Image

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – January 2021

Are you looking to hit the ground running coming into the new year? You can, thanks to a fantastic SEO community that closed out the last year with some of their best work.

First up, some epic guides. They’ll teach you how to build links to the right pages, the best SEO practices in 2021, and how to use trend analysis to understand your audience.

Then, we’ve got three thick case studies. You’ll learn what an in-depth analysis can tell us about how search intent evolved in 2020 and the December core update. You’ll then see a breakdown of the sites that were the... (Read more)

December 2020 SEO_Roundup

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – December 2020

We’ve made it to the final month of the year, but that’s no excuse to slow down. This month has been a significant one for SEO knowledge. What you’re about to learn can help you rocket-boost your operations into the new year.

First, I’ve got three deep data dives for you. You’ll get to review an analysis of real link building campaigns, what the research says about optimizing for snippets, and how to recognize the anatomy of an SEO attack.

After that, you’ll review an unusually-rich set of guides. You’ll learn how to use Google Discover to drive traffic, how to leverage keyword mapping,... (Read more)

November 2020 SEO-Roundup

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – November 2020

With the holiday season almost upon us, this month may be your last chance to buckle down and meet your goals. Fortunately, this month’s rich set of guides and data breakdowns will give you the edge you need to make two months of progress in one.

The guides are first. They’ll teach you why online businesses make the best cash flow investments, how to create copy for higher conversions, and a possible cause for high rankings that don’t correspond to increased click-through rates.

After that, you can catch up on the latest data. You’ll learn a process for predicting the ROI of SEO, whether... (Read more)

October 2020 SEO Roundup cover

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – October 2020

You’ve got three months left to make this year the one that breaks all your records. With everything you’re going to learn in this roundup, that may be more than enough time.

We’ll start with a pack of guides. You’ll learn how (and when) to use tier 1 vs. tier 2 PBNs, why websites are an evergreen business, and how you need to change your tactics to handle in-house SEO.

Then, we’ve got data you can use to impact your operations. Learn how top SEO companies are optimizing their sites, whether emojis in subject lines can affect your open rates, and what causes rank... (Read more)

September 2020 SEO News

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – September 2020

The last quarter of the year is here. It’s time to ask yourself if you’re beating your personal records from last year or losing ground. If it’s not looking good, this roundup may be the boost you need to clear the final stretch and come out a winner.

In this month’s guides, we’ll cover Ryan Stewart’s 1-day SEO hack, a breakdown of the three stages of link building, a new method for finding local SEO keywords in bulk, and a neutral look at whether PBNs are still performing.

Then, you can catch up on the latest research with case studies. You’ll see the data... (Read more)

August 2020 SEO Roundup cover photo

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – August 2020

If you prefer to live life on the cutting edge, this roundup is for you. Several of SEO’s most innovative minds have published pieces this month, and we’ve got them covered here so you won’t miss out.

It starts with some chunky guides. You’ll learn how to get the perfect length for a blog post in any niche, some advice on doing a 100K launch with no ads, plus a neat method you can use to scale keyword research using Python (don’t worry, you can copy the code out of the article).

After that, we’ve got two case studies for you. Learn what the... (Read more)

July 2020 SEO Roundup Cover Photo

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – July 2020

A few months after the last big update, we’re all finally starting to find our feet again. We’ve added some new terms to our vocabulary and some new tools to our skill sets. Now is the time to start thriving again, and this roundup is going to help you do that.

We’ll start with some case studies. You’ll learn how one company turned SEO, outreach, and content into a $6B valuation. You’ll also see how effective guest posts are in 2020, a process for increasing traffic by more than 300%, and what the data says about category dilution.

This month’s guides will teach you... (Read more)

June 2020 SEO Roundup Thumb

Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – June 2020

Is your second quarter going the way you planned? May was a wild month for SEO. Changes came down that were not explained, but now, we know a lot more. The case studies, guides, and news items of this roundup will help you get back on track.

We’ll start with some juicy case studies. This month, you’ll get a deep dive into the May Google Core Update, the numbers on digital PR as a link building strategy, and a data breakdown on the real power of rich snippets.

Then, you can expand your personal toolset with the month’s most cutting-edge guides. You’ll learn how... (Read more)