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Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup — April 2024

You won’t want to miss this roundup covering the changes that have come down through the end of March and early April. A huge update has landed, and SEOs have learned many new ways to make the most of AI. The three biggest stories of the month come first. You’ll get a look into the SEO strategies of the biggest digital goliaths, an analysis of the Google Core Update in 2024, and a message directly from Google about the future of spam policies Following the top stories, you’ll find other popular releases from last month that competitive SEOs cannot afford to miss. They have advice on building better backlinks, developing better content with AI, and recovering in case the update hits you. Let’s jump in! Read More


Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup — March 2024

Reddit will have its content used for more results than ever before and will likely enjoy some traffic growth thanks to increased visibility. Reddit is also receiving access to Google’s Vertex AI platform and plans to use that access to improve search on its own platform. March is going to be a huge month for SEO. Changes are coming for search results and AI and the community has picked up some exciting new tricks following the last round of updates. This roundup will help you catch up. My big three stories of the month are featured first. The set includes a big case study into the sites winning & losing Google updates and a dive into a content deal between Google and Reddit. Then, you’ll read one of my favorite think pieces of the month, “How Google is Killing Independent Sites Like Ours.” After that, you’ll find more SEO stories from the last month that I think are too good to miss. You’ll learn about recent signs of an incoming rank update, a deep investigation into forum & discussion sites, big changes in featured snippets, and more. Read More


Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup — February 2024

Don’t miss February’s roundup if AI’s impact on SEO has been on your mind. Many of this month’s pieces deal directly with AI and how it is advancing and being optimized. Catch up now so you don’t fall behind. The guides are first. You’ll learn more effective ways to use AI, what big changes to Assistant mean for search, and how to rank quickly with entity AI SEO. The case studies and experiments are next. You’ll see what the data says about growing traffic without SEO, how a company generated 400k+ in revenue with money keywords, and how to most effectively block content from appearing in Google searches. The roundup closes on the SEO and AI news and discussions you shouldn’t miss. You’ll get the latest headlines about changes to core web vitals, examples of how Google grades content from a live audit, and some reasons AI-generated content may rank over original news. Read More


Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup—January 2024

Jump into the new year with the biggest stories in SEO. This roundup covers AI, SEO heists, and big hints from Google about what’s coming next. First, you’ll review some recent data, analysis, and case studies. You’ll learn some new SGE insights, find out what tests revealed about removing meta descriptions, and learn whether the “SEO heist” we discussed in the last roundup was worth it. Next, you’ll find some guides to help you develop more effective SEO. They’ll teach you what to expect from SGE and Generative AI and how SGE will likely impact your organic traffic going forward. At the end, you’ll find some of the top news stories of the new year. It’s all about Google’s latest moves, including phasing out third-party cookies, the company’s response to a massive spam attack, and removing the previously posted SGE end date. Read More


Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup—December 2023

You need this month’s roundup if recent core or review updates have hit your site. It curates some of the freshest, most in-depth coverage of updates and other urgent SEO topics. The case studies are first. You’ll have plenty of data to sift through, starting with a deep dive into the impact of the Helpful Content Update. Then, you’ll find out the real size of Google’s index and see some numbers on Google Discover traffic declines. Next, you can pick up some new SEO tricks from the guides. You’ll learn how to recognize and respond to the three different SGE snapshots and how to mine Reddit for SEO insights using your favorite AI tool. You’ll also discover the results of a massive SEO “heist.” Last, you’ll get caught up on the latest news in SEO. Discover why some Google patent requests may offer clues for the future. You’ll also read the announcement closing the November Core Update and November Reviews Update. Read More


Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup – November 2023

Don’t miss this roundup if AI SEO and Google’s recent updates have been on your mind. The guides, case studies, and news items we’ve got for you will catch you up on everything happening. This month’s guides focus on AI and a recent change in Google’s algorithm. You’ll get tips on how to future-proof your marketing for AI, advice on how to incorporate AI chat into your SEO, and a breakdown of how to respond to a broad core update. The case studies are next. First, you’ll learn how Google changes your searches, then you’ll learn what happened to one site when they experimented with removing content. Finally, you’ll get some of the biggest SEO headlines of the past month. Google has announced another update and may have already started a different one. You’ll also learn about Google’s mobile-first indexing announcement and discover how a presidential executive order may impact your marketing tools. Read More


Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup—October 2023

October’s SEO roundup comes in the aftershock of several huge Google updates and developments that may determine the future of AI content. Get caught up here with the latest case studies, guides, and news. First, the case studies will update you on the latest data. This month’s items are about the updates, including how Google foreshadowed some Helpful Content Update (HCU) changes, how the HCU deployed from rollout to impact, and what you can do about HCU visibility loss. You’ll also get two perspectives about the winners and losers of the core update. After that, the guides will help you adjust to some of the new changes. You’ll get two looks at how to take advantage of recent AI upgrades. Finally, you’ll get caught up on the month’s biggest news. Google confirms the helpful content update is complete, has quietly removed the tag “Written by People, and has made the controversial announcement that links are not a major search factor (I have some thoughts about it). Read More


Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup—September 2023

Stay ahead of the competition with the latest SEO news, analysis, and tips. This roundup, featuring the latest core update and some big AI changes, has everything you need to hit the ground running. Big news opens this roundup. You’ll see the first early analysis on the new broad Core Updates, learn about the removal of FAQ snippets, and find out what’s rolling out alongside Google’s new Search Generative Experience (SGE). Next, you’ll get the latest numbers from recent case studies. You’ll get some data-based arguments for why AI optimization may be the future of SEO and how other SEOs are making the most of these new tools. You’ll also see an analysis of how digital “goliaths” are doing SEO and what one SEO learned as a Google Search Quality Rater. The guides, at the end, will empower you with some new techniques. They teach you how to strike the right balance when creating AI content and how to beat existing power players when jumping into new niches. Read More


Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup—August 2023

If you want to amplify your SEO efforts with AI, this is a roundup you shouldn’t miss. We’ve gathered together some of the most essential guides, case studies, and news headlines to keep you ahead of the competition. The guides are the first. They’ll give you the tools you need to use generative AI to increase E.E.AT. scores, understand Google’s own systems, run better campaigns with machine learning, and use ChatGPT to find keyword variations. Next, the case studies will give you real data on what’s working in SEO. You’ll learn how one site grew 200% with image-based SEO, the experiences of SEOs who removed AMP, and the results of an interesting experiment that disallowed humans. At the roundup’s end, we’ve included some headlines you shouldn’t miss. Google is planning some huge changes, Shopify is enhancing its on-page experience with AI, and Google has made a big update to Product Rating policies. Read More


Diggity Marketing SEO News Roundup—July 2023

This month’s roundup has the latest SEO data studies, guides, and news headlines you need to stay ahead of the competition. To start, you’ll get some data from our studies. The first one is a poll of marketing teams, including major names like Spotify, on their implementation of AI. The next is a deep-dive case study into how one brand took a commanding lead in the volatile insurance niche. Then, you’ll pick up some new skills from our guides. First, you’ll learn how to use the new Google Perspectives feature. Then, you’ll learn how to improve your informational content by using points of view. At the end of the roundup, you’ll find a lot of recently breaking headlines you shouldn’t miss. Learn about mysterious queries, the latest new launches by Google, how Google uses AI, and how to make the most of the newly-available Google Analytics 4. Read More