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Client SEO

Find out the tools, techniques, and strategies that we used to boost client traffic and 2x, 3x and even 4.5x their revenue.

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45.99% Earnings Increase in 5 Months for a Digital Infoproduct [SEO Case Study]

You’re about to get the strategy behind one of the most challenging SEO campaigns my SEO agency has ever run. Why was it so challenging?  3 reasons: First, the niche is massively competitive: A make-money-online infoproduct in the financial niche.  Nuff said. Second, we only had 5-months to pull this off. Third, just like any other client, they were extremely hungry for results and demanded quality work. In the case study below, you’re going to learn the technical playbook, the onsite content strategy, and the link building techniques we carried out to get this 45.99% revenue growth win for this infoproduct business. Read More

Case Study for google algorithm update

How to Prepare Your Website for a Google Algorithm Update [Case Study]

I hope that you’ve never had to go through the pain of being hit by an algorithmic update. You wake up one morning, your traffic is decimated, and your rank tracker is littered with red arrows. Algorithmic penalties are not a subject I like to trivialize, that’s why the case study I am about to share with you is different than most you’ve read before. This case study is a testament of faith and hard work by my agency, The Search Initiative, in light of a huge shift in the SEO landscape. Unfortunately, with core algorithmic updates you can’t simply change a few things and expect to get an immediate ranking recovery. The best you can do is prepare for the next update round. If you’ve done all the right things, you experience gains like you’ve never seen before. Read More

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Case Study: A 4.5x Organic Traffic Increase Using (What?) Page Rank

Introduction I’ve been a director at The Search Initiative a while now. We’ve had some crazy results for a whole bunch of clients – all in very different niches. I’m going to share with you how my team and I took a low-authority website and put our foot on the gas to get it moving – fast! I truly believe there was a key ingredient that accelerated this website, but I’m going to share the whole process from the start. Why? Each website is going to be different, so you need to figure out what your site needs. You need to go through the process. Here’s a sneak peek of the growth. Now learn how we did it… Read More

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How to Build a Scalable White Hat Agency [Case Study from TSI]

Introduction A few years ago, my agency The Search Initiative (TSI) decided to remove PBNs as a part of our link building strategy and move over completely to a white hat link building model. While PBNs only made up a small portion of our strategy, we knew this would be a fairly big undertaking. This would involve the re-design of the overall process and our approach to campaigns. Every decision that we make at the agency is data-driven. We constantly test, experiment and analyze. Our aim is to always put our clients first and to give them the best ROI for their campaign. We needed a sustainable and powerful link building strategy that is not only extremely safe but also moves the needle. In this article, you’ll learn our entire outreach strategy. We’ll discuss the role content quality plays in an effective outreach campaign, how to research and create fine pieces, how to prospect link opportunities, and how to pitch with a high success rate. Bonus: I’ve brought in Rad Paluszak (TSI Director and Chiang Mai SEO Conference 2018 speaker) to chime in with some knowledge bombs. Read More

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Infographic: Affiliate SEO vs Client SEO

Looks like we’re starting a tradition… My link building service, Authority Builders, ran another contest in The Lab Facebook group. Over 300 people responded to the age-old question: Affiliate SEO vs Client SEO: Which One is Better? Since the cool thing to do these days is put data in infographic format, here are their responses, all wrapped up for you. Want to add your own feedback to this battle?  See you in the comments section. Read More


How to 91x Website Traffic – A Case Study Blueprint for 2024

Every once in a while you run an SEO campaign that changes the way you do everything. The lessons you learn, the challenges you face, and the results you achieve inspire you to rewrite your whole SEO gameplan. This is the story of one of those SEO campaigns. As you might already know, I’m a director of a very talented SEO agency called The Search Initiative (TSI).  Since coming on, we’ve encountered many wins and this case study is one of them. In a few months, we lifted their algorithmic penalty and increased traffic by 9,109%.  You’re about to learn the exact steps we took to achieve this. You’ll learn: A detailed onsite, offsite, and technical SEO audit process How to repair algorithmic penalty problems A safe link building strategy for Conversion rate optimization strategies for fast growth Fair warning: the strategies detailed ahead are intense but worth it. Here’s the success one reader found after following this case study: Read More

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Top 10 Most Common SEO Problems

Since 2017, I’ve been involved as a director for a very talented agency called The Search Initiative (TSI). The reason I teamed up with these guys was very simple. These guys were testers.  Like me, they only rely on experience, data, and test results for their ranking strategies. It was a match made in heaven. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of onboarding hundreds of new clients offering a wide range of organic SEO consulting services. Many of these new partners have had seen huge growth, others have had penalties removed, and all have clear roadmaps on how to grow in the future. I wanted to share with you the top 10 SEO problems we typically encounter when onboarding new clients. I hope that by sharing with you some of these common mistakes, you can use this knowledge to your advantage and make some serious improvements to your rankings. Read More

SEO Spotlight

SEO Spotlight: Daryl Rosser, Lior Ohayon, Joseph Elshazly

Welcome back to Episode 2 of the SEO Spotlight series.  In the last episode, we visited three SEO’s that think outside-the-box in order to tackle their problems. Being a person who appreciates creativity, I’ll be keeping up with the same theme here by interviewing three more SEOs who have made great progress in the areas of affiliate SEO, PBN, and client scaling.  You’ll learn their thought processes and find out how you can apply these same ideas to your own SEO projects. Read More

SEO Spotlight

SEO Spotlight: Jacob Kettner, Daniel Moscovitch, Michael Landau-Spiers

I was a strange child.  I always seemed to do things a bit differently than the other kids.  The habit stuck. I use four fingers to hold a pen.  I’m right-handed but left-legged.  I never wear underwear.  You should see the process I use to tie my shoes. Needless to say, I’ve always been fascinated with the various ways we can solve the same problems.  In my own SEO business, I spend a majority of my time testing.  What I’ve found is there is no cookie-cutter blueprint for success in SEO.  It’s always going to depend on your particular situation, skill set, and resources. I appreciate SEOs who can think outside-the-box; clever folk that use their intuition and do things a bit differently, allowing them to get some amazing results.  I’d like to introduce you to three of them. Read More