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Learn how to Double or Triple your SEO Results

You’ve probably heard this before from so-called “SEO gurus”, so I understand your skepticism. I don’t claim to be a guru.

I simply know what works because I use these techniques to CONSISTENTLY rank my own sites.

And I can teach you through one-on-one SEO coaching.

Here is a testimonial from one of my clients:

rob atkinson

Rob Atkinson

I’ve done three coaching sessions with Matt since 2015. During the summer of 2015, I was seeing small SEO success (about 3-4K/mo). The problem was my results were sporadic and I knew I was stuck at an income level that wouldn’t make me happy.

The coaching session I had in June of 2015 was the biggest game changer for my affiliate SEO career. His On-Page advice helped 3-4 of my sites get unstuck. Six months after the call I hit my first 5-figure month from affiliate SEO, and it has been going up ever since. I can honestly say I would have been stuck for at least 3-4 more years had I not done the coaching sessions.

It doesn’t matter your level of experience with SEO

I’ve worked with all levels, from beginners to veteran SEOs. Last year, I coached a construction contractor who had zero SEO training, but wanted to increase his site’s traffic. He now runs a very successful SEO company in New York.

Here’s what he had to say:

photo of joseph

Joseph Elshazly, NY

I only started learning how to do SEO about 7 months ago. I own a roofing company in New York and I wanted to do the SEO myself, but I didn’t know where to start. Matt started helping me and I instantly fell in love with marketing and started to make more sites. Matt helped me to bring 3 different sites to Page 1 in just 3 months!

I bought a call tracking system and started renting these sites out to local businesses for a huge profit.

I recently registered an SEO business. I signed a 3-year lease on a 1000 sq ft office last week and I’m currently managing about 15 local business’ websites.

Without Matt as an SEO coach, I wouldn’t be doing SEO right now, let alone leasing an office with the intention of scaling up to managing over 100 clients.

Stop wasting time trying to figure it out on your own

I know how it is. SEO can be extremely frustrating. Especially trying to figure out what works in the search engines after every Google update. When you spend time and money without getting results, it can be infuriating.

Are you prepared for the next Google update?

Even if you’ve done well in the past, there is no guarantee your sites will continue to rank tomorrow. Planning for the future of search engine optimization requires testing and resources. And a lot of it.
jon dykstra

Jon Dykstra

I hired Matt to consult with him about some on-site SEO questions I had. His knowledge based on his extensive testing was very impressive. He answered all my questions confidently and I could tell he really knew what he was talking about. He was able to prove each answer with data he’s garnered from his own massive fleet of websites. It was really great getting some nuanced information that helped me improve my niche sites from someone who wasn’t guessing but actually knew what he was talking about.

I also really liked the fact that he’s a super nice guy, and professional. Since my consultation was by the hour, he doesn’t waste any time and gets down to business quickly.

Let me figure it all out for you

I’ve been in this industry since 2006, making a quite comfortable living. My specialties are high competition affiliate marketing and local SEO. Currently, I either own or supervise over 200 first page websites.

Having someone in your corner with the correct information is an incredible advantage. The techniques I use for ranking are based on ongoing testing and collaboration with some of the best in the business. These techniques are not based on speculation nor baseless theories read on the latest SEO Facebook page.

The methods I use are based on current test results that have been PROVEN to work on RANKING sites.

long form testimonial screenshot

Through SEO coaching, I’ll help you create actionable plans on how to structure your onsite and offsite SEO campaigns in order to get the maximum results.

And it doesn’t stop with SEO. We’ll fix your conversions.

In addition to helping you figure out how to consistently rank, we will also improve conversion. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is used to turn your existing traffic into more money by making sure that each and every visitor does what you want them to do: convert.

I have over a decade of experience on this subject and take a lot of enjoyment by helping others with it…

chalk's testimonial

Check out these case studies

Case Study #1

High Buyer Intent Keyword – Affiliate Marketing – 18k+ Monthly Searches
Result: Page 3 to Page 1 in one week

case study 1

Case Study #2

Local SEO – High Competition medical keyword – Sydney, Australia (pop. 4.8M)
Result: First page in 4 days

case study 2

Case Study #3

Local SEO – Business Services – Calgary, Canada (pop. 1M)
Result: #1 Ranking

case study 3

Case Study #4

Local SEO – Home Contracting – Long Island, NY (pop. 7.6M)
Result: First Page Domination

case study 4

Case Study #5

Penalty Recovery – Affiliate Marketing – Health Niche
Result: Profitable once again

case study 5

Without having the experience and the right game plan needed to rank, you’re going to spend tons of time and money trying to figure it out.

While possibly killing a site and being massively frustrated in the process.

Instead.. short cut the learning curve, and have me teach YOU how its done.

Being able to produce repeatable rankings is an incredible feeling.

william will

William W, Australia

I had an hour consultation with Matt regarding one of my client’s site that was somehow stuck on the top of page 2 for more than a month. He gave me precise instructions on how to fix it, which I implemented after our discussion. Guess what??

After 10 days, my client’s site jumped to no.5!! If you have any questions about SEO, Matt is your go to guy. He is friendly and will give you ton of value!!!

Thanks Matt, you are a legend!!

ken muise

Ken Muise, USA

In our session we used one of my sites to go over various SEO techniques and diagnose site issues. Matt is a great teacher. He lays everything out in a super easy to understand way and what you’re left with is not only a good site with great on-page SEO but knowledge to take with you for the rest of your life.

Months later, as the site’s rankings, conversions, and sales continued to improve due to Matt’s tweaks and I was able to sell that particular site for a decent chunk of change.

Matt is not only an SEO expert and leader, but he also easily understands the needs/wants/desires of his clientele.

You’d be silly not to jump on any kind of teachings, sessions or knowledge from Matt.


In a SEO coaching session, you and I would sit down over Skype, using a shared screen session. Together, we’d look at the sites you want to rank and figure out an actionable step-by-step plan on how to do it. Instead of paying someone else to do your SEO, I’ll be training you how to do it so you can do it all by yourself, going forward.

Typically I start with an onsite SEO evaluation and completely analyze your site. Then we formulate an offsite game plan, based on your niche and your competition. If you would like to focus on particular topics, then that’s possible as well.


Normally one-on-one coaching is booked at $1200/hour.

For a limited time, I’m willing to drop this down from $1200 to $997/hour

…in exchange for a testimonial down the road.


If for any reason you feel like you didn’t get any value from our first session, then I’ll happily refund you.

No questions asked.


Jorge's Photo
Jorge Luis

After having had 2 insanely awesome coaching calls with Matt, this has been my experience:

He doesn’t hold ANYTHING back. He made it pretty clear to me within the first 5 minutes of our call: “I want to empower you, so you can do this by yourself”

And he kept that promise. He replied every single question I had, clearing my mind from any doubt about my current affiliate system AND he shared with me new insights and recommendations that to this day, I still keep benefit from.

To make it even better, he doesn’t go around the bushes: He answers you exactly what you want to hear (the solution to your problem). No matter which question it is or how “difficult” to overcome it may seem right now, Matt always points you in the right direction and makes sure you understand everything perfectly.

Plus, on a personal level… He’s the nicest guy. He inspires you confidence since the first moment you talk to him. He’s super friendly and always treats you as part of his inner circle.

I can honestly say right now my biggest advantage in Affiliate SEO is not PBN links, my writing style or even my keyword research: My #1 advantage right now is having Matt showing me what works and what doesn’t.

Probably less than 1% of the SEO community worldwide can have that advantage. And trust me… You want to be part of that 1% because it’s such an unfair advantage that is going to pay 10+ times over.



Mariano's Photo
Mariano Rodriguez

Matt Diggity is without a doubt the single most knowledgeable person I have ever spoken to regarding SEO.

I suspect Google calls him before any major update. If you think hiring Matt is “expensive”, try not hiring him.



Will's Photo
Will Hatton

In a crowded world of SEO gurus and experts, Diggity walks the walk and does not just talk the talk. Matt knows his shit and investing in a consultation with him vastly improved my own understanding of how to utilise SEO to move my online ventures into fifth gear.

Matt was able to give me some tips and insights into pages on my site which, when implemented, moved me up the SERPS in just a few days.



Pierluigi's Photo
Pierluigi Giglio

Matt has been absolutely amazing and extremely helpful for achieving my SEO business objectives. His ability to solve complex problems in a quick and efficient way is second to none. He immediately understood my business needs and made a plan on the spot during the call that helped me to improve the SEO in a matter of days.. needless to say, I was positively impressed by his knowledge on the topic, and decided to book several more consulting sessions since I deeply trust his expertise. In addition to this, I he is a friendly and down to earth person who genuinely cares about giving quality and up to date information, and I am really glad that I booked that very first call. I recommend him to anybody who seriously wants an edge in SEO



Ivan's Photo
Ivan Gordiyenko

Personally, the one hour session I’ve had with Matt payed off in so many ways since I had it. For what it cost, by far it’s been worth every penny and then some.

He helped me put a plan together for my current project and so far, progress is very solid. I see Matt as a true leader in this industry, that’s without a doubt.



Paul's Photo
Paul Gray

Booking a coaching call with Matt was probably one of the smartest investment that I’ve ever made.

On the call, we not only discussed specific issues that my website was facing but Matt also helped me to learn some more advanced techniques (dropping some serious knowledge bombs in the process).

One year on and I’m starting to see real ROI from the call.

One affiliate site flipped for high five figures (the one we discussed together) and a new e-commerce site that’s on course to break 250,000 unique visitors this month.

Would I book another call with Matt? Absolutely, I’d still be trying to find my way without Matts help.

If you’re serious about your business and want to make an investment in your SEO knowledge then make sure you book a consultation.



Gavin's Photo
Gavin Jackson

I signed up for a consultation with Matt a few months ago and we mainly focused on one of my affiliate sites. He really helped me improve the on page SEO and provided some tips to increase the click through rates. I’ve since applied what I learned to my other affiliate sites and seen some positive results.

I also like how it didn’t stop right at the one hour mark and let me ask a few last questions. If you can afford it, I would recommend consulting with Matt on any SEO issues you’re having.


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