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How to 132X Your Website Profit – FREE DOWNLOAD

The Biggest Wins from 3 Case Studies

Thank you for your interest in my free download.

In my affiliate SEO company LeadSpring, we’ve collected quite a few huge wins when it comes to ranking, optimizing, and scaling affiliate SEO websites.

Get a look inside the exact steps I made in order to achieve these wins.

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In this guide I’ve highlighted three of the biggest winners and broken down what were the key factors that caused these sites to succeed:

Beauty Niche

$500 to $16400

per month

Weight Loss Niche

$4000 to $33100

per month

Toy Niche

$500 to $45000

per month

Find out exactly which SEO tweaks and conversion wins were able to get us an average of 132X profit on these three sites.


Tung Tran

CEO, Cloud Living

How to 132X Your Website Profit” gave me the exact steps I need to grow the revenue of my current site. Can’t believe he is actually giving all of this valuable information for FREE. If you’re looking to scale your SEO business, then I’d recommend to download this PDF right away in case he ever changed his mind.

I’ll break down which SEO techniques gave us the biggest returns,
so you can apply them to your own money sites.