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The Diggity Marketing Evergreen Onsite SEO Guide

Thank you for your interest in my free download: The Diggity Marketing Evergreen Onsite SEO Guide.

It’s my firm belief that onsite SEO is one of the most misunderstood and overlooked aspects of ranking. Ironically, having solid onsite will get you higher in the rankings than any amount of backlinks.


Jonathan Kiekbusch

Owner, SEOButler

Matt Diggity is one of the great thought leaders of the industry. The guides and content that Matt and his team share with the community are invaluable. Especially the onsite seo guide which is an incredible SOP that any serious digital marketer should have in their repertoire!

This guide contains 30+ pages of the past 4 year’s research on
onsite SEO, including everything from siloing to schema.

You’ll learn about


Meta Optimization

Learn what to put in your Title, Description, and Keyword Meta Tags, and what to leave out. And learn some Pro-Level Strategies, including…


Optimal Word Count

SEO’s often debate over how many words per page is optimal. However, based on my testing and experience, the minimum amount of words you want on a page is…


Structural Mockup

Structured markup is essentially HTML code that is added to a site which can enable search engines to display information overlaid over the SERP result…



Want to know a sure-fire way to get review stars in the SERPS and avoid manual penalties? Having review stars on your site can help you steal clicks…


Keyword Density

Are you looking for the exact magical percentage of keyword density that will work most effectively? Instead you should be looking at keyword density as…


Featured Snippets

Learn how you can take over the #1 spot without being the #1 organic result. I’ll reveal exactly what kind of search queries to focus on and how to structure…



One of the most essential on-site tactics to get the most out of the backlinks coming into your page. Learn how to rank any number of pages that you want…


Fresh Content

Are you familiar with Google’s Freshness Algorithm? You should be adding content to your sites on a regular basis. I have found the frequency bare minimum is…


Much, much more

Case studies and real examples. Optimizing a page for multiple keywords. Authority link building. All the info revealed that you need to consistently outrank your competitors.

SEO gray image

I cover it all.

The Evergreen Onsite SEO Guide has its name for a particular reason. Each time I uncover a new onsite SEO technique through my testing, I’ll create a new version of the guide and let you know as soon as it’s ready for you to download from your resource area.

Follow the concepts in this guide precisely. The onsite methods revealed here are exactly what I use to get my own rankings. Test it and you’ll see for yourself! And when you get results, contact me and share your success story!
 - Matt Diggity