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How to create links from Day 1 to Page 1

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Backlink Blueprint. This guide is the Ultimate Cheat Sheet for our entire proven backlink process. All of the steps are outlined and detailed. You’ll know the exact strategy for what to do when and how to go from Day 1 to Page 1 in record time.


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The “Backlink Blueprint Timeline” is an efficient, TESTED and PROVEN method for ranking your sites for the keywords you’re targeting. After having used this guide for a long time, I can tell you without hesitation: IT WORKS. And you’ll find out the same for sure if you stick to it.

In this guide…

I’m going to provide you with a complete linking process and
timeline for new sites – helping you get from “Day 1” to “Page 1”.

Have you ever asked:


How long do you wait to hit your money site with links or social signals?


When do you build citations?


What link velocity should you hit your money site with?


Should you send links to your social profiles?


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Matt shows you from Day 1 of your new site how to do it the right way, by looking natural and building velocity. Don’t rely on guess work or follow so called SEO gurus who don’t know there ar*e from their elbow, its all laid out for you here by a guy who knows his SEO – just follow the plan!

This is the exact process I use to get sites out of the sandbox quickly and get them flying up the rankings as fast as possible.

– Matt Diggity