Book Bolt Review 2023: Pricing & Features

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Do you know you can make serious money online as a publisher—without even writing a page’s worth of words? Online marketers and entrepreneurs are making millions selling low-content books. They don’t need a publishing house, and they (apparently) don’t need words.

Book Bolt is a low-content books tool that will help you join the ranks of successful publishers. In this Book Bolt review, you’ll get a complete evaluation of what this low content book publishing tool offers you.

First, you’ll learn what Book Bolt is and what it helps creators of low-content books do. After that, you’ll get our full review. You’ll see a breakdown of the tools, costs, and other factors.

At the end, you’ll get any remaining questions about this tool, and low-content book publishing answered through our FAQs.

What Is Book Bolt?

Book Bolt Homepage

Book Bolt is a book publishing software that helps you develop, list, and optimize low-content books or no-content books. Low and no-content books include journals and calendars, timesheets, logbooks, coloring books, sketchbooks, and more…

These books tend to have very little content because the purchaser will fill them up with notes or data. Even without excessive content, these types of books sell well.

As the publisher, you must rely on eye-catching book covers, pleasant layouts, or good market timing rather than content. This publishing software can significantly simplify the low content book creation process. To that end, it offers many important features.

What Does Book Bolt Offer?

Book Bolt combines design, research, and listing features to support publishers throughout the low content book publishing process.

Book Bolt Offering

You can design book covers and set the look of each page. Built-in keyword and competitor tools help you develop your low-content book with market research.

Finally, a set of listing features are also available to help you post low content books and no content books directly to Amazon’s marketplace.

More details on each of these features further below…

Who Uses Book Bolt?

It is for self-publishers of low content books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. You’ll need an Amazon KDP account for some of the features.

Book Bolt Usage

The Amazon KDP platform allows you to upload and list a book for sale across Amazon’s gargantuan book market. Low content books are part of this market.

Amazon shoppers can order printed books (paperback books or hardcover) or digital ones, depending on the options you offer. Printing is necessary for some low-content books, such as coloring books.

This platform isn’t just popular; it has an overwhelming market share. Nearly half of all self-published books are published through Amazon KDP.

After reading this Book Bolt review, you will understand why low-content books can thrive while focusing on Amazon KDP alone. It directly integrates with Amazon KDP to make some tasks straightforward and simpler for you.

Our Book Bolt Review

Overall Score: 4.5/5

This publishing software does nearly everything you’ll need to get into book creation and Amazon KDP publishing. However, it does have some minor shortcomings that we’ll cover in detail shortly.

Book Bolt Features

In the following few sections of our Book Bolt review, you’ll get a complete breakdown of what drove it’s score. You’ll learn what each tool can do for you, what you’ll pay, and what to expect if you need to reach customer service.

What Book Bolt Software Features Stand Out?

There are five main features for publishers:

  • A cover design tool to help you create an attractive face for your book
  • An interior design tool to help you create and format your book
  • Product and keyword research tool that can help you spot opportunities
  • A spy tool so you can create more profitable books based on competitor data
  • A listing tool to save you time by uploading your latest books in batches

This isn’t a complete list of the features. These are tools that will make the biggest difference in your experience. We’ve covered each one in more detail below.

The Cover Design Tool

Score: 5/5

Let’s start this Book Bolt review by looking at the book cover creator. You’ll be using this to design the covers that appear in your Amazon listing.

Book Bolt Book Design Tool

If you want to succeed in low-content publishing, you’ll need attractive, unique covers that can attract buyers. Can this tool help you?

This cover designer will do a great job meeting the needs of most self-publishers. Below you can see how the tool appears:

Book Bolt Cover Design

The elements that make up your cover are selected from the leftmost panel. The cover designer menu lets you access text, shapes, drawings (essential for coloring books), clipart, and other royalty-free images you can use.

For each one, you get a variety of options to choose from. You can also bring in your own images and most enticing photos to better stand out from the crowd.

Applying any of them is as easy as clicking on the selection and dragging it to the location you would like it to appear. Simple.

You can also closely control the size and shape of your covers to guarantee they have the right proportions to list on Amazon and print properly.

Book Bolt Cover Design Tool

You will recognize immediately that this cover designer isn’t precisely PhotoShop. That’s not something that will cost this tool any points, however.

It had to strike a delicate balance between serving users with no design experience and providing enough variety to satisfy experienced designers.

The balance has been well-struck. The cover creator makes it easy to develop creative and unique covers whether you have design experience or not.

Even if you have no experience in design, you can use this simple interface to create unique and professional-looking book covers.

The Interior Book Bolt Designer Tool

Score: 5/5

The interior design tool is what you’ll be using to design the pages of your low-content book. For example, if you’re selling a journal, this tool will allow you to apply lines to each page.

Below, you can see some of the options that are available to you, including college-ruled and sheet music lines that you can apply to your own interiors.

Book Bolt Interior Designer

This interior wizard lets you choose from nearly 200 of these templates. The complete collection includes interiors you can use to create:

  • Day planners
  • Chore lists
  • Financial planners
  • Fishing log books
  • Lawn care records
  • Graph paper
  • Guitar tabs
  • Storyboards

And much more…

You’ll like this tool because you can learn it with a low time investment (probably a few hours) and begin building books that sell better.

You just need to choose the size, page count, and format. Then, you download the completed selection.

Book Bolt Interior Details

The interior wizard might not impress you if you prefer custom pages. However, the huge number of templates will allow publishers to capture the look readers want with less time and effort.

The Keyword Tool

Score: 4.5/5

The keyword research tool is what you’ll be using to find out how to sell books in the most demanding niches.

Book Bolt Keyword Research Tool

Like most keyword research tools, this one helps you find the best audience for your book by finding the best keywords with the right volume or relevance.

The tool works like a normal search bar. You’ll just need to enter terms to find keywords in the right category.

Book Bolt Keyword Input

The information the publisher provides in this tool can help you optimize your listings and predict trends. By taking advantage of the data, you will be able to create listings that reliably appear for searches.

If you’ve used Book Bolt’s keyword research tools in the past, you may remember that the tool provided you with Google search volume.

Book Bolt no longer provides Google keywords. The keywords are now generated from Amazon search volume by an algorithm. The Amazon search volume scrapes data drawn from public listings, top charts, and other sources.

This change means you’ll have Amazon-sourced data to directly target readers on that marketplace. Data from the same platform you’ll be using to list your book can guide you toward more profitable launches.

Book Bolt Keyword Features

This tool ties directly into an Amazon feature called “backend keywords”. These are keywords that sellers provide voluntarily when they create a listing for sale.

Amazon isn’t clear on how these keywords are used but refers to them when deciding when a search should reveal a product. Book Bolt saves you research time by recommending ideal backend keywords for your niche.

This feature has one drawback that could annoy SEOs in particular. You cannot download and export the data that is produced.

This could be a big deal for you if you have well-developed sheets that cover all your online business. If you want the data from Book Bolt, you’ll have to copy it to them by hand.

Overall, though, the keyword research features are strong. The search features will save you time, and you won’t have to spend money on a separate tool.

 The Amazon KDP Spy Tool & Competitor Research

Score: 5/5

The Amazon KDP spy tool helps you save time and identify profitable niches for your books. You’ll get to investigate competitors in the same niche and understand what elements are helping them to succeed in their chosen topic.

Book Bolt Amazon Search On The Go

The spy tool starts with a keyword search. Just enter a term and it will return results for existing books that include:

  • Keywords used and their count
  • Amount of traffic for the keywords
  • Estimated sales of the book
  • Price history

You’ll also be able to directly spy on specific genres by searching top categories. From there, you’ll see all the books that are top sellers in that category and investigate them further.

Book Bolt KDP Spy

This feature is one of the most celebrated by Amazon KDP sellers, and our experience with it was that it was as strong as promised.

If you intend to build books at high volume and succeed by targeting the hottest trends, this tool will save you hours of niche research per book.

Even if you’re releasing books slowly, the data will help you target evergreen trends that respond well to slow and steady planning. These are some serious features you can use to make your efforts pay off earlier than expected.

This is one of the best tools among the ones covered in this Book Bolt Review. It gets full marks for the ease-of-use and value of the information.

The Listing Tool

Score: 4.5/5

You can use the listing tool to put your books on the Amazon market, along with all your book metadata. It works as a bulk uploader that can list dozens of books an hour along with the relevant descriptions, categories, and keywords.

Book Bolt Book Lister

This is a popular feature because, as many users have claimed, this tool works faster than even the native Amazon tools.

Listing can be one of the most time-consuming tasks in publishing. This tool saves you time on that step. It’s not just convenient on its own; it’s a step up from anything else that’s available.

This tool will require you to add a chrome extension. It’s up to you to decide whether that’s a deal-breaker for you or not. Most users seem to agree that it’s worth it.


Score: 5/5

Book Bolt’s pricing might be your top concern if you’re new to publishing, and no Book Bolt review would be complete without it.

Book Bolts Pricing

The margins can be slim before you make it in self-publishing, and you don’t want to have your profits delayed by high entry costs. Fortunately, cost was not a serious issue when we were making this Book Bolt review.

How much does it cost? For some users, nothing. All customers can take advantage of Book Bolt Free. This toned-down version of the program is yours just by signing up. It still comes with many features that you can put to use right now.

As a free user, you’ll be able to access the category finder and some of the templates from the interior designer. Both features are useful on their own and should give you an idea of the quality you can expect from the paid program.

If you want to start on a professional footing, you’ll want the paid subscription. Again, you have options between the Newbie and Pro versions. If you choose the Pro version, the cost increases to include additional features, such as the puzzle creator.

Monthly fee$9.99$19.99
Annual fee$89.99$199.99

You can sign up for a 3-day free trial for either service to see if its worth it for your needs.

Book Bolt gets full marks in this category. The price is reasonable and comparable to similar subscription services. It’s also easy enough to test out all of the features without paying a cent.

That covers all of the essential tools in this Book Bolt review. Next, we’ll look at another critical factor in your experience: customer service.

Customer Service

Score: 4.5/5

You’ll need to trust customer support to keep up with a busy publishing schedule.

Book Bolt Support

Book Bolt uses a ticket system for support. This is a step up from email support. You can categorize your tickets, set an urgency level, and have more power to ensure that the ticket gets to the right person faster.

You’ll also be able to review and track your existing tickets from your account.

We can not write a Book Bolt review without mentioning customer service, of course. Their customer service is available 24/7. However, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed instant help. Some users have reported longer than 1-day wait times for responses on rare occasions.

It gets good marks here because customer support is easy to contact and allows you to declare the urgency of your needs.

What Does Book Bolt Do Well?

What Book Bolt does really well is combine the exact set of tools you need to manage publishing from a single app. You can design interiors, covers, listings, and collect data on any niche. It’s the only software that has all the tools in one dashboard.

Book Bolt Review

It’s a complete swiss army knife of a low-content publishing solution covering design, research, and listing. If you’re like many users, you will not need to subscribe to other tools to bring a low-content book from conception to sale.

It also deserves some credit for delivering tools that new users can use effectively. Book Bolt makes publishing easy to start. The tools are simple to use, but the number of templates and options still allow you to create highly-custom books.

Book Bolt has clearly put some care into making its tools functional. The cover creator and interior designer in particular, have been praised for their simple, drag-and-drop functionality.

Book Bolt Drag And Drop

Book Bolt hosts a large variety of video guides, tutorials, and other resources on its site. The tutorials can help you get off the ground a lot more quickly. That means spending less on starting costs and earning profits even faster.

There’s a lot of good things to be said about Book Bolt, but there is some room for improvement…

Where Does Book Bolt Fall Short?

Book Bolt may still have some work to do to create the perfect interface. While the menus for the individual tools are easy to use, the main interface to access these features is much busier.

Book Bolt Pop Ups

Additionally, some users have found setting up the program to be a hassle. You’ll need several different Chrome extensions to take advantage of all of the features. You’ll have to use Chrome for these, even if you typically prefer another browser.

Finally, Book Bolt is better described as a self-publishing tool for KDP, rather than a self-publishing tool in general. If you don’t intend to use the Amazon marketplace to sell your books, you won’t be able to benefit from many of the advanced features.

How Does Book Bolt Compare To Competitors?

Book Bolt doesn’t have a competitor that matches it feature for feature. On the other hand, you’ll be able to find some alternatives if you don’t mind using multiple programs.

The following competitors are worth researching:

Alternative Cover Creators

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the professional’s choice for many graphics needs, including covers. It is considered the premier graphics program with no competitors at its level.

However, it is also highly advanced. Most users will need tutorials or classes to master its functions. 

Starting at $20.99/mo


Canva Homepage

The Canva cover maker is free to use at the base level and is enhanced by the program’s extensive library of premium stock photos. Photos may cost extra depending on quality.

The layout of the creator is similar to the one used by Book Bolt.

Starting at $9.99/mo for teams


Foto Homepage

The Fotor cover maker is designed to be highly compatible with all independent publishing channels, not just Amazon.

It is also widely used outside of book covers for attractive social media posts (such as an idea board), yearbook designs, and other needs.

Starting at 8.99 for the pro version

Alternative Book Formatting Tools

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is a page layout and design software, and again, considered one of the best professional options on the market. InDesign is used by many top magazines and print publications.

As with PhotoShop, this is not the friendliest program for new users.

Starting at $20.99/mo 

Interior Builder

Interior Builder

Interior builder is a light program that helps you develop custom page interiors. Like Book Bolt, this program supplies you with templates you can use to rapidly bring books to sale condition.

Starting at $8.99/mo

Alternative Keyword Research/Competitor Analysis For KDP Tools

SellerApp Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Sellerapp Homepage

This tool provides users with a huge range of insights about Amazon shoppers, including keywords. It is not exclusively for the book market, but for the entire site. New users can access a free version with some stripped-down features.

Starting at $39.00/mo

Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Tool

Amazon Keyword Tool

This tool is just one of many that’s available with the Ahrefs package. The Amazon tool in specific will show you volume, clicks, CPS, and other stats for a variety of different keywords. Ahrefs has its own database of Amazon keywords that tracks over 100 million terms.

Starting at $99.00/mo

Sellics Sonar

Sellics Homepage

Sellics is a full-featured Amazon marketing suite. It offers a set of sales and automation tools that are fit for large operations. In addition to these tools, it provides a free keyword research utility called “Sonar”. Sonar has access to over 180 million keywords in multiple languages.


FAQs About Book Bolt

Do you still have some questions about whether Book Bolt is worth testing for your needs? The following Q&As will offer you some more insight into the publishing niche and how Book Bolt serves it.

Do I Need To Download Book Bolt Software?

Book Bolt Login

You don’t need to download the software onto your computer to use most of the tools. They are accessible from your portal when you login. Several features require a  Google Chrome extension. 

Does Book Bolt Let You Make Puzzle Books?

Book bolt does have puzzle creation software if you have the highest-level Book Bolt subscription (Pro). The creator allows you to design a variety of puzzle books such as mazes and word searches.

What Is The Difference Between No-content And Low-content Books?

Book Bolt Low Content Books

The difference is no-content books maximize the room for customers to add their own content (Notebooks). Low-content books contain small amounts of content, but the content is essential to the value. Examples include market reports, books of poetry and white papers.

Can Book Bolt Help Me Publish Books Off Of KDP?

Book Bolt has many features that are useful for selling books even if you don’t move on to the listing step. You can still use the cover creator and interior designer and export the results elsewhere. Amazon functionality is part of the price, so you might prefer the free tool version. 

How Long Does It Take To Publish Books On Book Bolt?

It takes only minutes to publish books to KDP once you have completed the design and written the listing. The process is reduced to a few clicks. You can easily publish dozens of books in an hour.

Final Words On Our Book Bolt Review

That concludes our Book Bolt Review.

In closing, we believe that Book Bolt is an effective and reasonably priced tool that’s well deserving of its 4.5/5 score. There are essentially no alternatives if you want a Kindle Direct Publishing tool that offers the complete works.

The swiss army knife of features you have to customize each book cover, page, and listing outshines anything that is offered by individual competitors. Our final book bolt review is that it should give you what you need to succeed in the low-content book publishing business.

Ready to launch your publishing career the easy way?



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