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ProRankTracker Review (2024) Is It Worth the Money?

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In the competitive world of search engine rankings, tracking keyword performance is essential for an effective SEO strategy. That’s where Proranktracker comes in. It offers a comprehensive solution to monitor and analyze keyword rankings across multiple search engines. 

As an experienced SEO professional, I’ve dedicated time to gathering reviews, exploring its features, and conducting thorough testing to provide you with the most accurate review. 

In this article, I will discuss its benefits and downsides and provide a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of this powerful tool.

What Is ProRankTracker?

Proranktracker is a robust keyword rank-tracking software that allows users to monitor website’s performance in search engine results. 

ProRankTracker Homepage

It provides real-time keyword tracking, historical data analysis, and up-to-date results to track search rankings across various search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

With its easy-to-use user interface and advanced features, Proranktracker has won the trust of SEO experts and has become one of the most popular rank trackers.  

How Does ProRankTracker Work?

ProRankTracker works by identifying highly ranked keywords, obtaining estimated search volume data, and exploring additional keyword suggestions based on website content.

The historical ranking functionality lets data analysts observe competitor rankings during specific timeframes. 

Additionally, managers can generate reports for rankings, progress, comparisons, and benchmarks in multiple file formats such as PDF, XLSX, and CSV.

If You Are Serious about Keyword Ranking – This is the Solution! I love the ability to sort and parse the data so many ways. A complete ranking data and history solution.
– Kevin Burke,  CEO of Agile Internet Marketing


ProRankTracker Features

Proranktracker offers various features designed to enhance keyword rank tracking and analysis. 


1. Keyword Research

With its up-to-date keyword research tool and competitor analysis capabilities, Proranktracker helps you identify relevant keywords and optimize their SEO strategies. 

2. Local Rank Tracking

Proranktracker enables tracking rankings locally, catering to businesses targeting specific geographical locations. 

This rank tracker allows businesses to monitor their keyword performance in regions, cities, or neighborhoods, providing valuable insights into their local SEO efforts and customers.

3. Enhanced SEO Optimization

By analyzing the performance of specific keywords and comparing them to competitors’ rankings, you will uncover keywords with the potential for higher visibility and greater traffic. 


While using ProRankTracker, several powerful features caught my eye. 


1. Reports

The reports it generates are detailed, customizable, and visually appealing, which makes it easy for me to analyze the data and share progress reports with clients or team members. 

I particularly appreciate the ability to generate reports in different formats, such as lists, graphs, and charts, allowing me to present the information in an easily understandable and actionable format.

2. Site Audit

ProRankTracker offers a site audit feature that evaluates my website’s SEO performance based on various parameters. This helps me identify areas of improvement and optimize my website for better rankings and user experience. 

The platform also provides insights into backlinks, allowing me to monitor the quality and quantity of links pointing to my site. 

3. Application Programming Interface

The API offers numerous advantages by allowing seamless integration with various third-party solutions. 

This compatibility greatly enhances my workflow, as I can now combine multiple tools and platforms, saving me valuable time and effort. 

4. Mobile Apps

The iOS and Android apps provided by ProRankTracker proved to be highly beneficial. 

ProRankTracker Apps

These mobile apps not only gave me the ability to track my keywords but also manage various other tasks associated with my projects. 

With this level of accessibility, I could stay on top of my work regardless of my location, as long as I had my smartphone or tablet with me. 

  • Tracking across multiple search engines.
  • Free trial.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics features. 
  • Easy to use.

  • No automated visual email reports.


Our Rating
  • Price: 4.6
  • Free trial: 4.8
  • Tracked keywords: 4.5
  • Update frequency: 3.8
  • Location support: 4.7
  • Mobile index: 4.6



While testing ProRankTracker, I noticed a particular aspect where the tool seems lacking. 


It doesn’t offer the option to adjust the check frequency for keyword ranking. Instead, it provides automatic updates once per day without a live notification system. 

This means that if you want to see any changes in your keyword rankings, you have to wait a full day for the updates. 

This limitation can be inconvenient for users who prefer real-time monitoring of their rankings and need timely insights. 

How To Use ProRankTracker

With just a few clicks, you will get Proranktracker ready and up. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use it:

  • Step 1: Sign up – Visit the Proranktracker website and create an account.
  • Step 2: Configure tracking settings – Access the dashboard and set up your tracking settings once logged in. This includes selecting the search engines you want to monitor (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), choosing the desired geographic location, and specifying the frequency of rank updates.
  • Step 3: Input target keywords – Enter the specific keywords and search terms you want to track. You can add multiple keywords relevant to your business or website to monitor their rankings over time.
  • Step 4: Track rankings – Pro rank tracker will start monitoring their rankings. The platform provides real-time updates, allowing you to see the performance of your keywords across search engines.
  • Step 5: Analyze historical data – With historical data analysis, you can view the progress and trends of your keyword over time. This information helps you identify patterns, measure the effectiveness of your SEO efforts, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Step 6: Generate ProRankTracker reports – Generate customizable reports that showcase your keyword rankings and SEO performance. You can select specific metrics, apply filters, and customize the report layout. The platform also offers white-labeling options, allowing you to add branding and present professional reports to clients or stakeholders.
  • Step 7: Visualize data trends – Proranktracker provides data visualization tools, such as charts and graphs, to help you visualize the trends and changes in your rankings. This visual representation enhances your understanding of the data and facilitates data-driven analysis.
  • Step 8: Integrate with third-party tools – Proranktracker integrates with various third-party tools, including Google Analytics. This integration allows you to combine your keyword ranking data with other important metrics, providing a comprehensive view of your website’s performance and enabling more insightful analysis.


Before we dive into the different plans, it’s important to highlight that Proranktracker offers a free plan that you can try out first and see what PRT can do for your business. 


Here are the various plans and their pricing:

  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan – Starts at $13.5/mo
  • Pro Plan – Starts at $89/mo
  • Agency Plan – Starts at $180/mo

User Testimonials for ProRankTracker 

Proranktracker Review

ProRankTracker Alternatives

While Pro rank tracker offers a range of features and benefits for tracking rankings, it’s always worth considering other rank trackers to ensure you find the best fit for your needs. 

Rank Tracker 

Rank Tracker is an excellent keyword-tracking tool known for its comprehensive keyword research capabilities. 

Ranktracker Homepage

It offers in-depth competitor analysis, keyword suggestion tools, and the ability to track rankings across multiple search engines. Its robust feature set gives Rank Tracker valuable insights into keyword ranking performance and competitor strategies.

Although it offers excellent keyword tracking and reporting features, it lacks the comprehensive local rank tracking capabilities that Proranktracker provides.


Nightwatch is highly regarded for its user-friendly interface and intuitive design. It simplifies tracking keyword rankings and offers customizable reports, data visualization, and integration with Google Analytics. Nightwatch’s clean and user-friendly interface makes it a preferred choice for those who value ease of use and efficient reporting.

However, I prefer ProRankTracker because it offers customizable reports with white-labeling options, data visualization, and integration with Google Analytics and other third-party tools, features that Nightwatch lacks. 


Accuranker specializes in providing real-time and accurate keyword ranking data. It offers advanced features like daily updates, mobile and local rank tracking, and comprehensive reporting. 

Accuranker homepage snapshot

Accuranker is limited to only tracking Google keyword rankings, which may not be sufficient for users who need to monitor their ranking performance across different search engines.


Can I Generate Reports With ProRankTracker?

Yes, you can generate reports with ProRankTracker. It allows you to generate customizable reports, providing a comprehensive view of keyword rankings and performance.

Does ProRankTracker Provide an API?

Yes, Proranktracker provides two APIs: ProRankTracker API and Insta-Check SERP API. The two APIs allow users to access and retrieve data programmatically.

Is ProRankTracker Good?

Yes, ProRankTracker is a good tool for tracking keyword rankings. Based on our analysis and customer reviews, it has provided accurate and reliable data, making it an effective solution for monitoring and optimizing search engine rankings. 

Experience The Power Of ProRankTracker

As someone who has personally experienced ProRankTracker, I highly recommend it. 

With its accurate and real-time tracking capabilities, you can effortlessly monitor your website’s keyword rankings across multiple search engines. 

The user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting features make navigating and generating customizable reports a breeze. 

Start your ProRankTracker free trial and witness the difference it can make in optimizing your website’s performance.

Our #1 Recommendation: ProRankTracker

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  • Editor's Choice
Overall Rating:


Free trial

Tracked keywords

Update frequency

Location support

Mobile index

Key Features:
  • Keyword research
  • Mobile app
  • Local rank tracking
  • SEO reports
  • Website audit

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