Accuweb Hosting Review: Is It Right For You?

Accuweb Hosting Review

The wrong hosting partner can make growing your website a miserable experience.

You need to trust that your host can deliver the speed and uptime you need, without high costs and fees that drag your profits into the red.

AccuWeb has a reputation as a good host, but is that reputation still justified in 2023? We decided to try it out.

In this comprehensive review, you’ll get our assessment of AccuWeb hosting, its policies, and its services.

You’ll get a sample of what the plans include, and the monthly price you’ll pay for the resources you need.

First, it may help you to know a little more about AccuWeb hosting.

What Is AccuWeb Hosting?

Accuweb is a web host based in New Jersey, but with access to data centers all over the world.

Accuweb Homepage

It has continued to expand its services since it was founded in 2003, and now offers shared hosting, VPS servers, dedicated web hosting service, and a range of web services.

Our Review Of AccuWeb Hosting (200W)

Overall Score 4/5

Summary: After nearly 20 years, AccuWeb hosting is still reliable, and capable of delivering solid deals that beat out most hosting providers of the same size.

This score was developed by assessing a series of the top services offered by this hosting company, and pros and cons of AccuWeb hosting as a whole.

Below, you’ll get an in-depth look at some of the most important services to affiliate marketers:

  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS Hosting Plans
  • WordPress Web Hosting Plans

Dedicated Web Hosting

Score: 5/5

Dedicated hosting is a hosting plan that gives you exclusive use of a server (for a premium cost).

Dedicated Web Hosting

You might need a dedicated server if you have a large e-commerce site, or if you want the space to store multiple websites without worrying about upgrades.

Accuweb’s dedicated hosting provides you with a significant amount of choice when it comes to these servers, with nearly 1000 different configurations.

You can choose your operating system, choose your hardware, and choose where it’s located.

The cheapest dedicated server here is also one of the cheapest you’ll find from any reputable host.

That said, they have not neglected the needs of their most demanding clients.

The top-tier plans come with amazing hardware, and unmetered bandwidth to handle all the traffic you can generate.

Sample Price List

Plan TypePlan DetailsCost
BudgetClassic-1 (USA - Denver)
Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6. (4c,8t) 3.5 GHz
Memory:8 GBDisk:1x1 TB SATA (Hardware Raid - Additional)
Network Speed:1000 Mbps
Bandwidth:20 TB
Mid-rangeHigh-Availability-245 (USA - Denver)
Processor: Dual Intel Gold 5118 (12c,24t) 2.3 GHZ
Memory: 512 GB
Disk: 3x2 TB SATA (Hardware Raid - Additional)
Network Speed: 1000 Mbps
Bandwidth:20 TB
High-endName: Infrastructure-14 (USA - Vint Hill)
Processor: Dual AMD Epyc 7302 (32,64) 2.8 GHz
Memory: 256 GB
Disk:6x3.84 TB SSD NVMe (Software Raid - Included)
Network Speed: 1024 Mbps
Bandwidth: Unmetered

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of shared server hosting that uses cloud infrastructure.

Using a cloud can help to ensure plentiful and redundant resources for sites on shared hosting.

Cloud/Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Cloud hosting is often one of the cheapest services that web hosts offer.

AccuWeb hosting certainly delivers affordability in this category. The cheapest plan is available for only $3.49 and provides 10GB of storage for a single domain.

Accuweb Pricing Start

You shouldn’t expect many bells and whistles with shared cloud hosting, but for a bare-bones package, AccuWeb hosting offers one of the best prices around. It gets full marks for this service.

Score: 5/5

Sample Price List

Plan TypePlan DetailsCost
BudgetBeginner ++
1 Domain
10 GB Storage
500 GB Bandwidth
250 MB RAM
Mid-rangeProfessional ++
3 Domains
30 GB Storage
1 TB Bandwidth
500 MB RAM
High-endTurbo ++
5 Domains
50 GB Storage
1.5 TB Bandwidth
750 MB RAM

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller hosting is a service that allows you to purchase and rent out server space.

Reseller Hosting

The value of this service will always depend on the cost of the server space, the kind of performance you can offer your buyers, and the features that support you.

Let’s look at how AccuWeb hosting stacks up.

AccuWeb hosting’s starting plan (a 30GB storage option) is only $11.99 a month, giving you a significant amount of room for profit as long as the specs are good enough for the clients you’re targeting.

Accuweb Start Pricing - Reseller

Even with the cheapest plan, the specifications are solid.

You get unlimited email, FTP accounts, and subdomains. Every plan also includes free setup and SSL.

Score: 4/5

Sample Price List

Plan TypePlan DetailsCost
BudgetReseller Web
Hosting Bronze Plan
30 GB SSD Storage
100 GB Bandwidth Limits
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited Sub Domains Unlimited MySQL Database
PHP Support
HTTP/3 Support
Free cPanel SSL
Certificate Free Setup
Mid-rangeReseller Web
Hosting Silver Plan
100 GB Pure SSD Storage
300 GB Bandwidth Limits
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited MySQL Database
PHP Support HTTP/3 Support
Free cPanel
SSL Certificate Free Setup
High-endReseller Web
Hosting Gold Plan
150 GB Pure SSD Storage
600 GB Bandwidth Limits
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited MySQL Database
PHP Support
HTTP/3 Support
Free cPanel SSL Certificate
Free Setup

Shared Web Hosting Service

Shared hosting is a service that allows you to share servers with other clients of the host.

Shared hosting

These plans are often highly-affordable, but not designed for the needs of high-traffic sites.

Accuweb hosting delivers a surprisingly feature-rich set of shared web hosting price tiers.

You can land the cheapest one for only $3.99/mo.

Even at that level, you can grow off of 50GB of storage and 750GB of bandwidth.

This service gets a top score because, in addition to the really low price, there are a lot of useful extras.

These include a free website migration and a free website builder tool.

Score: 5/5

Sample Price List

Plan TypePlan DetailsCost
BudgetBasic ++
1 Website
50 GB Storage
750 GB Bandwidth
Free Basic SSL
Free EmailsNew Free SpamExperts
Free Website migration
New Free Website Builder
30 Days Money back Guarantee
Enterprise Tech Support
cPanel: Control Panel
LiteSpeed with LSCache Plugin
Guaranteed Resources
Mid-rangePremium ++
Unlimited Websites
75 GB Storage
1 TB Bandwidth
1.5 GB RAM
2 CPUs
Free Basic SSL
Free EmailsNew
Free SpamExperts
Free Website migration
Free Website Builder Templates
30 Days Money back Guarantee
Enterprise Technical Support
cPanel: Control Panel
LiteSpeed with LSCache Plugin
Guaranteed Resources
High-endEnterprise Pro ++
Unlimited Websites
100 GB Storage
1.5 TB Bandwidth
2 CPUs
Free Basic SSL
Free Emails
New Free SpamExperts
New Free Website migration
New Free Website Builder Templates
30 Days Money back Guarantee
Enterprise Technical Support
cPanel: Control Panel
LiteSpeed with LSCache Plugin
Guaranteed Resources

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting Plans

VPS hosting is a service that straddles the line between shared hosting and dedicated servers.


The server is shared, but certain resources, such as the storage, have been partitioned out for your exclusive use.

AccuWeb hosting has a significant number of options and configurations for this server.

You can choose from classic, SSD, and Cloud VPS options.

Linux and Windows VPS packages are available depending on your needs.

Accuweb Windows And Linux

The cheapest options start around $7.99/mo, which should fit into the budget of a small site that needs something slightly better than the standard plans at other hosting companies.

Score: 5/5

Sample Price List

Plan TypePlan DetailsCost
BudgetClassic Opal
Storage: 40 GB
Bandwidth: 500 GB
IP Address: 1
Self managed Classic Windows VPS
Weekly Backups Daily Backups (Available)
Easy Upgrade
Remote Desktop Access
99.9% Uptime
Mid-rangeVPS Sun
Storage: 70 GB
Bandwidth: 650 GB
IP Address: 2
Host Unlimited Websites
Self Managed VPS
Weekly Backups
Easy Upgrade
High-endVPS Universe
RAM: 32 GB
Storage: 120 GB
Bandwidth: 1000 GB
IP Address: 4
Host Unlimited Websites
Self Managed VPS
Weekly Backups

WordPress Web Hosting Plans

WordPress hosting is a service that includes some specific tools for your blog or WordPress site.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Any WordPress host can be judged by the amount of platform-specific features that it offers to users.

AccuWeb hosting provides an impressive number, including:

  • Automatic updates
  • Free daily backups for WordPress sites
  • Free WordPress Migration
  • Multilayer DDoS protection security features
  • One-click to install WordPress
  • Pre-Installed content management system for your WordPress site

The WordPress service is also competitively priced.

The cheapest plan starts at only $3.99/mo. At the highest price (still only $7.99/mo), you can host an unlimited number of sites.

There’s also a free option. AccuWeb’s free WordPress hosting plans provide you with 2GB of storage and 30GB of bandwidth for a single site.

To keep the free hosting, you’ll need to create regular reviews and confirm them with customer service.

Score: 5/5

Sample Price List

Plan TypePlan DetailsCost
Startup ++
Websites: 5
Storage: 50 GB SSD
Bandwidth: 1 TB
CPU: 1
Professional ++
Websites: Unlimited
Storage: 75 GB SSD
Bandwidth: 2 TB
CPU: 2
High-endWordPress Advanced ++
Websites: Unlimited
Storage: 100 GB SSD
Bandwidth: 3 TB
CPU: 2

Where Does AccuWeb Hosting Stand Out?

Excellent Customer Support Team

AccuWeb hosting provided excellent tech support during our test of its services.

Accuweb Help & Support

The support team was ready to answer complex questions about our hosting setup, and correctly identified an issue that was caused by setting changes.

You have a lot of ways to reach the helpful customer service team members, including email, live chat support, phone support, and years of FAQs managed by the AccuWeb Hosting Community.

Affordable Options For Most Web Hosting Services

For most web hosting services, AccuWeb hosting has a great selection of affordable options.

You’ll find plenty of shared and cloud plans for under $10.

Accuweb Cloud Plan

This gives you a lot of room to grow, as you’ll be able to switch plans without searching out a new host.

Many plans include a free domain for multiple sites.

This is not a feature you’ll find all web hosts offering, especially the more affordable ones.

Even the cheapest options are still considered reliable services.

This could make AccuWeb a superior hosting provider for small websites or first-time affiliates.

The free hosting plan for WordPress sites is a great starting option for blogs.

Fast Storage

All websites tested on AccuWeb (including some on the cheapest plans) had satisfactory to excellent response times.

server response time data center

In the higher-tier plans, this speed is further supported by SSDs that allow you to use the fastest modern storage.

Reliable Hosting Services

AccuWeb hosting boasts a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and this guarantee applies to all of their services.


If this wasn’t enough to set your mind at ease, most services also include weekly backups.

Daily backups are available for WordPress and several other services.

Offers A Free Trial

AccuWeb regularly offers deals on hosting packages.

You can get a free month of Windows VPS hosting right now with no credit card required.

Accuweb 1 Month Free Trial

You can sign up and be experiencing the features for yourself in less than an hour.

AccuWeb hosting also offers money-back guarantees for most hosting plans.

You’ll be eligible for a refund as long as you request your refund within the time limit for your hosting plan:

  • For Shared Hosting accounts – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • For VPS hosting accounts – 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • For Dedicated Server plans – Final orders, No Money Back Guarantee
  • Domain Registration – No Money Back Guarantee

Where Does AccuWeb Hosting Fall Short?

High Prices For Some Key Services

No one can argue the value of the shared hosting plans, but outside of that, AccuWeb has been known to apply a premium cost to their higher-tier services.

Downtime Cost Per Hour

This may be worth it for some enterprises due to AccuWen’s reputation.

You should also note that AccuWeb’s best prices are reserved for people who sign up with annual plans.

Month-to-month plans can cost as much as 15% more than the annual plans over a year.

Sometimes Slow Customer Support

Yes, the excellent customer service was already noted.

Customer Support

However, you should know that AccuWeb support doesn’t always get back to you quickly.

Email support tends to be slower, so use the phone or chat support if you want help quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About AccuWeb

Is AccuWeb A Good Hosting Company For WordPress-Specific Hosting?

Absolutely. The WordPress plans (including the free one) have all the features that you’ll need to set up a domain and install your WordPress site. From there, you have access to WPs world of extra apps.

Is AccuWeb A Good Web Host For A Personal Website?

Yes. Accu Web hosting plans include a number of highly affordable options that should be suitable for small personal websites.

Accuweb Best Shared Hosting

The shared hosting plans and cloud hosting plans should be your first stop if you want a budget-friendly option.

What Are Some Alternatives To AccuWeb Hosting?

If you’re seeking similar services, the following hosting providers may be worth researching:

Is AccWeb Hosting Right For You?

Now, you know what AccuWeb hosting offers, and what you’ll pay for all the features on the affordable or enterprise-level plans.

You also understand the pros and cons of choosing this web host from the helpful customer service to the generous disk space and fast response time.

Yes, there are some drawbacks, too, including high premiums for month-to-month clients and slower support.


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