Best Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria

The Best Web Hosting Services in Nigeria

The best web hosting provider in Nigeria will depend on your website’s needs, your budget and the features you’re looking for.

In our review, we share the top 7 companies offering web hosting services in Nigeria.

We also share a few companies to avoid due to poor performance.

We leave no stone unturned as we review all their features and performance metrics.

Some companies have hosting servers in Nigeria while others are international web hosts offering top-notch services to Nigerian businesses, e-commerce stores, and website owners.

Join us as we uncover the best web hosting providers in Nigeria.

Global Companies With Great Performance In Nigeria

Let’s start off with global web hosting providers that have the best performance in Nigeria.

Web hosting Nigeria

We put over 35 global hosts to the test to see which one gets the best performance in Nigeria.

Interestingly, the following companies performed better than local hosting providers with servers in Nigeria.

So if you run a website with a global audience or you simply want the best performance for your site, these are our top picks.

1. FastComet

Fastcomet homepage

Hands down, FastComet came in as the fastest hosting company in Nigeria in our tests. We ran multiple tests from locations in South Africa and FastComet was among the top performers every time.

Powered by 11 enterprise-grade data centers, FastComet has excellent global reach. It also has 200 global CDN access points. A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is crucial for expanding your website’s reach around the world. It offers cheap web hosting as well.

It’s thanks to FastComet’s CDN paired with a multitude of data center locations that it has great performance in Nigeria too.

From shared hosting to VPS and dedicated hosting, FastComet has a range of options well suited to projects of any scale!

Web Hosting Plans Available

  • Shared cloud hosting (powered by cPanel)
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Managed Woocommerce hosting
  • Managed Cloud hosting
  • Managed Magento hosting
  • Managed OpenCart hosting
  • Managed Joomla hosting
  • Fully-managed virtual private server hosting
  • Fully-managed dedicated hosting
Promotional PricingRenewal Pricing
Shared Cloud HostingFrom $2.95/moFrom $9.95/mo
WP HostingFrom $2.95/moFrom $9.95/mo
WoocCommerce HostingFrom $2.95/moFrom $9.95/mo
Magento HostingFrom $2.95/moFrom $9.95/mo
OpenCart HostingFrom $2.95/moFrom $9.95/mo
Joomla HostingFrom $2.95/moFrom $9.95/mo
VPS HostingN/AFrom $59.95/mo
Dedicated Server HostingN/AFrom $139/mo

Fastcomet Plans

Top Features

FastComet offers a range of value-packed features with each of it’s plans. It’s shared hosting plans are the most popular and at minimum include:

  • 15 GB to 35 GB SSD storage
  • Free website transfers
  • Free domain transfers
  • Daily backups
  • Free CDN (Cloudflare)
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Plus more


In our performance tests, FastComet consistently performed well from locations in Nigeria or around South Africa.

FastCometBest Practice
Time to First Byte (TTFB)163 ms100 to 300 ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP)717 ms< 1.8 seconds
Historically, FastComet has also had excellent uptime, constantly surpassing the industry benchmark of 99.90%.
Average % of Uptime99.98%99.98%99.96%99.97%99.94%

If you’re after the most reliable web hosting company in Nigeria, FastComet is the company for you. With excellent prices and fantastic performance, you can’t go wrong.


2. HostPapa

HostPapa Nigeria

HostPapa is an excellent option for small business website hosting. It is, however, a Canadian company with a range of products and hosting services that help small businesses get online.

Despite being based in Canada, the data from our tests indicates HostPapa has great performance in Nigeria too!  And it is a cheap web hosting option.

It’s well suited for small businesses or solopreneurs in Nigeria who don’t want to sink much money into their hosting but want better performance than local options may offer.

Web Hosting Plans Available

Promotional PricingRenewal PricingDisk Space
Shared HostingFrom $3.95/moFrom $9.99/moFrom 100GB SSD + unmetered bandwidth.
WordPress HostingFrom $3.95/moFrom $9.99/moFrom 100GB SSD + unmetered bandwidth.
VPS HostingFrom $19.99/moFrom $19.99/moFrom 2GB memory, 60GB SSD and 1 TB transfer.
Reseller HostingFrom $29.99/moFrom $29.99/moFrom 2Gb RAM, 50GB SSD & 500 GB bandwidth.

Top Features

HostPapa’s basic plans include the following features:

  • Storage: 100GB SSD – Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered on all plans
  • Free Domain: Included on all plans
  • Cloudflare: Available on all plans
  • SSL Certificate: Free with all plans


Here are HostPapa’s average performance metrics from the tests we ran in Nigeria:

HostPapaBest Practice
Time to First Byte (TTFB)171 ms100 to 300 ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP)1.228 seconds< 1.8 seconds

What’s more, HostPapa has decent uptime.

Average % of Uptime99.94%99.94%99.55%99.98%99.92%99.99%99.95%

All in all, the data from our tests indicates HostPapa is acceptable for a cheap web hosting option that’s best suited to small businesses or solopreneurs in Nigeria.


3. Hostinger

Hostinger has been providing cheap web hosting services since 2004 and is known for it’s excellent range of VPS plans. In fact, we named Hostinger as our top pick for the most affordable Virtual Private Server hosting.

However, if you’re looking for low-cost shared hosting, Hostinger won’t disappoint. With plans as low s $1.99 per month, it’s among the most affordable hosting solutions on the market right now!

You don’t need to sacrifice performance for a low cost solution. And if you’re looking for a little more power than shared hosting, you have excellent, cost-effective VPS plans at your fingertips too!

Web Hosting Plans Available

Promotional PriceRenewal Price
SharedFrom $1.99/moFrom $9.99/mo
VPSFrom $2.49/moFrom $8.99/mo
CloudFrom $9.99/moFrom $29.99/mo

Hostinger Plans

Top Features

  • Dedicated IP on every VPS plan
  • Full root access on every VPS plan
  • Low-cost plans to get started
  • Great deals if you buy many years in advance
  • Beginner friendly
  • Flexible pricing options
  • 24/7 multi-lingual live chat support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free migration service


Here’s how Hostinger stacks up in our speed tests in Nigeria:

HostingerBest Practice
Time to First Byte (TTFB)183 ms100 to 300 ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP)752 ms< 1.8 seconds

As for server reliability and uptime, Hostinger had a bad run in 2020 due to a 13 hour outage in September 2020, according to Pingdom’s uptime monitor.

However, performance has since recovered. For the latest stats, you can check out Pingdom’s Uptime Monitor or Hostinger’s status page.

Average % of Uptime99.97%99.94%99.74%99.97%

Despite a little rocky uptime in 2020, Hostinger offers great value for money, even with their VPS plan.


4. A2 Hosting


Like Hostinger, A2 Hosting also has prices as low as $1.99 per month and has developed a reputation around its initial affordability.

They also prioritize the speed and performance of all hosting packages they offer, which is why A2 Hosting is still a great choice for Nigerian businesses looking for cheap hosting.

If loading speed and performance are essential to you, we suggest you look into any of the turbo boost packages offered by A2. According to our tests, even though they don’t have any Nigerian servers, you’ll still experience decent loading times.

Web Hosting Plans Available

Promotional PricingRenewal PricingDisk Space
Shared HostingFrom $1.99/moFrom $10.99/mo100GB SSD on the smallest tier. Unlimited on the rest.
WordPress HostingFrom $8.99/moFrom $23.99/moFrom 50 GB NVMe storage.
Virtual Private Server HostingFrom $45.99/moFrom $99.99/moFrom 8 GB RAM and 250 GB SSD storage.
Dedicated HostingFrom $199.99/moFrom $329.99/moFrom 32 GB RAM & 2x1 TB SSD storage.
Reseller HostingFrom $15.99/moFrom $34.99/moFrom 60 GB SSD or 60 GB NVMe storage.

A2 Hosting Plans

Top Features

A2 Hosting’s plans include the following features:

  • Websites: From 1 to unlimited
  • Storage: 100GB SSD – Unlimited NVMe
  • Free site migrations
  • Backups: Free and automatic on all but the lowest plan
  • Free SSL: On all plans
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The higher-tier plans also enjoy a slew of additional benefits and “Turbo” optimizations for speed and performance.


In our tests, here’s how A2’s performance measures up.

A2 HostingBest Practice
Time to First Byte (TTFB)194 ms100 to 300 ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP)639 ms< 1.8 seconds
Average % of Uptime99.97%99.96%99.53%99.93%99.93%99.97%99.99%

With excellent speed and uptime in Nigeria, and such affordable plans, you have no excuses not to get started with building your website!


Companies With Servers In Nigeria

For anyone who is seeking a local company with servers in Nigeria, here are our top picks. However, we should warn you there is a significant drop in performance compared to the options shared above.

You may also find that you’re limited for choice with the plans available often including fewer resources than what global companies offer.

Ultimately, we’ll leave the choice up to you whether you go with a local Nigerian company or a global company with excellent performance in Nigeria.

5. TrueHost

Truehost homepage

TrueHost performed the best in our tests out of all the local companies we tried out. It’s a fairly reliable Nigerian company located in Victoria Island, Lagos.

With services like domain registration, web hosting and dedicated email, TrueHost offers everything you need to start a small business website in Nigeria today!

Here are the notable features of their plans and also how their web hosting services performed in our tests.

Web Hosting Plans Available

Promotional PricingRenewal PricingDisk Space
Shared Web HostingFrom 400 NGN/mo
(~ $0.94 USD)
From 500 NGN/mo
(~ $1.17 USD)
30GB SSD on the smallest tier. 50 or 90GB on the rest.
Reseller Web HostingN/AFrom 5,400 NGN/mo
(~ $12.65 USD)
From 20GB - 150GB SSD storage.
Windows HostingN/AFrom 600 NGN/mo
(~ $1.41 USD)
From 2GB - 50GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth on all plans.
Cloud Web HostingN/AFrom 2500 NGN/ mo
(~$5.86 USD)
From 30GB to 100GB storage.

Truehost Plans

Top Features

TrueHost’s shared hosting plans offer:

  • 30GB – 90GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited bandwidth on all plans
  • Unlimited email accounts on all plans
  • 3 – Unlimited domains you can host
  • Free SSL certificates on all plans
  • Unlimited FTP and databases
  • cPanel dashboard

There’s also a free 30 day trial package you can take out for a spin.


As far as performance goes, here’s how TrueHost performed in our tests.

TrueHostBest Practice
Time to First Byte (TTFB)608 ms100 to 300 ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP)1.619 s< 1.8 seconds

Of all the local companies we tested out, TrueHost had the best performance by far. If you’re after the best web hosting in Nigeria, TrueHost is worth checking out.


6. HostNowNow

Host NowNow

HostNowNow offers a range of website and hosting services to get you started.

After TrueHost, their performance was acceptable however, if you’re looking for the best value for money, HostNowNow may not be the best option for you.

If you compare the resources available on HostNowNow’s servers against their pricing, there are far better options on the market with superior performance too.

But hey, if you’re looking for a local Nigerian company and TrueHost is not the best option for your needs, then HostNowNow is second best in our book as far as performance goes.

And, for shared hosting, their packages are decent enough get started with.

Web Hosting Plans Available

PricingDisk Space
Shared Web HostingFrom 700 NGN/mo
(~ $1.64 USD)
From 3GB disk space & 10GB bandwidth.
Cloud Web HostingFrom 5,300 NGN/mo
(~ $12.42 USD)
From 1GB RAM with 1 vCPU core and 25 SSD storage.
Reseller Web HostingFrom 15,000 NGN/year
(~ $35.14 USD)
From 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth.
Dedicated Web HostingFrom 90,000 NGN/ mo
(~$210.84 USD)
From 2 vCPU cores, 8GB RAM and 250GB HDD storage.

HostNowNow Plans

Top Features

Here are the features Hostnownow’s plans include:

  • 3GB to unlimited disk space
  • 10GB to unlimited bandwdth
  • Free domain name on highr tiers
  • Free SSL certificate on all plans
  • Unlimited emails and databases


As far as performance goes HostNowNow is not the greatest compared with what’s available on the global market. But, compared with other Nigerian web hosting companies, it’s second best in our tests.

HostNowNowBest Practice
Time to First Byte (TTFB)614 ms100 to 300 ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP)2.852 seconds< 1.8 seconds


7. Web4Africa

Web4Africa has a fairly strong performance in Nigeria with local servers based in both Nigeria and Ghana.

Web4Africa Homepage

However, once again, compared to the global market, performance still falls short of what’s considered best practice.

Web4Africa is also not a suitable choice if your website’s audience is located outside of Africa as performance elsewhere drops significantly.

Web Hosting Plans Available

Promotional PricingRenewal PricingDisk Space
Shared Web HostingFrom 900 NGN/mo
(~ $2.11 USD)
From 1,200 NGN/mo
(~ $2.81 USD)
From 2GB disk space on the smallest tier and unlimited bandwidth.
VPS Web HostingN/AFrom 144,000 NGN/year
(~ $337.35 USD)
From 1GB memory, 1CPU core, 25GB disk space and 250 GB bandwidth.
Managed WP HostingN/AFrom 4,200 NGN/mo
(~ $9.84 USD)
From 2GB - 50GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth on all plans.

Web4Africa Plans

Top Features

Web4Africa’s features for shared hosting include:

  • 2GB – 50GB disk storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Up to 10 websites on one hosting account
  • Free domain name
  • Free migration service
  • Basic web builder
  • SSL certificate


Web4AfricaBest Practice
Time to First Byte (TTFB)658 ms100 to 300 ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP)1.655 seconds< 1.8 seconds


7 Hosting Companies In Nigeria To Avoid

As you can see, for the best hosting performance, global companies offer better value than local companies with servers in Nigeria.

best hosting performance

However, there are times when a local company may be a better fit for your needs.

In any case, the following local companies all came up with poor performance in all our tests. We’d recommend avoiding these if you’re after the best performance from your company.

TTFB (seconds)FCP (seconds)
Domain King1.7662.549
Global Hosting 2472.5327.512

How To Choose A Good Web Hosting Company In Nigeria

When shopping for web hosting in Nigeria, your decision really comes down to one of two factors.

You can either choose a company based in Nigeria for a low cost, but you sacrifice performance.

Best Freelancer Platforms For Low-Cost Content

Or you can choose a global company that can cover Nigeria through the use of a CDN and that offers great performance.

Although it won’t be a local option, you’ll benefit from superior speed and technical performance as you can leverage some of the best servers and hosting technology on the market that may not be available in Nigeria yet.

Either way, here are some factors to consider when deciding which hosting providers will be best for your needs in Nigeria.

Site Speed

Loading speed is one of the most important elements of your website’s performance.

Server Speed Illustration

We’re long past the speculation phase of how a website’s speed directly impacts conversions (and ultimately, sales).

Many companies, including Google and Amazon, have tested the impact of slow loading speed on conversions and the results are quite telling.

Take Amazon, for instance. For every 100ms delay in loading speed, Amazon calculated they lost around 1% of their revenue.

Back in 2006, when Amazon’s engineers first discovered this, 1% of revenue amounted to about $107 million.

Today, that’s over $3.8 billion of its annual revenue!

In short, slow loading times cost you money. We recommend you choose a host that can help your website speed race ahead!

Server Reliability & Uptime

After site speed, server reliability and uptime is the second most important performance factor.


Uptime is simply a measure of how much time your website is live on the internet.

If your web hosting server experiences a significant amount of downtime, that’s time when your website cannot be accessed by anyone online.

Even an uptime rate of 98% can mean your website is unable to be accessed for 6 days of the year!

It’s ideal that your company offers an uptime guarantee over 99.98%. However, industry best practice is to offer at least 99.90%.

Backups Available

Many low-cost shared hosting companies do not include backups in their monthly plans.


Instead they charge extra.

If anything were to ever happen to the server your website is hosted on, backups are your saving grace.

Without access to backups, you will have to re-build your website from scratch.

Website Builder

And let me tell you, it’s one of the worst things that can happen to your business!

So when doing your due diligence, make sure you read the fine print to check out whether backups are included.

International Reach

If you target a global audience of readers, you need to make sure you choose a reliable hosting company with international reach.

Even the most reliable web company in Nigeria is unable to help you reach international audiences.

That’s why we recommended the global hosting companies with excellent performance in Nigeria.

These companies will allow you to reach audiences all over the world without sacrificing performance.

Thanks to the content delivery networks you can leverage, your content can be stored locally in dozens of locations.

So it’s worth making sure your hosting provider can connect easily with a decent CDN service, even a free service like CloudFlare is a huge step up!

Customer Service

Ideally, the web hosting provider you choose should have 24/7/365 support as a minimum.

Hostinger customer support preview

If you’ve been reading our content for some time, you know just how important support is for web hosting.

If anything ever goes wrong, the worst thing that can happen to you is to be left hanging by your hosting company’s support team.

It’s even worse if they are slow to respond, unresponsive or if you simply receive unhelpful, canned responses that do not fix your issue at all.

Seriously, it’s worth paying a little extra if it means you get decent support!

Final Thoughts on Web Hosting Nigeria

All in all, if you’re building a website for your business or a side hustle, dependable web hosting is a crucial cornerstone to enabling your website to succeed.

Choosing the right hosting plan from a web hosting provider in Nigeria, or an international vendor with excellent performance in Nigeria, will give your website wings.

So here are our top picks for the best web hosting in Nigeria:

  • For the best performance overall, go with FastComet. Grab your discount here.
  • For the best local web host
  • For the best web hosting provider in Nigeria, TrueHost is at the top of our list. Get started today.

Ultimately, the best web hosting service for your needs will depend on the type of website you have, your budget, and the features that matter most to you. Either way, you’re sure to find the right option from our list above!

For more information about web hosting have a look at our guide What is Web Hosting? Everything You Need to Know.


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