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7 Best Web Hosting in Malaysia for Affiliates (2024 Review)


Finding the best web hosting company in Malaysia for your website depends on what features you need, how much you’re willing to pay, and the type of web hosting you’re after.

In this review, you’ll discover the top 7 companies with the best web hosting services Malaysia has to offer.

Our team has meticulously examined the features and performance metrics of over 40 web hosting companies to bring you the most comprehensive analysis.

We’ve thoroughly assessed hosting servers located in Malaysia, as well as international servers providing exceptional services to Malaysian businesses and website owners like yourself.

So join us as we share our findings for the seven best web hosting providers in Malaysia.

Top Web Hosting Companies in Malaysia Compared

Editor's Choice

Hostinger Logo


Fastest VPS, Shared and WordPress hosting in Malaysia

  • Load time: 5/5
  • Support: 5/5
  • Disk Space: 4.9/5
  • Security: 5/5
  • Pricing: 5/5

#2nd Best Choice

NetKL Logo


Local Shared, VPS and WordPress hosting

  • Load time: 5/5
  • Support: 4.9/5
  • Disk Space: 4.9/5
  • Security: 5/5
  • Pricing: 5/5

#3rd Best Choice

myduniahosting Logo


Shared and managed WordPress hosting

  • Load time: 4.8/5
  • Support: 4.8/5
  • Disk Space: 4.9/5
  • Security: 4.9/5
  • Pricing: 5/5

1. Hostinger (Editor’s Choice)

Hostinger Malaysia

Hostinger has been providing web hosting services since 2004 and is known as one of the cheapest web hosting providers in the world.

Compared with the local Malaysian web hosting service providers that offer to host for as little as $13.43 USD per year, that’s a tough name to live up to.

And yet, Hostinger pulls through by offering the lowest-priced shared hosting plan in Malaysia.

Based on my own experience as a user of Hostinger’s web hosting services in Malaysia, I can confirm that they indeed offer incredibly competitive pricing, with the lowest-priced shared hosting plan available in the country.

It also offers more storage and bandwidth than the cheapest local hosting providers do too!

However, it’s worth noting that, unlike the local providers, Hostinger’s services renew at much higher rates.

So while they are the cheapest initially, in the long run, it is likely you’ll end up paying much more than you expect if you don’t factor in the renewal costs.

Here are the details on all its hosting plans available in Malaysia.

Web Hosting Plans Available

Promotional Pricing Renewal Pricing Storage & Features
Shared Hosting From RM 3.99/mo

(~$0.89/mo USD)

From RM 8.99/mo

(~$2.01/mo USD)

From 50GB SSD storage, 100GB bandwidth & ~10,000 monthly visits.
Cloud Hosting From RM 49/mo

(~$10.97/mo USD)

From RM 79/mo

(~$16.68/mo USD)

From 200 GB SSD storage, 3GB RAM, 2 CPU COres 7 unlimited bandwidth.
Managed WordPress Hosting From RM 3.99/mo

(~$2.01/mo USD)

From RM 14.99/mo

(~$3.36/mo USD)

From 50GB SSD storage, 100GB Bandwidth & ~10,000 monthly visits.
VPS Hosting From RM 16.55/mo

(~$3.70/mo USD)

From RM 26.65/mo

(~$5.97/mo USD)

From 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD storage & 1TB bandwidth.

Top Features

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Dedicated IP on every VPS plan
  • Full root access on every VPS plan
  • Low-cost plans to get started
  • Great deals if you buy many years in advance
  • Beginner friendly
  • Flexible pricing options
  • 24/7 multi-lingual live chat support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free migration service
  • Unlimited web hosting available (unmetered bandwidth)
  • More resources on the cheapest plans than other local providers offer


As far as performance stacks up, Hostinger has never been one to disappoint.

It consistently shows up in our lists of the best hosting providers in regions all over the world and its performance in Malaysia is no different.

Although Hostinger usually comes out above most of the local hosting providers, it’s interesting to note there are four local companies that actually performed better than Hostinger in Malaysia.

However, out of all the global companies with bigger budgets and a larger global presence, Hostinger was on top.

Here’s the data from our tests.

Hostinger Best Practice
Time to First Byte (TTFB) 189 ms 100 to 300 ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP) 729 ms < 1.8 seconds
Hostinger is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a global hosting provider with excellent performance in Malaysia.

The versatility of an international company, paired with its ability to invest in better technology, can often mean you’ll experience a more well-rounded service that can help your website reach audience members in every corner of the world.

2. NetKL


Hands down, NetKL had the fastest performance in Malaysia out of all the companies we tested out.

We ran multiple speed tests from servers in Malaysia and Singapore, and NetKL was among the fastest web hosting providers every time.

NetKL offers a broad range of hosting solutions for both beginners and advanced users.

If you’re after low-cost hosting for a small project, NetKL has some of the cheapest hosting plans in the market.

Great performance and the most affordable?

That’s a rare combination, folks!

Not to mention the range of “unlimited” features most of their hosting plans include.

That’s why NetKL is at the top of our list.

Web Hosting Plans Available

Pricing (RM) Pricing (USD) Disk Space
Shared Hosting (Beginners) From RM 60/yr From $13.43/yr From 1GB SSD storage, 10GB bandwidth/month 1 MySQL database.
Shared Hosting (Advanced Users) From RM 250/yr From $55.96/yr From 50GB storage, 150GB bandwidth, 50 databases & a range of unlimited features.
WordPress Hosting From RM 250/yr From $55.96/yr From 30GB disk space, 150GB bandwidth, 50 databases & a range of unlimited features.
VPS Hosting From RM 260/month From $58.20/mo From 4CPU, 8GB RAM, 5TB Bandwidth & 160 GB disk space.
Dedicated Hosting From RM 950/month From $212.65/month From 1TB disk space, 4GB RAM & 2TB Bandwidth.

Top Features

  • Unlimited bandwidth available
  • Up to 500GB SSD storage
  • Daily backups
  • Unlimited free SSL certificates
  • Customizable CPU and resources
  • Built on traditional cPanel & WHM
  • Over 1TB space on dedicated servers


If you’re after the fastest hosting in Malaysia, NetKL is our number one choice. In many of our tests, it was the fastest hosting provider, hands down.

Yes, even faster than the most popular hosting companies in the world, which is saying something.

NetKL Best Practice
Time to First Byte (TTFB) 178 ms 100 to 300 ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP) 810 ms < 1.8 seconds

Of all the local companies we tested out, NetKL had the best performance and lowest rates compared to other Malaysian web hosting providers.

So, if you’re after the best Malaysian web hosting, it’s definitely worth checking out.

3. MyDunia Hosting


MyDunia is among the best web hosting Malaysia has to offer.

In our tests, MyDunia was a close second to NetKL with its speed performance only 60 milliseconds slower.

Like NetKL, MyDunia also offers a range of hosting services suitable for small projects for students or mini websites right through to enterprises that need colocation, dedicated and data center services.

If you’re looking for a cheap web hosting service based in Malaysia but want more resources than NetKL offers on its smallest plans, MyDunia Hosting is worth checking out.

Its smallest plan offers 5 times more storage and 3 times more bandwidth for a comparable price to NetKL’s cheapest tier.

Web Hosting Plans Available

Pricing (RM) Pricing (USD) Disk Space
Shared Hosting From RM 79/year From ~$17.68/year From 5GB storage, 30GB monthly bandwidth & 512MB RAM.
Managed WordPress Hosting From RM 199/year From ~$44.54/year From 5GB SSD storage, 120GB monthly bandwidth & 2GB RAM.
Linux VPS Cloud Hosting From RM 149/month From ~$33.35/mo From 1x vCPU, 2GB RAM, 30GB storage size & 5 Mbps bandwidth.
Dedicated Hosting From RM 599/month + RM 2,500 one-time setup fee From ~$134.08/mo + ~$559 one time setup fee From 240GB SSD storage, 100 Mbps bandwidth & 4 cores.
Premium DNS Hosting From RM 159/year From ~$35.59/year From 1 zone, 300 records, unlimited queries and DNSSEC security.
Colocation Services From RM 350/mo + RM 250 one-time setup fee From ~$78.34 + ~$55.96 one-time setup fee Tier 3 data center servers (latest E3 processors) with disaster recovery and redundant network connectivity.

Top Features

  • Fast web hosting services
  • 100% Malaysian customer support
  • 24/7 tech support is available
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Up to 60-day money-back guarantee
  • WordPress auto-install and WordPress hosting
  • Free SEO tools included in the control panel
  • Unlimited data transfers with virtual private server hosting
  • Root access on virtual private server hosting


As mentioned, MyDunia’s performance came in at a close second to NetKL, making them one of the fastest Malaysian web hosting service providers. Here are their stats from the tests we ran.

MyDunia Hosting Best Practice
Time to First Byte (TTFB) 179 ms 100 to 300 ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP) 877 ms < 1.8 seconds

With the exception of its shared hosting, MyDunia offers lower-priced dedicated, VPS, and WordPress hosting packages than NetKL.

The hosting plans are marginally more expensive but offer more resources for anyone who needs more storage and bandwidth for very low prices.

However, on all other types of hosting, MyDunia compensates for its lower prices by also reducing the available resources, providing an entry-level solution for small businesses and website owners with lower budgets. Including WordPress hosting.

4. iCore Technology


iCore Technology is another company offering hosting in Malaysia, with three local data centers in two locations: Kuala Lumpur and Cyberjaya.

It caters to a broad range of websites and businesses including eCommerce stores, forums, blogs, and small, medium, or large business websites.

No matter the size of your website or the type of web hosting you need, it is likely iCore Technology can deliver a solution that’s just right.

iCore Technology also offers very generous features, even on its cheapest web hosting plans.

For instance, with a minimum of 100GB of monthly bandwidth, this is 3 to 10 times greater than either NetKL or MyDunia hosting.

There are also a broad range of unlimited features available with most types of hosting plans iCore Technology offers.

Take a look below.

Web Hosting Plans Available

Pricing (RM) Pricing (USD) Storage & Features
Shared Web Hosting From RM 99/year From ~$22.16/year From 10GB SSD storage, 100GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited emails.
Forum Hosting From RM 199/year From ~$44.54/year From 20GB web space, 200GB monthly bandwidth & 20 domains.
eCommerce Website Hosting From RM 199/year From ~$44.54/year From 20GB web space, 200GB monthly bandwidth & 20 domains.
Managed WordPress Hosting From RM 99/year From ~$22.16/year From 10GB SSD disk space, 100GB monthly bandwidth, 100Mbps internet speed, 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Reseller Hosting From RM 500/year From ~$111.92/year From 100 domains, 100GB SSD storage, 1TB bandwidth and unlimited emails.
Email Hosting From RM 199/year From ~$44.54/year From 20GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, 100 mailboxes, 20 domains, free SSL & daily backups.
VPS Hosting From RM 25/month From ~$5.60/month From 50GB HDD storage, 1CPU core, 2GB RAM, 100 Mbps bandwidth & 1TB data transfer.
SSD VPS Hosting From RM 20/month From ~$4.48/month From 2GB RAM, 2CPU cores, 20GB SSD storage100 Mbps bandwidth, unlimited data transfer.
Dedicated Hosting From RM 299/mo From ~$66.93 From 8GB RAM, 1TB SSD storage, 100Mbps bandwidth & unlimited data transfer.
Server Colocation From RM 250/month (potential RM 200 one-time setup fee) From ~$55.96/month + $44.77 setup fee. Choose from 3x tier 3 data centers starting from 1U rack space & 100Mbps bandwidth.

Top Features

  • Great performance in our tests
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free daily backups included
  • Free migration services
  • Free domain name (for life) included on some hosting plans
  • Dedicated IP available
  • SSD storage on most hosting plans
  • Generous resources for reasonable prices
  • Three local data center locations to choose from


In addition to offering a versatile range of web hosting services, iCore’s performance is quite decent.

It’s the third Malaysian provider of web hosting to outperform global companies with much bigger budgets and with at least one nearby data center in Singapore.

iCore Technology Best Practice
Time to First Byte (TTFB) 181 ms 100 to 300 ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP) 657 ms < 1.8 seconds

iCore Technology is worth a look if you’re after reasonably priced Malaysian hosting services that also offer a versatile range of features and decent performance to boot!

5. TheGigabit


TheGigabit offers a range of Linux and Windows hosting solutions for Malaysian businesses.

It offers more features and the ability to customize certain aspects of your server setup (which many other local companies do not offer).

It also lets you choose your preferred operating system with both Linux and Windows options available for shared and virtual private server hosting plans.

However, TheGigabit is not as price-friendly as the other local companies mentioned above.

Its lowest shared hosting plan starts at RM 250/year (over 4x more expensive than the cheapest option on our list).

That’s why we recommend TheGigabit for businesses and developers that prefer a specific operating system or that need more resources than other local companies make available.

TheGigabit also offers enterprise solutions like true cloud services and clustered servers.

With a customer support team that boasts over 70% of employees having 5+ years of professional hosting experience, you can’t go past the expert services TheGigabit offers!

Check out the full range of services available below.

Web Hosting Plans Available

Pricing (RM) Pricing (USD) Disk Space
Shared Linux Hosting From RM 250/year From ~$55.96/year From 10GB storage, 1TB data transfer + free domain.
Shared Windows Hosting From RM 300/year From ~$67.15/year From 25GB storage, 500GB data transfer + free domain.
Linux VPS From RM 40/month From ~$8.95/month From 1 vCPU core, 40GB SSD storage & 1GB RAM.
Windows VPS From RM 45/month From ~$10.07/month From 1 vCPU core, 40GB SSD storage & 1GB RAM.
Dedicated Server Hosting From RM 530/month for a Malaysian data center From ~$118.63/month From 2 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD storage & 100 Mbps bandwidth.
True Cloud Web Hosting From Rm 262/month From ~$58.65/month From 2 vCPU cores, 4GB memory & 200GB storage.
Cluster Server Plans From RM 138/month From ~$30.89/month From vCPU cores, 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD storage & 50GB data transfer.

Top Features

  • Decent performance in our tests
  • 3000+ servers in 8 different regions
  • Largest network backbone for hosting in Malaysia
  • Free domain name with shared hosting plans
  • Full root access on VPS servers
  • 24/7 security & customer support
  • Expert team (70%+ of employees have 5+ years of hosting experience)


TheGigabit operates one of the largest hosting networks across Asia with over 3,000 dedicated servers distributed between Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In our tests from multiple regions in Asia, TheGigabit is one of the top-performing options.

However, in Malaysia, there are local providers which tend to offer faster performance despite not being able to match the size of TheGigabit’s network.

Here’s how TheGigabit stacks up:

TheGigabit Best Practice
Time to First Byte (TTFB) 181 ms 100 to 300 ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP) 1.013 seconds < 1.8 seconds

Despite a much slower FCP score than other local hosting companies, TheGigabit is well worth checking out due to the broad range of professional, expert services they offer.

6. Hostpapa

hostpapa homepage

HostPapa is an excellent web hosting provider for small business hosting. It’s based in Canada but also proved itself in our tests with an excellent performance from servers in Singapore & Malaysia.

We recommend HostPapa for Malaysian small businesses or solopreneurs who don’t want to pay too much for their web hosting but want a more global reach than local options may offer.

As far as performance goes, there are a number of local companies that out-performed Hostpapa.

However, on a global scale, it is the second-best international hosting provider with decent performance in Malaysia.

Web Hosting Plans Available

Hostpapa is perhaps one of the more expensive options for web hosting as it does not offer prices adapted for the local market.

However, by comparison, the storage space on the cheapest plans starts at 100GB with unmetered bandwidth.

That’s a huge step up from local companies that offer as little as 1GB of storage and 10GB of bandwidth/per month!

Promotional Pricing (USD) Renewal Pricing (USD) Disk Space
Shared Hosting From $3.95/mo From $9.99/mo From 100GB SSD + unmetered bandwidth.
WordPress Hosting From $3.95/mo From $9.99/mo From 100GB SSD + unmetered bandwidth.
VPS Hosting From $19.99/mo From $19.99/mo From 2GB memory, 60GB SSD, and 1 TB transfer.
Reseller Hosting From $29.99/mo From $29.99/mo From 2Gb RAM, 50GB SSD & 500 GB bandwidth.

Top Features

HostPapa’s basic plans include the following features:

  • Storage: 100GB SSD – Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered on all plans
  • Free Domain: Included on all plans
  • Cloudflare: Available on all plans
  • SSL Certificate: Free with all plans


Here are HostPapa’s average performance metrics from the tests we ran in Singapore & Malaysia:

Hostpapa Best Practice
Time to First Byte (TTFB) 189 ms 100 to 300 ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP) 854 ms < 1.8 seconds

HostPapa also has had decent uptime historically.

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Average % of Uptime 99.94% 99.94% 99.55% 99.98% 99.92% 99.99% 99.95%

The data from our tests indicate HostPapa is acceptable for hosting in Malaysia despite it not being the cheapest web hosting provider available.

It’s best suited to small businesses that want more resources and bandwidth than local companies offer.

7. Vps Malaysia


VPS Malaysia is Malaysia’s largest cloud VPS hosting provider.

It’s a company that puts its customers first and prides itself in its honesty, as evidenced by hundreds of glowing reviews about its services.

Customer love how quick and easy it is to set up this premium web hosting service with VPS Malaysia.

It’s not only beginner-friendly but also well-suited to most types of websites.

However, it’s worth noting that if you’re after the cheapest hosting plans, VPS Malaysia may not be for you.

Web Hosting Plans Available

Pricing (RM) Pricing (USD) Disk Space
Shared Web Hosting From RM 9.92/mo From $2.43/mo From 10GB SSD storage, 1 website & unmetered bandwidth.
Reseller Hosting From RM 45/mo From $11/mo From 100GB SSD storage,500GB data transfer & 15 cPanel accounts. No limit on CPU or RAM usage.
Dedicated Web Hosting From RM 280/mo From $68.48/mo From 4 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, unlimited data transfer & 100 Mbps per dedicated server.
Forex VPS From RM 79/mo From $19.32/mo From 1GB memory, unlimited users & multiple devices.
Windows VPS From RM 20.3/mo From $4.97/mo From 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 30GB SSD storage & 2TB data transfer.
Linux VPS From RM 20.3/mo From $4.97/mo From 1GB RAM, 1 vCPU core, 25 GB SSD storage & 2TB data transfer.
Minecraft VPS From RM 20.3/mo From $4.97/mo From 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core, unlimited slots & 12 players.

Top Features

  • Unmetered bandwidth on all shared plans
  • Unlimited emails & databases
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free domains
  • Get set up in as little as 30 seconds
  • Great customer ratings (average 4.9 out of 400+ reviews)
  • Fast and reliable services
  • State-of-the-art cloud VPS solutions


Here’s how VPS Malaysia stacks up against the other companies we tested out.

VPS Malaysia Best Practice
Time to First Byte (TTFB) 216 ms 100 to 300 ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP) 1.069 seconds < 1.8 seconds

If you’re after the best cloud VPS services in Malaysia, you simply can’t go past VPS Malaysia!

How to Choose a Good Web Hosting Company

Choosing a good web host comes down to knowing what features and performance your website will need.

Here are the factors we consider when evaluating a web host on its performance and services offered.

1. Types of Hosting Services Offered

There are different types of hosting services on the market today.

Each suits different types of websites better.


For instance, if you operate a small website that doesn’t get much traffic, and you don’t expect it will need a lot of resources, a low-cost shared hosting plan is better suited to your needs.

However, if you need more security and resources than a shared hosting plan offers, it’s better off that you consider getting a virtual private server or a dedicated server package instead.

2. Performance

In our book, the performance of your web hosting provider is absolutely critical.

That’s why we based our recommendations on the performance each hosting provider offers in Malaysia.

The performance of your server will affect the performance and user experience of your website.

If you are choosing a web hosting provider for a business website, you simply cannot afford to have performance issues due to choosing a poor hosting provider.

Especially if you rely on generating traffic through search engine optimization, for which the performance of your website is a big factor leading to SEO success.

3. Customer Support

If anything were to ever go wrong with your hosting serve or your website performance, it’s critical that you can access expert customer support at the time you need it.

In fact, we place a lot of emphasis on the support available through a hosting company.

Bad support is a deal-breaker for us.

We’ve been through the wringer with poor support that left us hanging during critical times when the website was down due to server issues.

We’ve also experienced novice support teams that simply send through canned responses or links to unrelated knowledge-base articles instead of actually helping fix the issue.

Yeah, it sucks.

That’s why we believe it’s actually worth paying a little more for decent support than finding yourself stuck in a situation like the ones mentioned above just to save a few extra bucks per month.

4. Pricing

Pricing is a variable factor and really just comes down to your situation and budget.

We prefer to choose a hosting company based on the value it delivers for the price it charges as opposed to just choosing the cheapest web host around.

For instance, when you compare NetKL’s cheapest package with HostPapa’s:

Pricing (RM) Pricing (USD) Disk Space
NetKL Shared Hosting From RM 60/yr From $13.43/yr From 1GB SSD storage, 10GB bandwidth/month 1 MySQL database.
Shared Hosting From ~RM 17.65/mo

(~RM 211.80/yr)

From $3.95/mo


From 100GB SSD + unmetered bandwidth.

Hostpapa is much more expensive at first glance.

However, it also offers a hundred times more storage and unmetered bandwidth even for its smallest package.

That is far better value for money than what NetKL offers.

In saying that, if you’re a student or DIY blogger and you simply don’t need as many resources, Hostpapa’s plan might be overkill and simply not worth the additional expense.

So this is why the ideal pricing really depends on your situation and how much you are willing to spend on hosting to unlock more features.

5. Scalability

If you are looking for hosting for a growing website, a portfolio of websites or for a business that you think will grow it’s audience base fairly quickly, scalability is important.

Scalability relates to how your web hosting service can assist the growth of your website.

As you start to require more resources and additional features, can your hosting provider meet your needs?

Or will your hosting provider become a potential limitation?

It’s often better to buy a hosting package you can grow into rather than one that you risk outgrowing in the future.

6. Features

Finally, the last consideration to make when choosing a good web host is the range of features available.

We always compare the following features on hosting plans to get a sense of which providers offer good value for money:

  • Type of disk space (SSD offers better performance than HDD)
  • Amount of disk space (the more the better)
  • Amount of bandwidth (unlimited or unmetered is best)

Freebies included like:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free domain names
  • Free backups
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Email accounts
  • Plus more

When you compare these features side by side for different hosting plans, you’ll quickly see which plans offer you the best value for money for your website.

Is a Local or Global Provider Better for Hosting in Malaysia?


If you’re not sure whether to choose a local hosting provider or a global company for hosting in Malaysia, here’s our recommendation.

Choose a local Malaysian web hosting provider and website builder if you have a local audience, want local servers, and need a support team that’s on the ground in Malaysia.

The best hosting Malaysia has to offer comes from local companies that outperform all of the big players in the global market.

However, if you want to expand your audience’s reach beyond Malaysia or you want next-level technology, a global hosting provider is the better option for you.

Typically international hosting companies have bigger budgets to invest in better server infrastructure and can offer you more value for your money than local companies.

If you want the best of both worlds, our recommendation is to check out Hostinger’s Malaysian branch.

It offers competitive local prices with all the benefits of an international hosting provider to boot!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Cheapest Hosting in Malaysia?

The cheapest web hosting services in Malaysia are NetKL’s shared hosting plans for beginners.

Starting as low as RM 60/year (~$13.43 USD/year), NetKL’s plans are well suited to students and DIY bloggers.

However, global hosting company Hostinger offers a cheaper plan to Malaysian customers starting at only $0.89/month USD (~RM 47.88/yr).

Despite initial prices being the lowest on the market, Hostinger’s plan renews for a higher rate making it more expensive in the long run.

What’s the Best Value for Money Hosting in Malaysia?

Hostinger offers the best value for money web hosting Malaysian businesses can access fro as little as RM 3.99/month.

With 50GB storage and 100GB bandwidth available on the smallest plan, these features are beyond what most local companies offer for comparable prices.

It you’re happy to pay a little extra to enjoy unmetered bandwidth and at least 100GB of storage, Hostpapa’s plans are worth looking into instead.

Do I Need Web Hosting Servers Based in Malaysia?

No, you do not need web hosting with servers based in Malaysia in order to get great performance in Malaysia.

In fact, out of the 40+ hosting companies we tested out, many of the top performers do not have servers in Malaysia (though some have servers nearby in Singapore).

Hostinger and Hostpapa are the two global companies we would recommend if you’re looking for the versatility a global company can offer but with excellent local performance.

Which Malaysian Hosting Provider Do We Recommend?

If you’re after the fastest hosting in Malaysia and the best web hosting tools, hands down the crown goes to NetKL.

However, NetKL offers rather limited resources on its hosting plans so it’s best suited to smaller websites and applications.

The best all rounder for web hosting in Malaysia is Hostinger with very close performance to NetKL but offering so many more features.

Not to mention Hostinger also has the cheapest local rates available!

Our #1 Recommendation: Hostinger

Hostinger Logo
  • Editor's Choice
Overall Rating:

Load Time


Disk space



Key Features:
  • Dedicated IP on every plan
  • Affordable plans to get started
  • Flexible plans
  • Beginner friendly
  • Free migration service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 multi-lingual live chat support

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