20 Best Freelance Writing Sites For Writers & Employers in 2023

Best Freelance Writing Sites

Content is an essential part of online marketing, now more than ever. It can be tough to find top-notch writers to create the copy your business needs to thrive.

And, as a freelance writer, there are far too many writing job boards out there that offer low pay or treat you like a cog in a machine.

That’s why we bring you our list of the top 20 freelance writing websites that are great for both brands and freelance writers!

Whether you are a writer or looking for a writer, one of the biggest questions is what are the best freelance writing websites for what you want?

As a  website owner myself, I know how critical a steady stream of content is for making money online. Leveraging the top freelance writing websites out there will be one of the best investments in your business.

On the other hand, freelance writers’ biggest problem is the lack of quality writing gigs. Most freelance writing gigs offer low pay or unreasonable expectations.

So check out the 20 best freelance writing sites that are an excellent option for you as a hirer or freelance writer!

What Are The Types Of Freelance Writing Sites?

Types of freelancing sites

Let’s start by looking at the types of freelance writing sites in today’s market.

Typically, when looking to hire writers or looking for freelance writing gigs, you’ll be faced with one of the following options:

  • Freelancer platforms
  • Content agencies
  • Job boards & classifieds
  • Social media groups

We’ve looked at all these types of freelance writing sites and bring you our top picks in each category!

Best Freelancer Platforms For Low-Cost Content

Best Freelancer Platforms For Low-Cost ContentLow-cost content has as many perks as it does downfalls. However, it’s an excellent place for people to get started, and there are a few platforms out there that offer some sweet deals.

For writers, these platforms typically have a lower barrier to entry. For new freelance writers, you can get started by building up an income and a portfolio of writing gigs in no time!

For brands and marketers, if your budget for content is on the low end, you might find these options a great fit in the interim until you earn enough to scale up to better quality options.

Either way, here are our top picks for low-cost content.

1. Upwork


Upwork is universally known as one of the top freelance platforms available today. It is a general platform allowing you to hire freelancers with a range of skills and from anywhere in the world.

For a new freelance writer who is just starting out, you can access a freelance writing job board with loads of opportunities and at various prices. Plus, you get to set your hourly rate and offer custom rates depending on the writing job you’re applying for.

If you’re hiring writers, the opportunities on Upwork are endless. However, you do have to invest some time scouting the right people for your projects.

For low-cost content, expect to put in some time training people to meet your level of expectations.

Either way, there’s no barrier to signing up to Upwork.

All parties are also protected if a job doesn’t work out as planned due to Upwork’s Escrow payments. Employers pay for a writing job in advance, and the funds are only released to the freelancer upon successful completion of the project.

  • Can hire different types of talent
  • Can pay/earn as little or as much as you like
  • Well–established platform
  • Escrow payments protect both parties
  • Clunky platform leading to inefficiencies
  • For content projects, the platform doesn’t scale
  • A mixed bag of talent needing more time to vet people properly
  • Loads of low-quality writers and freelance writing gigs


2. Freelancer.com


Freelancer.com is similar to Upwork and has over 42 million users from 247 countries. You can access a vast range of remote talent via a single dashboard.

It’s also worth noting there are no fees to use the platform. Plus, there are some very nifty enterprise features, used by companies like Nasa. These include workflow automation and a private freelancer cloud giving you access to the top 1% of talent.

So if you’re a writer, building up your profile on Freelancer.com can open up some big doors for you if you have the skill to work with enterprises.

If you’re looking for writers, you can hire anyone from anywhere and enjoy similar perks to Upwork.

  • Large talent pool
  • Writers for any budget
  • Low barrier to entry
  • Recruiter service to find the best writers
  • Managed solutions only for large enterprises
  • It can be inefficient for managing content at scale


3. iWriter


If you’re looking for a platform that only focuses on freelance writing gigs, iWriter may be a better option for you than Upwork or Freelancer.com.

It is known for providing very cheap but general content writing services. If you’re looking for expertise, iWriter is not for you.

But, as a freelance writer, this platform is a great place to get started with earning money online from a variety of writing gigs. As your writing skills build up, you might choose to write for platforms that have higher barriers to entry and require more expertise

And that’s totally fine. iWriter is still a decent job site to get your foot in the door, though.

As someone looking to hire writers, this platform takes the hassle out of ordering cheap content. Especially if you’re just getting started with making money online and have a low budget for content.

You can make your money go further. Just make sure you spend the time testing out writers and properly vetting them since iWriter doesn’t help with any of that.

  • Very cheap rates
  • Reasonable turnaround times
  • Content only platform
  • No lock-in subscription
  • Great as an entry point for writers
  • Questionable quality on lowest tiers
  • Not sustainable for more experienced freelance writers in the long term
  • Hard to find good freelance writing gigs and talent


4. Textbroker


Textbroker is a step up from iWriter despite offering very competitively priced content.

Unlike iWriter, the most significant advantage of Textbroker is that you can have a team created for you by Textbroker’s content managers, so you don’t have to stress about the hiring process.

The content only starts at 2.7c/word to work with a curated team. This is a very competitive price in today’s market! You can also handle everything from job posting to hiring by yourself, in which case the content prices only start at 1.5c/word.

You can also access translation services to have your content created in 45+ different languages. Few freelance writing platforms also offer translation services.

As a writer, Textbroker also offers reward programs as you hit various milestones from the writing gigs you’ve completed. These range from cash rewards to a three-night trip for two to Las Vegas!

All in all, we like that Textbroker is offering some unique things no other platform we checked out does.

  • Writer incentives and bonuses offered
  • Good balance between price and quality
  • Translation services can also be offered
  • Can build a team
  • Mistakes might be present in lowest-tier content
  • Expensive to use the managed service
  • Content writing packages in non-English languages start at $1000+


Best Freelancer Platforms For Premium Content

Best Freelancer Platforms For Premium Content

There are times in life when it’s just worth it to pay a little more upfront to save yourself a big headache down the track. Managing your content production can definitely fit into this bucket!

If you’re looking for scalable, quality content without the pressure of vetting writers and training them, then premium freelance writing platforms are the way to go.

There are high barriers to entry for all their applicants which means the pool of talent you’re accessing is of a higher caliber already.

Many of these premium freelance writing sites also offer editing and quality checks before you receive the completed article, saving you even more time.

So let’s look at our top picks for premium platforms for content writing.

5. Contena


As far as quality content goes, Contena is one of the leading freelance writing sites to look into.

It’s an exclusive invite-only platform for writers, editors, and content managers. All freelancers on the platform have been thoroughly screened and tested.

And, perhaps best of all, Contena also provides writers with training.

However, it’s worth noting that it’s not free to be part of Contena. Even experienced writers pay a training and subscription fee. And companies looking to hire writers pay a $99 listing fee.

However, the beauty of the platform is that it minimizes the frustrations both sides experience. Writers know that only serious brands that offer fair compensation advertise on Contena.

The quality of writing jobs available on Contena supersedes those on any of the above platforms.

People looking to hire writers know that only the best can be hired through Contena. You won’t get beginners, and you won’t get illegible writing returned. You won’t need to train people on how to write well. And you won’t face the issue of people with fake portfolios.

If you just need well-written content without the headaches (and you’re happy to pay for it), Contena is worth a look.

  • Excellence is a priority
  • Invite-only, top-notch talent
  • Training for writers is included with membership
  • Weeds out the tire kickers and bargain hunters
  • Expensive to post freelance writing jobs
  • Membership is required for writers
  • Not suitable for beginners


6. nDash


If premium content is your goal nDash is another awesome platform to check out.

Brands like Hubspot, LinkedIn, Databox, and Monday.com use nDash to hire top talent. This means that for writers, nDash offers you the potential to turn a side hustle into a six figure income through decent writing jobs alone.

For brands, you can reach out to a pool of vetted, elite level writers. These writers can also pitch article suggestions directly to you, saving you so much time!

We also like how nDash’s platform is built for efficiency. It’s not just a typical marketplace that connects writers to brands. It also offers intuitive inbuilt features for efficiently managing your projects too.

Instead of hiring writers on this marketplace and managing the work in a project management tool, nDash is a 2-in-1 platform. We find it more intuitive and easy to use than platforms like Upwork!

  • Intuitive dashboard
  • In-built project management tools
  • Trusted by big brands
  • Writers can pitch directly to brands
  • Thorough vetting process
  • Free to join for brands and writers
  • More expensive
  • Generally not suitable for smaller projects


7. Scripted


Scripted is a newer platform on the market but is already working with some big brands, including Adobe, Adidas, IBM, and Healthline.

Writers can set their own prices for work. A minimum amount is set for each project so that other writers don’t undercut prices so much that it’s a race to the bottom. Scripted is serious about ensuring writers earn a competitive income!

So, if you’re an expert freelance writer from the US or Canada, Scripted is well worth checking out this freelance writing website! The platform has a great freelance writing gig and plans to open up to writers from other countries in the future too.

Scripted’s team makes sure that premium quality is available at every level of the platform. So much so that only 2% of writers who apply are accepted. That’s why there’s a monthly fee for brands to access these top freelance writers in addition to the cost of the content.

As an employer looking for freelance writers to work with, you can’t create a Scripted account for free. Accounts start at $199/month with $100 of content credits included. For additional content, you’ll need to pay for extra credits.

As with the other premium freelance writing sites, Scripted is not the best fit if you’re just starting.

But as your content quality needs grow and you have more budget to invest, you’ll save so much time on vetting freelance writers. The bar is set very high with every freelance writer on this platform!

  • Trusted by big brands
  • Only US or Canada-based writers
  • Does not allow undercutting of prices
  • Offers competitive pay to writers
  • Premium quality
  • Not a good fit if you’re just starting out
  • Writers outside the US and Canada can’t apply


8. Constant Content

Contant Content

If you want to leverage the power of the biggest pool of vetted freelance writers that we’ve found, check out Constant Content.

With over 100,000 vetted writers, there’s a wealth of opportunities to find the perfect freelance writer for your projects.

Pricing varies on the platform as writers set their prices. You can, however, save on costs by purchasing pre-written articles instead of custom articles.

As a freelance writer, there is a thorough vetting process you have to go through before you can be featured on this platform. Once you’re approved, you can set your own terms and prices for your freelance writing gig and the companies you work with.

All up, Constant Content is a decent platform for general and niche writers. However, you’ll have to go looking for the best opportunities since there aren’t any end-to-end management services available.

Even clients on the enterprise tier don’t get a managed service. They do, however, get an account manager to help source the perfect writers for the project.

  • 100,000 writers you can access
  • No subscription fees
  • Freelance writers can set their own prices
  • Account management available on enterprise orders
  • Can buy unique pre-written articles
  • Not a managed solution
  • No set price per word
  • Must purchase credits to view content


Best Managed Freelance Writing Platforms

Best Managed Freelance Writing Platforms

Managed freelance writing sites are the best thing since sliced bread. It’s like having the power of an in-house team, but without all the drama.

The biggest problem brands face is that scaling the production of quality content is no easy feat. Not to mention that finding great writers is easier said than done.

But, with a managed freelance writing platform, you don’t need to worry about posting job ads, vetting writers, training them, or even hiring editors!

Gosh, that’s a lot of work you’re saved.

The next few platforms are fantastic at removing stress from the equation while still giving you the flexibility and quality your projects need at scale.

9. Verblio


The first on our list for this category is Verblio. Through Verblio, you are connected directly to high-end, expert, US-based writers across various industries.

The coolest thing about Verblio is that it has a massive team of product designers compared to other freelance writing platforms.

Hello, constant innovation!

The benefit of having product designers on board means that the platform itself will continue to innovate and make your life easier. Clunky, outdated technology is among the top factors that kill scalability as far as content management is concerned.

It’s also a solution that truly scales, allowing you to order thousands of articles a month easily. But only if you need it to. It’s also great if you’re only publishing one high-quality piece a month too.

  • Superior technology managed by a large product team
  • All native English writers
  • Quality content at scale
  • Flexible packages based on the volume of content you need
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for entry-level projects
  • Only accepts writers from the US


10. ContentFly

Content Fly

ContentFly offers a platform that only the top 1% of writers are accepted on. It also saves you the trouble of building up your own editorial team.

ContentFly’s advantage is in the scale of economies they can reach by leveraging automated systems to handle quality checks and vetting of all their writers.

As a freelance writer or editor, ContentFly pays a minimum of 5c/word and up to 30c/word though it’s not suited to beginners. With thousands of happy writers on board, ContentFly is known for looking after both their clients and the freelancers on the platform.

If you’re looking to have content written, ContentFly’s quality is at a premium level for all types of content you need.

The entire content production pipeline is managed end-to-end by ContentFly’s team. If you’re not happy with the work, they also offer a money-back guarantee.

  • Only top 1% of writers accepted
  • Decent wages paid to their writers
  • Premium quality
  • End-to-end, managed content production pipeline
  • Not suitable to writers just starting out
  • Expensive and not suited to side hustle projects


11. Writer Access

Writer Access

Writer Access is an Inc 5,000 company focused on streamlining content workflows. It’s also not just a job board, either. Writer Access sets itself apart by going beyond what most freelance writing sites offer.

Instead, you can access key talent, tools to streamline workflows, and training all in one platform.

As such, it’s not free to sign up. Monthly subscriptions are needed and priced separately from the content you order.

We love Writer Access because suitable freelancers and companies can be connected to each other via AI-powered search. It’s great to see how Writer Access leverages its intelligent technology to make life easy for both freelancers and hiring teams.

For freelance writers, you can access training to help improve your work and grow your income. You will also be able to connect with companies that mean serious business.

Projects on Writer Access can earn as much as $2/word though there is a strict screening process you need to go through to prove your work is worth this kind of dough.

  • Broad range of tools to assist content workflows
  • Can also hire designers and translators
  • Opportunity for high earnings for writers
  • Manual screening processes
  • Membership required, content priced separately
  • Managed services start at $349/month (excl. content)


12. The Writer Finder

The Writer Finder

Want to outsource the hiring of writers? Enter The Writer Finder.

The name pretty much sums it all up!

Through The Writer Finder, you’ll be matched to 3 “ridiculously experienced” writers who specialize in your niche within 72 hours. You can leave the hard work up to the team at The Writer Finder.

If you’re not happy with their options, they’ll keep looking. Or, they’ll give you your money back.

It’s worth noting, the service provided is a fixed fee job to help you secure 3-5 new writers for your team. You can also request help planning the content, but it’s still not an end-to-end managed content process.

Either way, they can still help you save a heck of a lot of time! Plus it beats wading through freelancer profiles on Upwork.

  • Solves the problem of finding the perfect writers
  • Flat, reasonable fee charged
  • Money back offer if they don’t succeed
  • Does not include content production
  • No ongoing support after initial hires


Best Content Agencies

Best Content Agencies

If going through a platform is not for you, a content agency may be a better option. The biggest difference between an agency and a platform is humanization.

You’ll typically get an account manager and have someone you can talk to if any problems arise.

Agencies also tend to hire full-time writers, so you can often have the same writers dedicated to your projects, ensuring consistency throughout. As a writer, agencies are your best source of recurring and stable income.

Here are our top picks for content agencies you can work with.

13. Express Writers

Express Writers

Having built a name for itself due to its dedication to quality, Express Writers is among our top choices of content agencies for marketers and brands.

With over 34 content types available, the Express Writers team can create any types of content your business or clients need, from blog posts to ad copy, video scripts, and more.

With in-house editors, content strategists, and SEO professionals, you can expect the absolute best from the copy you receive.

Furthermore, Express Writers also has a roster of industry experts you can rely on as well.

We also love that there’s also no monthly obligation or subscription. Just order what you need, as you need it.

  • Can write over 34+ types of content
  • Pay for what you need
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • Multimedia content options
  • Expensive option
  • Not suitable for low budget projects
  • Writer’s wages are reported on the low side compared to retail prices


14. SEO Content Hero

SEO Content Hero

Do you need SEO content that ranks?

SEO Content Hero is the go-to content agency by many SEO professionals and content marketers, ourselves included. We’ve used SEO Content Hero a number of times and recommend their services to others who need quality SEO content.

Unlike Express Writers, SEO Content Hero specializes in authority SEO optimized content, and they’re pretty damn good at it too!

No matter if you’re an affiliate marketer or an SEO agency owner, you’ll find a package that suits you.

We also like that prices are reasonable for all applications of SEO content, including:

Program Snapshot
  • E-commerce content
  • Agency content
  • Affiliate site content
  • General website content
  • Blog content
  • And more!

Besides, we’ve also seen other people in the SEO community raving about the quality of service. That’s crucial when it comes to a decent content provider!

  • SEO focused content
  • Reasonable mid-tier prices
  • Quality, authority content is their specialty
  • Does not offer content for ads or social media
  • Rates are competitive but not cheap
  • Not suited to low budget projects


15. SEO Butler

SEO Butler

Another decent option that offers SEO-optimized content is SEO Butler.

You can order all types of SEO content, including:

Program Snapshot
  • Blog posts
  • Website content
  • Review articles
  • Buyer’s guides
  • E-commerce content
  • And guest posts

Surfer SEO optimized content can also be ordered for reasonable prices. SEO Butler is known as a reputable company across the SEO industry and offers a complete white glove service for agencies too.

Paired with some of their other services, such as social signals and citations, you can take your content’s reach to the next level no matter what type of websites you’re optimizing.

SEO Butler also only hires native English-speaking writers, ensuring superior quality of their work.

  • Surfer SEO optimized content
  • Fair mid-tier prices
  • Native English writers
  • Discounts for large volume orders
  • Does not offer content for ads or social media
  • Bulk orders are entirely manual


16. Panda Copy

Panda Copy

Are you looking for unlimited content for a flat monthly price?

Panda Copy may be the perfect solution for you!

The team at Panda Copy are all part-time or full-time employees, so you won’t have the risks of freelancers who stop responding or flake out on a project.

Panda Copy’s pricing is also a little different in that you pay a fixed monthly fee, and you can order as much content as you like since all plans offer unlimited copy requests.

With a turnaround of 1-2 business days, you could end up with up to 1000 words per day!

If you need continuous content, Panda Copy’s unlimited copy requests deal is pretty hard to overlook.

  • Unlimited content requests for a flat monthly price
  • Fast turnaround
  • No need to hire freelance writers
  • For writers, part-time and full-time work offered
  • ‘Unlimited’ requests doesn’t mean unlimited content
  • Doesn’t necessarily work out cheaper


Best Freelance Writing Job Boards

Best Freelance Writing Job Boards

The last category of freelance writing sites we’re looking at is job boards, including those on social media.

We’ve found a bunch of great talent through these job boards. We’ve got to say, though, that you miss out on the perks of having a platform that handles all aspects of hiring and project management.

If you don’t already have a decent hiring and onboarding process in place, be prepared to put in some extra time to sift through the duds to find the writers worth their weight in gold.

17. ProBlogger Job Board

Pro Blogger

ProBlogger’s job board has undoubtedly been around for a while! That doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a decent place to advertise for and find freelance writers for blogging.

With new jobs going up daily and offering decent rates, too, it’s a great site to bookmark if you’re looking for online writing jobs.

However, if you’re looking for writers, it costs $75 to post a job for 15 days.

  • Been around for 15+ years
  • Thousands of writers are subscribed
  • Get over 250+ responses from a good ad
  • Find work in any blogging vertical
  • Great place to get started
  • Not a good fit for low-budget projects
  • Have to manually filter through loads of applications
  • Your job post is only up for 15 days


18. Cult Of Copy Job Board FB Group

The Copy Jobs Board

Hands down, one of our favorite places to hire writers is in the Cult of Copy Facebook group. Almost all our full-time writers have come through this group.

Check out our process for finding top talent by using the Cult of Copy here.

The great thing about this job board is that you can get started with a small budget. Or, if you’re a writer, you can build up experience without needing to rely on platforms that take a cut out of your earnings.

It’s 100% free to advertise and find work on the Cult of Copy job board.

  • 40,000+ people in the group
  • Great range of expertise
  • Free to join
  • Suitable for all skill and budget levels
  • Be prepared for people to slide into your DMs
  • Need an efficient process for hiring and onboarding
  • Can take a lot of time to find the right freelancer


19. Jarvis Job Board


With the advent of AI content on the horizon, you can save a lot of time and money by finding writers who can use platforms like Jarvis.ai really well.

Enter the Jarvis job board.

As a caveat, AI content will not be the best fit for every business. For example, if your content requires a lot of research or hard facts, AI cannot produce that for you.

However, if you require general information posts, AI can help eliminate the experience of writer’s block and help enhance your content for search engine optimization.

You can also leverage writers who use AI and produce more articles in less time.

As a writer, there is no barrier to entry for using AI to improve your content quality. And although it sounds like AI can put you out of business, trust me, it won’t.

There’s still merit in researching an article and putting together an outstanding structure. AI cannot replace the human mind… at least not yet.

If you’re ok with AI content being part of your process, check out the Jarvis job board to find experienced writers here.

  • AI content can scale
  • AI can help overcome writer’s block
  • Jarvis helps writers be more efficient
  • Reasonable prices for any level of budget
  • Extra time needed for researching and editing
  • Most articles can be very generic or full of fluff


20. LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn Projects

The last option on our list is the Linked In ProFinder tool. Many B2B and expert writers are active on Linked In, and you can easily find them using ProFinder.

For writers with some decent experience, LinkedIn can be a goldmine for connecting with your ideal clients. It’s excellent for anyone specializing in technical, Sass, or B2B content.

Many clients with big budgets look for writers on LinkedIn, so it’s definitely worth exploring this option, even if you’re just starting out as a writer. It’s never too late to build up a presence!

  • Access high-quality writers
  • Verify work completed for other brands
  • No barrier to entry for writers just starting out
  • It can take time to build up a profile
  • Need to spend time building up connections
  • It can take a while to really take off


The Benefits Of Freelance Writing Sites For Writers

The Benefits Of Freelance Writing Sites For Writers

Freelance writing job sites can help you earn more. That’s it, plain and simple.

Sure there are a tonne of low-quality job boards out there, but the ones on our list can help you earn over $5,000 per month from writing jobs.

As a writer, the premium platforms like Contena, nDash, and Scripted can even help you earn a six-figure income and replace your 9-5 job!

If you’re a beginner freelance writer, there are a bunch of platforms, like Upwork and iWriter, with low barriers to entry. These are great to help you improve your writing skills and build your freelance writing business from the ground up.

You can also use these platforms and job boards to find clients in specific verticals that you might specialize in.

Many of the content agencies we looked at also hire experienced freelance writers. While the pay per article isn’t always as high, they will typically offer you income stability with part-time or full-time options.

Either way, using freelance writing platforms or working for agencies will allow you to control your income. Plus, you can work from anywhere globally and make a decent living through online writing jobs. Pretty sweet deal!

The Benefits Of Freelance Writing Sites For Affiliate Marketers

The Benefits Of Freelance Writing Sites For Affiliate Marketers

When you start the journey toward making money online, you’re typically faced with the situation where you wear all the hats in your business.

And you have to learn a lot of new skills too!

Writing is one of those skills that is worth its weight in gold. It is a skill that’s directly tied to your income. The better quality content you put out there, the more income you stand to earn!

But, as we mention in The Affiliate Lab, it will quickly reach a point that’s unsustainable to produce all the content yourself. And that’s where it can help to have a freelance writer or two on your team.

Depending on your budget and available time, the best option for you will vary. That’s why we’ve included a stack of options for people just like you.

For low-cost options, we suggest Textbroker since you can also have a content team curated for you by Textbroker’s team.

Panda Copy is the way to go for options offering unlimited content requests for a fixed budget per month. And for done-for-you SEO optimized content, SEO Butler or SEO Content Hero are the top agencies that can handle your requirements.

The Benefits Of Freelance Writing Sites For Companies

The Benefits Of Freelance Writing Sites For Companies

As a company or marketer seeking quality freelance writers, it can be time-consuming to hire writers that meet your desired level of quality.

Not to mention the time you put into training them up in your processes only to discover they weren’t the right fit after all.

Many of the platforms on our list use technology to help streamline the entire hiring process, such as nDash and Verblio. We’ve several hand-picked platforms that can also help take care of the hiring process for you, like The Writer Finder and Textbroker.

That’s right. With these options, you can outsource anything from building a content team to managing your projects every month!


What Is The Best Way Of Pitching A Freelance Writing Gig?

The best way to pitch a freelance writing gig is to create a compelling proposal highlighting your skills, experience, and understanding of the project. Your bid should be professional and tailored to the specific project, demonstrating why you are the best fit for the job. 

How Much Should I Charge For A Freelance Job When Starting Out?

When starting out, you should charge an hourly rate of $6-$10 for a freelance job. This is a good competitive rate that is fair to you and the client. Ultimately, the rate you charge should reflect the value of your work and the amount of time you are investing in the project.

Best Freelance Writing Sites: Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a writer looking for freelance writing jobs or a company looking to hire the best freelance writers, the options above are sure to help.

There will be a learning curve for writers as you transition into making money online. The platforms with no barrier to entry are a great place to build up your confidence and experience. You’ll earn a decent amount, though; admittedly, it can be a lot less than the premium platforms offer.

If you’re looking to hire freelance writers, there’s a decent option above, no matter your budget. Start with a low-cost platform if you’re a beginner with affiliate marketing and looking to juice your budget as much as possible.

If the time it takes to find writers is something you want to bypass, look at working with a content agency or a managed content solution instead.

Either way, if you want to know all the tricks we use to find the best writers time and time again, check out our flagship course, The Affiliate Lab.

We have an entire module dedicated to scaling your content team and a detailed, step-by-step process for finding and hiring great writers.



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