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10 Best Cheap SEO Tools in 2024 (Buyer’s Guide)

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Businesses have always needed SEO as a crucial component to succeed online and draw in a more extensive customer base.

If you run a new business that requires SEO and does not have the funds to get a dedicated SEO team or expensive SEO solutions, you need not worry, as there are cheap SEO tools you can thrive with.

As an SEO expert who has used these tools to help many businesses, I will provide you with a list of the best cheap SEO tools you can use for your company today.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tools, and for good reason. It has everything you need to rank higher based on Google search results and get more traffic.

ahrefs homepage preview

Its popular features include site explorer, site audit, keyword explorer, content explorer, and rank tracker.

Regarding pricing, I wouldn’t call this SEO tool cheap, per se, but if we take into account how much it offers compared to other tools, in terms of pure return on your investment, this is by far the best tool for the money, which is why it’s at the very top.

The Lite plan will cost you $99 per month, and the Enterprise plan sits at $999 per month.

Ahrefs is a tool I have been using for years, and each time I use it, the results are remarkable, which is why it is one of the best SEO tools around.

  • Rich functionality
  • Solid backlink index
  • Great customer support

  • No integration with Google Search Console and Google Analytics


Our Rating
  • Extensions: 4.8
  • Privacy: 4.9
  • Customer support: 4.9
  • Pricing: 4.7


2. SE Ranking (Editor’s Choice)

SE Ranking is a very cheap SEO toolkit, considering the features it offers to both individuals and agencies.

SERanking Homepage

The platform ensures that your SEO workflow is efficient and effective in boosting your business growth and that of your clients.

Its features include a website audit, a keyword rank tracker, competitor analysis tools, and a backlink checker.

SE Ranking also offers Google Search Console and Google Analytics integration, which will provide you with actionable SEO insights.

You will also be able to do competitive research and get keyword ideas.

Its pricing packages include the following:

  • Essential plan at $39 per month
  • Pro plan at $89 per month
  • Business plan at $189 per month

My experience using this platform has been great because I was able to meet the SEO needs of my clients quickly with the help of its features.

  • Excellent display of SERP competitors
  • Detailed white-label reports
  • Decent rank-tracking feature
  • Integrates well with a range of other tools

  • Poor backlink index


Our Rating
  • Extensions: 4.8
  • Privacy: 4.7
  • Customer support: 4.8
  • Pricing: 4.9


3. Semrush

Semrush is one of the most popular cheap SEO tools because of its impeccable features, some of which you may not find on other platforms.

Semrush Homepage

These features are organized in terms of your area of interest, with several tools provided to make it easy for you to meet your SEO goals. You have SEO analysis, SEO audits, social media marketing, and more tools at your disposal.

These areas include SEO, content, market research, advertising, and social media. 

In terms of the price packages, they include the following:

  • Pro plan at $119.95 monthly for newbies and small teams
  • Guru plan at $229.95 monthly for agencies and mid-sized businesses
  • The business plan at $449.95 monthly for large agencies and enterprises

Semrush has helped me a lot with implementing successful SEO campaigns and converting leads for my clients, and I think it’s price is great for the value you get. 

  • Wide range of SEO features
  • Prominent keyword database
  • Detailed competitor research

  • UX/UI is not beginner friendly


Our Rating
  • Extensions: 4.7
  • Privacy: 4.7
  • Customer support: 4.8
  • Pricing: 4.5


4. Mangools

Mangools is a cheap SEO tool with a great UI, is easy to use, and offers excellent value for money.

Mangools Homepage

It comes with very simple features such as KWFinder for keyword research, SERPChecker for SERP analysis, SERPWatcher for rank tracking, LinkMiner for backlink analysis, and SiteProfiler for SEO metrics and insights.

Interestingly, these features come at affordable prices, which beginners and new businesses venturing into SEO will find quite beneficial.

The price packages include the following:

  • Mangools Basic is $29.90 per month
  • Mangools Premium at $44.90 per month
  • Mangools Agency at $89.90 per month

I have only used Mangools twice, and from my experience, it is a platform that offers essential and effective services most suitable for beginners and small businesses.

  • Very affordable
  • Excellent user interface
  • Offers top-tier rank tracking

  • The free trial is limited


Our Rating
  • Extensions: 4.6
  • Privacy: 4.7
  • Customer support: 4.6
  • Pricing: 4.7


5. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is an affordable rank tracker tool that can track search rankings from any location on Earth.

NightWatch Homepage

This is quite beneficial since it will help you understand what drives your search engine traffic and sales on all leading search engines down to the ZIP code level.

Its pricing is based on the number of keywords, with a minimum of 250 keywords at $39 per month and a maximum of 10,000 keywords at $699 per month.

Nightwatch is a remarkable tool that takes rank tracking to a whole new level and helps you discover new ways of improving traffic.

  • Highly reliable
  • Flexible custom reporting options
  • Detailed and intuitive dashboard

  • No free plan


Our Rating
  • Extensions: 4.6
  • Privacy: 4.6
  • Customer support: 4.6
  • Pricing: 4.5


6. Serpstat

Serpstat is an SEO tool that offers the basic features of SEO, such as keyword research, competitor analysis, site audits, and AI content generation. 

Serpstat homepage

However, it is affordable because it has different plans tailored to different categories of people and offers a 20% discount when you subscribe annually.

I have used Serpstat to identify winning keywords that have boosted the organic growth of the online businesses owned by my clients.

  • Great for keyword and competitor research
  • Offers white-label reports
  • Multiple support options

  • Its backlink metrics aren’t robust


Our Rating
  • Extensions: 4.5
  • Privacy: 4.5
  • Customer support: 4.5
  • Pricing: 4.6


7. Moz

Moz is an all-in-one SEO toolset with all the SEO features and data you need to help increase your business’s traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results.


It has affordable and tailored plans to meet different needs, ranging from $99 for its Standard plan to $599 monthly for its Premium plan. Of course, you also get a 20% discount when you pay annually.

My experience with Moz was decent, considering I used Moz Local to get more clients and improve my online presence in my immediate location.

  • Excellent keyword explorer
  • Remarkable dashboard
  • Easily detects crawlability issues

  • Lacks a mobile rank-checking tool


Our Rating
  • Extensions: 4.5
  • Privacy: 4.4
  • Customer support: 4.4
  • Pricing: 4.5


8. Majestic

Majestic is a backlink tool focused on providing you with link intelligence data that would allow you to know who links to your website.

Majestic homepage

You can use the Majestic tool by subscribing to any of its affordable pricing plans, starting with the Lite plan at £39.99 per month, the Pro plan at £79.99 per month, and the API plan at £319.99 per month.

Majestic has helped me build and improve my clients’ website backlinks, which yielded positive results that gave them a competitive advantage in the digital space.

  • Customizable forms
  • User-friendly charts and stats
  • Optimum site performance tracking

  • User accounts are limited


Our Rating
  • Extensions: 4.3
  • Privacy: 4.3
  • Customer support: 4.2
  • Pricing: 4.7


9. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a 4-in-1 SEO software that can give you all you need to achieve a successful SEO campaign.

SEO PowerSuite Homepage

Its four main tools include Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant.

You can use these tools by subscribing to the Professional plan for $299 per year or the Enterprise plan for $499 per year.

SEO PowerSuite is a highly effective tool that has helped me achieve great results, particularly in tracking search engine rankings and website auditing.

  • Detailed keyword research
  • Useful SEO reports
  • Keyword rank tracking

  • Requires software installation


Our Rating
  • Extensions: 4.4
  • Privacy: 4
  • Customer support: 4.5
  • Pricing: 4.5


10. Whatsmyserp

Whatsmyserp is a Rank and SERP tracking tool that keeps track of where your website ranks on Google with automatic daily updates or unlimited on-demand checks.

Whatsmyserp Homepage

It is one of the most affordable SEO tools, considering that it goes for as low as $4.99 per month for 25 keywords and up to $59.99 per month for 1000 keywords.

Whatsmyserp is almost a free SEO tool considering how cheap it is, which is why I use it often for rank tracking and monitoring of my website.

  • Fantastic keyword research tool
  • Generates and shares URLs
  • Unlimited on-demand checks

  • Does not support Bing


Our Rating
  • Extensions: 4
  • Privacy: 4.3
  • Customer support: 4.1
  • Pricing: 4.7


Buyer’s Guide

You must understand crucial aspects of an SEO tool before you decide to purchase it. To make things easier, the following are the criteria you should consider before deciding:

1. Business Use Cases

Consider your specific business requirements and goals for using SEO tools. Different businesses may have varying needs, such as keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor tracking, or content optimization.

Business Success

Opt for a tool that aligns with your primary use cases.

2. Features And Functionality

Evaluate the features offered by the SEO tools to their cost. Look for tools that provide the essential functionalities you need at a reasonable price.

Avoid overpaying for advanced features you may not require immediately.

3. Training And Onboarding

Make sure you assess the learning curve and training resources the SEO tool provides. A cost-effective tool should be user-friendly and offer sufficient documentation, tutorials, and customer support to help you get started and maximize its features.

4. Support And Upgrade

Check the level of customer support offered by the SEO tool. Ensure they are responsive and can promptly assist you with any issues or queries. Find out if the tool’s pricing includes future upgrades or if you must pay separately for updates.

5. Ease Of Use

A cheap SEO tool should be easy to navigate and use, even for users with limited technical expertise.

EASE-OF-USE illustration

Make sure the tool has a straightforward user interface and intuitive design that can save time and make it easier for you to execute your SEO strategy.

Failing to prioritize SEO means your competition will always outrank you in Google search, winning the attention of your target audience. But by conducting keyword research and considering your audience’s search intent, you can create compelling resources that attract searchers and turn prospects into loyal customers.
– John Hall, SEO Expert and Co-Founder of Calendar


How Much Do SEO Tools Cost?

SEO tools cost around $12 to $1000 per month. It all depends on the tool and the type of SEO services you need.

Can I Make Use Of A Cheap SEO Tool On My Own?

Yes, you can use a cheap SEO tool on your own since most are user-friendly with intuitive interfaces that make for easy navigation and understanding.

The Best Cheap SEO Tools According To Us

Cheap SEO tools are blessings for many individuals and even small businesses that do not have the means to spend a fortune on SEO services.

I still recommend Ahrefs as the #1 in terms of value for money; it’s simply the best SEO tool out there, period.

However, if you’re looking for the cheapest option that will still get the job done well, I recommend SE Ranking because it provides most of the tracking and keyword research tools that an individual or SEO agency might need, all at an affordable price.

It also has excellent customer support and can easily integrate with other applications, which makes it a well-thought-out tool that can satisfy most SEO needs. 

Our #1 Recommendation: SE Ranking

SERanking Logo Small
  • Editor's Choice
Overall Rating:






Key Features:
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Competitive analysis
  • Website audit

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