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Demio Review: The Ultimate Webinar Platform (2024)

Demio Review

If you think of organizing webinars using Demio and are unsure if it is the best tool for you, do not worry. As someone who has been organizing webinars through this platform for years, I can say it is indeed one of the best tools for hosting virtual events.

In this review, I will provide detailed information on Demio, its features, benefits, pricing, and why you should choose it over other webinar platforms.

What Is Demio?

Demio is a world-class platform used for webinars and virtual events. 

This platform is built for business growth, as those in the sales industry can use it to automate sales demos and close more deals with engagement analytics. Demio can also be used to retain customers and reduce churn.


How Does Demio Work?

Demio works by making registering and attending a webinar easy. The good thing about this webinar platform is that your audience doesn’t need to download a mobile application; they can join the webinar live straight from their browsers.

Demio Homepage

Demio is also one of the best webinar platforms with customization tools that can be used for any event.

For example, you can run automated webinars on autopilot through pre-recorded presentations.

Demio Features

Through its amazing features, Demio has proven to be one of the best webinar platforms.

Unlimited Sessions

Demio offers unlimited sessions. You can conduct as many virtual meetings and webinars as possible without fuss. Also, it allows you to reach more people, which can even increase business growth.


Unlimited Registrations

With Demio, there are no limits to the number of individuals that can register for any event. If you are considering having a virtual meeting with a large audience, Demio should be your first choice.

24/7 Chat And Email Support

Demio offers 24/7 chat and email support. This means you can send in your feedback and complaints at any time of the day, either through the chat option or via email, and be confident that you will get a response.

Detailed Engagement Insights

With Demio, you can observe in detail the number of engagements you had, the number of attendees you had, and the performance trend over time.

Demio Analytics

Demio Benefits

These are some of the benefits of using Demio:

Content Production

One of the benefits I had while using this online webinar platform was that I could produce content and even reuse it repeatedly creatively.

For example, I could cut snippets from my video recordings and post them on my social media accounts to increase engagement and promote my brand.

I could also use the engagement insights feature to know which part of my content gained more attraction and use it to boost my return on investment.

Cost Effective

With Demio, I achieved better results concerning webinars and online events at low costs. The costs of renting a venue, getting on-site equipment, and so on were eliminated.

Money Illustration

Demio also has in-built features that can promote my events, so I don’t need to spend so much on marketing, which is a major advantage.

Better Engagement

Demio has allowed me to engage and interact more with my audience.

I can use my pre-recorded content to promote interactions and modify my webinars by adding polls and quizzes to make them interactive.

  • Offers HD live presentation
  • Has a simple user interface
  • Comes with customizable templates
  • Has custom branding
  • The reporting options are limited
  • Consumes a lot of internet bandwidth


Our Rating
  • Extensions: 4.6
  • Privacy: 4.6
  • Customer support: 4.8
  • Pricing: 4.5


Some users have reported that they sometimes face glitches if there is an overload on the platform or the network is not at its best.

Network Monitoring

Also, email customization and reporting options are still limited, which might be a problem for some users.

However, if you are not too demanding, Demio will work perfectly. It can help you easily organize a smooth and reliable webinar and interact with attendees.

How To Use Demio

If you want to use Demio, you will have to do the following:

  • Create an account
  • Proceed to log in to your account
  • Start with the 14-day trial or book a demo and get a quote to learn how the platform works.
  • Choose the plan that suits your business
  • Start running engaging webinars and customize the experience for your attendees


Demio offers flexible pricing for any business. For the monthly plans, Demio offers the starter plan and the Growth plan.

Demio Pricing

The starter plan costs $59 per month, while the growth plan costs $109. These plans come with various features, such as automated events and custom form fields, so depending on what you need, you are free to go for whichever plan satisfies that.

You get to save an annual $30% for the yearly plans. The yearly plans are three, beginning with the starter plan at $499, the growth plan at $899, and the premium plan at $3300. 

Note that these prices will vary depending on the number of attendees in a room. The higher they are, the higher the prices will be.

You can pay for any of these plans with the following card types: VISA card, Master card, American Express, Union Pay, and Discover.


User Testimonials For Demio

The usability is so wonderful! Anybody and their grandma could use the backend of the platform. So easy. The best part about Demio isn’t the platform, though: It’s the team. They’re so nimble, responsive, and agile.
– James,

I use Demio to conduct training and educational live webinars in my Pilot Proficiency Network. It allows me to present to a large enough audience and be able to customize the brand and colours to my platform.
– Radek, TrustRadius

The Demio team has created a road map of their upcoming features and they are super transparent and listen to suggestions and comments as well. This software is amazing and will only get better.
– Nathan, GetApp

Comparing Demio To Other Alternatives

There are numerous platforms offering automated webinars and live events, such as Zoom, GoToWebinar, and Livestorm. This is how Demio compares to them.


Zoom Homepage

Demio offers a live chat with a two-minute response time, which is something you can’t get from Zoom. On the other hand, Zoom has some features that Demio lacks, such as the whiteboard feature.


Demio offers a live chat with a two-minute response time and online training through webinars and documentation, which you can’t get from GoToWebinar.


Demio is available for download on mobile and desktop devices and provides more options in customer support than Livestorm.

LiveStorm Homepage

However, Livestorm offers customizable emails, built-in social sharing, a registration filter, virtual and digital whiteboards, and dial-in to webinars, which Demio lacks.

Despite virtual events being perhaps the ‘safest’ way to engage with audiences and share information, the excitement around virtual interactions is diminishing. There are several challenges facing virtual events: low registration numbers, low engagement, and low ROI. Hence, what comes next for events relies entirely on reinventing the marketing stack.
– Mayank Agarwal, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Hubilo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Run A Hybrid Event With Demio?

Yes, you can run a hybrid event with Demio. Simply use the pre-recorded video for a portion of the event and start sharing live for another portion.

Does Demio Have A Whiteboard Feature?

No, Demio does not have a whiteboard feature. However, you can make use of third-party apps and use Demio’s screen-sharing feature to share the whiteboard window with your webinar attendees.

How Many Webinar Presenters Can I Have on Demio?

You can have up to 15 webinar presenters on Demio for each event. These presenters will join through a unique link without the need to have a Demio account.


Does Demio Record Automatically?

Yes, Demio records automatically once you start a webinar session capturing the moments you share with your attendees. This way Demio has got you covered even if you forget to hit record.

Get Started With Demio Today For Your Online Events

We recommend Demio as it can help drive your business growth through webinars and online events. It is also great for businesses that need to gain more brand recognition without going overboard with spending.

Demio can also help you automate your events so that your content and webinars run themselves while you generate leads and drive results, even in your sleep.

This is great if you can’t handle a live audience, which shows that Demio stands out from other competing applications.

It is also affordable, so you know you are getting the best offer guaranteed to give you premium services.

In my opinion, Demio is the best webinar software you will find, and I suggest giving it a try today!

Our #1 Recommendation: demio

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  • Editor's Choice
Overall Rating:


Customer support



Key Features:
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Unlimited storage
  • Engagement insights
  • Customizable web-pages
  • 14-day free trial

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