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How to Make Money Online Tutoring: 12 Best Job Sites in 2024

How to Make Money in Online Tutoring

Thinking of becoming an online tutor?

Online tutoring jobs can be a great way to make money online. And the salary can be quite good.

I know this because back in the day, I used to tutor as well.

But, I’m sure you have a ton of questions before jumping in.

Do tutoring jobs pay well? How can I make more per hour as a tutor? And, will I need a bachelor’s degree to tutor students online?

Fortunately, I have answers to all of those questions. Discover how to make money tutoring online below.

Quick Summary

  • Instructors can make enough money from tutoring online to live comfortably.
  • Most tutoring jobs require a college education and some experience.
  • Signing up with a tutoring platform is one of the best ways to start your tutoring career.

Can You Make Money as an Online Tutor?

You can make money as a tutor online once you find your first few real clients and begin to generate referrals.

Online Tutoring

News travels fast when parents or students find an outstanding tutor. The best tutors find themselves forced to turn down work because they have too many inquiries.

After establishing your own tutoring business and filling your schedule, you can increase your per-hour rate and inform your lowest-paying clients.

Can You Make a Living Off Tutoring?

You can make a living off tutoring services if you invest the time and remain open to learning about one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

Online Tutor

Many educators start their careers by signing up with tutoring platforms. These platforms are almost always hiring, provide access to thousands of potential clients, and offer valuable resources to help tutors improve.

Around the globe, millions of people make a living off tutoring. However, many factors affect how much you can expect to make from your tutoring jobs.

How Much Money Can You Make From Online Tutoring?

You can make more than $100K from tutoring jobs. However, building a book of business and generating a consistent revenue stream will take time.

Money you can make from online tutoring

Your circumstances will determine how much money you can make from tutoring opportunities. Some of the most crucial factors for private tutoring income include:

  • Location — The primary pay determinant; Dallas tutors make more than Timbuktu tutors
  • Education — A tutor with a teaching degree will make more than a student tutor
  • Teaching Experience — Seasoned online tutors make more than first-year tutors
  • Subject Matter —  A computer science tutor will make more than an online English tutor

Tutors with previous teaching experience and a college degree can earn a considerable sum each year. Many online tutors earn six-figure salaries at tutoring companies and other tutoring jobs.

How Do I Become an Online Tutor?

You can become an online tutor by finding open positions, meeting the specific job requirements, and possessing the necessary educational background, if any.

Online Tutoring Positions

Other online teachers start as freelance tutors, attract new students, and create their own schedules and lesson plans.

Let’s look at some of the most common requirements for tutoring jobs.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
– Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father of the United States of America

What Are the Job Requirements for Online Tutoring?

The job requirements for online tutoring jobs vary dramatically depending on the type of tutoring services provided.

For self-employed online tutors, there are no job requirements.

Prospective tutors who wish to teach English to Chinese students through an online platform will need to possess at least a couple of years of experience or be TESOL/TEFL accredited.

TESO/LTEFL accredited

Tutor applicants who want to assist graduate students in pursuing advanced degrees will face additional scrutiny. Some of the job requirements for tutoring grad students in advanced subjects may include:

  • Previous tutoring experience
  • Participation in a mock tutoring session
  • In-house teaching exam
  • Successful completion of an online course
  • Demonstration of subject matter expertise
  • Government-issued teaching license
  • Criminal background check

Do I Need a Degree for a Tutoring Job on the Internet?

You do not need a degree for a tutoring job on the internet. Many high school students teach lower-classmen for pay. And, many of them do it over the internet.


Likewise, a current college student can teach traditional school subjects to high schoolers and middle schoolers.

However, most tutoring companies will require a bachelor’s degree, especially if you want to earn money teaching students as part of an SAT prep course.

The Best Online Tutoring Jobs to Make Money Now

As more students from emerging economies come online, the tutoring business continues to expand.

Online tutoring sessions now occur between two individuals who may live on opposite ends of the planet. And, you can find one tutoring company after another that will put you in contact with

Discover some of the best online platforms to find tutoring jobs and make more money below.

1. Skooli

Skooli pays tutors on a per-hour basis. All you have to do is sign in to view your tutoring requests and schedule your next sessions.

Skooli Homepage

While you remain online, you can receive instant tutoring inquiries that allow you to earn money on the fly.

This popular video instruction platform also provides a virtual whiteboard that allows you to demonstrate concepts visually.

At Skooli, you can tutor students in K-12 subjects, business courses, languages, and test prep.

  • On-demand tutoring available
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Teaching credentials required
  • Fixed hourly rate for each student

2. TutorMe

Assist K-12 students 24 hours a day at TutorMe!

Tutor Me

Like most  tutoring jobs that involve a digital platform, TutorMe pays its tutors a flat hourly wage.

Your ability to stay on the platform and help students with test prep and course material depends on your ratings from previous clients. If you receive too many negative ratings, you may stop receiving tutoring requests.

Keep in mind that TutorMe accepts only a small percentage of applicants and requires a degree or enrollment in a top-tier university. You may need to apply more than once.

  • Hourly wages paid every week
  • Over 300 teaching subjects
  • Merit-based rating system
  • Low per-hour pay
  • Highly selective


Accelerate the learning process for your students at the most popular internet tutoring platform:!


Brought to you by The Princeton Review, pays more per hour than most video chat tutoring companies.

Create your own schedule depending on how much time you have to spend tutoring. Agree to on-the-spot tutoring sessions. And start earning money for tutoring.

Once you get comfortable with the system, you will be well-positioned to meet lots of new clients due to the company’s universal recognition.

  • Popular website with lots of students
  • Lots of niche subjects and plenty of test prep
  • Above-average pay
  • Prior teaching experience required
  • Must submit to subject matter examination

4. Yup

Is there an internet tutoring platform dedicated specifically to mathematics? Yup!


Yup represents the most popular place for instructors to find tutoring jobs in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.

Tutors earn money per hour while teaching students from around the world.

Applicants must possess two or more years of teaching experience and pass Yup’s entrance exams. Then, they must successfully complete a practice tutoring session.

Yup will give you a weekly schedule, and you are expected to be online to field tutoring inquiries.

  • Math-specific tutoring and SAT prep sessions
  • Multiple payment options
  • In-house training
  • Strict job requirements
  • Complicated application process

5. VIPKid

Teach English to Chinese students with VIPKid!


VIPKid caters to Chinese citizens who wish to learn American English but can not make the trip to study at American schools.

Many tutors find it challenging to get their applications accepted at VIPKid because the company is highly selective.

You must have one year of teaching under your belt and be eligible to work in the United States or Canada.

The pay is above average and includes performance bonuses.

  • Solid pay with bonus structure
  • Lots of available students
  • Plenty of room for career growth
  • Very low acceptance rate
  • Limited to English classes

6. Chegg

Find a place where you can excel as a tutor by helping students with homework at Chegg!


As one of the largest providers of tutoring jobs, Chegg caters to students in middle school, grad school, and everything in between.

All tutor applicants must possess at least one degree or be enrolled in a 4-year program.

Chegg represents one of the best options for international tutors because the company accepts applicants from all over the world and pays an above-average per-hour rate.

  • Open to tutors from most countries
  • Decent hourly pay
  • A broad range of subject matter
  • Students can schedule 5-minute sessions
  • Onerous application process

7. Smarthinking

Don’t teach harder; teach smarter with Smarthinking by Pearson!


Smarthinking assists students in kindergarten, high school, college, and the workplace.

Much of the tutoring jobs at Smarthinking involve language, reading, and writing.

To apply, search the Pearson job board and follow the instructions for any tutor positions that you find.

In general, Smarthinking requires that you possess at least two years of teaching experience. Applicants must have a degree in the subject they wish to teach.

  • Students of all ages
  • Trusted brand
  • Over 150 subjects
  • Must have experience
  • College degree required

8. Wyzant

Start making money as an online tutor today by signing up with Wyzant!


Wyzant makes getting your foot in the door much easier with its mostly automated application system.

All you have to do is pass a quick exam, create your profile, and speak with a Wyzant representative to start taking students within a couple of days.

Set your pay rate and earn high ratings from students to receive more work. Don’t forget to offset Wyzant’s 25% cut by bumping up your desired pay.

Due to its unique business model, tutors make more money per hour on average at Wyzant than on other platforms.

  • Lightning quick signup
  • Easy application process
  • State your own hourly rate
  • More suitable for part-time work
  • Students come and go

9. Varsity Tutors

Land a job while you continue your studies at Varsity Tutors!

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors has a spot open for anyone 18 or older. So, you can start earning money online while wrapping up your senior year of high school.

Submit your high school transcripts and complete a remote interview to gain access to the Varsity Tutors platform. Once inside, you can start accepting online tutoring jobs.

Varsity Tutors make their students schedule 90-minute sessions. At up to $35 per hour, you can make a living pretty easily at Varsity Tutors if you take many appointments.

One thing that sets Varsity Tutors apart is that it allows in-person tutoring and online sessions.

  • Open to all adult tutors
  • High pay rate
  • In-person tutoring available
  • Long sessions require more planning
  • Lots of competition

10. Brainfuse

Connect with students from disadvantaged geographical regions on Brainfuse.


Brainfuse was created for students who may have a poor internet connection due to a lack of broadband. It’s perfect for urban students using their smartphones as a hotspot and rural students with spotty connectivity.

Teach students as young as five years old or adults who need help with rehabilitating their resume and interviewing skills.

Tutors can schedule their online tutoring or sign in and pick up on-demand sessions.

Brainfuse tutors cover a wide range of topics, so apply and see if the company has an immediate need for your skillset.

  • High-speed internet is not required
  • Students of all ages
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Lots of applicants
  • Unclear hiring standards

11. GeeklyHub

Assist current students with their studies at GeeklyHub!


Focused solely on adults pursuing higher education, GeeklyHub matches qualified online tutoring professionals with struggling students.

A strictly on-demand tutoring service, GeeklyHub allows students to post a specific problem, and the company’s algorithm will find the right tutors for the job.

Sign in each day to view the tutoring jobs in your inbox. Select the ones that still remain available and schedule your next session. If the student is online, you can start tutoring right away.

  • Above-average pay scale
  • Flexible scheduling and on-demand sessions
  • Motivated college students
  • More suitable for part-time work
  • Tutors of traditional subjects fare better

12. Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep takes good care of their employees, making them feel like part of a family.

Revolution Prep

The company also pays some of the highest wages in the business because they only hire top-tier applicants with degrees in their desired tutoring subject.

As a result, the application process for tutoring jobs with Revolution Prep is grueling. However, you will find the experience quite lucrative if you make it through.

Revolution Prep tutors teach most subjects in both private and group settings.

  • Great pay
  • Benefits package
  • Career development
  • Highly selective
  • Full-time work only

In learning, you will teach. And, in teaching, you will learn.
– Phil Collins, songwriter and Producer

How to Find an Online Tutoring Job

Nowadays, finding online tutoring jobs is easier than ever.

All someone needs to start teaching online is a job offer, computer, internet connection, web camera, and microphone.

Job Offer

But how do you land a job and start tutoring online?

To land a job with a company that offers online tutoring jobs and services, follow the below steps.

Register With a Tutoring Platform

Search for recent online tutoring jobs by registering with a good online tutoring company.

You should look for online platforms with fresh tutoring opportunities in advanced subjects so you can start making more money immediately.

Otherwise, consider teaching English online with a less picky internet tutoring company. That strategy will allow you to get your bearings within the tutoring business while you begin to tutor students for the first time.

Once you find a webcam tutoring platform with job requirements that you can satisfy, register with the company and start your online teaching journey.

Submit to Any Additional Testing or Other Assessments

Most online tutoring jobs require applicants to take a subject exam, lead a brief sample lesson, or submit to psychological assessments.

Online Tests

Before you start going through the onboarding process with your new tutoring platform, you should research what the exams cover, how to impress potential employers with your approach to teaching, and how to respond to personality test questions.

Try to take a couple of practice tests or ask one of your friends to sit for a traditional tutoring session. That way, you’ll feel more comfortable when it’s time to show your future employer what you can do.

Keep in mind that you will also need to meet up online for at least one interview.

Create a Profile and Video Greeting

Now that you’ve nailed your exams, mock tutoring session, and interview, you will gain access to the online tutoring company’s platform.

Online Profile

The first thing you should do is create a profile. Some of the information you need to provide may include your:

  • Picture — Flattering photo of yourself in front of bookshelves, landmarks, or nature
  • Education — Best educational achievements at the top of the list
  • Work History — Most relevant work experience first
  • About Me — Fascinating story about your tutoring journey that reveals your interests

Producing a high-quality greeting video can separate you from other tutors on the platform. Make sure you smile and express your passion for tutoring and the subject matter.

When students and parents of high school students join a platform to make tutoring requests, they usually create a shortlist of prospective tutors. Creating a better video greeting than the next guy will lead to more tutoring requests and new students.

Receive Tutoring Requests From Potential Clients

Now that you have your profile set up, all you have to do is wait for inquiries about your availability and per-hour rate. In the meantime, you can search for other recent online tutoring jobs.

Search for Online Tutoring Jobs

Once the tutoring requests start rolling in, you can schedule meetings to discuss the curriculum, set up your schedule, and field questions from new students.

Some online tutoring jobs with international platforms allow online tutors to search for new students in addition to fielding tutoring requests.

Hold Your First Session

Start making money tutoring by holding your first of many tutoring sessions.

You’d be surprised to learn how much online tutoring jobs pay when you encounter highly motivated parents of new students. So, you need to make a stellar first impression if you want to tutor online for any length of time.

Whether you intend to help high school students with SAT prep or assist college students with test prep for advanced subjects, you should view your first session as an opportunity to establish trust, set boundaries, and manage expectations.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
– Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics


Are Online Tutoring Jobs in Demand?

Yes, online tutoring jobs are in high demand. The popularity of online tutoring has increased due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2020. In the last two years, a lot of new students have joined online platforms to learn. In addition, local parent Facebook groups often discuss tutoring.

Online Course

Despite the fact that many kids will soon be attending traditional public or private schools, many families are still looking for tutors to make up for the academic ground their children may have lost over the summer. Of course, there’s always the option of hiring a private instructor, but online instruction is also convenient. There are many jobs you can find as a private tutor. 

Do I Need a Degree to Become a Tutor?

You don’t necessarily need a degree to become a tutor. Some believe that tutoring requires a background in education, although that is not always the case. But if you have a diploma or GED, you may get work as a tutor. Many opportunities exist for tutors to work with kids in elementary, middle, and high school.

How Much Should I Charge for Tutoring?

On average, tutoring sessions will cost you about $50. Tutoring fees often depend on the tutor’s degree of education and experience. We observed rates ranging from $25 per hour for beginners up to $80 per hour for experts with certifications.

Is Online Tutoring a Growing Field?

Online tutoring is a growing field that will continue to expand for the foreseeable future.

The web tutoring industry was already growing before the 2020 pandemic.

Since then, online tutoring has exploded in popularity, with millions of traditional tutoring professionals launching their own tutoring businesses on the internet.

Many recent graduates have begun to tutor students through newly developed tutoring platforms.

Online Tutor Lesson 1

You can expect the tutoring online tutoring field to grow as more parents work from home and more college students attend classes online.

What Is the Best Platform for Online Tutoring?

The best platform for tutoring online is the one that fits your lifestyle and satisfies your financial needs.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself when searching for the best online tutoring jobs include:

  • Do I want to work on a salary or a per-hour basis?
  • Does this online platform allow me to search for new students?
  • Will I get to create my own schedule?
  • How are the platform’s reviews from past tutors?
  • What are the minimum job requirements for this platform?

Is Online Tutoring a Good Career Path?

Online tutoring can be a great career path depending on your lifestyle choices, family situation, financial needs, and personality type.

Instructors who wish to teach English, SAT prep, or any other subject online will love the flexibility of tutoring online.

English Tutoring Lesson

Tutors with a full book of business can charge more per hour and have more control over their own schedules.

What Is the Most That Online Tutors Get Paid?

An online tutor with a bachelor’s degree and five years of experience can make over $110K.

An exceptional private online tutor with advanced degrees and wealthy clients can make up to $200K.

You can even start your own tutoring business online and earn even more than that.

Aside from your credentials and geographical location, your negotiating ability will determine how much you will get paid. You definitely can make good money online tutoring. Don’t sell yourself short. Ask for a high per-hour rate and bargain downward.


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