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Announcement: Rank Club Acquires Diggity Links

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4 years ago, I was sitting down with a business partner and we decided to sell links from our private blog network.

But if we were going to do it, we were going to do it right.  We wanted to change the game of PBN rentals.

We wanted to have the most powerful links, the most secure network, and the best customer service.

I tend to be modest with my accomplishments, but from what I gather, we’ve did a good job.

5 stars

Alas, it’s time for me to depart.

Diggity Links has been recently acquired by Rank Club, a new project launched by an investor group that I’ve worked with before in the past.

These guys will definitely be able to do a good (if not better) job at taking care of our customers with The Link Service, the rebranded offering.

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What will my role be in The Link Service?

For the first 6 months, I will act as a consultant, making sure that the same level of standards will continue at The Link Service.  I also have a few R&D projects to finish off to make sure they get applied to the new offering.

As for my team, in order to upkeep the same levels of service and product, my entire team is getting absorbed into the Rank Club.  This includes the R&D staff, writers, designers, sales concierges, and support.

You’re in great hands.


Q: Why did you decide to step down at Diggity Links?

A: As a business, Diggity Links is doing absolutely great.  The links are getting amazing results, the customers are happy, and the company is growing.

But on a personal level, my time is getting spread too thin and I need some time to focus on existing projects.  Plus… I’m getting married soon. ?

Q: Does this mean that you are giving up on PBNs?

A: Absolutely not.

Put it this way, my affiliate SEO agency LeadSpring is Diggity Links (and now Rank Club’s biggest customer) and accounts for 64% of its revenue.  Each month, this number increases.

I am very much heavily invested in PBNs as a tactic.

When/if I change my opinion on that, you’ll know right away.

Q: What will you be focusing on now?

A: First off, I’m doubling down on what I do best, creating affiliate websites and ranking them in Google.  At LeadSpring, we’ve recently bought 2 and launched 5 new sites that I’m crazy excited about.

Secondly, I’m putting my heart and soul into The Lab.  There’s so much good stuff that we’re teaching there and it’s requiring more of my time and testing in order to do that.

Q: Will The Link Service maintain the same level of standard that Diggity Links has?

A: Absolutely.  In fact, Rank Club has more resources on hand to perform more testing and support.  My Director of Research and Development, Rob Rok, is also going along to Rank Club and will continue carrying out all the testing we do with these increased resources.  Expect more blog posts on PBN too.

Q: Do my PayPal subscriptions need to be renewed or updated?

A: Not at all. You will notice no change in how the billing is performed.

Q: Who will I contact for new purchases?

A: Please continue to contact your same sales concierge using their email address.  It will get forwarded to their corresponding address.

Q: Will The Link Service have more openings per year and let in more customers than Diggity Links did?

A: They are unsure at this point. The main focus is to maintain the same level of quality.

Q: I’ve applied to Diggity Links and I’m in the application queue.  Do I need to reapply for The Link Service.

A: No need.  I’ve ported over all the applicants.

Q: Who will take over for marketing for The Link Service?  Where can I find out about The Link Service openings and promotions.

A: I’m happy to announce Rob Rok, will be taking over my role in marketing.  Many of you have met him before, so the transition should be seamless.

Please like Rank Club’s Facebook page, to make sure you’re dialed in for future promotions.

To your continued success,

Matt Diggity



Article by

Matt Diggity

Matt is the founder of Diggity Marketing, LeadSpring, The Search Initiative, The Affiliate Lab, and the Chiang Mai SEO Conference. He actually does SEO too.


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