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Rank Ranger Review (2024) Features, Pricing & Alternatives

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Rank tracking tools are important in positioning your site in the SERPs – how you appear on Google’s first page is vital to the success of your business. 

Rank Ranger is a powerful SEO tool for monitoring your SERP ranks and driving organic traffic competitively.

As a digital marketing expert who has used this SEO tracking software several times, I deeply understand how it works. In this Rank Ranger review, I will provide an in-depth analysis of its tools, benefits, and downsides.

What Is Rank Ranger?

Rank Ranger is an all-in-one SEO, marketing, and analytics platform founded in 2009 before Similarweb acquired it in 2022.

Rank Ranger Homepage

It facilitates comprehensive keyword tracking, competitor analysis, social analytics, link management, report generation, and other features.


How Does Rank Ranger Work?

Rank Ranger works by monitoring site performance constantly while generating daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

It automates crucial tasks such as keyword research, site audit, competitor analysis, site performance, tracking of social media as well as other SEO campaigns.

This platform conveniently packs all these features under one roof and has them working for desktop and mobile pages, over 500 search engines, and local ranks.

It also integrates with other useful SEO features.

Rank Ranger Features

I tested this software for weeks and compared it against other popular SEO tools I have previously used to establish its functions. Here are eight SERP features that I have found useful.


1. Keyword Research

This feature helps discover new target keywords and analyze the success of current ones. It provides similar keywords and volume, average CPC, keyword density, relevance, and similarity.

You could also bulk upload; the platform will update the data in less than three hours.

2. Rank Tracking

This feature allows you to keep a close eye on all your keyword rankings across hundreds of search engines, including Google, Bing, YouTube, etc.

The keyword tracking reports include data points such as:

  • Best rank: The highest SERP position your site has achieved for a specific keyword
  • Current rank: The present rank you hold for a particular keyword
  • Keyword difficulty: A score that shows how tough it is to rank for a specific keyword based on search volume data and page authority

3. Competitor Analysis

It gives you key tools to identify your competitors, investigate their keywords and check out how well they rank on SERPs. Moreover, the data comes in a concise report showing your top 20 paid and organic competitors.


You can do a quick landing page performance analysis of your competition with a single click on the arrow next to their rank.

A good SEO not only understands the searcher, but the competitive landscape as well.
– Ryan Jones, SEO group director at Razorfish

4. Link Management

Link management allows you to maintain quality links and attract new backlinks. This feature provides basic link management tools.

Still, you can do a backlinks analysis – monitor the backlinks you receive or lose and their comparative impact on your website’s SEO.

5. Social Analytics

It provides access to quality social media performance indexes crucial to your marketing campaign’s success. 

Social Media

Under the “Digital Marketing” tab, you can create custom graphs with data from several platforms.

6. White Label Reports

The reports feature generates conventional PDFs and provides marketing and client dashboards.

These reports communicate SEO efforts or success with your team. It allows you to filter the reports, graphs, and widgets to include and customize the dashboard.

7. Mobile And Local Rankings

Search engines prioritize mobile-optimized sites depending on the user’s screen. Similarly, it prioritizes local results over distant ones.

Besides, it highlights several mobile-specific SERP data points, including:

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): pages that use the open source HTML framework, are optimized for mobile web browsing, and load faster.
  • Featured Snippet: short excerpts that address the search intent quickly
  • Rank metrics: best rank, current rank, and overall change in ranking over time

8. Integrations

This rank-tracking software offers strategic 3rd party integrations, including Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Drive, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Benefits Of Rank Ranger

The  benefits of using Rank Ranger include the following:

1. Reasonable Pricing

Money Illustration

The platform has nearly everything you ever need as an SEO expert but manages to keep the rates low compared to similar software.

2. Many Tracking Options

It provides many tracking options, which leaves room to expand your SEO campaign and grow your skills.

3. Comprehensive And Flexible Reports

It provides comprehensive reports, complete with graphs, while supporting the customization of these reports, sharing, and restricting access.

4. Unique Features

The platform provides several unique features, such as the project management section, that I have yet to see on similar products.

  • Affordable
  • Many rank-tracking tools and options
  • Detailed reports
  • Project management tab

  • Has a learning curve


Our Rating
  • Price: 4.6
  • Free Trial: 4.5
  • Tracked Keywords: 4.9 
  • Update Frequency: 4.8
  • Location Support: 4.9
  • Mobile Index: 4.9

Downsides Of Rank Ranger

The biggest downside of Rank Ranger is its learning curve, which may be challenging for beginners. It would be easier if it had detailed guides to help new users get up to speed.


However, the learning curve issue cuts across SEO platforms that offer many tools.

How To Use Rank Ranger?

Setting up Rank Ranger begins with a straightforward registration process, after which you can add your site’s domain.

  • Open the Rank Ranger website and click “Sign in” or “Get a free trial.”
  • If you click “Sign in,” go ahead and choose “Sign Up” to create a new account.
  • Enter your name, email address, company name, and password.
  • Open your email address and click on Rank Ranger’s verification link.
  • Sign into your account.
  • Enter a website address and choose a campaign name (optional) to start researching your SEO.

Rank Ranger Pricing 

Rank Ranger has three price plans. Unfortunately, there is no free version of the tool, but users can enjoy a limited free trial under the Lite and Standard plans. Here’s more on the plans:

  • Lite: Rank Ranger starts at $79 a month for 500 keywords and 15 dashboards (14-day free trial)
  • Standard: $149 a month for 1,000 keywords and 30 dashboards (14-day free trial)
  • Pro: $699 for 5,000 keywords and 100+ dashboards
  • Premium: $2,700 for 25,000+ keywords and 250+ dashboards


Rank Ranger User Feedback

Rank Ranger is being used as one of our major keyword tracking tools. The tool is used by each of our SEO teams and is integral to our reporting strategies. It addresses measuring keyword rankings across multiple domains, competitor analysis and ranking performance over time. With how quickly it updates it is great for GAP analyses.
– Joseph Wolls, TrustPilot

The customer service at Rank Ranger is the best. I can rely on them any time I become stuck or lost managing a report. It also offers easy-to-understand reports, which is what sets it apart from other SEO tools.
– Hobby T., TrustPilot

Rank Ranger Comparison With Other SEO Tools

Here are other rank tracking tools that are great alternatives to monitor your website performance.

Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is an SEO service that helps users monitor their content performance with useful tools, such as full SERP analysis, site audit, comprehensive reports, and site rankings discovery.

ProRankTracker Homepage

Rank Ranger has better reporting because it can generate more detailed reports with graphs and even automate sharing of these reports. It also provides backlink analysis, which Pro Rank Tracker lacks.

Its keyword research feature is average, providing up to 200 tracked terms for its basic plan and 2,000 for the advanced package. In comparison, Rank Ranger allows for more keywords at 500 for the Lite plan and 25,000+ for Premium.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking provides an all-in-one platform, much like Rank Ranger. It facilitates keyword tracking, competitor analysis, reports, and backlink monitoring. Users also get site audits, which Pro Rank Tracker could not deliver.

Yet, Rank Ranger wins when we consider reports because of their customizability and availability across all plans.

The $31.2 Essential Plan is SE Ranking’s basic subscription, which comes lower priced than Rank Ranger’s Lite plan. However, Rank Ranger compensated with more keywords (500) than SE Ranking’s 250 per day.


SEMrush is a popular tool providing keyword analysis, rank tracking, link-building, competitive analysis, client dashboard, and local SEO functions like Rank Ranger.

Semrush Homepage

However, Rank Ranger has an easier-to-use interface, while SEMrush has a steeper learning curve. Also, it has a 7-day free trial period, but it is unavailable for its business plan. This offer is a bit scaled-down, considering that Rank Ranger offers up to 14 days. 

Starting from $79/month, Rank Ranger is more affordable than SEMrush, whose lowest plan is $119.95 monthly.


Does Rank Ranger Integrate With Google Analytics And Other Tools?

Yes, Rank Ranger integrates with Google Analytics and other tools, including Google Search Console and Google Drive. It also integrates with social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Can Rank Rager Show How Customers Found My Listing?

Yes, Rank Ranger shows how customers found your listings by providing a daily breakdown of users who found your brand concerning questions about your products or services.

Do I Need Web Development Skills To Use Rank Ranger?

No, you don’t need web development skills to use Rank Ranger. You only have to understand the basics of SEO to get started.

Is Rank Ranger Worth Giving A Try?

As a business owner or SEO specialist, you cannot accurately determine the success of your SERP ranking strategies unless you have an effective tool to automate the cumbersome tasks.

We recommend Rank Ranger as it provides a great depth of aspects vital to any SEO campaign, including keyword tracking, competitors’ rankings, link management, and social media analytics.

If you are looking to drive traffic to your site and track your competition consider migrating to Rank Ranger. Consider their Lite plan to see how it works, and move to a higher plan when you are satisfied with results.

Our #1 Recommendation: RankRanger

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  • Editor's Choice
Overall Rating:


Free Trial

Tracked Keywords

Update Frequency

Location support

Mobile Index

Key Features:
  • Keyword Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Link Management
  • Social Analytics

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