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SE Ranking Review: Does This SEO Tool Work in 2024?

SERanking Review

It’s no secret that your ranking with search engines is crucial to the health of your website. SEO tools like SE Ranking are necessary to track your keyword performance, perform a website audit, check the quality of backlinks, and even look into your competitors’ marketing and SEO strategies.

I have spent months researching SE Ranking and other SEO agencies to evaluate their features, price, and more to help you with rank tracking of your website. In this SE ranking review, I will discuss their SEO services’ features, overall value, price, and more. 

What Is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is an SEO tool that allows you to perform essential SEO tasks such as keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, website audits, backlink checks, and more. SE Ranking offers tools for SEO professionals, entrepreneurs, agencies, and more.

SERanking Homepage

How Does SE Ranking Work?

SE Ranking monitors all keywords you have registered in real-time, even over several search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more. The SE ranking tool also helps with Google analytics, rank tracking, a backlink checker, keyword rankings, a keyword research tool, and more to rank your website through Google analytics. 

If you aren’t meeting your searcher’s needs, it doesn’t matter how optimized your website is.
– Stoney deGeyter, President, Pole Position Marketing


SE Ranking Features

SE Ranking offers lots of great features, including:

  • Keyword research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Website audit
  • SEO auditing
  • SEO change tracking
  • Link building
  • Localization
  • SEO alerts
  • Technical SEO
  • Social media
  • Data visualization
  • SERP rank tracking
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Custom Reports

SE Ranking Benefits

Here are some of the advantages you may experience while using SE ranking.


1. Collects The Right Keywords

There are several benefits of using the SE ranking keyword search feature, including:

  • Expand your keyword list with similar, relevant, and long keywords
  • Learn how many keywords and the specific keywords you need to rank
  • Find all the keywords your competitors are targeting in organic and paid searches
  • Direct your audience to your site with relevant search queries
  • Analyze each keyword according to SEO parameters

2. Page Ranking For Target Queries 

A keyword rank tracker is a powerful tool that gives you ranking data for your website or competitors over different search engines, including: 

  • Which keywords bring the most traffic to your site
  • Where do you rank for each target keyword
  • What are the peaks and lows in ranking
  • Whether there is upward or downward movement in ranking

3. Backlink Analysis

SE ranking’s backlink checker makes it easy to look into a domain’s link profile, analyze the value of each link and analyze your competitors’ link-building tactics.


The backlink checker enables you to:

  • Analyze referring domains, linked pages, anchor texts
  • Create a value for each backlink
  • Find out where competitor’s backlinks come from

4. Follow Competitor Marketing Strategies

SE Ranking’s competitive research features and on-page SEO checker allows you to get the complete picture of your competitors’ marketing strategies. The tool will enable you to see their website traffic dynamics in paid and organic search campaigns.


You will also receive a list of questions your competitors use to find out what their goals are to understand what keywords you should use in your content.

Marketing has never been about keywords, instead it is about people.
– Simon Penson, Digital Entrepreneur, Exited Agency

5. Website Audits

Website audits are a great way to tell if your website is improving or declining in terms of search visibility and appearance on search engine results pages. SE rankings website audit tool will help you to identify issues that prevent your website from keyword ranking with search engines.

6. Website Notifications

SE ranking’s page changes monitor allows you to track changes on your website and get website notifications of changes in the page’s status or content. This tool can help to:

  • Track changes made by competitor’s websites
  • Monitor the status of essential pages with content that is updated every day or week
  • Track changes to your website in real-time

7. Detailed SEO Software Progress Reports

SEO ranking SEO reporting feature lets you track SEO activities and metrics. You can quickly generate custom reports and send them to clients. They allow you to set up report templates, choose the sending frequency, and add an email address.


8. Easy Setup

SE ranking makes it simple to start with their tools, even for a beginner. They have a simple five-step setup process. You input your website’s information, keyword analysis you want to perform, search engine preferences, etc. You then select up to five competitors to monitor and connect to Google Analytics to track search volume and see where traffic is coming from.

9. Value

SE ranking offers an excellent value for money invested. You can use their tools to monitor your website or manage marketing services for multiple clients starting at $49 monthly.

  • Keyword rank tracker
  • Competitor research tool
  • Website audit
  • Backlink checker
  • Ease of use

  • No 24/7 customer support

Custom rating criteria
  • Features: 4.8
  • Support: 4.8
  • Pricing: 4.9
  • Ranking: 4.8
  • Value: 4.8


Downsides Of SE Ranking

There are some downsides you will experience with SE Ranking, including:

1. No 24/7 Support

While SE Ranking offers great support, they don’t provide it 24/7. Their support hours are also not clearly listed on their website and are challenging to find.

Poor Customer Support

2. Limited Social Media Tracking 

SE Ranking has minimal social media tracking. They focus mainly on SEO and don’t provide extensive social media tracking features compared to other SEO audit tool options and ranking software.

3. Limited Integrations

SE Ranking also has limited integrations compared to other rank-tracking tools. It doesn’t integrate with as many third-party tools to fully use the powerful keyword research tool.

How To Use SE Ranking

SE Ranking is relatively simple to use, and you can set it up within minutes [5].

  1. Create an account
  2. Add a new project to your account
  3. Add search engines and locations to your project
  4. Integrate Google search console and analytics
  5. Audit your website or use it for competitor research
  6. Monitor backlinks with backlink management

SE Ranking Pricing

  • Essential ($49 per month): Includes up to 250 keywords for keyword tracking, monitoring for up to 10 websites, audits for up to 70,000 pages, one user seat, backlink gap analyzer, keyword suggestions, website audit tool, backlink monitor tool, competitor research and more.
  • Pro ($109 per month): Includes everything from the essential plan plus tracking for up to 1,000 keywords, 3 user seats, historical data, five leads generated per day, white label SEO, paid and organic keyword search, and more.
  • Business ($239 per month): Includes everything from the previous two plans plus 2,500 keyword tracking, 10 user seats, 10 leads generated per day, API marketing tool, and more.
  • SE ranking also offers a 14-day free trial.

SE Ranking User Testimonials

SE Ranking User Testimonials Trustpilot

SE Ranking Alternatives

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest offers similar tools to SE ranking, including auditing, competitor analysis tools, keyword tracking, Google analytics integration, link management, and more.

Ubersuggest Homepage

Some eatures that SE ranking includes that Ubersuggest doesn’t have are mobile search tracking, user management, quotation-based pricing, 250 keywords tracked in its base plan versus 100 for Ubersuggest, and more.

Ubersuggest is more affordable, with their base plan starting at $12 a month, and they offer some features that SE ranking doesn’t include, like three years of link history, a step-by-step SEO training course, a bi-weekly coaching call, templates, and worksheets.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush also offers similar features to SE ranking, including rank tracking, mobile ranking, PDF reports, integrations with Google search console, and analytics.


SEMrush offerings are more expensive, with their base plan starting at $119.95 per month versus $49 per month for SE ranking. In SE ranking’s base plan, they offer 250 keywords to track while SEMrush offers 500 keywords; however, in SEMrush’s base plan, they don’t offer page auditing, post tracking, or SEO content templates, while SE ranking provides many of these features.

3. Ahrefs

Both SE ranking and Ahrefs are great SEO tools, but the main difference is that Ahrefs is a better option for those with more technical knowledge, and SE ranking is a bit more beginner-friendly. With Ahrefs, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the options.

ahrefs homepage preview

Another difference is that SE ranking is more affordable than Ahrefs, with Ahref’s most expensive plan being $999 monthly. Ahrefs is known to have a better keyword research tool; however, SE ranking automatically audits your website’s SEO, whereas, with Ahrefs, you need to set it up manually. 

SE ranking also offers more platforms it can be used on. Ahrefs is a web-only application, while SE ranking can be accessed on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and the web.


What Is Included In SE Ranking’s Free Trial?

SE Ranking’s free trial includes the keyword rank tracker, backlink monitoring, an on-page SEO checker, page change monitoring, a marketing plan, website audit, google analytics and search console integration, social media management, report builder, keyword suggestions, content auditor, and more.

Technical SEO Audit illustration

Can I Customize My SE Ranking Account?

Yes, you can customize your SE ranking account. The white label feature allows you to personalize the platform. White labeling your service adds credibility for your customers and their relationship with your business. This feature is available in all pricing plans.

Can SE Ranking Really Improve My SEO Ranking?

Yes, SE ranking’s features can help you improve your SEO ranking. However, the improvement of your web page rank depends on the effort put into it. SE ranking allows you to group keywords and audit your website to find errors and check if the page is optimized for specific keywords.

Does SE Ranking Have API?

Yes, SE Ranking has API. The API allows you to access just about all sections of the online platform and is included in free trials.

SERanking Free Trial

Does SEO Ranking Create Scheduled Reports?

Yes, SEO Ranking creates scheduled reports. You can add every module to the report and personalize the report by adding your logo and company name and providing comments for each section.

How Can I Check The Accuracy Of My Rankings With SE Ranking?

You can check the accuracy of your rankings with SE ranking by bringing up the cached copy of every ranking result. The ranking results are taken from search engines, and SE ranking stores a cached copy of search engine results while checking your website rankings.

What Is The Difference Between SE Rankings Backlink Checker And Backlink Monitoring?

SE Rankings Backlink Checker helps you to discover backlinks of any referring domains and analyze them against 15 categories. The backlink Monitoring tool allows you to track backlinks of your website and their categories.

You can manually add the links or import them from the Google search console, and these links will be checked weekly.

Is SE Ranking Worth It?

Yes, we highly recommend SE Ranking.

SE Ranking is a powerful, scalable SEO tool. Their pricing structure allows you to find the functionality you need at an amazing price point.

Their features, including tracking keywords, keyword suggestions, backlink tracking, and other tools, make it an ideal solution to optimize your website and assess competitors’ gaps to help with ranking.

Try SE Ranking today and improve your online presence.

Our #1 Recommendation: SE Ranking

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Key Features:
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Competitive analysis
  • Website audit

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