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Semrush vs Xovi: SEO Tools Comparison (2024)

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Search engine optimization has fostered the organic growth of numerous websites thanks to SEO tools that offer different services and assist website owners in achieving their performance objectives.

Semrush and Xovi are popular SEO software that allow you to grow and optimize your online presence and promote your business to people worldwide.

As an SEO expert, I have spent years working with both tools for my clients, and I will help you choose the best tool for your business.

What Is Semrush?

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool businesses, and marketing professionals use to increase their online presence and learn more about current marketing trends in the online world.

It also integrates well with Google products, such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which helps you to foster better online visibility.


What Is Xovi?

Xovi is an all-in-one SEO solution that offers multiple services, such as keyword research, on-page analysis, links, search analytics, and reporting.

The platform has been around since 2009, consistently meeting the needs of the online marketing industry, and has evolved to become the first point of call for businesses who wish to take advantage of the best optimization capabilities.

Semrush Vs. Xovi: Keyword Research Tools Comparison


Semrush has a keyword research tool called the “Keyword Magic Tool” that helps you analyze the search volume of keywords, keyword difficulty, and the search intent behind them.

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

When you use the keyword magic tool to search for a keyword, you will see related keywords and all the domains focused on that keyword and related PPC ads.

You will also gain insight into the ad traffic, the ad traffic price, and the total number of ads for that keyword.


Xovi has a keyword tool that undertakes keyword research to provide you with all the relevant data, such as search volumes, competition density, and the cost-per-click of a given keyword or set of keywords.

With this tool, you can conduct an in-depth analysis to know the keywords for which your domain is ranked and to sort keyword rankings by trends, filtering domain rankings specifically for the URL specified.

Winner: Semrush has the edge over Xovi because of its outstanding keyword research capabilities.

Backlinks Comparison


Semrush backlinks research features include the backlink audit tool, the backlink gap tool, and the link-building tool to help you get authoritative links to your website.

Analyse backlinks

Backlink research tools allow you to access a database containing over 43 trillion backlinks easily, so you can find quality backlinks that will boost your website’s SEO performance.


The Xovi backlink tool provides you with current data on the links that make up the backlink profile of any website.

You even have the liberty of comparing your links and those of your competitors.

Even more interesting is that with the backlink tool, you can analyze links based on certain metrics such as anchor texts, domains, and host names and receive weekly valid backlink data from different countries.

Winner: While Xovi has a great backlink feature, Semrush is definitely a better choice because of its backlink audit and gap tools.

On-Page SEO Comparison


For Semrush’s on-page SEO, you get access to a quality SEO site audit, an on-page SEO checker, and a log analyzer, which will help you know your website’s health alongside any crawlable or technical issues it might have.

Semrush On-Page SEO Checker

Semrush’s On-Page SEO Checker, in particular, will check your meta description for target keywords and keyword stuffing. It will also flag if Google is rewriting your description in the search results.


Xovi has an on-page tool with crawlers to detect any flaw or technical issue on your web pages. It also provides suggestions for solving any lingering problems with your website.

This tool can help you establish a strong SEO plan and optimize your website to its fullest potential.

Winner: Semrush has one of the best On-Page SEO checkers that will provide you with all information on website health and potential issues.

Competitor Analysis Comparison


Semrush takes competitor analysis seriously, which is why it has provided four tools: the traffic analytics tool, the organic research tool, the advertising research tool, and the social media tracker tool, just for this purpose.

Semrush Website Competitor Analysis

These tools give you specific information regarding your competitors, such as their traffic source, bounce rates, social media pages, and ad structure, which will help you know the next strategy to implement.


Xovi’s search analysis tool lets you discover potential traffic sources and the keywords that generate the most traffic for your website.

This tool also provides detailed information on visitors’ online behavioral patterns to your competitors’ websites.

This will provide you with insights on the best approach to gain a wider audience for your website.

Winner: The Semrush software offers a better competitor analysis tool, especially for large businesses wanting to stay on top of the game and achieve more.

Price Comparison



Semrush has three different pricing plans, which you can subscribe to monthly. These pricing packages begin with the Pro plan at $119.95, the Guru plan at $229.95, and the Business plan at $449.95. 

You also get to save up to 17% if you choose to subscribe annually, and you can try out its free version for a limited period.



Xovi offers three pricing plans with different offerings you can subscribe to monthly.

These pricing plans include the Xovi Pro at $108.59, suitable for website owners and bloggers; the Xovi Business at $163.43, suitable for small agencies and medium-sized websites; and the Xovi Enterprise at $547.33, suitable for large agencies, websites, and organizations.

Winner: Xovi is more affordable than Semrush, but it isn’t cheap.

Now that people are researching brands online more than ever, you’ll want to refine your SEO strategy. The right keywords can make a major difference in your search rankings and impact your bottom line.
– Hannah Trivette, SEO Expert and Digital Marketing Expert at NUVEW

Get Started With Semrush Your Website Today

Semrush and Xovi offer professional features and multiple benefits that can help you achieve your SEO goals and grow your online presence.

While both tools are effective, Semrush has the edge regarding key features, ease of use, and performance.

It offers various efficient tools for achieving success in SEO and other areas, such as content and advertising, which Xovi cannot do. You should have at least one of these tools in your toolbox if you want to create a successful SEO strategy.

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