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Serpstat vs SEMrush (2024) Which SEO Tool Is Better?

Serpstat Vs. Semrush

Serpstat and Semrush are two of the best SEO tools for content marketers seeking to produce and optimize quality content that will achieve high performance and top rankings on search engines.

As an SEO expert with a decade of experience, I have taken the time to examine both platforms, highlight what they offer, and how they compare.

These findings will help you decide which to go for based on your immediate needs and requirements.

Quick Summary

  • Serpstat is an award-winning platform considered the best e-commerce solution used by blue-chip companies worldwide.
  • Semrush is a highly-rated SEO solution analyzing over 808 million domain profiles and 24 billion keywords.
  • Serpstat and Semrush are the world’s leading content and website optimization SEO platforms.

What Is Serpstat?

Serpstat is an all-in-one platform for professionals looking for the best tool to manage their online visibility, PPC, content marketing, search engine optimization, and many other features.

Serpstat began back in 2013 as a basic keyword research tool, and since then, it has become a global leader, has been upvoted as the best SEO tool on Product Hunt, and has become the number one best-selling tool of all time on Appsumo.

Over 200,000 professionals use this platform to make their jobs easier and more efficient.


What Is Semrush?

Semrush is one of the most popular digital marketing tools that individuals and businesses use to promote their online presence and gain insights into current marketing trends in the internet space.

This SEO tool is highly valuable for digital marketers and SEO agencies that specialize in SEO, PPC, Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume, Competitive Research, PR, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, and Campaign Management.

Semrush started in 2008 as a small group of SEO and IT specialists and evolved to become a powerful platform available in 142 countries.


Serpstat vs Semrush: Detailed Comparison

1. Rank Tracker


Serpstat’s rank tracker is an online tool that you can use to track and monitor your position on SERPs.


You will be able to gain valuable information on the keywords your website and competitors are ranking for and how their positions have changed over time.

If you are looking to make maximum revenue from your website, you can use this rank tracker tool to monitor your position in contextual advertising and find keywords your competitors use for paid ads.

To use this tool, log in and activate the free 7-day trial, after which you can opt for any paid plan.


Semrush’s rank tracker is a position-tracking tool that allows you to monitor your site’s rankings.

Semrush Homepage

You get more data visualizations, including a snippet report and other benefits like in-depth filtering.

All you need to do is enter the domain and click “set up tracking,” and you will be provided with the domain’s position, visibility, and estimated traffic alongside other SERP features.

2. Site Audit


One of Serpstat’s renowned features is its SEO audit tool, which performs SEO analysis and checks for any technical SEO issues within your website. These issues could be missing title, description tags, body text, or broken images.

The SEO audit tool also performs this audit regularly. For each of them, a report is generated detailing the number of issues found so that you can make the necessary corrections.


Semrush has a free SEO audit tool that you can use to detect issues within your website and get them fixed appropriately.

You can also use this tool to collect technical SEO reports showing if your website is crawlable and determine your site’s performance and internal linking issues.

Also, the Semrush SEO audit tool can help check your multilingual website to see if its “hreflang” tags are implemented correctly so that Google can showcase the right version to the audience.

3. Backlinks Analysis


Serpstat also ticks this feature, considering that it has a backlink checker, which you can use to increase the power of your backlink profile, analyze your competitors’ backlinks, choose the best donors, and eliminate low-quality backlinks.

Also, you can evaluate domain rankings to know which to select as your backlink donors, control anchors of your website backlinks, find unique links and top link sources, and compare backlink metrics for domains from your list.


With Semrush, you can undergo a backlink analysis with its analytics tool, which studies your website profile and those of your competitors to see if your website is competing favorably and if you can get any quality backlinks.

This backlink analytics tool will also help your website by providing reports on domains that use similar backlinks to you and will show you your competitors’ top-performing pages so that you can acquire high-quality backlinks.

4. Keyword Research Tools


Serpstat has a top-tier keyword research tool that you can use to find the best organic keywords and keyword ideas for your website.

This tool analyzes large volumes of keywords, collects your competitors’ most successful keywords, and even shows you the difficulty level of each.

This tool will provide you with relevant keyword suggestions within your niche so that your website can attract a larger audience.


Semrush has a keyword research tool called the “Keyword Magic Tool” that delves into keyword research and analysis to help you build a unique SEO strategy.

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

When you use the keyword magic tool to search for a keyword, you will see related keywords and target keyword phrases that are likely to generate your website the most traffic

You will also be able to see the amount of ad traffic, the ad traffic price, and the total number of ads for that keyword.

5. Competitor Analysis


Serpstat has a competitor analysis tool that runs a deep analysis to identify the top competitor websites in SEO and PPC and their traffic source.

You can use this tool to make detailed comparisons among your competitors in terms of keywords used and traffic gotten so that you can know how best to replicate such factors.


When it comes to competitor analysis, Semrush has four tools you can use to achieve this purpose. These tools include the traffic analytics tool, the organic research tool, the advertising research tool, and the social media tracker tool.

These tools give you specific information regarding your competitors, such as their traffic source, bounce rates, social media pages, and ad structure, which will help you find a good strategy to implement.

“The whole purpose of SEO keyword research is to get higher rankings on search engines such as Google, increase organic traffic, and grab the attention of your visitors who might become long-term loyal customers of your business.” -Jay Bae, Founder and Head of Growth at Hedley Digital.

6.Text Analytics


Serpstat’s text analytics tool focuses on the content you are putting up on your website. It looks for writing errors, missing keywords, and spam levels and corrects them to ensure your content is well-optimized.

The text analytics tool also ensures that your content is written naturally and structured properly with the right latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords so that it can attract the right traffic to your website.


Semrush has an SEO writing assistant tool that conducts text analytics and ensures your content copy is optimized for SEO.

This tool also ensures that your copy is readable with the same tone of voice and checks for writing inconsistencies and plagiarism.

You get to utilize relevant keywords and add-ons, which will benefit optimization.

7. Pricing 


Serpstat offers four pricing plans: the Lite plan at $69 per month, the Standard plan at $149 per month, the Advanced plan at $299 per month, and the Enterprise plan at $499 per month. You also get 20% off when you subscribe annually instead of monthly.


Serpstat also provides an option to contact them should you need specific services outside those offered by the above-listed price plans.



Semrush has three different pricing plans, which you can subscribe to monthly. These pricing packages begin with the Pro plan at $119.95 per month, the Guru plan at $229.95 per month, and the Business plan at $449.95 per month. You also get to save up to 17% if you pay annually.

Despite portentous messages from industry skeptics, in my experience, SEO is not dead, and keyword research is still as important as ever.
– Kristopher Jones, SEO Expert and Founder of LSEO


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are Serpstat And Semrush Used For?

Serpstat and Semrush are used for search engine optimization and website content. They are both SEO solutions with notable features that bring SEO to light.

Is Serpstat Free?

Serpstat is not free. However, it offers you a free trial that is limited to seven days, after which you will need to subscribe to a paid plan to continue using the platform.

How Much Is Semrush Per Month?

Semrush is $119.95 per month for the pro plan, which is its least expensive plan; its Business plan is $449.95 per month, and it is the most expensive plan.

Is Semrush Good For Beginners?

Semrush is good for beginners and professionals alike since its features are user-friendly, and a help section is readily available to help you with any term you may not understand.

Semrush vs Serpstat: The Ultimate Winner

Serpstat and Semrush are unique SEO solutions that offer services to individuals and businesses interested in optimizing their websites through SEO.

These tools can offer you everything you need for your content optimization and website performance, but my choice would always be Semrush.

It is efficient and professional, delivers top-notch results, and will help you rank high on search engines.

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