The 23 Best Financial Affiliate Programs of 2021

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If I offered to hire you for $5 per day or $150 per day…which would you choose?

Any sane person would pick the higher amount.

But for some weird reason affiliate marketers chase $5 commissions like their lives depend on it.

Meanwhile, other affiliates regularly pocket $50 – $200 commissions per lead.

The difference is they’re pushing lucrative offers in a market like finance, where people actually spend money.

A market that’s worth US$22.5 trillion.

The trick with the financial niche is figuring out which affiliate programs are worth promoting.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the most lucrative sub-niches/categories within the finance niche.

And then just flat out give a list of best financial affiliate programs for each.

So by the time you’re finished reading this roundup, you’ll know more about the finance niche than 90% of affiliate marketers.

Table Of Contents

Banking Affiliate Programs

1. CIT Bank Affiliate Program

CIT Bank Homepage

CIT Bank is an online-only bank that offers pretty much all the features you’d find in a brick-and-mortar financial institution.

Your visitors can set up savings accounts, get a personal loan, apply for a mortgage and even invest over the long-term with CDs (Certificates of Deposit).

And they’re equally happy to cater to personal or business banking needs.

This financial affiliate program pays up to $75 CPA but this might be open to negotiation with your affiliate manager.

Why You Should Promote CIT Bank

A more decentralized labor force should result in increased demand for online banks like CIT. They also offer a very worthwhile commission rate via the CJ affiliate network.

  • Commission: Up to $75 per completed application
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer
  • Products: Bank accounts, home loans, mortgages


2. BBVA (USA) Affiliate Program


BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) is a bank with branches in several states and a history that dates back to 1857.

They also offer a comprehensive online banking facility, with products ranging from savings accounts and credit cards to home loans or mortgages.

Just bear in mind that you will only receive a commission on referrals for the following products/services:

  • Premium checking accounts
  • Money market accounts
  • Free checking accounts
  • Online checking accounts
  • CDs

So you’ll need to look elsewhere if you’re interested in pure credit card affiliate programs.

Why You Should Promote BBVA (USA)

BBVA has survived a financial depression, two World Wars, and the recent banking crisis so they know how to run a bank. Plus, affiliates earn $85 commission on each successful referral.

  • Commission: Up to $85 per approved account
  • Cookie Duration: Session-based
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer
  • Products: Online banking


3. Douugh Affiliate Program

Douugh Homepage

Douugh is a hybrid financial service app.

You get the features of a typical checking account but from an online-only bank.

They also offer lots of other neat features to help you better manage your finances, save money, and stop worrying about bills.

Douugh also plans to add additional banking features to their app shortly e.g. depositing money directly to a Douugh savings account

Why You Should Promote Douugh

You are helping people to have a better relationship with their money, and you can earn $50 for every single time you make that happen.

  • Commission: $50 per completed account
  • Cookie Duration: 10 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, PayPal
  • Products: Personal banking and saving


Budgeting Affiliate Programs

4. Trim Affiliate Program

TRIM Homepage

Trim is not just another budgeting app that asks you to track everything you spend.


This clever little app renegotiates your existing bills, to find the best deal, but also tracks down and cancels any unwanted subscriptions that leech money from your account each month.

Which you should be doing yourself…but keep forgetting to.

You even get a savings account feature included for good measure.

So, this could be a very solid offer to promote in the personal finance niche.

Note: Trim is only available on an annual, but not monthly, subscription once your free trial is over.

Why You Should Promote Trim

Almost 90% of people underestimate what they spend on subscriptions each month, often by a factor of 5x. Trim can help almost anyone to reduce their unnecessary monthly outgoings.

  • Commission: $15 per qualified lead
  • Cookie Duration: 10 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, PayPal
  • Products: Personal finance


5. Tiller Money Affiliate Program

Tiller Homepage

Tiller automates the most tedious aspect of budgeting – entering your personal financial information into a Google or Excel spreadsheet each day.

Instead, you can now link your bank accounts to your Tiller account, making it impossible for you to forget to add a specific outgoing to your customized budget spreadsheet.

This app also sends a neat email summary of your current financial status to your inbox each day.

This is not just your average expense tracker.

Why You Should Promote Tiller

Millennials carry an average of $27,000 of non-mortgage debt and Gen Z’ers around $11,000 of credit card debt. This means you have a potential market of 67 million people to pitch Tiller Money to.

  • Commission: $25 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Methods: Direct deposit, wire transfer
  • Products: Budgeting


Investment Affiliate Programs

6. Acorns Affiliate Program

Acorn Homepage

Acorns put your investment and online savings strategy on autopilot.

Instead of leaving you to figure out how much to spend on your portfolio, this app quietly invests $1, $3, or $5 per month for you.

And every dollar goes into financial products selected by experts.

Acorns also provide you with a debit card that invests your spare change and doesn’t require you to pay fees at over 55,000 ATMs around the world.

Why You Should Promote Acorns

It makes investing accessible to anyone with a smartphone and $1 to spare each month. So you have a potential audience of tens of millions to pitch this offer to.

  • Commission: $10 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, PayPal
  • Products: Micro investing


7. Peer Street Affiliate Program

Peer Street Homepage

Peer Street allows you to build a real estate investment portfolio, but minus the actual real estate.

The average person can invest in a share of a property loan or mortgage for as little as $1,000.

You can then receive your profits as the debt is repaid, with returns of up to 9% per year on average.

The neat part is that you never have to shoulder 100% of the risk here – it’s shared by the other investors in a given property.

Why You Should Promote Peer Street

There’s a fixed amount of habitable land on planet Earth so it will always have inherent value. Plus, Peer Street’s model allows almost anyone to become a real estate investor – that’s an appealing message to share with almost any audience.

  • Commission: $30 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, wire transfer, direct deposit, PayPal
  • Products: Real estate investment


8. Ally Invest Affiliate Program

Ally Homepage

Ally Invest provides investors with a way to buy and sell financial products but without the usual account minimums.

But they also don’t charge commissions, unlike pretty much every one of their competitors.

You can choose from self-directed portfolios that you create and manage, or an Ally Invest managed portfolio instead.

While automated investment via their managed portfolio option will prove popular this platform is best suited to active traders.

So factor that into the type of traffic you choose to refer to this offer.

Why You Should Promote Ally Invest

Their fee-free managed portfolio provides newbie investors with a structured way to invest their money, but they also offer self-directed trading for more experienced money managers.

  • Commission: Up to $50 per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, or Payoneer
  • Products: Stocks, ETFs, and other financial products.


9. DiversyFund Affiliate Program

Diversyfund Homepage

DiversyFund allows the average person on the street to invest their money in the same manner as the 1% – in real estate.

This company allows you to purchase“shares” in multiple family apartment buildings with a minimum investment of $500.

So your visitors can actively diversify their investment portfolio away from the more volatile stock market.

And you’ll get paid a $175 commission every time a new referral takes DiversyFund up on their offer.

Why You Should Promote DiversyFund

They provide a path for the middle class to not only invest in real estate but to directly profit from that if the properties increase in value.

  • Commission: $175 per funded account
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, or Payoneer
  • Products: Investment funds


Personal Finance Affiliate Programs

10. Personal Capital Affiliate Program

Personal Capital Homepage

Personal Capital is a hybrid service combining investment and personal finance in one app.

The app itself is entirely free, even when used to map out your net worth or your current cash flow status.

Where they make money is by up-selling your readers to their wealth management services.

As of right now, Personal Capital has almost US$20 billion in assets under their management.

Why You Should Promote Personal Capital

They offer your audience a free personal finance and budgeting tool with optional services available to those who earn more than US$100,000 per year.

  • Commission: Up to $100 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Payment Methods: Bank transfer, check, PayPal
  • Products: Personal finance and investments


11. Green Light Affiliate Program

Greenlight Homepage

The Green Light debit card is one of the more interesting financial programs featured here.

Their goal is to teach kids how to manage their personal finances from an early age.

Parents or guardians can assign chores, pay allowances and get notifications for when the card is used.

Meanwhile, the child using the card learns how to budget and save. They can even learn the basics of investing but with full parental oversight.

Why You Should Promote Greenlight

Parents want the best for their children and that includes having positive financial planning and money habits that will serve them well later in life. The Greenlight card is a great way to start them on that journey.

  • Commission: $35 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, wire transfer, direct deposit, PayPal
  • Products: Debit card


12. Financial Gym Affiliate Program

Financial Gym Homepage

Creating a budget is something almost anyone can physically do.

It’s sticking to it is where most people stumble and fall.

Financial Gym helps you get around that problem by assigning a personal financial trainer to you.

They keep you focused and accountable to your financial goals, while also giving you financial tips. The personal interaction element of this service is something a piece of software can’t offer.

Note: This is a paid subscription after your free introductory call.

Why You Should Promote Financial Gym

It offers an innovative approach to personal accountability and money management in the form of a human personal financial trainer.

  • Commission: $100 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Payment Methods: $100 via Venmo (min. two-month membership)
  • Products: Personal finance


13. Money Patrol Affiliate Program

Money Patrol Homepage

Money Patrol provides you with an at-a-glance view of your current financial standing.

You’ll be able to see your incoming and outgoing transactions, set budgets, and get reminders for when monthly bills are due.

This is done by allowing you to link all your personal financial accounts to your dashboard e.g. online savings, credit card, mortgage, etc.

It even allows you to upload your receipts and other financial documents to a secure online vault.

Money Patrol comes with a 15-day trial to use as leverage in your affiliate content.

Why You Should Promote Patrol

They offer their users an average saving of $5,000 per year on their budget, so this should be an easy sell to anyone carrying unnecessary debt.

  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer
  • Products: Personal finance app


Credit Score Affiliate Programs

14. Experian Affiliate Program

Experian Homepage

Experian is one of the big three credit reporting bureaus serving the financial industry.

They provide more than 3 million customers with credit reports, as well as monitoring for activities that could indicate identity theft.

But they also provide facilities to help you remove incorrect information from your credit report as well as boosting your current FICO score.

Why You Should Promote Experian

They’re a major player serving a very large market with an in-demand product that pretty much everyone will need at least once in their lifetime.

  • Commission: Up to $20 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 10 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer
  • Products: Credit reporting


15. TransUnion Affiliate Program

TransUnion Homepage

TransUnion is a Canadian credit reporting agency that also serves the North American and international markets.

As of right now, they have data on at least one billion people in dozens of countries.

And if you guide people towards their services they’ll happily pay you up to CA$60 for each of your referrals that purchase a credit report.

Why You Should Promote TransUnion

There are only 3 major credit reporting agencies in the world and TransUnion is one of them, but they’re also ideal if you have a predominantly Canadian audience.

  • Commission: Up to CA$60 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit
  • Products: Credit reporting


16. Identity IQ Affiliate Program

Identity IQ Homepage

You might be wondering what an identity theft protection company is doing in a roundup of financial affiliate programs?

It’s because anomalies on your credit reports are a red flag that your personally identifiable information (PII) has become compromised.

Identity IQ provides its customers with a monthly credit report from a single credit bureau but annual tri-bureau credit reporting.

Why You Should Promote Identity IQ

Cases of identity theft have increased significantly over the last few years, so you should find a ready audience of consumers looking for their services.

  • Commission: $35 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Methods: Direct deposit, wire transfer
  • Products: Credit report and ID theft protection


Debt Reduction Affiliate Programs

17. National Debt Relief Affiliate Program

National Debt Relief Homepage

Next up on our list of financial affiliate programs is National Debt Relief.

They offer a consolidation service that covers unsecured debts – those are debts without any underlying asset to back them.

Typical examples of this are credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, and business debts.

In addition to providing debt consolidation loans, they can also negotiate with your creditors to reduce your overall debt burden.

Why You Should Promote National Debt Relief

Consumer debt is at an all-time high (US$14.9 trillion) so there will be ongoing demand for debt consolidation services to help indebted people find a path to financial freedom.

  • Commission: $27.50 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer
  • Products: Debt consolidation


18. CuraDebt Affiliate Program

CuraDebt Homepage

CuraDebt is a debt settlement and consolidation service that’s been in business since 1996.

So they can help your audience reduce the amount they owe for unsecured debts, and combine multiple debts into a single loan.

But they can also assist with certain types of tax debt, setting them apart from their competitors.

This affiliate program pays up to $200 per lead if your referral becomes a CuraDebt client.

Why You Should Promote CuraDebt

A certain percentage of the population will accrue new unsecured debt even during a recession. So you’ll have a never-ending audience for financial services such as this one.

  • Commission: Up to $200 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: Permanent
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer
  • Products: Debt settlement


Loan Affiliate Programs

19. Fairstone Canada Affiliate Program

Fairstone Homepage

Fairstone is a provider of both unsecured and secured non-bank personal, home, and auto loans for the Canadian market.

What this means is they allow people with lower FICO scores to borrow money but at a slightly higher interest rate.

They also facilitate home equity loans for homeowners who need to borrow money against the value of their home but without having to use a standard bank or bank account.

Why You Should Promote Fairstone

Each recession creates a new generation of adults of all ages who have poor credit scores but who still need to borrow money. Fairstone plugs that gap in the financial services market.

  • Commission: Up to CA$200 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, or Payoneer
  • Products: Non-bank loans


20. LendYou Affiliate Program

Lendyou Homepage

LendYou connects you with third-party, short-term loan providers for amounts up to $2,500.

These types of loans do typically come with higher interest rates (APR) attached as well as shorter repayment terms.

But they do provide a platform for people with poor/damaged credit to get access to emergency finance.

Why You Should Promote LendYou

Roughly 11% of the population of the United States have poor credit scores, your potential market is 30+ million people. Their offer also pays one of the highest commission rates of the affiliate programs in this roundup.

  • Commission: Up to 70%
  • Cookie Duration: 1 day
  • Payment Methods: Direct deposit, wire transfer
  • Products: Personal loans


21. Lending Tree Affiliate Program

Lending Tree Homepage

Lending Tree is an online marketplace for loans that helps to automate the borrowing process.

You simply answer some basic questions, compare the available lenders and then choose the one that best suits your financial needs.

Lending Tree can connect you with lenders for personal loans, mortgages, student loans, auto financing, business loans, credit cards, and more.

Note: They do not provide loans for serving military members, and applicants must earn at least $1,000 per month.

Why You Should Promote Lending Tree

Their marketplace will appeal to the majority of people who are looking for the best possible deal on a specific type of loan or financial product.

  • Commission: Up to $25 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 14 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit
  • Products: Loans


22. Loan Builder Affiliate Program

Loanbuilder homepage

LoanBuilder is a PayPal service that allows business owners to apply for a loan tailored to their specific needs.

The difference between their service and others is that you don’t have to pay fees upfront – they’re deducted over the lifetime of the loan.

So your business gets the entire loan amount deposited to your account, if and when your application is approved.

And an affiliate marketer benefits to the tune of $160 in commission per referred customer, making it one of the best affiliate programs here by payout.

Why You Should Promote Loan Builder

Small businesses are always looking for new sources of funding. Plus, you can piggyback off the PayPal brand name in your online marketing efforts to monetize your content with this offer.

  • Commission: $160 per qualified application
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Methods: Check, PayPal, direct deposit, wire transfer
  • Products: Business loans


23. SoFi Affiliate Program

SoFi Homepage

And that brings us to the last of the financial affiliate programs in our roundup – SoFi.

They’re an interesting hybrid in the financial services market.

They do provide personal loans, mortgages, and student loan refinancing but they’re not a bank.

And while they offer financial advice…they’re not budgeting software.

But they just might be a glimpse of what the future of personal finance looks like.

Why You Should Promote SoFi

They put a more friendly face on finance, which will appeal to the Millennial and Gen Z segments of the population. Also, they’re backed by Chamath Palihapitiya, so they have all the financial liquidity they need. This offer is also one of the best financial affiliate programs out there, by payout.

  • Commission: Up to $150 per approved loan
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Methods: Direct deposit
  • Products: Loans and personal finance


Pros and Cons of the Finance Niche

Let’s take an objective view of whether or not this niche is worth your time and effort.

  • Financial affiliate programs can be very lucrative when positioned properly
  • There’s an ongoing and recurring demand for most financial products
  • You’ll find tons of high paying merchants on several affiliate networks
  • Every recession or economic downturn creates new opportunities to earn money
  • The finance niche is constantly evolving e.g. cryptocurrencies
  • New bloggers enter this niche every single day despite it being allegedly saturated
  • Affiliate managers/affiliate networks will increase commissions for top performers
  • The competition in this niche is fierce e.g. credit card affiliate programs
  • Strays all the way into the YMYL danger zone, so A.T is a factor
  • You need to niche down to compete e.g. don’t just start a “Finance” blog

Wrapping it up

And that’s a wrap on our roundup of the best financial affiliate programs in our opinion.

There’s the potential for savvy affiliates to make a lot of money with these offers.

After all, those $150 payouts for an approved loan are going to stack up a whole lot quicker than the 5% commissions you get with most affiliate programs.

That’s why most experienced affiliate marketers have favorite financial affiliate programs they love to promote.

The money in this niche is just too good to turn down.

And choosing the right niche can mean the difference between financial independence and endless frustration.

But you can learn exactly how I build, and profit from niche sites inside of my Affiliate Lab.

Everything I teach is based on years of testing and tweaking.

No theory.

Just results.