Top 12 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

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Credit card affiliate programs are part of a credit card niche where affiliates scrap over billions of dollars worth of business. If you love a little competition and you’re hungry for faster, better returns, this niche can be a speedy path to some of the highest commissions.

These programs are some of the most lucrative out there. There are successful credit card affiliates promoting credit cards in The Affiliate Lab community easily collecting high 5-figure monthly commissions. Breaking in is a challenge, but there’s a right way to do it.

What I find most important is startting with the right network. In this guide, we review 12 of the top credit card affiliates. You’ll learn where each one stands out, how they can support you, and get a snapshot of their programs and policies.

#1. FlexOffers

flexoffers branding logo new

FlexOffers is a large network with more than 12,000 active advertisers. This is really a premium credit card market. They specialize in affiliate credit card programs. They currently have over 500 affiliate programs for financial services alone.

In the past, both AMEX and Visa credit card affiliate offers have been available here, along with most other credit card brands. For the variety alone, FlexOffers has been called one of the best credit card affiliate networks.

During our cooperation, they have supported us through a feature-rich dashboard, easy-to-integrate content, and auto-generated reports that cover a range of different statistics.

Their FlexRev-$hare program gives you an additional way to earn through second-tier commissions. You can collect as much as 50% of the revenue generated by new publishers you refer to the network.

FlexOffers Homepage

Quick Look

    • Strength: Credit card and other financial affiliate offers
    • Commission: $16-$400+ per conversion
    • Cookie duration: Each program sets its own cookie duration. Between 10-45 days
    • Payment methods: Check, Bank Wire, Direct Deposit
    • Minimum payment amount: $100
    • Programs offered: CPA, CPS

Apply to FlexOffers


CJ Affiliate Logo Branding

Commission Junction has more than 20 years of history as an affiliate network. More than one affiliate program from further down this list is managed exclusively on this network.

It’s a favorite of Hanso So of, who has been very successful with the AMEX program.

The Avianca LifeMiles Credit Card is also offered here, and pays $200 per completed application.

CJ offers publishers who are interested in credit card programs access to some of the largest brands in the world. In addition to credit card affiliate programs, major retailers, including Overstock, Lowe’s, and Zappos all have offers posted here.

The network doesn’t focus on credit card programs, but it’s easy to search by advertiser type from the dashboard. You’ll have no trouble tracking down an affiliate program for credit card publishers.

Publishers are further supported by an advanced analytics system, a large selection of APIs, and a cookieless tracking system.

CJ Affiliate Network (Commission Junction)

Quick Look

  • Strength: Credit card, finance, and advice affiliate offers
  • Commission: Between $1-$140 depending on the offer
  • Cookie: Varies depending on offer. Offers Cookieless tracking
  • Payment methods: Check, FedEx Check, Direct Deposit, Payoneer
  • Minimum payment amount: $50
  • Programs offered: CPA, CPL, CPS, Pay per call

Apply to CJ affiliate

#3. logo branding manages an affiliate program and reseller program focused on personal finance and credit card offers. Publishers can choose from personal loan products, credit cards, and even financial consulting services. They are one of the leading credit card providers.

They have attracted affiliate marketers from some of the largest credit card companies around, including Mastercard, American Express, and Chase.

They support publishers through a proprietary platform. On the platform, we had access to advanced account management options, tracking tools (with customized alerts), and educational materials that can help you project more expertise. And we really liked their recognized visa credit card. affiliate login

Quick Look

  • Strength: Credit card and finance affiliate offers
  • Commission: Set by each advertiser. Varies depending on offer.
  • Cookie: Set by each advertiser. Varies depending on offer.
  • Payment methods: Check, Bank Wire, Direct Deposit
  • Minimum payment amount: $100
  • Programs offered: CPA, CPS

Apply to

#4. Capital Bank (OpenSky)

opensky brand

OpenSky is a secured credit card that is offered through Capital Bank.

While Capital Bank doesn’t manage their own network, the affiliate program for this credit card is available on several platforms, including the network we’ve already covered.

The program for the card is straightforward. Publishers receive a flat $25 commission for each account that is opened and funded.

This compensation scheme can make it one of the best programs for people new to the credit card niche. There is a high potential for conversion because the USAA card is available to nearly anyone in the US. Even those with poor credit or no credit have access to this card.

Publishers are supported with a library of creative materials including banners and copy.

opensky homepage screenshot

Quick Look

  • Strength: Secured credit card
  • Commission: $25 per funded account
  • Cookie: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Set by advertiser. Varies depending on offer.
  • Minimum payment amount: Set by advertiser. Varies depending on offer.
  • Programs offered: Flat CPS

Apply to OpenSky

#5. Experian

experian logo

Experian is a major provider of financial reports and loan offers. Their services include credit reports, debt reduction plans, personal finance, tailored credit card offers, and car loans and personal loan. The Experian credit card program is currently hosted on the CJ Affiliate network.

Publishers with financial sites can use Experian’s credit scores and reports as a helpful tool for their audience. It can be a great addition to other content focused on financial services.

This program pays a variable percentage for each referred customer. If you’ve built the trust to push your traffic toward multiple services and card offers, this could be one of the best affiliate programs for you.

Publishers can benefit from the trust Experian has established. They can also take advantage of some free marketing content.

exprian affiliate program screenshot

Quick Look

  • Strength: Credit card and loan offers
  • Commission: Earn up to 20% of the revenue generated by your users
  • Cookie: 45 days
  • Payment methods: Check, Wire, Direct Deposit
  • Minimum payment amount: Varies depending on offer.
  • Programs offered: CPS

Apply to Experian

#6. TransUnion

transunion brand logo

Transunion offers a variety of credit protection services to customers, including credit reports, credit protection, and instant security alerts. So, if anyone needs to fix their credit karma, this is perfect.

Using the affiliate program, you can direct your traffic toward either the trials or paid financial products. A variety of credit card offers are also available.

For some offers, you may be able to collect both the trial and the purchase commission as the customer moves from trying out a service to subscribing.

Publishers receive custom tracking tools to manage their participation in the affiliate program. They’re also empowered by a great collection of pre-generated content and advertising materials.

transunion homepage

Quick Look

  • Strength: Financial advice and credit card offers
  • Commission: $20 per $1 7-day trial, $45 per paid product
  • Cookie: 45 days
  • Payment methods: Direct Deposit/Wire
  • Minimum payment amount: Varies depending on offer
  • Programs offered: Flat CPA/CPS

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#7. Credit Karma Affiliate Program

creditkarma brand logo

Credit Karma is a credit monitoring service that offers customers a one-stop look at their financial health. The platform doesn’t sell products. Instead, it provides recommendations and advice about 3rd-party services.

The affiliate program (available on CJ) pays a flat commission for each person you refer who opens a Credit Karma account.

The commission rate for the affiliate program is set at $.25 per signup, but it’s possible to make the returns significant if with a lot of volume. There is a high potential for conversion because of the useful, free features.

Publishers are provided with materials, tracking tools, and even a weekly newsletter focused on where and how other publishers have succeeded.

credit karma homepage screenshot

Quick Look

  • Strength: Credit scoring and reports
  • Commission: $0.25 per sign up
  • Cookie: 45 days
  • Payment methods: Network-dependent (CreditKarma has been hosted on multiple networks)
  • Minimum payment amount: Network-dependent
  • Programs offered: CPA  

Apply to Credit Karma

#8. CommissionSoup

commissionsoup logo

CommissionSoup is a large CPA network with some of the most high-profile credit card programs available online. It is considered the best credit card affiliate program by some because it has some of the best credit programs.

The network is now 18 years old and has developed the trust of some of the biggest names that manage credit cards. It hosts offers related to credit cards from many recognizable brands, including AMEX, Mastercard, Visa Credit, and Credit One.

Publishers have access to many other affiliate offers. This can offer you some variety if you want to try something other than credit card affiliate offers after joining. Publishers are also given access to some proprietary tracking technology and marketing materials.

CommissionSoup hopmepage

Quick Look

  • Strengths: Credit Cards and Finance
  • Commission: $10-$40 depending on offer
  • Cookie: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Check
  • Minimum payment amount: $100
  • Programs offered: CPA

Apply to CommissionSoup

#9. Bankrate Credit Cards Affiliate Program

Bankrate Credit Cards logo

Bankrate Credit Cards is a credit card network in its own right, but it also manages credit card affiliate programs for some of its own rivals. AMEX, Chase, Capital One, and Discover all have credit card affiliate programs available on this network.

The Bankrate credit cards give publishers access to over 300 different offers related to financial advice and credit cards. Many of these affiliate offers come with their own unique terms and payout structures.

Each affiliate on the network is supported by a dedicated account representative. They are also given some helpful tools for tracking and measuring performance.

Bankrate Credit Cards homepage

Quick Look

  • Strengths: Credit cards from top banks
  • Commission: 40%+ Rev-Share, Up to $200 per signup
  • Cookie: 30-days
  • Payment methods: ACH, Check
  • Minimum payment amount: Varies by offer
  • Programs offered: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL

Apply to Bankrate

#10. Credit Assistance Network

credit network logo

The Credit Assistance Network is a credit-repair-focused program. The products, including secured credit cards, are offered on the larger ShareASale Network.

In addition to credit cards, the hosted offers include educational resources and consulting services. Sites that focus on building credit and responding to events such as bankruptcies, liens, and ID theft may do well on this network.

Publishers are supported with a large selection of banners and creative assets that can be customized on request. Mortgage brokers and financial professionals have access to additional client-tracking tools.

credit network salespage

Quick Look

  • Strengths: Secured credit cards
  • Commission: $1.25/lead, $95/sale
  • Cookie: 365 days
  • Payment methods: Network-dependent (This program is not hosted on it’s own network)
  • Minimum payment amount: Network-dependent
  • Programs offered: CPA, CPS

Apply to Credit Assistance Network

#11. American Express Affiliate Program

american express logo branding

The AMEX referral program is one of the largest direct credit card affiliate programs in the world. You’ll work directly with the American Express card network to drive signups from individuals and merchants.

The program is available in both the US and Canada. There is currently a push to expand the program in Canada, leading to some higher rates for certain products.

Publishers are supported by well-developed resources that include sample code, APIs, and technical assistance. Official support from American Express is available 24 hours a day. Customers can be directed to that support so that they never need to contact you.

american express affiliate homepage

Quick Look

  • Strengths: Single affiliate program credit card
  • Commission: Up to $200/lead
  • Cookie: 7 days
  • Payment methods: Direct Deposit
  • Minimum payment amount: Network-dependent
  • Programs offered: CPS

Apply to American Express

#12. Credit Repair

credit repair logo branding

Credit repair is one of the major providers of all types of credit repair services. The site offers crest evaluations, educational resources, and guides. It also directs visitors toward credit card and loan offers that are matched to their credit scores.

The matching affiliate program rewards you for any products that a visitor purchases after being sent to We have also been credited for any phone sales that happen after visitors followed our link.

The cookies for these services remain good for a year, meaning you have a long time to gently push someone toward converting. Publishers are supported by an existing library of banner ads and text links.

credit repair sales page

Quick Look

  • Strength: Credit repair
  • Commission: $70 per funded client (each client who deposits money into the card’s account)
  • Cookie: 365 days
  • Payment methods: Direct Deposit
  • Minimum payment amount: Based on monthly volume
  • Programs offered: CPA

Apply to Credit Repair

Start Right with the Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Credit card affiliate programs can be a path to some of the best commissions that you’ve ever seen.

This is a competitive niche with a lot of rules, but as you can see, there are many highly-regarded networks out there who have their own ways of supporting you. With the information you have now, it’s simple to test and find the best credit card affiliate network.

There’s another step you can take to guarantee that you work the best affiliate programs for credit cards. Join The Affiliate Lab and take advantage of our expertise to negotiate better affiliate commissions and flourish in the most competitive niches.

As soon as you join, you can be part of our lively Facebook group of pros. You’ll get tips that you can’t get anywhere else.



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