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Webinarjam vs Zoom: Webinar Software For Business (2024)

Webinarjam Vs. Zoom

Webinars and webinar software tools have become a crucial part of today’s businesses, with more online meetings happening than ever. If you are searching for webinar software, you have likely heard of Webinarjam and Zoom. Are one of them the right solution for your business?

We have spent months researching the features of Webinarjam and Zoom to help you make the best choice for your business. In this article, we will analyze these tools in-depth based on their value, pricing, features, and more. 

Quick Summary

  • Webinarjam is a cloud-based webinar software that allows the hosting of live webinars. 
  • Zoom is a cloud-based video conference tool that allows you to host live webinars or online meetings. 
  • When comparing Webinarjam and Zoom, Zoom is more designed for online meetings while Webinarjam is intended for businesses to promote their products through webinars.

What Is Webinarjam?

Webinarjam is a cloud-based webinar platform that allows you to host live webinars in a webinar room. Webinarjam is simple to use and has advanced features for online meetings and webinars for a better experience for your attendees [1].


Webinarjam is well suited for online marketers and entrepreneurs who want to use the browser-based webinar platform for live webinars to explain the benefits of their products to customers and boost their sales and marketing efforts.

What Is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing platform that allows for hosting webinars and Zoom meetings. Zoom webinar supports up to 10,000 people and 25 hosts.

Zoom Homepage

It is mainly used for internal audiences but is also ideal for companies looking to convey product information to customers and employees [2].

My journey with Zoom began with a desire for independence to build something that would make customers happy; a true video-first unified communication platform.
– Eric Yuan, CEO, of Zoom

Webinarjam Vs. Zoom Comparison

These webinar platforms have many features in common but also some crucial differences.

1. Ease Of Setup

When using Zoom webinar, the setup is a simple one-page form. You set your options and click to schedule your Zoom webinar, and then you are done.

Ease Of Use

However, Zoom offers fewer customization options than Webinarjam. For future webinars with Zoom webinar, all attendees need to download and install the Zoom desktop app.

Webinarjam has a very streamlined setup with more settings and audience interaction options. It also allows you to access more advanced options.

Neither webinar tool offers an automated webinar feature. You have the choice to either host a one-time or recurring webinar.

2. Webinar Registration

The Zoom webinar registration page is very straightforward. The only customization needed is the logo page. The webinar registrants are asked for their names and email address.

Zoom webinar registration

The registration page for Webinarjam allows you to choose from several templates. You can slightly customize these templates, but most information is auto-populated from the webinar title and description. 

Webinarjam also allows you to use your website as a registration page. Their software integrates with several lead capture software.

3. Scheduling Reminder Emails

To increase your webinar attendance rate, schedule reminder emails for your webinars. Zoom webinars have limited reminder shielding options, as you can only schedule reminder emails for one hour, one day, or one week before your scheduled webinar.

The Zoom webinars email reminders mainly consist of instructions on downloading, installing, and joining Zoom webinars. This can make the emails very long and tedious.


Webinarjam offers very flexible email scheduling. They allow you to add shortcodes to the email, including a direct link to join the webinar without downloads, installation, or any hassle.

Webinarjam offers audience segmentation, allowing you to send separate email messages to your audiences based on attendance.

4. Attending Webinars

If you are using Zoom webinars, you must install software, which can be difficult for some. Attending webinars with Webinarjam can be done via a browser and just by visiting the URL. You can attend Zoom meetings with just the URL but not Zoom webinars.

Some have reported having issues with not connecting to audio and video with Webinarjam, but this seems to improve with upgrades over time.

5. Audio/Visual Quality

One of the best qualities of Zoom is the audio and video quality. For live webinars with Zoom webinars, you are recording it on your computer, so the recording quality is typically better.


The local recording offered by Zoom is high quality, and there is no compression of the audio during uploading [3].

Webinarjam’s video streaming is built on YouTube live, which doesn’t offer the highest audio and visual quality signal because it is compressed while recording webinars. 

6. Analytics

From a marketing perspective, Zoom’s webinar analytics dashboard doesn’t offer the best analytics. Zoom provides basic data, such as how long attendees stay in the webinar, but that information isn’t very actionable regarding marketing.

Webinarjam provides data on how many people have visited your landing page, how many sales have been generated from these visits, and more. Webinarjam also offers a better analytical interface and shows data right on the dashboard. 

7. Webinar Presentation

Despite being one of the biggest video conferencing tools, Zoom offers primitive webinar presentation tools for hosting. Hosting with Zoom webinars only allows screen sharing and annotation.


Webinarjam offers more webinar presentation tools. You can pre-configure all your presentation content before the webinar begins meaning you can pre-upload the slideshow, videos, and files you want to share.

Webinarjam even offers slideshow controls for uploaded slides, making it easier to switch between slides and your webcam to keep your audience engaged.

8. Webinar Replay

With Webinarjam, the webinar replay video is sent automatically with a webinar follow-up email. With the replay, you can see all the interactions, such as chat, polls, Q&A, and more, as if they were live.

Zoom webinars don’t include a webinar replay link in their follow-up email. However, Zoom does have a unique feature that allows you to trim the webinar recording after the event. 

9. Audience Interactions

With Zoom, you can create a new webinar room that allows you to customize the room color theme to match your brand colors. Both webinar software tools enable chatting, polls, and the ability to separate Q&A from regular chat. Attendees can also upvote other attendees’ questions [4].

HD Video call

Webinarjam has interactive offers that the host can start during the webinars, such as texting to offer a discount, placing a product image, starting a call to action, and using an urgency timer.

10. Specialized For Meetings Or Webinars 

Zoom is built more for meetings, while Webinarjam is built for webinars and focuses on small businesses’ marketing and sales tracking. Webinarjam has features to allow pre-configuring video injections, such as content and webinar offers to make sales and marketing easier for companies.

11. Integrations 

Zoom integrates with other platforms through Zapier as well as native integrations. They have integrations to add Zoom meetings to your calendars so you can join from computers or mobile devices [5].

Zapier Logo

Webinarjam offers integrations through Zapier and some native integrations with email marketing software and other valuable tools. Webinarjam integrations provide much more useful features than Zoom.

12. Webinarjam Vs. Zoom Pricing

Webinarjam and Zoom are used for different audiences and goals, so their pricing structures differ.

With Zoom, you need a meeting license to get a webinar license, so if you don’t plan on using Zoom for any meetings, it can be very expensive. The cost of Zoom webinars is dependent on the number of webinar attendees. Zoom’s pricing is as follows: 

  • 100 attendees – $400/year
  • 500 attendees – $1,400/year
  • 1,000 attendees – $3,400/year
  • 3,000 attendees – $9,900/year
  • 5,000 attendees – $24,900/year
  • 10,000 attendees – $64,900/year

Webinarjam’s pricing is as follows:

  • Starter ($39/month billed annually):  100 attendees, one host, and one hour max with unlimited webinars.
  • Basic ($79/month billed annually):  500 webinar attendees, two hosts, and two hours max.
  • Professional ($229/month billed annually): 2000 attendees, four hosts, three hours max duration, Panic button, and Always-On live room.
  • Enterprise ($379/month billed annually): 5000 webinar attendees, six hosts, four hours max duration, Panic button, Always-On live room, and control center.


Do I Have To Install Zoom To Join Meetings Or Webinars?

You don’t have to install Zoom to join meetings, but you do need to install Zoom to join webinars.

Zoom On Browser

How Does The Q&A Feature Work In Zoom?

The Zoom Q&A feature for webinars allows attendees to ask questions during the webinar and for the host to answer questions. Attendees can also upvote and answer each other’s questions.

Does A Host Know Who Left A Zoom Meeting?

Yes, the host does know who left a Zoom meeting. Zoom displays the name of each attendee, along with the times they joined and left the meeting.

Does Webinarjam Offer Live Or Recorded Webinars?

Webinar jam offers live webinars. Other webinar tools, such as EverWebinar, are designed for recorded and pre-recorded webinars.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Webinarjam?

The main benefit of Webinarjam is that users can communicate and collaborate within password protected webinar rooms. Also, the visual editor allows you to customize the registration landing page to match the brand.


Do You Need A Camera For A Zoom Webinar?

No, you don’t need a camera for a Zoom webinar. An attendee only needs a speaker and can’t use webcams or microphones during a Zoom webinar. Attendees can send questions with the Q&A tool, through the chatroom, or use the raise hand feature.

Webinarjam Vs. Zoom: Which Is Better?

When comparing Zoom & Webinarjam, what is the best webinar software depends on your business needs. The detailed comparison shows that these platforms generally have different purposes.

Although both software offers valuable tools, we prefer Demio for its wide range of exceptional features. Its simple interface allows you to create webinars with ease and host as many people as you want, all at an affordable price.

If you want to create successful webinars, try Demio today.

Our #1 Recommendation: demio

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Key Features:
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Unlimited storage
  • Engagement insights
  • Customizable web-pages
  • 14-day free trial

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