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Webinarjam Review (2024 Updated) Should You Buy?

Webinarjam Review

If you have been thinking of live streaming or creating webinars for your online audience, you must have come across several tools, including Webinarjam.

As an expert who has created over 200 webinars, I have used many webinar platforms and found WebinaJam to be a great solution.

In this article, I will review the features, price, and other factors to help you decide whether Webinarjam is the right choice for you.

What Is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is one the best webinar software that caters to businesses that need to host live webinars. WebinarJam was created by Genesis Digital in 2014, along with EverWebinar, to provide webinar services.

WebinarJam homepage

Webinarjam can gather up to 5,000 viewers with up to 6 presenters in a smooth platform. It was one of the first webinar tools and quickly became the go-to tool for business owners.

How Does WebinarJam Work?

WebinarJam works by allowing you to hold a live webinar session and create webinar recordings to show later.

It allows you to use page templates and advanced customization options to get a fully branded page. You can also use embedded videos, ads, and special handouts to take control over what your webinar attendees view.

WebinarJam has a chat tool in the live webinar room that makes it easy for visitors to engage with each other during the entire webinar. You can easily add active offers and ads, and videos that play during the event. 

It also supports additional presenters for your webinars and has the tools to help you build a following for an event and schedule webinars.

Your free online webinar isn’t a presentation to viewers; it is a conversation.– Isabel Talens, Business Strategist, Content Expert, and Founder at

Top 6 WebinarJam Features

WebinarJam offers impressive features that make it a robust tool for creating, scheduling, running, and showcasing webinars for your business.


1. High-Definition Video Quality

Each live webinar is streamed in high-definition video quality at 30 frames per second. The presentations look crystal-clear, and the recording will be of that quality too.

2. Automatic Webinar Recordings

Automatically record your webinars and allow your audience to re-watch them or watch them for the first time later. 

3. Live Chat And Ad Pop-Ups

Maintain a live chat during your webinar to communicate with your audience. Similar to other webinar platforms, you can also leverage a poll tool to ask questions to everyone, and you can pop up ads and videos and share your screen during your webinars.

4. Host Unlimited Webinars

Every WebinarJam plan includes the ability to host unlimited webinars with screen sharing, engagement features, marketing tools, and connections to Youtube live.


5. Post Webinar Message

After your webinar, WebinarJam allows you to send a post-webinar message to draw your customers into your webinar funnel and encourage them to act after-sales webinars.

The post-webinar message will include a thank you page and the ability to invite them to another live event.

6. Page Builder

WebinarJam offers a page builder for webinars. This can include your registration form and other branding features. They also offer pre-designed templates for creating a page that fits your branding and helps get the word out about your webinar.

Challenge yourself to deliver so much value with your marketing efforts that buyers want to watch an entire webinar on it.– Jane Menyo, Senior Director at Solutions Marketing

WebinarJam Benefits

WebinarJam offers a few powerful benefits that separate it from the other tools available today. 

1. Flexible Scheduling

Schedule a webinar to go live later, establish a recurring room each week, or rent a room that’s always available so you can go live whenever you want.

digital calendar on computer schedule

2. Host Up To 5,000 Attendees

Host as many as 5,000 attendees at once and have as many as 6 presenters at an event. You can also change any of your attendees into presenters during a webinar. 

3. Simple Automated Webinars

The most powerful perk of using WebinarJam is the ability to automate all the complex steps involved with running a webinar. Handle registration, scheduling, camera setup, recording, communication, and more with a single tool.

4. Scheduled, Recurring, Or Always Ready Rooms

Enjoy access to rooms when you need them. Schedule a webinar in advance, create a recurring room that goes live at the same time each week, or keep a room available to you at all times so you can go live at a moment’s notice.

5. Email And SMS With Auto Notifications

Reminding users about an upcoming webinar is essential for effective results. WebinarJam can communicate to your viewers through email and SMS, automatically sending notifications informing them of upcoming events.

email notification

6. Panic Button Protection

Issues arise during webinars, and it’s nice to have a tool to help you react to serious problems. WebinarJam offers a panic button that automatically creates a new room and moves you and all your viewers to it within 15 seconds.

If you suffer from serious technical difficulties, press this button, and you will get a reset. 

  •  Simple registration
  •  Tools for engagement and collaboration
  •  24/7 customer support
  •  Automatic recording of webinars
  •  Several customizable landing page templates
  •  No free trial


Our Rating
  •  Features: 4.7
  •  Support: 4.8
  •  Security: 4.8
  •  Pricing: 4.9

Webinar Jam Downsides

WebinarJam has a great feature set, but it’s not all perfect, and there are some downsides you should be aware of.

Latency Issues

The tool suffers from latency issues that can make some presentations feel strange. Some users complain about a delay between speaking and listeners hearing that can delay the live chat.

Live Chat

Poll Results Aren’t Saved

Poll results also don’t get saved after the event. You must take note of them during the presentation, or you’ll lose the results forever.

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam is not the most affordable option for webinar hosting. Making an automated webinar is highly valuable for many businesses, but it costs money to do it right. Here is the price for the different subscription levels as well as a brief overview of what you get from Genesis Digital. 

  • The WebinarJam Starter Level plan is $39 per month. This plan enables you to have 1 host and up to 100 attendees. Webinars can only last for 1 hour on this plan.
  • The Basic Level plan is $79 per month and allows you to host up to 500 attendees and have 2 hosts active at once. These webinars can last for up to 2 hours.
  • The Professional Level plan starts at $229 monthly for up to 2,000 attendees. Four hosts can conduct webinars on the Professional plan, and the live streams can last for up to 3 hours at one time.
  • The Enterprise Level is the highest service tier of WebinarJam at $379 per month. With the Enterprise plan, you get 5,000 attendees and 6 hosts. Each live stream can run for up to 4 hours, and you get access to an advanced control panel to oversee the stream more capably.

User Testimonials

WebinarJam offers a wide variety of opportunities for me as a webinar host. Registration page, one-click registration link, tracking goals, the option to change the design, great chat room, good statistics.-Eugene V, Small Business Owner, Trustpilot

It is an excellent tool for webinars, and it has everything under the sun.–  Trustpilot

Once it’s set up, it’s a dream to run webinars on.– Brady P., Trustpilot

Compared to Other Tools for Automated Webinars


WebinarJam and Zoom are both used for meetings and webinars. Zoom is more popular for small meetings because the tool is easy to learn, has a free tier, and is highly accessible.

Zoom Homepage

It doesn’t come with many features sales webinars need. There is no sales pop-up or timer functionality in Zoom.

Zoom also does not have many innovative feature tools like video embeds that WebinarJam offers. Zoom is easier, but it lacks features you can get from WebinarJam.

Zoom is good enough for small meetings but won’t give you the tools you need for large-scale communication.

To explore additional features, you may check our WebinarJam and Zoom comparison.


WebinarGeek is a newer product. The tool lacks some of the core features you get with WebinarJam. The significant differences are that WebinarJam is slightly more affordable regarding sales webinars, and WebinarGeek is easier to set up. 

WebinarGeek Homepage

Both offer registration forms and attendee statistics and can work with pre-recorded webinars. They each work with mobile devices as well.

You can customize landing pages easier with WebinarGeek, and technical difficulties are easier to get answers for, but WebinarJam is the better value overall.


When trying to choose programs for sales webinars Demio and WebinarJam come up in conversation regularly. Both tools work for handling live webinars and pre-recorded webinars.

Webinarjam offers a replica replay of webinars to make viewers feel like they are there. Demio is more generic. WebinarJam is also more customizable, with a more flexible schedule and viewing options.

Demio Homepage

You can create a webinar to be whenever you want and then send out a webinar pre-webinar reminder and SMS notifications to users.

Demio limits its users to one webinar a week and has few customization options. However, Demio can be set up in minutes and is so easy to use.

If you don’t care that much about customization and want to move quickly, Demio allows you to do that. If you want complete control of everything, including your registration button, landing pages, emails, and more, WebinarJam may be a better solution. 


Is WebinarJam Safe?

Yes, WebinarJam is safe for users that gain access to the platform. Video sessions are encrypted with the tool, and it’s possible to restrict users from joining. 

Is WebinarJam Better Than Zoom?

WebinarJam is better than Zoom because it works with higher internet bandwidth requirements for large-scale events. It’s best for selling and for having thousands of people in a room at once. Zoom is ideal for smaller and more informal meetings. 

Zoom Logo

How Much Does WebinarJam Cost?

WebinarJam costs between $39 and $379 per month. The Professional Plan is $229, and the Enterprise Plan is $379 monthly.

Is Webinar Jam Free?

No, Webinarjam is not free, and the features come at a cost. You can test the service with a free trial, but eventually, you’ll need to pay to get the complete product, so select the registration button and subscribe.


Does WebinarJam Show Your Face?

Yes, WebinarJam shows your face during the live webinar like most sales webinars . You have the option to stream your webcam onto the screen for others to see, but you don’t have to show your face.

How Do I Create A Webinar For WebinarJam?

To create a webinar for WebinarJam, register for an account, establish webinar registration pages for people to join, and create the landing page where your meeting will take place. Custom all your notifications to ensure you deliver the right message.

How Do I Send WebinarJam Notifications?

To send WebinarJam notifications, customize an email phone number with the messages you want to send. Build a list of contacts through the registration function, and reach out to all the contacts using the built-in messaging features. 

Leverage Webinars To Build Your Business Today

Running a smooth webinar is difficult even with suitable software, and impossible without it. WebinarJam gives you control over the essential details of your webinar while handling everything else, so you don’t have to. 

However, Demio is a much better option for anyone serious about hosting webinars and leveraging their business.

Demio provides many tools for a successful webinar, such as SMS reminders, powerful features, audience engagement tools, live room options, and overall reliable webinar hosting.

Try Demio today and host your successful webinar.

Our #1 Recommendation: demio

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  • Editor's Choice
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Key Features:
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Unlimited storage
  • Engagement insights
  • Customizable web-pages
  • 14-day free trial

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