Indexing can be a pain in the ass.  Until I found this trick, I was fumbling around impatiently, trying to use pinging services and social bookmark blasts in order to get something indexed.

This trick is:

  • Reliable (at the time of this writing): If it doesn’t index your site, then your site won’t index period.  Its probably a penalized domain.
  • Fast: 5 min – 2 hours
  • Safe: Index-forcing with tools like pingers is an SEO tool.  Google doesn’t like SEO’s.  Don’t do stuff that only an SEO would do.

Step 1) Embed a YouTube Video on the Page you want to Index

Browse YouTube and find any video that’s in your niche.  Find the embed code and copy it (Ctrl-C).  In terms of getting your page indexed, you don’t need to find an in-niche video.

But I find that it’s always good practice to always keep the theme for a page consistent at all times, so take the extra 2.3 seconds and find a pertinent video.



Step 2) Paste the Embed Code into your Page’s HTML Editor and Save



Step 3) Install Google XML Sitemap for Videos

You want the version by “Amit Agarwal”.

install sitemap


Step 4) Generate Site Map and Ping Google

Step a) Tools > Video Sitemap


Step b) Generate Video Sitemap


Step c) Tell Google to Crawl It



Step 5) Watch Cat Videos (Wait)

This usually takes about 1-2 hours to get your page indexed, but I see it go through sometimes as fast as 5 minutes.

Bonus: Does this work for indexing pages that aren’t on your site?

Yes!  If you’re trying to index your social fortress, press release URLs, or even citations, the video sitemap trick still works.

The sitemap-video.xml file that is created by the plugin is a text file.  Copy one of the entries that it created for one of your posts and create a new entry. An entry starts with <url> and ends with </url>.  Between the <loc> and </loc> tags, you’ll edit the URL there and input the path of the URL you’d like to index.

sitemap example

Why does it work?  No idea, but it does.



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Matt Diggity

Matt is the founder of Diggity Marketing, LeadSpring, The Search Initiative, The Affiliate Lab, and the Chiang Mai SEO Conference. He actually does SEO too.