InfinityFree Hosting Review (2023): Is It Worth Using?

InfinityFree Hosting

Almost all web hosting does not offer free hosting. Some companies offer free hosting services initially with a free trial, a free first year, or provide free services with limited features. InfinityFree, however, vows that they are a free web hosting option. 

We have spent months researching web hosting services that claim to be free and testing out if they are entirely free, including InfinityFree. We used InfinityFree’s web hosting service to evaluate their features and if they genuinely are a completely free web host.

What Is InfinityFree?

InfinityFree started in 2016 and incorporated its free hosting service worldwide.


They are one of the only free hosting providers in existence. InfinityFree also offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and free hosting. This hosting platform is ideal for anyone looking to start an online business with free services [1].

Despite offering free hosting, InfinityFree is sustainable due to its deal with iFastNet, whose services are marketed on the InfinityFree site. This partnership gives you things another web hosting provider charges for, like a Softaculous installer and cPanel.

How Does InfinityFree Work?

InfinityFree offers free hosting services, including unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and free domain hosting. You can host as many files as you want, have as many users visit your website as you want, and have as many web addresses as you want, all for free. 

InfinityFree Features

InfinityFree offers lots of great features with their free hosting option, including:

  • A free subdomain
  • Free SSL certificates
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free domain names
  • Ad free website

A website without any visitors is like a ship lost on the horizon.
– Dr. Christopher Dayagdag, CEO, Marketlink Web Solutions

InfinityFree Benefits

InfinityFree offers several benefits, including:

1. Helpful Tools 

InfinityFree operates on Linux with an Apache web server. With their free services, you will get a cPanel with essential tools like MySQL database management, options for PHP, DNS, error pages, an online FTP manager, backups, and more.

The free plan also includes Softaculous, which allows you to install over 400 applications with one click. We found these tools helpful for keeping our website running smoothly.

2. Worldwide Servers

Infinity Free’s servers are located in a data center in the United Kingdom, but it doesn’t have servers in other locations.

Although they only have one server, they have helped over 400,000 businesses worldwide host their websites. Their worldwide servers worked wonders for our website hosting to keep our website loading quickly and efficiently for users.

3. Security

InfinityFree offers a free SSL certificate that allows your website to work on HTTPS. However, they don’t support encrypted SSL certificates with their free plan, so you will have to purchase an upgraded plan if you want security for the SSL.

4. Speed

InfinityFree loads content within two seconds, which is about a slightly above-average speed, which is excellent for a free host. We thoroughly enjoyed their amazing speed and how helpful it was towards loading our websites quickly.

5. User-Friendliness

Starting an account with Infinity free is simple and takes just minutes. Signing up for their free plan is as simple as a few clicks.

Premium plans require a few extra steps, but everything is laid out well and easy to navigate. The Softaculous installer makes it simple to install apps like WordPress in just minutes.

  • Free forever web hosting
  • No ads on your website
  • cPanel for website management
  • Excellent knowledge base and forum
  • No email or phone support customer support
Our Rating
  • Load time: 4.8
  • Support: 4.7
  • Disk space: 4.9
  • Security: 4.9
  • Pricing: 4.9
  • Free Migration: Yes

Downsides Of InfinityFree

The main downsides of InfinityFree are that they don’t offer email or phone customer support and that their web hosting may not be sufficient for a large business website.

Poor Customer Support

How To Use InfinityFree

Using InfinityFree is simple. It can be done in just a few steps [2].

  1. Create An Account
  2. Create A Hosting Account
  3. Create A Custom Domain Or A Subdomain Given By InfinityFree
  4. Manage Your Account
  5. Upload Your Files 
  6. Create Your Database
  7. Change Your PHP Connection Configuration


InfinityFree Costs

Free Unlimited Web Hosting ($0 per month): Includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited hosting domains, 400 MySQL databases, an FTP account, a free subdomain, free SSL certificates, and Softaculous to install over 400 apps.

Super Premium Plan ($3.99 per month): Includes everything from the free plan plus fast SSD servers, 250GB of bandwidth, and six free domains.

Ultimate Premium Plan ($6.90 per month): Includes everything from the previous two packages plus unlimited bandwidth and 21 free domains.

You can pay through Paypal, WorldPay, or 2CheckOut. You can either choose to pay for the service monthly or for a whole year at a time.

When choosing the free plan you can make your purchase at Infinityfree’s website, and if you are choosing either of the premium plans you have to go through iFast.Net for the checkout process.

InfinityFree User Testimonials

This site offers the best services for both Free & Paid domains. They keep up the promise of 99.99% uptime. Even if there are any technical issues, they immediately look into, update & clear the issues within no time.
– Anil K. Chikkam, Trustpilot

The forum has fast reactions for help, and the hosting is fast I can for free use an SSL and custom domain with no ads, and it is perfect everything I need help with. I posted on the forum, waited a couple of minutes, and I had a reply they’re fast with help, have fast hosting, and are perfect for my hosting needs.
– Sietse Gorris, Trustpilot

This is the best free hosting website on the Internet today. You get many things that are usually only available to paid hosting customers: a decent amount of storage, FTP and SSH access, databases, PHP, Control Panel, DNS settings, .htaccess files, sub-domains, easy-to-install software, and more! If you’re learning about web development, setting up your site for the first time, or trying to learn about systems administration — Infinity Free is perfect! If you are a business trying to run a professional site, you’re probably better off upgrading to the Premium service so you get more storage, more resources, and fewer limitations. Start building for free and then upgrade later when everything is working correctly. Infinity Free is the best free hosting service that you can find online.
– Ken Dawson, Trustpilot

Great and helpful knowledge base. Close to all the questions I had were on there! Perfect for beginners, who want to try out webpages for themselves, and also for more experienced people who are working on side projects.
– Kalilamodow, Trustpilot

The best free hosting. I am a student, and I test and develop web for learning, but I was disappointed in Profreehost for always a limit of the resource. Infinityfree is best because I never reached an email about the limit of the resource. I will always say Infinityfree is giving infinite resources to a free user. Thanks to Infinityfree for their help to my learning.
– Bokitar Shakil, Trustpilot

InfinityFree Alternatives

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers Linux-based shared web hosting plans similar to InfinityFree.

A2 Hosting Homepage

Their startup plan starts at $2.99 per month, which includes 100 GB of storage, unlimited data transfers, unlimited email addresses, and one domain. Obviously, at $0, InfinityFree is more cost-effective [3].

InfinityFree offers unlimited storage, which A2 hosting doesn’t. A2 Hosting offers data transfers and unlimited email addresses in their base plan, which InfinityFree doesn’t provide.

Depending on if these factors matter to you or not, A2 could be a decent choice that is still inexpensive to get these features. 


Hostinger also offers shared hosting plans as low as $1.99 per website.

hostinger homepage

They also provide higher-priced plans that support multiple websites and more. Their base plan includes one website, 50 GB of storage, one email account, 100GB of bandwidth, and two databases.

With plans starting at $0, InfinityFree has Hostinger beat in price. InfinityFree also offers unlimited storage and bandwidth. Hostinger provides an email account and two databases, which InfinityFree does not.

Hostinger also offers better customer support than InfinityFree. This platform does have several tools that InfinityFree doesn’t provide, but you will need to invest in your membership, so it is not a cheap solution [4].


DreamHost is another affordable shared hosting plan option.

Dreamhost homepage

Their starter plan starts at just $4.95 per month and offers unlimited data transfers and storage but no email service.

InfinityFree beats out DreamHost in terms of price, but DreamHost offers unlimited data transfers, which InfinityFree doesn’t. InfinityFree also features unlimited storage, and neither service has email.

Here the primary comparison is cost, and InfinityFree wins in that category.


Is InfinityFree Really Free Forever?

Yes, InfinityFree is really free forever. There isn’t a limit to their web hosting. You can sign up whenever and use it for as long as you need without ever having to pay a cent.

Can You Use WordPress With InfinityFree?

Yes, you can use WordPress with InfinityFree. You can easily use the Softaculous app installer to download WordPress from the control panel in just minutes. 

Managed WordPress Hosting

Is InfinityFree Hosting Good Web Hosting?

Yes, especially if you’re looking for free hosting. Unlike other free hosts, they don’t include ads on your website. Infinity Free is a good option if you’re looking for simple, cheap web hosting.

Is InfinityFree a Shared Hosting Company?

Yes, Infinity Free is a shared hosting provider. They offer three shared hosting plans, their base plan being free. 

Is InfinityFree Worth Your Time?

Finding the best hosting server for your website can be crucial to your website’s success. Website hosting can quickly become expensive, especially with premium hosting.

Infinity Free offers completely free hosting for those looking to start a website at no cost. While they lack certain features that other hosts offer, such as emails, databases, and unlimited data transfers, they are an excellent option for anyone looking to start a simple website that doesn’t need all those extras.

However, if you find that you need unlimited data transfers and email addresses, A2 Hosting offers these features for only $2.99 a month. Paired together, these two hosting services offer affordable hosting options for your new business.


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