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Diggity Income Report: March 2020

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Aside from the shit hitting the fan, the first 3 months of 2020 have been absolute beast mode for business. I’ve been working closely with a life coach to help optimize my business processes and routine for absolute effectiveness.

As a result of ongoing sessions, I’m happy to announce that March 2020 has been the most profitable month I’ve ever had.

One of the major techniques Barbara has been teaching me is the secret of transparency… According to her, the secret to business success is complete openness and honesty in all things, including releasing detailed financial information on the profitability of my business.

So in an effort to be more authentic with you all, I’ve decided to begin releasing detailed monthly income reports with regular breakdowns of my revenue streams.

I’m confident that by showing these figures, it will motivate and inspire you to live your best life in 2020.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This income report is NOT intended to flex on anyone… These figures are for motivational purposes ONLY.

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2020: Implementation Of New Revenue Streams

Barbara has also been coaching me to remove my bias and to try out different platforms. This includes both Fiverr and ClickFunnels. I did some DMT recently, and now I feel like I can truly see the value of these platforms.

dollars suite case money

ClickFunnels Course Sales

My biggest income earner by far was ClickFunnels course sales, hitting the 6-figure ClickFunnels club for the first time ever.   They say, “those can’t do, teach”.  And I say, “make it rain motherfuckers!”

cf course sale dollar

CMSEO 2019

As many of you know, the CMSEO 2019 Chang Mai event was a huge success. We had 800 people attend the event with speakers flying in from all over the world. It took a few (about 12) months of planning.

My accountant just finished tallying up the figures, and the $763 USD I profited made it all worth it.

moneys cmseo


I’ve also started a new income revenue stream on Fiverr selling links, pocketing me a cool $421 in March. At about $7 an order average with a 20% Fiverr fee, I’d say this isn’t a bad little side hustle.

seeling backlinks sale

Agency & Affiliate Work

Agency client work and affiliate website were a little lower than usual totaling to a whopping $38 USD profit together in March, though I’ve been focusing more on automated revenue streams such as Fiverr and ClickFunnels so I have neglected this a little.

I did, however, sell a whopping total of 128,930 toilet paper rolls on Amazon Associates, which counts for that $38.

Can you say, “makin’ paper”?

money dollar deals

A New Hope

Due to my massive business success this year my ex-wife has finally decided to let me see my kids. It’s been a long arduous journey but I feel like she might finally be coming around to the idea of reconciliation, ongoing support, and I’M JUST FUCKING WITH YOU!

a new hope meme


I hope you guys have a killer April Fools with some good pranks lined up.

Keep your heads up.  This corona shit-show will end some day.



Article by

Matt Diggity

Matt is the founder of Diggity Marketing, LeadSpring, The Search Initiative, The Affiliate Lab, and the Chiang Mai SEO Conference. He actually does SEO too.

20 thoughts on “Diggity Income Report: March 2020”

  1. Oh man, I hate to break this to you but you have been posting on Fiver, when it should have been Fiverr.

    Would have added an extra $10, easy.

      1. Fell for that hook line and sinker, I was even looking to see if i could find Diggity on Fiverr halfway through the article. haha

  2. Lolz ..Nice one you just got me first 😛

    BTW You just posted opposite, Matt. You make most from affiliate sites and agency work 😛

  3. Hey

    Loved your report.

    Can you share how you schedule your days?

    How you manage to work on your stuff in your daily 24 hours life?


  4. DAMN You put a lot of work into that! hahaha but soon as I saw the cheesy money raining in the graphics I knew that wasn’t “YOU”. And I knew it was a joke right away. That say’s a lot about your character. Hope you and the fam are safe and well brother.

  5. Nice; you got me.. Thanks I’ve been searching hours on Fiverr looking for your gig! I guess I will stop searching now. (shaking my head back and forth)

  6. Hey Matt,

    I spent 20 minutes trying to find your backlink service in Fiverr before I found out later in your article that it was all joke 😀

  7. Welp, guess this was foreshadowing what was to come in April 2020. You probably will only make $15 in affiliate sales now thanks to Amazon. A company whos greed knows no bounds.

    During a Pandemic when people are struggling to put food on the table – their stock price just hit an All time high and are now worth over 1 Trillion dollars.

    To celebrate, they decide to slash commissions and bankrupt all those that helped them out over the years. Well done Amazon – you’re now back in the running for most evil corporation of the decade award, you greedy heartless twats.

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