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Organic SEO Services Consultants: What They Do, And Why They’re Important

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Imagine you’ve put as much work as you can into making your website the perfect platform, and it’s just not enough.

What happens when you’ve done as much organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work as possible? When you’ve stranded yourself in the UI’s of a half dozen SEO tools, not even sure if you have the analysis the data right. It’s not just frustrating, it’s a threat to your business.

What you’re doing wrong with your search engine optimization can cost you money. Taking risks doesn’t make sense when outsourcing consultants for organic SEO services has so many advantages.

An “organic SEO consultant” is an organic search engine optimization specialist who creates and executes an SEO strategy to increase organic traffic.

With over a decade of experience in the SEO industry, I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and industries to develop and execute successful organic SEO strategies that drive traffic, leads, and revenue.

When a service handles your website’s SEO strategy, keyword research, and content marketing, you’re free to do what you do best. Focus on overall business strategy, relationships with your vendors, or even taking more time.

Quick Summary

  • Organic SEO services are strategies designed to improve a website’s visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) without resorting to paid advertising. These strategies include on-page and off-page optimization, keyword research, and content marketing.
  • Organic SEO is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Despite the growth of paid advertising, organic results still hold significant relevance. They are often perceived as more trustworthy and authentic by users compared to paid advertisements.
  • The article outlines the author’s organic SEO process, which includes conducting an SEO audit, implementing on-page and off-page SEO strategies, and optimizing for conversions. The author also emphasizes the importance of hiring organic SEO specialists to ensure the effectiveness of these strategies.

What Is Organic SEO Services, Exactly?

Organic SEO services refer to the process of optimizing a website’s content and structure to improve its visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) without resorting to paid advertising.

Two types of results come up when you enter terms into search engines: Paid adverts and organic results. Organic traffic costs nothing for the engine to appear. However, they must be relevant, authoritative, and high-value to grow strong enough to reach the top.

organic SEO illustration

For anyone without organic SEO expertise, taking advantage of SEO services is the key to getting your website to the best positions in the SERPs, or search engine rankings (top of the first page).

Q: What are organic SEO Services?

A: Organic SEO services are services that are designed to improve the standing of a website in organic search engine results. This may include everything from single content adjustments to complex SEO strategies.

These organic SEO services have the knowledge to assess and improve all the elements of natural growth on and off your website. That’s a lot of different elements, so the teams that provide these SEO services typically have a diverse set of skills, from social media expertise to coding, and are put to work to maximize the value of your…

  • Site structure & sitemaps
  • Navigation
  • URLs
  • Website content
  • Keywords
  • Backlinks

What does this SEO work accomplish? The answer is a dominant, lasting position at #1, or near the top of results. As a result, the advantages of these types of digital marketing services (organic SEO services) often include lower costs and longer-lasting results.

Why Is Organic SEO Important Today?

Organic SEO never stopped being important. It’s true that unpaid results have lost some relevance as Google has reserved more places for paid advertising. However, they started out as the most important results, and they still haven’t given up that position for most types of searches.

Paid Google ads have slowly increased their share in commercial shopping queries (1). Despite the growth of paid advertising in commercial searches, organic results still have the advantage. In late 2018, a BrightLocal case study found:

“The hard-earned organic position 1 remains the most rewarding place to be for local business searches. More than a quarter of people chose this page(compared to paid adverts and lower unpaid results)…”\

Paid and Organic SEO

The lasting power of organic search results likely comes down to the significant differences between them and paid adverts. No one trusts the paid adverts as much as the organic results, everyone understands that someone has paid for the privilege, it’s not because the site offers the best content.

Free (Organic) Vs. Paid Google Listings – The Key Differences To Know

The differences between free and PPC listings go far beyond their designated places on the page. For a lot of reasons, users/searchers behave differently when confronted by them.

All paid listings are identified in the same way as the one in the following example.

paid listing google

Different methods have been used by Google to identify ads. In the past, the site advertisements have been highlighted in yellow, or the labels have been a different color. While they are less obvious than in previous years, they are still easily identified by many searchers.

Recent studies have documented the existence of “banner blindness (2),” or, the tendency of certain searchers to develop an awareness of where adverts are located on a page and instinctively skip over them.

This phenomenon may exist because paid advertisements are suspected of being less authentic or less worthwhile. The savvier a searcher is to buying online, the more likely they are to be skeptical that paid results are worthwhile. That gives organic search results a significant advantage.

A website with deep natural roots is going to be relevant to an entire range of terms. Searchers who want information, to be persuaded or a safe place to buy are likely to run across a site that has been nurtured by an affordable organic SEO strategy—even when using different terms.


By contrast, Google ads must be purchased for specific search terms, which introduces massive risk. A simple mistake like “broad match” (when you shouldn’t) can lead to your ad appearing to thousands of people searching for unrelated products.

You can burn through your entire digital marketing budget and/or miss the website’s organic traffic. This is the main comment I hear from frustrated business owners. They see a list of broad match terms, and in many cases, even as beginners, they identify the wastage budget for keywords they’ll never get a return from.

The Impact Of Paid Listings Last Only As Long As The Budget

Paid listings can pay off immediately (as long as they’re targeted and written correctly), that’s the name of the game, but they do have one major downside, there is a cost to using PPC.  As soon as your Google Ads budget dries up, so do the listings. There’s only a long-term effect in the best-case scenario.

SEO Budget

By contrast, natural search engine optimization services (SEO services) are cumulative over a number of months or even a few years. Work that is done properly will be amplified as the website benefits from the authority that comes with age. A position that is earned by a site can be kept for years to come and can keep you ahead of your competitors.

Of course, these advantages depend on the work being done properly. That takes the right search engine optimization strategy and process.

My Organic SEO Process – Suggested Organic Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Before jumping straight into an organic SEO strategy, you need to launch the project with an SEO audit. No two websites have the same set of problems. So the solutions are different too. The initial goal has to be to identify potential issues. 

Some have excellent content but a wasteland of a backlink profile. Others are targeting a set of contradictory and irrelevant keywords in their site content. Some stutter and blink out under the weight of serious technical issues.

recommended by DM

All of these organic SEO problems can be detected by a thorough content, technical and backlink audit. After identifying the most urgent problems, a series of on-page and off-page SEO strategies can be used to improve site performance everywhere.

On-Page And Off-Page SEO Strategies 

The SEO campaigns that can be taken to improve organic SEO can be divided neatly between work that must be done on-page and off-page.

You can make on-page changes directly on your website, through the backend, or using your CMS. We consider two elements here – technical SEO and content strategy.

Off-page changes are those that you make outside your website, like building linking resources on other websites. It can be connected with content marketing outside your site. This method doubles the organic SEO campaign statistics and brings more of your target audience.

Organic SEO Consultant: On-Page Optimization Process

on page optimizations organic

  • Improving the content, including body text, title tags, alt-text and headings: Web pages are filled with all kinds of content. An SEO services team can ensure that it’s available in sufficient amounts, optimized for the right relevant keywords, and ensuring it resembles natural language. Competitors’ analysis is very helpful in discovering opportunities for new target keywords and improvements to content creation. Although it’s important to remember you can’t duplicate content, it is an opportunity to create a content marketing strategy on a similar topic only. Otherwise, there could be copyright issues.
  • Improving URL structure: The site structure needs to be easy for both crawlers and users to understand. SEO services experts can identify the roadblocks on your site that are hindering navigation and remove them for a faster, more responsive website.
  • Improving internal linking: Natural internal links are a key indicator of site quality to search engines rankings algorithm. If you haven’t built them yet, they can be implemented for a short and long-term boost.
  • Conversion optimization: This task is connected to on-page best practices like improving site performance and target market understanding. User experience depends on the website design and site content that’s relevant for potential clients. Conversion raises when the visitor sees the right phrases immediately. To boost conversions and reduce bounce rate you have to be sure that users find solutions to their problems right away. Guide them and leave no question unanswered. In many cases, optimizing conversion leads to a better ROI.
  • Keyword research that meets search intent: Search volume of a keyword is not the most important here. The role of a content marketing expert is to take responsibility for the right keywords to show up in the right location, and provides relevant content for hundreds of visitors. Keyword research with a deep understanding of the search intent makes site visitors actually convert.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist: Off-Page Optimization Process

backlinks illustrations

  • Link building: Backlinks are kind of essential for growth and for demonstrating to search engines that your focus is authentic and recognized by others in the niche. Due to the weight they’re currently given, they are one of the essential keys to growth. A diversified offsite SEO strategy will include guest blog posts and link insertions to raise domain authority, making your website rank quicker. Link building requires investments but it pays off in website rankings.
  • Link-balancing: The number of backlinks created is important, but the quality, relevance, and velocity at which they are developed are just as important. The dedication and expertise necessary to get this balance right requires real organic SEO professionals who understand the importance of trends because you can guarantee neither Google’s search results nor your competition is standing still. The goal is constantly moving.
  • Social media signals: Social signals such as likes, and shares are perceived and tracked by the search engines algorithm. When these profiles are marked by names, addresses, and phone numbers, they can be considered citations—an important type of link.

How Off-Page Optimization Has Evolved To Today

Off-page optimization is often one of the hardest things for non SEO experts to get right. One of the reasons for this is how fast it has changed in the last few years.

The main catalyst for this change was the Penguin and Panda updates. Knowledge of their presence is not enough. These analytics have massively changed best practices but also created opportunities for a forward-thinking organic SEO agency to break existing monopolies of other sites. Something online marketing needed. The search engines took back control.

man seating with his laptop tablet and coffee

Before these updates, backlink power was measured in numbers. You could order links cheaply. The sites didn’t need to have the popularity or belong to a similar area (niche) to your site. As long as you had as many as possible, you were in a good position. After those updates, less-prestigious links became an obstacle to growth and a magnet for penalties. 

Search engines don’t like obvious manipulation, for a generation of organic SEO campaigns, that is what it was. Now it’s about metrics and factors that are natural and organic, an opportunity to help the user with their search, not just focus on sales, revenue or leads. The implementation of analysis, for example, keyword research, that puts the customer first. 

Off-page optimization requires far more considered solutions these days. For continued success, you need organic SEO specialists with the insight needed to develop the right backlinks quickly.

Fortunately, there’s one organic SEO team with a powerful perspective on building backlinks – and other digital marketing services.

SEO Specialists Vs Digital Marketing 

Online marketing covers a wide spectrum of channels and strategies, everything from web design or content marketing all the way to organic SEO consulting. You need a holistic plan to generate sales and get an ROI from your business. You must consider all the channels an audience can use to interact with a business. 

You need to know the overall cost, you need a marketing plan, but for real success, you then need to use experts. Search rankings are complicated and constantly moving. It’s not enough to know a few SEO tips. You need to understand the algorithms that search engines use and have the SEO strategy and organic SEO techniques to deliver improvement on rankings in search engine results pages, increase visibility and dominate the competition. You need real expertise to create an organic SEO strategy that delivers results now but also that can factor in trends to move with Google and not be caught out by future changes. 

You need results in the short term and patience that the project will increase revenue and ROI in the longer term too.

Who I Recommend For SEO: The Search Initiative Organic SEO Company

I’ll only stand behind and put my name to a recommendation that I can confidently back up 100%.

The Search Initiative (TSI) is my organic SEO company, featuring some of the finest minds in organic search results marketers. The staff is world-class, let me introduce an amazing person – Rad Paluszak who leads the charge at the front of a top university-recruited team and is truly one of the brightest stars in our industry with a variety of skills.

This collaboration has resulted in some of the most impressive outcomes in the industry. Our team can boast…

  • 15,000 high-authority backlinks built
  • 110% average organic traffic increase
  • 98.2% clients success rate

These are in addition to many other accomplishments working with specific products, companies, niches, and recovering penalties. Here’s just a few of our recent case studies:

You can also find us right here:




Get a Free Website Consultation from The Search Initiative:



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