Organic SEO Services | How They Grow Your Traffic For You

Organic SEO Consultant Services: What They Do, And Why They’re Important

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Imagine you’ve put as much work as you can into making your website the perfect platform, and it’s just not enough.

What happens when you’ve done as much of the SEO work as you can on your own? When you’ve stranded your self in the UI’s of a half dozen tools, not even sure if you’re reading the data right. It’s not just frustrating, it’s a threat to your business.

What you’re doing wrong with your SEO can cost you money. It doesn’t make sense to take the risks when outsourcing organic SEO services has so many advantages.

When a service is handling SEO for you, you’re free to do what you do best. Focus on strategy, on relationships with your vendors, or even on taking more time for yourself.

What are Organic SEO Services, Exactly?

There are two types of results that come up when you enter terms into a search engine: The paid ads and the organic results. The latter pays nothing to the engine to appear. However, they must be relevant, authoritative and high-value to grow strong enough to reach the top.

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For anyone without the expertise, the key to the best places in the SERPs, or search engine results pages is quality SEO services.

  • Q: What are organic SEO Services?
  • A: Organic SEO services are services that are designed to improve the standing of a website in search engine results. This may include everything from single adjustments to complex strategies.

These SEO services are ones that assess and improve all the elements of natural growth on and off your website. That’s a lot of different elements, so the teams that provide these services typically have a diverse set of skills that are put to work to maximize the value of your…

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  • Site structure & sitemaps
  • Navigation
  • URLs
  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Links

What does this work accomplish? The answer is a strong, lasting position at #1, or near the top of results. Then, the advantages of this type of internet marketing often include lower costs and longer-lasting results.

Why is Organic Internet Marketing Important Today?

It never stopped being important. It’s true that un-paid results have lost some relevance as Google has reserved more places for paid ads. However, they started out as the most important results, and they still haven’t given up that position for most types of searches.

Paid ads have slowly increased their share in commercial shopping queries (1). Despite the growth of paid ads in commercial searches, un-paid results still have the advantage. In late 2018, a BrightLocal case study found that—


“The hard-earned organic position 1 remains the most rewarding place to be for local business searches. More than a quarter of people chose this link (compared to paid ads and lower un-paid results)…”

The lasting power of organic results likely comes down to the significant differences between them and paid ads.

Free (Organic) vs. Paid Google Listings – The Key Differences To Know

The differences between free and paid listings go far beyond their designated places on the page. For several reasons, searchers behave differently when confronted by them.

All paid listings are identified in the same way as the one in the following example.

paid listing google

Different methods have been used by Google to identify ads. In the past, the ads have been highlighted in yellow, or the labels have been a different color. While they are less obvious than in previous years, they are still easily identified by many searchers.

Recent studies have documented the existence of “banner blindness (2),” or, the tendency of certain searchers to develop an awareness of where ads or located on a page and instinctively skip over them.

This phenomenon may exist because paid ads are suspected of being less authentic or less worthwhile. The savvier a searcher is to buying online, the more likely they are to be skeptical that paid results are worthwhile. That gives natural results a significant advantage.

A website with deep natural roots is going to be relevant to an entire range of terms. Searchers who want information, to be persuaded or a safe place to buy are likely to run across a site that has been nurtured by organic SEO—even when using different terms.


By contrast, ads must be purchased for specific search terms, and that introduces a massive amount of risk. A simple mistake like using “broad match” when you shouldn’t can lead to your ad appearing to thousands of people who are searching for unrelated products.

You can burn through your entire marketing budget and/or still miss a significant amount of traffic.

The impact of paid listings last only as long as the budget

Paid listings can pay off immediately (as long as they’re targeted and written correctly), but they do have one major downside. As soon as your Google Ads budget dries up, so do the listings. There’s only a long-term effect in the best-case scenario.

SEO Budget

Natural search engine optimization services, by contrast, are cumulative over a few months or even a few years. Work that is done properly will be amplified as the website benefits from the authority that comes with age. A position that is earned can be kept for years to come.

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Of course, these advantages depend on the work being done properly. That takes the right techniques and process.

My Process – What I Suggest

Before anything else—audits. No two websites have the same set of problems. Some have excellent content but a wasteland of a backlink profile. Others are targeting a set of contradictory and irrelevant keywords. Some stutter and blink out under the weight of serious technical issues.

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All of these problems can be detected by a thorough content, technical and link audit. After the most urgent problems have been identified, a series of on-page and off-page strategies can be used to improve performance everywhere.

On-Page and Off-Page Strategies

The actions that can be taken to improve organic SEO can be divided neatly between work that must be done on-page and off-page.

On-page changes are those that you can make directly on your website, through the backend or using your CMS. Off-page changes are those that you make outside your website, like building linking resources on other websites.

SEO Consultant: On-Page Optimization Process

on page optimizations organic

  • Improving the content, including body text, title tags, alt-text and headings: Websites are filled with all kinds of content. An SEO services team can make sure that it’s available in sufficient amounts, optimized for the right topics and resembles a natural language.
  • Improving URL structure: The site structure needs to be easy for both crawlers and users to understand. SEO services experts can identify the roadblocks that are hindering navigation and remove them for a faster, more responsive website.
  • Improving internal links: Natural internal links are a key indicator of site quality to search engines. If you haven’t built them yet, they can be implemented for a short and long-term boost.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist: Off-Page Optimization Process

backlinks illustrations

  • Link-building: Links are essential for growth and for demonstrating to search engines that your focus is authentic and recognized by others in the niche. Due to the weight, they’re currently given, they are one of the most essential keys to growth.
  • Link-balancing: The number of links created is important, but the quality, relevance, and velocity at which they are developed are just as important.
  • Social signals: Social signals such as likes, and shares are perceived and tracked by search engines. When these profiles are marked by names, addresses, and phone numbers, they can be considered citations—an important type of link.

How Off-Page Optimization Has Evolved to Today

Off-page optimization is often one of the hardest things for non-experts to get right. One of the reasons for this is how fast it has changed in the last few years. The main catalyst for this change was the Penguin and Panda updates.

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Before these updates, backlink power was measured in numbers. As long as you had as many as possible, you were in a good position. After those updates, less-prestigious links became an obstacle to growth and a magnet for penalties.

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Off-page optimization requires a far more careful hand these days. For continued success, you need SEO specialists who have the insight needed to develop the right links at the right speed.

Fortunately, there’s one team that has a powerful perspective when it comes to building links – and more.

Who I Recommend: The Search Initiative

I’ll only stand behind a recommendation that I can confidently back up 100%.

The Search Initiative (TSI) is my organic SEO agency, featuring some of the finest minds in search. Rad Paluszak leads the charge at the front of a top university-recruited team and is truly one of the brightest stars in our industry.

This collaboration has resulted in some of the most impressive outcomes in the industry. Our team can boast…

  • 15,000 high-authority links built
  • 110% average traffic increase
  • 98.2% campaign success rate

These are in addition to many other accomplishments working with specific products, niches and recovering penalties. What they’re capable of is well-documented in their published case studies (3).

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