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7 Best Unlimited Web Hosting Providers In 2024

7 Best Unlimited Web Hosting Providers

As a seasoned web hosting expert, I’ve witnessed the remarkable shift from limited resources to the exciting era of unlimited hosting. Numerous providers worldwide are pushing the boundaries of their offerings, providing unprecedented flexibility to users.

After meticulously reviewing dozens of hosting plans from various companies, I’ve identified the top unlimited hosting services available in the market today.

Are you seeking hosting solutions that break free from the constraints of limited storage and bandwidth?

Allow me to share my in-depth knowledge and present the top 7 web hosts offering the most exceptional hosting packages in 2024. Discover the boundless potential of unlimited hosting with an industry insider.


Top Unlimited Web Hosting Providers Compared

Editor's Choice

inMotion hosting Logo small


VPS, Dedicated, Magento, Cloud, Shared hosting

  • Load time: 5/5
  • Support: 4.8/5
  • Disk Space: 4.9/5
  • Security: 5/5
  • Pricing: 5/5

#2nd Best Choice

Hostwinds Logo small


VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Server hosting

  • Load time: 4.8/5
  • Support: 4.7/5
  • Disk Space: 4.8/5
  • Security: 4.7/5
  • Pricing: 4.8/5

#3rd Best Choice

Dreamhost logo small


Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting

  • Load time: 4.8/5
  • Support: 4.8/5
  • Disk Space: 4.8/5
  • Security: 4.9/5
  • Pricing: 5/5

1. InMotion (Editor’s Choice)

Inmotion Homepage

InMotion is an unlimited hosting provider that offers the most unlimited hosting plans with many resources available including unlimited storage. With three unlimited shared hosting plans and another three unlimited WordPress hosting plans, you’re spoiled for choice!

The biggest difference between each plan comes down to speed and performance features.

For instance, the shared hosting “Power” plan includes:

  • 12x UltraStack speed & performance
  • Advanced caching
  • 30 day money back guarantee

UltraStack is a configuration of a LAMP (Linux, Apache web server, MySQL server, PHP) stack that provides optimal performance for PHP-based CMS’s or applications, like WordPress.

This is a different approach to what most other providers have taken with their unlimited shared hosting plans.

Instead of only reserving the unlimited features for the highest tiers, InMotion hosting includes them in almost all of its shared hosting plans.

The price point variation with each plan simply correlates to the performance of each server instead of the limit of resources available. With InMotion shared hosting you also get a 30 day money back guarantee.

Unlimited Hosting Plans

Hosting TypePlan NameUnlimited FeaturesPromo PricingRenewal Pricing
SharedLaunchUnlimited websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited NVMe storage
Unlimited emails
Unlimited databases
SharedPowerUnlimited websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited NVMe storage
Unlimited emails
Unlimited databases
SharedProUnlimited websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited NVMe storage
Unlimited emails
Unlimited databases
WordPressWP LaunchUnlimited websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited NVMe storage
Unlimited emails
Unlimited databases
WordPressWP PowerUnlimited websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited NVMe storage
Unlimited emails
Unlimited databases
WordPressWP ProUnlimited websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited NVMe storage
Unlimited emails
Unlimited databases

Key Features

All of InMotion’s unlimited shared hosting plans include a free domain name and a free SSL certificate for each domain.

With essential security features also a standard inclusion, the higher tiers of InMotion hosting offer more advanced performance optimization options and dedicated support backed by a service level agreement (SLA).

All shared hosting plans include:

  • Hack & malware protection
  • DDoS protection
  • Automatic backups
  • Website builder
  • Marketing tools

The unlimited managed WP plans also include advanced performance tools designed specifically for WordPress such as W3 Total caching and Jetpack along with extra nice perks like a free SSL certificate for life.

InMotion Pros
  • Free migrations for WordPress sites
  • Unlimited websites & emails supported
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth available
  • Free domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Root access available on all plans
  • Loads of extra features you can’t always find with other companies
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Free website transfers
InMotion Cons
  • Relatively expensive after initial discounts
  • No Windows hosting, only Linux
  • Free backups aren’t always included (though they’re quite inexpensive)

2. Hostwinds

Hostwinds Homepage

Hostwinds is a lesser-known company in the hosting arena but definitely worth your time knowing about.

Its services sure pack a punch in all the ways that matter if you’re after affordable and reliable web hosting.

Founded in 2010, Hostwinds ins answer and smaller provider compared to industry giants like Hostgator and GoDaddy.

However, newer and smaller aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Hostwinds founder, Peter Holden, has a background in development and a passion for delivering top-notch customer service.

Being new allows the company to be agile and provide more advanced products in an industry full of low-quality, cheap services.

Being small gives the company a chance to develop a reputation for delivering excellent customer service. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

In short, Hostwinds had the opportunity to start fresh and overcome many of the problems bigger competitors were creating in the web hosting industry, and they took it.

Unlimited Hosting Plans

Unlike InMotion, Hostwinds offers one unlimited hosting plan for each type of shared hosting it sells.

Despite all shared plans including lots of storage and bandwidth and disk space, only the highest tier allows you to host unlimited websites as well.

If you’re after unlimited hosting for a small number of websites, any of the smaller packages will suffice.

However, if you are an affiliate marketer or agency owner and need to host more than 4 websites, you will need the plan that puts no caps on how many domains you connect to your hosting account. You’ll likely  want a free domain as well.

Hosting TypePlan NameUnlimited FeaturesPromo PricingRenewal Pricing
SharedUltimateUnlimited websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited SSD storage
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited emails
Unlimited databases
BusinessUltimateUnlimited websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited SSD storage
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited emails
Unlimited databases
ResellerUltimateUnlimited websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited SSD storage
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited emails
Unlimited databases

Key Features

All of Hostwinds plans include the features listed below. The only difference between the pricing tiers comes down to how many websites you want hosted.

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Solid state drive storage
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free domain
  • Instant setup
  • Free dedicated IP address
  • 24/7 expert support
Hostwinds Pros
  • Great uptime
  • Best speed scores in our tests
  • Decent customer service
  • Excellent VPS hosting plans
  • Reasonably affordable
  • Average 5 minute tickets for resolving support requests
  • Free unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited disk space
Hostwinds Cons
  • Only 72-hour money-back window
  • Not 100% beginner-friendly
  • Support can be too technical at times
  • No e-commerce hosting
  • Backups are not included
  • No free SSL certificates

3. DreamHost

Dreamhost homepage

Founded over 25 years ago, DreamHost has developed a solid presence in today’s web hosting arena and is one of the world’s most popular web hosts.

It currently has over 1.5 million websites using its web hosting service.

So, it’s no surprise why recommends DreamHost as one of the leading web hosting businesses on today’s market.

DreamHost is also one of the last big, independently owned and operated web hosting businesses around.

Add to this its dedication to delivering top-notch services and it’s looking like a recipe for success right there!

Unlimited Hosting Plans

Like most other hosting providers in our list DreamHost reserves the most expensive plan as the one offering great bandwidth and storage and other resources.

However, its unlimited tier is actually rather affordable in today’s market. There are many other hosting businesses offering far fewer resources yet charging more than DreamHost does!

Hosting TypePlan NameUnlimited FeaturesPromo PricingRenewal Pricing
Unmanaged WordPressWordPress UnlimitedUnlimited websites
Unmetered visits
Unmetered bandwidth
Unlimited SSD storage
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited databases
100% uptime guarantee
SharedShared UnlimitedUnlimited websites
Unmetered visits
Unmetered bandwidth
Unlimited SSD storage
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited databases
100% uptime guarantee

Key Features

Unlike other companies that claim to offer unmetered resources, DreamHost goes one step further and doesn’t lock you in with “fair use” limitations hidden in fine print.

In fact, DreamHost doesn’t even track the bandwidth and traffic you use, therefore, it cannot limit your usage or charge you hidden overage fees. They also offer 15 day money-back guarantee.

Additional features available on both of DreamHost’s plans include:

  • Free domain name
  • Free, automatic WordPress site migrations
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Fast SSD storage on all plans
  • Free, pre-installed SSL certificates
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Automated daily backups
  • 24/7 ticket support
  • Custom, user-friednly control panel
  • Free domain privacy included
DreamHost Pros
  • Fairly cheap pricing
  • Feature rich unlimited plans
  • Decent security measures
  • Free, automated daily backups
  • 97-day money-back guarantee
  • Excellent support (as rated by users)
  • Official recommended WP hosting provider
  • Month-to-month hosting you can cancel anytime
  • Easy to use, intuitive control panel
DreamHost Cons
  • Slow performance in general
  • Actual uptime does not meet their guarantee
  • Server reliability has been declining in recent years
  • Free website migrations are only offered as a DIY option
  • Limited live chat support

4. Bluehost

Bluehost Homepage

Like DreamHost, Bluehost is also one of WordPress’ top three recommended hosting websites. Bluehost is also the sixth most popular provider in the world.

With over 2 million websites hosted, Bluehost has made a name by offering “cheap and reliable” hosting.

We put them to the test and you can read all their above-average performance details in our Bluehost review.

Unlimited Hosting Plans

With regard to the unlimited hosting on offer, Bluehost has three managed WordPress plans that fit our criteria.

It’s worth noting that these plans are not among Bluehost’s budget shared hosting plans.

Rather they are part of WP Pro, its premium web hosting solution. As such, the pricing on these plans is significantly higher than many others on our list.

Hosting TypePlan NameUnlimited FeaturesPromo PricingRenewal Pricing
Managed WordPressBuildUnlimited websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited emails
Unlimited databases
No traffic limits
Managed WordPressGrowUnlimited websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited emails
Unlimited databases
No traffic limits
Managed WordPressScaleUnlimited websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited emails
Unlimited databases
No traffic limits

Key Features

The biggest differences between Bluehost’s three unlimited plans comes down to features that aren’t related to the resources or performance of the hosting.

Rather, Bluehost bundles in a number of tools to help small business owners with their website analytics and marketing.

For instance, here are the additional addons for each of the unlimited hosting plans.


  • Site Analytics

  • Marketing Center

  • 100+ Free WordPress Themes

  • Daily Scheduled Backups

  • Malware Detection and Removal

  • Domain Privacy + Protection

  • Business Review Tools

  • Bluehost SEO Tools

  • Jetpack Ads Integration

  • 10GB Video Compression

  • Blue Sky Ticket Support

  • Everything in Grow, plus:

  • Unlimited Backups and Restore

  • PayPal Integration

  • Unlimited Video Compression

  • Elastic Search

  • Blue Sky Chat Support

Bluehost Pros
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Decent security features
  • Offers unlimited SSD storage
  • Free domain with most plans
  • Historically has had good uptime and server reliability
  • Recommended host for WordPress websites
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • All-in-one marketing dashboard
  • Social media & SEO tools included
Bluehost Cons
  • General speed performance needs improvement
  • There are better backup policies on the market
  • Limited server locations
  • Customer support could use improvement

5. GoDaddy

Godaddy Homepage

GoDaddy is the most popular hosting company in the world with a market share of ~17%. Founded in 1997 in Arizona, GoDaddy powers over 2.5 million websites today.

And with over 7 thousand staff members, GoDaddy is among the largest companies in the world.

Perhaps what GoDaddy is most known for in the marketplace is the incredible discounts it offers to new customers.

There are among the lowest we’ve ever seen with domain names available for as little as $.029 for the first year.

However, when it comes to renewals, GoDaddy is almost always way above the industry average.

Unlimited Hosting Plans

As far as its unlimited hosting plans, GoDaddy only has two plans that met our criteria. BOth are exclusively for Microsoft Windows servers for ASP.NET, ASP, .Net Core, and SQL server users.

Hosting TypePlan NameUnlimited FeaturesPromo PricingRenewal Pricing
Windows HostingDeluxeUnlimited websites
Unmetered bandwidth (fair usage applies)
Unlimited storage
Unlimited databases
100% uptime guarantee
Windows HostingUltimateUnlimited websites
Unmetered bandwidth (fair usage applies)
Unlimited storage
Unlimited databases
100% uptime guarantee

Key Features

The key features between GoDaddy’s two unlimited hosting plans vary quite a bit.

The most notable difference being that although both plans offer unlimited websites, storage and bandwidth, thereby meeting our criteria, they don’t share other unlimited features either.

Websites, Storage & BandwidthAll unlimitedAll unlimited
MySQL databases (1GB)25Unlimited
MySQL databases (200MB)2Unlimited
FTP users50Unlimited
Professional email accountsOnly 1, free for the first year then $23.88/yrOnly 1, free for the first year then $23.88/yr
Other featuresFree domain nameFree domain name, premium DNS & Free SSL for one year.
GoDaddy Pros
  • Only unlimited windows hosting provider that met our criteria
  • Beginner-friendly dashboard
  • International server locations
  • Free domain name with hosting
  • 30-day money back guarantee
GoDaddy Cons
  • Many standard features need to be bought separately
  • Security upgrades
  • Email accounts
  • SSL certificates
  • Higher than average renewal prices

6. Namecheap

Namecheap Homepage

The first thought that comes to mind when most people hear namecheap is often related to its domain name service. However, Namecheap also offers a range of affordable hosting solutions.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of companies and Namecheap consistently comes up on top as far as price is concerned.

Not only is it one of the cheapest places to buy a domain name, its services, including the unlimited plan, are also among the cheapest worldwide.

What impresses us more than the advertised price tag, however, is that Namecheap doesn’t skimp out on the value it delivers just because its price tag is low.

It also follows through with low-cost renewal pricing as well, making it an affordable option well into the future (unlike other companies that raise their renewal prices immensely!)  It is also great to know that you have a day money-back guarantee.

Unlimited Hosting Plan

Hosting TypePlan NameUnlimited FeaturesPromo PricingRenewal Pricing
SharedStellar PlusUnlimited websites
Unmetered bandwidth
Unlimited storage
Unlimited domain-based emails
Unlimited databases

Namecheap only has one unlmited hosting plan that met our criteria, Stellar Plus. This is the middle tier option with the smaller plan having very limited features (3 websites and only 20GB SSD storage).

Interestingly, the higher tier does not meet our criteria for unlimited hosting because it restricts the storage limit to 50GB. However, it offers cloud storage with:

  • 100% uptime
  • Namecheap’s best performance
  • Server stability and reliability
  • Data protection

If you are looking for unlimited hosting for your business website, it’s worth considering this plan despite the limited storage due to the focus Namecheap has placed on the server’s performance that you just won’t get with the Stellar Plus plan.

Key Features

  • Automatic backups
  • Free website builder
  • Free privacy protection
  • Free automatic SSL installation
  • Free Supersonic CDN (Namecheap’s free CDN)
  • Basic DDoS
  • Custom SSL upload
  • Free website migration in lss than 24 hours
Namecheap Pros
  • Great initial pricing
  • Long-term affordability
  • 100% uptime guarantee with Cloud Storage option
  • A tonne of freebies
  • Overall great value
Namecheap Cons
  • Performance isn’t as great as other companies we’ve tested
  • There is no plan with both unlimited storage and the benefits of its cloud storage upgrade

7. iPage

iPage Homepage

iPage has been around since 1998 and delivers fairly basic hosting services. In 2007, it was acquired by the same company that now owns Hostgator and other well known companies, Endurance International Group (EIG).

Like most of the companies in EIG’s portfolio, iPage’s services are somewhat limited and focus on serving small businesses and people with small websites.

However, if you’re looking for a simple hosting solution with unlimited features, iPage may just be the one for you!

Unlimited Hosting Plans

iPage’s unlimited plans start at $1.99/month (yes, technically cheaper than Namecheap) but the renewal is $9.99/month making it more expensive in the long run.

Hosting TypePlan NameUnlimited FeaturesPromo PricingRenewal Pricing
SharedGo PlanUnlimited websites
Scalable bandwidth
Unlimited storage
Unlimited databases
Unlimited MySQL databases
WordPressWP EssentialUnlimited websites
Scalable bandwidth
Unlimited storage
Unlimited databases
Unlimited MySQL databases

It’s also worth noting that iPage tracks bandwidth usage. While there are no limits placed on each individual account, iPage monitors bandwidth usage to ensure everything performs well across its entire network.

Key Features

iPage offers the essentials for anyone who might be starting a business website, blog, or online shop.

Although its unlimited services are bound by a fair use policy, it is still a decent option for anyone who is a beginner or building their first website.

Here are some standout features you’ll get alongside your unlimited hosting package if you choose to use iPage:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free domain name for 1 year
  • WordPress 1-click installer
  • Website builder
  • Customizable layouts
  • Online store integrations (like PayPal)
  • Email marketing integration
  • 24/7 support
iPage Pros
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Affordable solution
  • Free domain for a year
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 support
iPage Cons
  • Bandwidth isn’t truly unlimited
  • Fair use policy applies
  • Limited services for larger websites or businesses

What Is Unlimited Hosting?

Unlimited hosting refers to the number of resources available on a hosting plan having no cap or, well, limits.

Unlimited Hosting Diagram

Your web provider essentially allows you to use as many resources as your website or multiple websites need without extra charges or restrictions. Here’s how it works.

In traditional web hosting, like shared, VPS or even dedicated hosting, you’re confined by the physical resources your server can accommodate.

However, true unlimited web hosting allows you to go past the physical limits of the server your website files are on.

With more web hosting businesses leveraging cloud infrastructure, we are seeing more and more hosting plans that transcend the limits of a physical server.

Cloud web hosting leverages multiple servers around the world and stores files across many servers, hence how “unlimited” web hosting is able to go beyond a single server’s physical limits.

But even traditional shared hosting plans that are confined to the use of a single server are now featuring unlimited storage and bandwidth too. They are sometimes marketed as free unlimited web hosting, but it’s really something else.

In these cases, the hosting company is doing one of three things:

  • Genuinely offering an uncapped service
  • Making their product sound better than it is
  • Relying on fine print to disclose the hidden limits of your so-called “unlimited” plan.

Are Unlimited Web Hosting Plans Really Unlimited?

No, unlimited hosting plans are not technically unlimited. Despite the name, it’s worth pointing out that the providers who offer unlimited hosting aren’t always all that they seem.

Many unlimited web hosting providers use the word “unlimited” but they actually cap it with a sneakily hidden fair use policy which allows them to terminate your service for “excessive use of resources”.

Unlimited Hosting Usage Policy

Therefore, it’s not truly unlimited if you catch our drift.

There’s also the matter of “unmetered” vs “unlimited” web hosting.

Unmetered simply means the hosting company won’t track how many resources you actually use.

Therefore, they also cannot charge you extra for going over specific limits.

Unlimited web hosting, on the other hand simply means there is no cap to the amount of resources you could potentially use.

Of the two terms, “unlimited” web hosting and unlimited storage space is often used for marketing purposes and most services on the market aren’t truly unlimited.

So it always pays to read the fine print!

What We Considered to Be Unlimited Web Hosting

For the purpose of this review, our criteria for classifying a hosting plan as unlimited was simple. If a web hosting plan includes all these criteria, we considered it to be unlimited web hosting.

  • Could host an unlimited number of websites
  • Offers the user unlimited storage
  • Includes unlimited or unmetered bandwidth and data transfers

It’s not enough for a hosting plan to include “unlimited” bandwidth and storage in our book.

Bandwidth refers to the speed with which a server can transfer files which can never be unlimited in reality.

So we went beyond bandwidth and looked for plans that also allow you to host as many websites as you like and use as much storage as needed.

How We Review the Best Unlimited Web Hosting Providers

In order to bring you this review of the best unlimited providers, we scoured the web for the top hosting companies around the world.


We ended up with a list of 46 companies which we then proceeded to research at the most detailed level.

We picked apart all of the plans they have on offer and the features they each promote.

And, after reviewing over 200 hosting services advertising unlimited features, we narrowed down our list to the top 37 plans which met our criteria for “unlimited” hosting.

We then also factored in performance from speed and reliability tests we have run on each company, along with the value for money and narrowed the list to our top seven options for the best unlimited web hosting in today’s market.

How to Choose the Best Unlimited Hosting Provider

Luckily you don’t have to go to the same lengths we did to find the best web hosting provider for your website.

It’s just a matter of choosing the best fit for your needs from our options above.

Consider how many websites you intend on hosting and the traffic volumes you think they’ll bring in.

Do you consider it worth paying extra for a truly unlimited hosting package with no caps on websites, monthly visitors, storage space or bandwidth?

Or are you just looking for the best value for money for a single website?

It’s also worth considering the additional features you get beyond the unlimited resources.

Keep in mind that “unlimited” hosting only refers to the amount of resources you can use. It does not bear impact on performance.

What Unlimited Hosting Refers To

For instance, if all else is equal, a server with great bandwidth and storage on an SSD or NMVe disk will perform better than one with a HDD disk due to using newer technology that is built for faster performance.

It’s also vital you make sure you read the fine print and know exactly what kind of hidden clauses might affect the service.

In particular, look for fair usage policies which may put you at risk of your service being cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is Unlimited Hosting the Same as Unmetered?

No, unlimited hosting is not the same as unmetered. When it comes to web hosting, “unmetered” simply means the hosting provider will not track how many resources you use.

“Unlimited” refers to there being no caps or limits to the amount of resources available to you.

Can I Get Free Unlimited Hosting?

Yes, you can get free unlimited hosting, but we would not recommend most services for unlimited hosting.

There are often many limitations and caveats that could impair the performance of your website.

Our suggestion is to pay for the level of hosting you can afford. Our list above offers very affordable unlimited web hosting packages that start from as little as $1.99 per month.

Is Unlimited Hosting Reliable?

Unlimited hosting is only as reliable as the web host offering this service. Unlimited resources on your hosting plan bear no impact on reliability.

The reliability of unlimited hosting packages comes down to how reliable a web host’s servers are. The industry’s acceptable benchmark for reliability is 99.90% uptime.

Many of the unlimited hosting providers in our list surpass this level of reliability, but the cheapest options tend to also have the worst reliability in our tests.

Does Unlimited Hosting Have A Catch?

Unlimited hosting does have a catch oftentimes. Unfortunately.

More often than not, providers that offer unlimited hosting have hidden clauses in fine print that place some limits on the unlimited plan.

For instance, it can be as small as a fair use policy or a small data transfer restriction.

Truly unlimited services will have no such clauses or restrictions.

Which Unlimited Hosting Provider Should You Choose?

If you are after the best-unlimited web hosting provider of 2024, we’re handing it to InMotion.

Not only does InMotion have the largest selection of unlimited plans that met our criteria, but it also has great performance and server reliability too.

Not to mention the affordability of all the unlimited plans InMotion has on offer. You could get started with as little as $4.99/month.

Unlike most other providers that reserve a great number of resources for their most expensive tier, InMotion makes unlimited resources available on all but one tier.

Its pricing increases according to the performance you can expect from your server rather than the number of resources you’re buying.

Our #1 Recommendation: InMotion

inMotion hosting Logo small
  • Editor's Choice
Overall Rating:

Load Time


Disk space



Key Features:
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • Unlimited websites and emails
  • Free migration
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Extra features

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