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The Ultimate Guide to SEO for E-commerce Websites

Foreword by Matt Diggity: Impressive.  Knowledgeable. Underrated. These are a few words that I would use to describe Brendan Tully. B.T. is one of the first SEOs I ever met in Chiang Mai.  He’s a veteran in the game and it shows.  I mean… the man used to be commissioned by the Australian government to teach SEO. The guy is good. He’s a beast at E-commerce SEO, as you’re about to find out in this monster of a piece. Read More

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My Favorite Purchases of 2017

Having trouble putting together a holiday wish list? Last year, I compiled a list a list of my favorite books in attempt to keep you well-read and inspired throughout the year. This time I’m switching things up a bit with a general list of my favorite purchases of 2017. It’s been divided up into 3 sections, for your browsing pleasure. Read More

Time Management

An SEO’s Guide to Time Management and Analysis

I think we can all agree here… Managing time is extremely difficult in the SEO world. So many projects, clients, affiliate sites… but not enough time to deal with them. I’m a busy guy. 46 live money sites, 4630 PBNs, and three companies does that to a person. The only possible way I can stay efficient and continue to grow my businesses is through strategic and systematized time management. In this article, I’ll be deviating from my normal topic focus about SEO ranking techniques, case studies and test results. Instead I will be teaching, what I believe to be, the most powerful SEO technique period: the ability to carefully manage time.  Smart time management allows you to work on more projects, get more clients, build more sites, and test more ranking techniques. What you’re going to be learning is the exact process I’ve developed over the years which will enable you to: See exactly where your time is being spent Determine which are your highest $/hour projects Find out which are your biggest time sinks Figure out your Personal Value per Hour (PVH) Offload all tasks that can be outsourced for less than your value per hour By the end of this post, you’ll have a solid framework that you can duplicate to see where the biggest time-wasters exist in your life so you can eradicate them in the name of massive productivity. Read More

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How to Rank In Google Images in 5 Steps

Foreword by Matt Diggity: If you’ve look in the SERPs recently, you might have noticed that featured snippets have slightly changed. Whereas before, if you rank for the snippet the image is pulled from your site – Now, the image will most likely be pulled from the #1 ranking image in Google Image search. Sounds annoying, right? Not if you know how to rank in Google Images. In the video below, we’ll cover how to rank #1. For this sneaky post, I’ve brought on Dino Gomez to show you exactly how to do just that. Read More

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A Marketer’s Ultimate List of 16 Must-Read Books

Growing up, I used to hate reading.  And not in a typical all-kids-hate-books fashion.  I would actually avoid reading at all costs. For book report assignments, I would purposely choose books that had movie adaptions.  Anyone ever read Hook… I mean, Peter Pan? When I was 19 years old, I read a book that literally changed my life (listed below).  It had such a profound effect on me that it forged a habit of reading that I’ve carried out to this day. Over the years, I’ve compiled a list of must-read books that have had significant effect on my life, both professionally and personally. I’m happy to be sharing them here with you. Read More

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An SEO’s Guide to Flipping Websites: 9 Essential Steps

How would you like to collect 25 months of your website’s income right now?  Sounds pretty sweet, right? You can potentially cash-in on over two years of net income from your website and all you have to do is sell that website. You might be wondering… why would I sell a website when it is almost completely hands off? After all, at the end of the day, SEO can be pretty passive once you have the content, the web design, and the profitable rankings to support your site. So why would you let something like this go?  Let’s explore that. We’re about to take a look at the benefits of selling websites and by the end of this article, I’m going to make sure you know how to make sure you get the maximum value from your flips. Read More

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How to Properly Track and Manage Your Backlinks

I am absolutely O.C.D. when it comes to tracking, measuring, and recording data.  One of the best skills you can have in SEO is to be able to stay efficiently organized.  Only by keeping track of what actions you’ve taken, will you be effectively able to make correct decisions about what to do next. Famous management consultant Peter Drucker once said: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”   I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same nerdy obsession I have over collecting data.  Every week, I perform SEO consultations for various clients.  When someone doesn’t show up with a list of the links pointing to their site, I simply can’t help diagnose their offsite SEO problems.  There’s simply nothing to talk about. I decided to make this post to help make your (and my) life easier by explaining how to properly track and manage your backlinks. Read More

SEO Spotlight

SEO Spotlight: Daryl Rosser, Lior Ohayon, Joseph Elshazly

Welcome back to Episode 2 of the SEO Spotlight series.  In the last episode, we visited three SEO’s that think outside-the-box in order to tackle their problems. Being a person who appreciates creativity, I’ll be keeping up with the same theme here by interviewing three more SEOs who have made great progress in the areas of affiliate SEO, PBN, and client scaling.  You’ll learn their thought processes and find out how you can apply these same ideas to your own SEO projects. Read More

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Quick Indexing with the Video Sitemap Trick

Indexing can be a pain in the ass.  Until I found this trick, I was fumbling around impatiently, trying to use pinging services and social bookmark blasts in order to get something indexed. This trick is: Reliable (at the time of this writing): If it doesn’t index your site, then your site won’t index period.  Its probably a penalized domain. Fast: 5 min – 2 hours Safe: Index-forcing with tools like pingers is an SEO tool.  Google doesn’t like SEO’s.  Don’t do stuff that only an SEO would do. Read More

Reduce Sandbox Length by Timing your Backlinks

Reduce Sandbox Length by Timing your Backlinks

What is Sandboxing? Definition: When you build links to a site and you see little to no ranking benefit. Back around mid-2014, we started to see a sandboxing effect on new domains that had been recently registered. Before that time, you used to be able to register a new domain, build some backlinks to it, and within 5 days it could potentially be on page 1.  Now a days, SEOs are reporting sandbox periods of 3-6 months long. People have been discussing various ways to beat the sandbox and reduce the time it takes to rank.  In general, the most widespread theory is that you want to create a viral effect. Here’s my recipe for sandbox reduction, and the results I’ve gotten by using it… Read More