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Onsite SEO

Find out the Onsite SEO tools and tactics that will skyrocket your rankings and traffic.

Organic Traffic Increase Using Page Rank Cover Image

Case Study: A 4.5x Organic Traffic Increase Using (What?) Page Rank


I’ve been a director at The Search Initiative a while now. We’ve had some crazy results for a whole bunch of clients – all in very different niches.

I’m going to share with you how my team and I took a low-authority website and put our foot on the gas to get it moving – fast!

I truly believe there was a key ingredient that accelerated this website, but I’m going to share the whole process from the start. Why?

Each website is going to be different, so you need to figure out what your site needs.

You need to go through the process.

Here’s a sneak peek of the growth. Now learn how we did it…

organic traffic growth TSI

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TF*IDF for SEO: Test Results and Tool Comparison

You may have seen the term TF IDF being tossed around in the last year or so, but no one could blame you if you haven’t started paying attention yet.

A lot of SEO fads come and go, and some of the most interesting concepts just end up attracting penalties, later on, right?

But TF IDF is something a little different.

It’s not a manipulation of Google search results; it’s a method of analyzing the topics in content, and it’s built on the same principles as the search engines themselves. Because of that, it has amazing potential for SEOs who need a truly objective method to measure and improve content.

I just recently wrapped up a case study into exactly what it’s capable of, and the results are quite interesting.

In case some of you are where I was only a few months ago, I want to make sure that I cover what I learned about TF IDF, and how it’s used before I get to what I learned from my personal experiments with it.

The crash course starts in the next section, but if you’re an experienced user already, you can find the results of my personal tests and some comparisons of the top TF IDF tools near the end.

Looking forward to your questions and comments.

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Mastering Google Website Craw

The 4 Pillars of Mastering Google Website Crawl

Foreword by Matt Diggity:

In a quick moment I’m going to hand things over to Rowan Collins, the featured guest author of this article.

Rowan is Head of Technical SEO at my agency The Search Initiative.  He’s one of our best search engine technician.

Other than being overall well-rounded search engines, Rowan is a beast when it comes to the site audit technical side of things… as you’ll soon learn.

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The Ultimate Guide featured image

The Ultimate Guide to SEO for E-commerce Websites

Foreword by Matt Diggity:

Impressive.  Knowledgeable. Underrated.

These are a few words that I would use to describe Brendan Tully.

B.T. is one of the first SEOs I ever met in Chiang Mai.  He’s a veteran in the game and it shows.  I mean… the man used to be commissioned by the Australian government to teach SEO.

The guy is good.

He’s a beast at E-commerce SEO, as you’re about to find out in this monster of a piece.

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Keyword Cannibalization guide cover image

The Definitive Guide to Keyword Cannibalization: How to Diagnose and Fix it

A while back, I published a blog post about the top 10 most common SEO problems we found with new clients coming to The Search Initiative (TSI).

Afterward, there was an enormous amount of interest in Facebook groups and Twitter about one particular issue: keyword cannibalization.

Google turned up the volume on this in 2017 and talked about it blatantly in 2019.

Now, that said, there’s also a lot of controversy over this topic (as with many things right now in the SEO industry).

Some people don’t like the term “keyword cannibalization.” Others say they can’t find a Google patent on it, so, therefore, it must not exist.

Others say, “Hey look, here’s one website that can rank two different web pages for ‘insert keyword here’ so it’s all hogwash.”

Regardless of your stance, my goal is to help you identify when keyword cannibalization might be causing ranking problems that seem insurmountable.

If you need to try something, try this. When the pages that never ranked in the past eventually pop up to page 1, you can thank me.

Here’s my guide on how you can assess internal keyword cannibalization through tools that we use in our SEO agency, and most importantly, the three most effective ways to fix the problem

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10beasts interview

The Story of – An Uncensored Interview with Luqman Khan

About a year ago, I was introduced to a site called

At the time, it was an 8-page affiliate website in the technology niche that quickly busted out of the sandbox in six-figure profitability within 8 months.  December 2016, it broke $80k.

This site became incredibly popular when it was featured on Glen Alsop’s  I mean, how often does someone go public with an affiliate website of this level?

Fast forward one year…

10Beasts grew in size and earnings and flipped for over half a million dollars.

And then the unspeakable happened.

It got penalized with an unnatural links manual action in Google Search Console.

And guess what?

The penalty had recovered in 5 days.

Meet Luqman Khan.

Luqman is the creator, builder, and recoverer of 10beasts.

In this no-holds-barred interview, Luqman discusses the entire story of 10beasts, how he got it ranked, how he sold it, and how he recovered it.

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The Definitive Guide to Content for SEO and Conversion

As a seasoned digital marketer and content creator, I understand the critical role that content plays in SEO and conversion optimization. Crafting quality content is vital for driving traffic to your website, building brand awareness, and ultimately, converting visitors into customers.

good vs bad contentHowever, creating an effective content that serves both SEO and conversion goals requires a strategic approach and a deep understanding of your target audience.

In this article, I will share my knowledge and expertise to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to create content that drives SEO and conversion success. I will focus mainly on conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or a beginner, this guide will equip you with the necessary tools to create compelling and effective content that drives results.

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dino featured image

How to Rank In Google Images in 5 Steps

Foreword by Matt Diggity:

If you’ve look in the SERPs recently, you might have noticed that featured snippets have slightly changed.

Whereas before, if you rank for the snippet the image is pulled from your site – Now, the image will most likely be pulled from the #1 ranking image in Google Image search.

snippet change

Sounds annoying, right?

Not if you know how to rank in Google Images.

For this sneaky post, I’ve brought on Dino Gomez to show you exactly how to do just that.

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intro image

How to Steal the Featured Snippet in 3 Sneaky Steps

One of the most impactful developments to the Google SERP has been the introduction of the featured snippet.

What is the featured snippet?

You’ve seen them plenty of times before – most likely whenever you’ve asked a “how to” question to Google.

As search features are becoming increasingly important, featured snippets, also known as the quick answer or knowledge graph, is essentially an area at the top of page 1 where the searcher’s query is answered right then and there.

By the time you finish this article you’ll not only know all about these coveted SERP positions, but you’ll know how to steal them from your competitors as well.

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How to Get Unstuck by Establishing Topic Relevance

Along this continual road as a student of SEO, there have been a handful of breakthrough techniques that I’ve picked up which helped me rise to new level.  Actually, I hesitate to call them techniques, since some of them are so simple, they really could be coined as “tricks” or “hacks”.  Nevertheless, before I had these breakthroughs I was stuck with a particular problem, and after I had integrated them into my knowledge-base, my entire suite of client and personal money sites experienced huge gains.

Some examples of these breakthroughs can be found in my posts on:

The particular hack I’ll be discussing in this article is how to create “On-page Topic Relevance”
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