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Best Ubuntu Hosting Services (An In-Depth Guide)

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Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution and an open-source operating system that is highly compatible with most websites. It is one of the most preferred servers for website hosting and cloud services among IT professionals and developers.

Its open-source element makes it less susceptible to cyberattacks since any vulnerability can be identified and eliminated quickly.

As an SEO expert with years of experience in the field, I have tried out over 15 Ubuntu-based hosting platforms, and I will reveal the best ones to you.

Top 10 Ubuntu Hosting Services

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a reliable Ubuntu hosting service that millions of people use to set up their websites.


This hosting platform offers various hosting options, such as shared hosting and WordPress hosting.

However, if you want to take advantage of the Ubuntu operating system, you must go for its VPS or dedicated server hosting.

These two offer more flexibility and allow you to gain complete control over your server. You can also choose between CentOS, Ubuntu, or Windows Server as your operating system once you use any of the two.

My experience with GoDaddy was positive. I used their VPS hosting for years and encountered no challenges throughout the period.

  • Large domain name registrar
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • Linux or Windows hosting
  • cPanel and Plesk control panel

  • No free site transfer


<b>Our Rating</b>
  • Load time: 4.9
  • Support: 4.6
  • Security: 4.8
  • Pricing: 4.7


2. Kamatera

Kamatera is a remarkable platform offering scalable cloud servers that can meet your every need at affordable prices.

Kamatera Homepage

Its cloud servers are high performance, and you can quickly deploy them for personal or business use, irrespective of whether you run a small or large organization. You can also opt for simple or customized servers based on your preference.

They both use the latest Ubuntu release (Ubuntu Server 22.04 (LTS)), with options for lower versions.

Other impressive features include 20 GB of SSD storage, 1 GB of RAM, and cutting-edge hardware, such as Ice Lake Processors and NVMe SSDs, to deliver fast response times with 99.95% uptime.

From my experience, Kamatera is a good choice for users who wish to set up their Linux hosting operations using top-tier cloud infrastructure. Their prices are also decent, giving you good value for money.

  • Global data centers
  • Free site migrations
  • High level of flexibility

  • No SSL certificates


<b>Our Rating</b>
  • Load time: 4.7
  • Support: 4.4
  • Security: 4.6
  • Pricing: 4.6


3. Hostinger

Hostinger is an all-in-one website solution that provides everything you need to create your website. Its web plans are also very affordable, considering that they offer many useful features.

Hostinger Homepage

This platform offers web hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting.

However, if you strictly want to use the Ubuntu operating system for your virtual server, you must opt for their VPS hosting. Other options, such as Debian for Debian developers, Rocky Linux, CentOS, and AlmaLinux, also exist.

Hostinger’s VPS hosting also gives you the flexibility to manage your server, install as many apps as you need, and provide templates to help you set up your application in minutes.

Using Hostinger’s Ubuntu-based VPS hosting was a smooth experience for me; the setup was quick, and the server performance was reliable. Their customer support also helps resolve configuration issues in no time.

  • Website builder available for all plans
  • Free domain
  • Multilingual customer support

  • Nonstandard refund terms


<b>Our Rating</b>
  • Load time: 4.5
  • Support: 4.2
  • Security: 4.4
  • Pricing: 4.4


4. BlueHost

BlueHost is a web hosting provider that offers reliable and affordable website hosting plans. You can use this platform to set up your WordPress website, purchase domain names, and design services.

Bluehost Homepage

BlueHost also offers three hosting options: shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting.

Only its dedicated hosting plans have Linux as part of their features, which makes them the best choice if you need a hosting server with an Ubuntu operating system.

Their dedicated hosting options also give you total control of servers, improved cPanel, and multi-server management, although these come at a hefty price compared to competitors.

Bluehost has dedicated hosting plans that can meet most of your web development needs. They also have impressive network speeds and great flexibility.

  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Free CDN
  • Pretty good uptime

  • E-commerce options are not available on all plans.


<b>Our Rating</b>
  • Load time: 4.4
  • Support: 4.2
  • Security: 4.2
  • Pricing: 4.2


5. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a highly diversified platform offering different hosting services, from shared hosting to dedicated hosting, turbo hosting, email hosting, and much more.

A2 Hosting Homepage

You can opt for unmanaged VPS hosting, which allows you to choose the most popular operating system in Ubuntu.

Alternatively, there is managed VPS hosting, which offers free cloud Linux operating systems and other types, such as hosting by services that get you the best hosting perks tailored to your business type.

From my experience, A2 Hosting is highly reliable and extremely fast. This will be significant for all users who prioritize speed over anything else.

  • Swift page load times
  • Dedicated servers in 3 continents
  • Tools for boosting speed

  • No free domain


<b>Our Rating</b>
  • Load time: 5
  • Support: 4
  • Security: 4.1
  • Pricing: 4


6. HostPapa

HostPapa is a web hosting platform that seamlessly connects your business online.

hostpapa homepage

They offer the usual web hosting services, a website builder, and a do-it-for-me feature that can build your website from start to finish quickly.

However, if you want the flexibility of choosing your operating system, opt for self-managed HostPapa VPS hosting, which allows you to use the Ubuntu operating system.

You will also be in charge of handling other technical infrastructures, such as installing applications and arranging your web files to give your online business the best privacy and security possible.

Their VPS hosting is quite reliable, with decent network speed. They also have a 30-day no-risk guarantee, making it a user-friendly choice for those looking to establish an online presence.

  • Very responsive live chat
  • The free website builder comes with all plans
  • Sustainable hosting

  • Not be suitable for large enterprises


<b>Our Rating</b>
  • Load time: 4.2
  • Support: 3.8
  • Security: 3.9
  • Pricing: 3.8


7. HostGator

HostGator is a web hosting service that provides all the hosting options you need to get your business website functioning online.

HostGator homepage

It offers essential hosting services such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and pro hosting services such as dedicated hosting and VPS hosting.

You can also easily register your domain name, transfer your domain, and have access to essential website tools such as Sitelock and Google Workspace.

However, if you want to use your server’s Ubuntu operating system, you must subscribe to HostGator’s dedicated hosting plans.

One of their perks is the Linux operating system, of which Ubuntu makes it a major game changer when managing your server.

It also has DDoS protection and an IP-based firewall that kept my server and resources safe in case of an attack.

  • One-click WordPress installs
  • Free SSL certificate with a web hosting plan
  • Free domain name for the first year

  • Limited backup options


<b>Our Rating</b>
  • Load time: 4.1
  • Support: 3.7
  • Security: 3.8
  • Pricing: 3.7


8. Hostwinds

Hostwinds is known for its hosting options and categorization on the platform, making it easy to get what you need quickly.

Hostwinds Homepage

It offers both the Linux managed and unmanaged hosting services, with Ubuntu being one of its core operating systems alongside others such as Debian and Fedora.

You can also choose cloud server hosting, which offers the Ubuntu operating system to help you run your server and have it online in seconds.

Another benefit of using Hostwinds is that you can opt for its dedicated server hosting. This hosting option allows you to choose and customize your server.

You can choose your server drives, operating system, RAM, and dedicated server type and have them configured for purchase on the Hostwinds platform.

Hostwinds sets itself apart with its user-friendly interface and simplifies everything, especially for inexperienced users who might want to subscribe to their hosting plans for the first time.

  • Extensive hosting plans
  • Numerous security add-ons
  • Superfast page load speeds

  • Boosted package plans are expensive


<b>Our Rating</b>
  • Load time: 4
  • Support: 3.6
  • Security: 3.7
  • Pricing: 3.6


9. LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb is a top web hosting solution that offers a reliable hosting experience for individuals who want the best for their servers.

Liquid Web Homepage

Some of its hosting services include dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, and managed WordPress hosting.

Most of its hosting services have the Ubuntu option as part of the available operating systems. This gives you various options for running your server on the Ubuntu operating system.

Liquid Web is a decent hosting solution suitable for many businesses interested in having a maintaining a smooth hosting experience.

  • Powerful servers for mission-critical sites
  • 100% uptime guarantee backed by SLA
  • Server management inclusion

  • Premium-level prices


<b>Our Rating</b>
  • Load time: 3.8
  • Support: 3.4
  • Security: 3.6
  • Pricing: 3.3


10. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a hosting solution that offers free site migration, unlimited bandwidth, and NVMe SSD storage. It lets you choose your control panel for virtual private server hosting.

InMotion Hosting Homepage

The platform also offers traditional hosting services such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and dedicated servers.

InMotion allows you to install Ubuntu as your server’s operating system when you subscribe to its bare metal server dedicated hosting service or cloud VPS service.

InMotion Hosting offers comprehensive hosting services with a customer support team that you can rely on to find solutions to your complaints.

Choosing the right hosting plan most often boils down to your project scope and needs. The future seems bright for many businesses, but site owners will have to go above and beyond to satisfy the rising needs of their clients and stand out from the fierce competition.
– Hristo Rusev, Tech Expert and Serial Startup Entrepreneur

  • Active community forum
  • International data center options
  • Prompt customer support

  • No free backups


<b>Our Rating</b>
  • Load time: 3.7
  • Support: 3.4
  • Security: 3.4
  • Pricing: 3


Buyer’s Guide

When choosing your Ubuntu hosting solution, there are some key factors you should keep in mind.

Server Types

Before selecting an Ubuntu hosting service, examine the server plans they offer.

Securing Your Own Dedicated Server

Often, dedicated servers, cloud servers, and virtual private servers are the options that allow you to use the UbuntuOS, so ensure the Ubuntu hosting service has at least one of these.

Ubuntu Version Support

Make sure the Ubuntu hosting service supports the Ubuntu version that you prefer. Ideally, it would be best to go for the Ubuntu long-term support (LTS) versions, as these are usually the best and can be relied on for stability.

Security Features

Be sure that your chosen Ubuntu hosting provider has the standard security features in place, such as DDoS protection, firewall configurations, and regular security updates. This is important so your business server does not risk being attacked.


This is a critical feature you need to consider. Always ensure your chosen Ubuntu hosting provider is one that you can use for a long time and will still meet your needs efficiently as your business expands and the demands become more complicated.



Ensure there are no hidden fees, and the renewal pricing is decent in line with the benefits you derive from using a particular server type on the hosting platform.

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others.’ It also means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are.’ The Ubuntu operating system brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the world of computers.
– Mark Shuttleworth, Tech Expert and Founder of Canonical

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Ubuntu Server Free?

Yes, the Ubuntu server is free. However, while the operating system itself is free, you may need to pay for hosting services, support, and additional features provided by hosting providers.

Can I Install a Control Panel on My Ubuntu Hosting Server?

Yes, you can install a control panel on your Ubuntu hosting server to make it easier to manage hosting tasks. Some popular options include Webmin and Plex, which are compatible with Ubuntu.

What Is The Best Ubuntu Hosting Service For Your Business?

I have reviewed the best Ubuntu hosting services and highlighted their benefits to give you an excellent hosting experience.

While these hosting services are good in their own right, I recommend GoDaddy as the best Ubuntu hosting provider for your business.

It’s VPS and dedicated server hosting are the best I have used, especially if you want to run your server with the UbuntuOS, which these hosting options offer.

You can even create your website yourself and gain access to tools that will help your website get to sites your customers visit the most.

With GoDaddy, you can seamlessly meet the demands of your hosting needs, no matter how large or small your business may be.

Our #1 Recommendation: GoDaddy

GoDaddy Logo
  • Editor's Choice
Overall Rating:

Load Time


disk space



Key Features:
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Unlimited storage
  • Lower-cost VPS hosting
  • Better resources on dedicated servers
  • Better speed performance than Hostgator
  • International server locations
  • Free domain name with hosting

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