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Reduce Sandbox Length by Timing your Backlinks

Reduce Sandbox Length by Timing your Backlinks

What is Sandboxing? Definition: When you build links to a site and you see little to no ranking benefit. Back around mid-2014, we started to see a sandboxing effect on new domains that had been recently registered. Before that time, you used to be able to register a new domain, build some backlinks to it, and within 5 days it could potentially be on page 1.  Now a days, SEOs are reporting sandbox periods of 3-6 months long. People have been discussing various ways to beat the sandbox and reduce the time it takes to rank.  In general, the most widespread theory is that you want to create a viral effect. Here’s my recipe for sandbox reduction, and the results I’ve gotten by using it… Read More

SEO Testing Results CTR & Social Shares in 2015

SEO Testing Results: CTR & Social Shares in 2015

There’s a ton of buzz going around about what the next face of SEO is going to look like.  Those who stay ahead of the curve are going to reap the benefits.  In case you’re not up to speed, here’s a summary on a few SEO techniques are being hyped up right now and my testing results on each. Testing Results: Social Signals Tweets, Shares, G+’s, Facebook likes, Pins, and bookmarks. There’s been a ton of talk about social signals over the past 3 months.  People have come forth saying that they’re ranking local search YouTube videos solely on social signals.  The main debate seems to be over how the social signals are obtained.  Namely, if they should come from real accounts or automatically generated accounts. Here’s the test scenario I setup, comparing three different groups: Read More