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SEO Spotlight

SEO Spotlight: Daryl Rosser, Lior Ohayon, Joseph Elshazly

Welcome back to Episode 2 of the SEO Spotlight series.  In the last episode, we visited three SEO’s that think outside-the-box in order to tackle their problems.

Being a person who appreciates creativity, I’ll be keeping up with the same theme here by interviewing three more SEOs who have made great progress in the areas of affiliate SEO, PBN, and client scaling.  You’ll learn their thought processes and find out how you can apply these same ideas to your own SEO projects.

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SEO Spotlight

SEO Spotlight: Jacob Kettner, Daniel Moscovitch, Michael Landau-Spiers

I was a strange child.  I always seemed to do things a bit differently than the other kids.  The habit stuck.

I use four fingers to hold a pen.  I’m right-handed but left-legged.  I never wear underwear.  You should see the process I use to tie my shoes.

Needless to say, I’ve always been fascinated with the various ways we can solve the same problems.  In my own SEO business, I spend a majority of my time testing.  What I’ve found is there is no cookie-cutter blueprint for success in SEO.  It’s always going to depend on your particular situation, skill set, and resources.

I appreciate SEOs who can think outside-the-box; clever folk that use their intuition and do things a bit differently, allowing them to get some amazing results.  I’d like to introduce you to three of them.

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The REAL Reason Why Your Backlinks Don’t Work

The REAL Reason Why Your Backlinks Don’t Work

Has this ever happened to you?

You send some links to your money site and wait for the result.  One week goes by… nothing.  Two weeks… still flatline.   An entire month goes by and nothing has changed.

Or even worse: after you send the links, you see the rankings actually drop.

If you’ve ever been in this situation, you’re reading the right article.  I’m here to shed light on a commonly misinterpreted concept that can potentially help you understand why you’re not getting positive results from your backlinking efforts.

This article is not about buying and setting up the right PBNs.  I’m assuming that you’ve already doing that right and that you’re testing your PBNs before you’re adding them to your network.

This article is about revealing a blind spot on the topic of optimization.  I’ll be discussing various different scenarios, what the problem is in each, and how to deal with it.

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pbn hosting

PBN Hosting – Which is the Best Solution?

PBN hosting is a huge topic amongst SEOs these days. With recent news of a major SEO hosting company experiencing a spree of deindexes, many SEOs are looking for more safer solutions.  As they should be.  Assuming that your PBNs don’t have footprints, the #1 factor when it comes to PBN deindexes is hosting (more on this later).

You may be wondering what types of hosting options are available and how to chose the right one. I’m here to tell you that I have either used or scrutinized most of the popular solutions available today and will share my experience with each.

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How to Get Unstuck by Establishing Topic Relevance

Along this continual road as a student of SEO, there have been a handful of breakthrough techniques that I’ve picked up which helped me rise to new level.  Actually, I hesitate to call them techniques, since some of them are so simple, they really could be coined as “tricks” or “hacks”.  Nevertheless, before I had these breakthroughs I was stuck with a particular problem, and after I had integrated them into my knowledge-base, my entire suite of client and personal money sites experienced huge gains.

Some examples of these breakthroughs can be found in my posts on:

The particular hack I’ll be discussing in this article is how to create “On-page Topic Relevance”
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quick indexing

Quick Indexing with the Video Sitemap Trick

Indexing can be a pain in the ass.  Until I found this trick, I was fumbling around impatiently, trying to use pinging services and social bookmark blasts in order to get something indexed.

This trick is:

  • Reliable (at the time of this writing): If it doesn’t index your site, then your site won’t index period.  Its probably a penalized domain.
  • Fast: 5 min – 2 hours
  • Safe: Index-forcing with tools like pingers is an SEO tool.  Google doesn’t like SEO’s.  Don’t do stuff that only an SEO would do.

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Reduce Sandbox Length by Timing your Backlinks

Reduce Sandbox Length by Timing your Backlinks

What is Sandboxing?

Definition: When you build links to a site and you see little to no ranking benefit.

Back around mid-2014, we started to see a sandboxing effect on new domains that had been recently registered.

Before that time, you used to be able to register a new domain, build some backlinks to it, and within 5 days it could potentially be on page 1.  Now a days, SEOs are reporting sandbox periods of 3-6 months long.

People have been discussing various ways to beat the sandbox and reduce the time it takes to rank.  In general, the most widespread theory is that you want to create a viral effect.

Here’s my recipe for sandbox reduction, and the results I’ve gotten by using it…

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SEO Testing Results CTR & Social Shares in 2015

SEO Testing Results: CTR & Social Shares in 2015

There’s a ton of buzz going around about what the next face of SEO is going to look like.  Those who stay ahead of the curve are going to reap the benefits.  In case you’re not up to speed, here’s a summary on a few SEO techniques are being hyped up right now and my testing results on each.

Testing Results: Social Signals

Tweets, Shares, G+’s, Facebook likes, Pins, and bookmarks.

There’s been a ton of talk about social signals over the past 3 months.  People have come forth saying that they’re ranking local search YouTube videos solely on social signals.  The main debate seems to be over how the social signals are obtained.  Namely, if they should come from real accounts or automatically generated accounts.

Here’s the test scenario I setup, comparing three different groups:

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Attention Affiliates

Attention Affiliates: Cloak Your Links

It’s no secret: Google isn’t a big fan of affiliate websites.  Look at it from their point of view.  They’re trying to rank the site with the best information.  An affiliate site’s primary purpose is selling a product, so they know you’re going to be saying damn well anything to get people to click on those affiliate links.  Which is likely far off the mark from “quality content.”

Leaving your affiliate links looking how they usually do (i.e.: long and sloppy) is a dead giveaway that you’re an affiliate.  Not only to Google, but to your visitors as well.  If you site is a “unbiased” product review site, you’ll lose credibility when a reader sees that you’re directly making money off the product you reviewed.

So whats the solution?

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