10 Best GoDaddy Alternatives for Domain & Web Hosting in 2023


GoDaddy has been the go-to option for many customers when it comes to domain and web hosting. It is the largest domain registrar and has a user base of over 20 million subscribers.

Yet, just because GoDaddy has a dominant position in the market doesn’t make it the best service. There are lots of great GoDaddy alternatives…

In this article, I’ll walk you through ten of the best GoDaddy alternatives for domain and web hosting. You’ll learn the unique features of each option and what makes them a suitable alternative to GoDaddy.

Ready? Let’s jump right in….

Why Look for GoDaddy Alternatives?

Founded by Bob Parsons, GoDaddy is the “Big Daddy” in the world of domains and hosting, but there are plenty of GoDaddy competitors. Here are a few reasons why you should be on the lookout for a GoDaddy alternative.

  • High Cost: GoDaddy can get expensive when adding features such as site backups and a website builder. There are other costs that can increase your bill. For instance, GoDaddy, unlike many alternatives, charges for site restoration. You could end up paying as much as $300 to restore your site.
  • No Live Chat Support: Unfortunately, GoDaddy does not have live chat support. To access their support, you need to contact their representatives by email or phone. It’s a more time-consuming and demanding process.
  • Slow Speed: GoDaddy offers an affordable solution for a large audience. However, the server speeds on the basic packages leave a lot to be desired. With so many users, GoDaddy’s internal speed for downloads and uploads might leave you mumbling a few swear words.

Web Hosting Alternatives to GoDaddy

Web Hosting Alternatives to GoDaddy A web host performs a wide range of services for your website, including providing webspace, maintaining servers, keeping your software and hardware up-to-date, and troubleshooting.

Now, let’s do a deep dive into best GoDaddy alternatives for hosting. Below, I’ll reveal the five top GoDaddy competitors:

1. WPX

WPX-homepage-screenshot WPX is one of the best hosting services and they are, in my opinion, better than GoDaddy.

WPX is ranked number one on Trustpilot for managed WordPress hosting and has earned rave reviews on many review sites from their customers. Through its own high-speed, custom Content Delivery Network (CDN), and high-tech SSD servers, WPX ensures your WordPress site performs excellently even under heavy traffic loads.

What sets WPX apart from all its competitors is its industry-leading quick customer service response time.

If you send a query, you’ll receive some sort of response from the LiveChat support agents within 30 seconds. This service is available 24/7, so you can send your queries day or night, regardless of which part of the world you are in.

wpx live chat service

Fast response times are great, of course, but as a customer, you want the issue resolved quickly. Again, WPX stands out in this crowded market for its excellent service. The first level of support agents can handle most issues without escalating to the next.

What’s more, WPX has a simple and intuitive admin panel for you to manage your site. It is fast, easy to use, and full of tutorials to guide you every step of the way. To summarize, let’s run through the pros and cons of WPX.

  • Lightning-fast loading times, which is great for SEO.
  • DDoS protection so your site never goes down.
  • Free CDN, which is great for getting a global audience.
  • Free SSL. A lot better than paid SSL. Plus SSL keeps your users data secure.
  • Free migrations. Many hosting services charge for migrations.
  • Staging area for testing your website.
  • Free daily backups. Handy if you have problems with a hacked site.
  • Free malware scanning & hack cleanups.
  • 24/7 expert support. The customer support will resolve most problems within 10 minutes.
  • There are cheaper alternatives.
  • The packages are more suited to sites with a higher volume of traffic.
  • No Cpanel as it is a managed host. (Which is great for beginners new to hosting)

What’s WPX Best For?

WPX is the best GoDaddy alternative. It is geared towards sites that already have web traffic rather than people who are just starting a website. However, they offer an excellent service for both markets. WPX also specializes in sites hosted on WordPress, and has quickly become the best hosting company for WordPress.

Considering all the features and pros of WPX, they are an excellent GoDaddy alternative. If you want to go with a company that provides the best web hosting service for SEO, choose WPX.

I managed to sort out a good deal with the team at WPX. You can get 90% off the first month’s subscription with the coupon code MATT90.

2. SiteGround

Siteground homepage preview Trusted by over 2 million domains, SiteGround is an established company in the hosting space. SiteGround provides reliable website management, especially for small and medium sites.

SiteGround offers WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and cloud hosting. Here are some benefits and some disadvantages of Siteground.

SiteGround offers high speeds and secure hosting technology, including SSDs Memory, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Cloudflare, PHP7, and Nginx server. They also have excellent customer service.

siteground customer service

You’ll find pinned help on every page, an AI chatbot that solves specific problems, and automated solutions that draw on previous similar challenges.

Other benefits of Siteground include:


  • Excellent WordPress hosting features.
  • All SiteGround hosting plans currently offer a free domain and a 30-day money-back guarantee for a new sign-up.
  • They provide free Weebly and WordPress website builder.

  • High–performance and secure hosting technology.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly customer representatives who can solve problems fast.
  • 99% uptime guarantee so your site is always accessible.
  • Competitive pricing so you won’t spend more than you need.
  • Distributed servers located in different locations to ensure your site loads fast wherever it’s being accessed.
SiteGround can quickly get pricey, and you should be wary of significant price hikes. The uptime guarantee does not cover outages in the event of down time.

SiteGround also limits storage on the servers. That’s not an issue per say, however, you will need to upgrade your hosting plan when you hit the storage or bandwidth limits.

What’s SiteGround Best For?

SiteGround is an excellent service for companies managing an online store on WooCommerce. SiteGround also has a great general hosting plans for nonprofits bloggers, smaller marketing agencies, church website hosting and other businesses. If you thoroughly compare SiteGround and GoDaddy, you’ll notice SiteGround is undoubtedly the better option.

You can get 60% off SiteGround if you’re interested in giving their hosting a spin.

3. Bluehost

bluehost 2021 homepage

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting providers on the market. The company is owned by Endurance International, which also owns Hostgator. But, there are many differences between Bluehost and Hostgator.

When it comes to Bluehost vs. Godaddy, the fight is tough!

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Bluehost.

Bluehost’s website hosting services include: Shared hosting, WooCommerce, VPS, Managed WordPress hosting, and Dedicated hosting. You can purchase web hosting service that suits your budget and needs.

The company has a robust support system that features live chat with technical support staff. You can also phone their support hotline.

bluehost customer service

Bluehost has a four-tier pricing plan. You have the Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. The Basic plan is affordable when you are just starting, and bandwidth isn’t a priority.

If you want more, we recommend the mid-tier plans as they offer a range of features, including a free domain name, free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited website installs.

Other benefits include excellent uptime in testing, an easy-to-use interface, access to the Weebly site-building software, and free site migration.

Bluehost only has US servers. The backup services and technical support are limited, and they are continually trying to upsell services when you make a purchase. Moreover, while the speeds of the servers are good, they are not excellent, which is why many people consider other Bluehost alternatives.

What’s Bluehost Best For?

Bluehost is generally regarded as one of the best low-cost hosting companies.

The service is good for people who are just starting a new website. The shared hosting is also ok for a PBN host. You can get 63% off BlueHost on the subscription.

4. HostPapa

hostpapa web host homepage

Based in Canada, HostPapa provides shared hosting, reseller hosting, and virtual private server (VPS) hosting. Since launching in 2006, the company has become a go-to web hosting provider for shared hosting, especially.


Other benefits of HostPapa include:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind.
  • Free domain name.
  • Unlimited disk space & data transfer so you won’t need to update your plan as the amount of content on your site increases.
  • Free “PapaSquad” site migration service to make your website migration simple.
  • Fast servers (PHP7, SSD & CacheCade Pro 2.0 caching).
  • Free SSL Certificate & Cloudflare CDN so your site is secure and loads fast wherever it’s accessed.
  • PapaSquad support team available 24/7.

Although starting prices are affordable, renewal costs can be expensive. Also, automated site backups are only included with Business and Pro plans.

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5. Namecheap

namecheap host homepage

Namecheap is a domain reseller and a GoDaddy hosting alternative. While its main service is domain registration, it also doubles as a relatively good hosting service. Founded in 2000, Namecheap has more than three million clients and manages over 11 million domains.

Namecheap sells SSL certificates, privacy protection services, and more in addition to selling domains and full hosting packages and hosting plans.

Let’s look at some pros and cons of Namecheap:

  • It’s an established company so you know they’re reliable Godaddy alternative.

  • Good uptime and fast website hosting.
  • The design and interface are very user-friendly so it’s easy to navigate.
  • Free and fast migration from other hosting providers.
  • Daily website backups which will help you overcome .
  • Quick registration and setup process.
  • Good support.
  • Lots of TLDs available with varying extensions.
  • Setting up SSL certificates is difficult.
  • Some elements of the dashboard are hard to find.
  • No phone support.
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Domain Registration Alternatives to GoDaddy

Domain Registration Alternatives to GoDaddy

A domain name registrar is a company that manages the reservation of Internet domain names. A domain name registrar is different from a reseller, like Namecheap, that acts as a middleman between you and the domain registrar.

GoDaddy is one of the largest domain hosting companies in the world. There are some great domain registrars like GoDaddy that offer a similar service.

Below are the five best GoDaddy alternatives for those looking for Country Code top Level Domains (ccTLDs).

1. PorkBun

porkbun homepage

Porkbun is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar based out of Oregon, USA. Porkbun sells domain names along with complementary products such as SSL certificates and hosting services. They make the registration process easy, affordable, and enjoyable.

Porkbun makes searching for a domain name easy. They have a clean interface that is simple to navigate. They also make it easy to search for domains in bulk. It’s easy to see how much everything costs. Their domain page has an extensive list of pricing for all top-level domains.

Porkbun is cheaper than other registrars. You can get steep discounts on domain names here compared to other registrars.

Here is a summary of all the pros and cons:

  • Straightforward search and bulk search
  • They offer a competitively priced service
  • Variety of top-level domains
  • Easy domain management
  • Complementary products
  • You can secure your Porkbun account with two-factor authentication
  • No API
Porkbun provides a straightforward service at an affordable price.

We asked Alex Drew of ODYS global, his opinion on PorkBun:

“There are other GoDaddy alternatives in terms of new domain registrations, one of the most promising being PorkBun.com. We’ve been using them for quite some time now to register a couple of new domains for our business… They’ve been in the game since at least 2010 and always had a no-BS, straightforward approach to registering domains as well as super competitive prices.” Alex Drew OdysAlex Drew ODYS Global

2. NameSilo

name silo homepage


NameSilo is a low-cost provider of domain name registration and management services. The company offers domain transfer, privacy protection, and integrations.

NameSilo offers transparent pricing. They have an extensive list of pricing for top-level domains (TDLs). NameSilo also competes with other registrars in terms of value. Their domains are slightly more expensive, but they offer a competitive price for renewals.

NameSilo offers a lot of TDLs options that go beyond generic domain names. Their website branding does leave something to be desired, but don’t let that turn you off.

Here is a summary of some pros and cons :

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Transparent pricing.
  • Has an API.
  • Poor website design.
Overall, NameSilo does offer a good service if you’re looking for a domain registration alternative to GoDaddy. It comes highly recommended by Kalin Karakehayov at SEO.domains.


3. Dynadot

dynadot homepage

Dynadot offers services such as domain name registration, email hosting, website builder, and web hosting. When it comes to domain registrars, Dynadot is a great company.

Dynadot is a Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) registrar. The pricing for domains is competitive. Dynadot has an API, which is essential for people running large PBN or buying and selling domains.

These are some pros and cons:

  • Free domain name.
  • Affordable email and web hosting
  • Free website builder tool with mobile-responsive templates.
  • Has an API.
  • Hosting plans not suitable for beginners.
  • A single VPS hosting plan.

Dynadot is best for advanced users who have the technical skills to manage software installations.

4. Gandi.net

gandi net homepage

Gandi.net provides domain name registration, web hosting, and related services. One commendable thing about Gandi.net is the transparent domain prices. You can see the cost of registration, transfer, and renewal.

These are some pros and cons of Gandi.net:

  • Upfront prices.
  • No unnecessary advertisements.
  • Domain purchasing comes with free gifts.

  • Easy cloud services.
  • Has an API.
  • Slow to respond to the concerns of customers.

Gandi.net is one of the best GoDaddy alternatives. Head over to the site to find out more.

5. Internet.bs

internet bs homepage

Internet.bs is a domain name registrar accredited by ICANN and other bodies. The company is based in the Bahamas, with offices in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

The company provides domain name registrations, transfers for top-level domains, web hosting, and SSL certificates. They also provide automated domain renewals.

Internet.bs has an easy-to-use control panel that gives customers control over their domain portfolio. People who use Internet.bs also get free private WHOIS for life with all domain name registrations.

Here are some pros and cons of Internet.bs for you to consider if you’re looking for an alternative to GoDaddy:

  • Free email forwarding.
  • Free DNS management.
  • Free URL forwarding.
  • Has an API.
  • Slow response to customer concerns.
  • Does not let you change your SPF records.

So, Which Are The Best Godaddy Alternatives?

In this article, we have explored the best GoDaddy alternatives, both for domain and hosting service providers. While GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar globally, several other domain registrars and web hosting services exist.

When it comes to domain registrars, stay away from resellers like Namecheap. Instead, go directly to a domain registrar. I shared five great alternatives to GoDaddy. If you’re running a PBN or buying and selling domains in bulk, you’ll want a solution with an API. Four out of five sites on our list have an API.

Hosting is an important consideration for anyone running a website. Ultimately choose a host you trust who can meet your unique needs. If you’re looking for great hosting, we recommend WPX hosting. With its feature-rich and customer-friendly service, you can host and set up your website with ease. wpx

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